Saturday, September 19, 2020

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts. Was RGB a cult figure? Why have so many women pretended to be black? J.K. Rowling a hater? You betcha.

(1) Ruth Ginsburg is dead. My political thoughts in a moment. Before that, I don't know if you knew this, but there was this strange cult of personality built around her on the left. They wrote fiction about her, songs and films and the such (LINK), and made her into an icon to a set of leftists like Castro. That doesn't really say anything out her except that she was shaky intellectually, but it tells us that the left has gotten oddly desperate for heroes.

Now that she's dead, the question: what effect? I fear that her death will bring the far left into the election to stop Trump from appointing her replacement next term. That could be the votes Biden needs, though I guarantee you that whoever Biden appoints won't be as liberal... Biden is a corporate liberal.

Romney and the never-Trumps seem to want that to happen. But Trump is about to play a fascinating card. If he appoints an Hispanic woman (and it sounds like he might), not only does that shake up Romney and the rest, but it shakes up the race. If 3%-5% of Hispanics shift over this, that guarantees Arizona and Florida and might add Nevada, which is in play. It also might defuse the re-energizing of the left. Interesting. Let's hope.

(2) A growing number of black activists and black professors have turned out to be white women. Interesting. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this. It could be simple opportunism, i.e. white women taking a job or position they wouldn't get without the ethnic claim. It could be something sinister-paternal. I think most likely this is about attention. These women want attention badly, and they aren't getting it as white-women-victims, so they decide to sell themselves as black-woman victims to get noticed. Not sure, but it's an interesting phenomena.

(3) J.K. Rowlings is a leftist who has spoken heresy. She is now learning just how vicious the left can be. After screaming that she was anti-trans, and trying to destroy her online, she's now fair game. Not only does this open the door for others, like Muslims, to scream that she's anti-Muslim, but the cancellists are removing her books from book shelves to create safe spaces for their sick little friends.

(4) The Minnesota city council as well as Mayor Moron DeBlasio is New York are both shocked SHOCKED that crime has gone up... soared actually. They've gotten lots of people killed. Well, they are looking for cover by accusing the police of not doing their job. Talk about irony. First, they are the ones who slashed police budgets and encouraged their thugizens to riot and steal and commit crimes. Secondly, these same people have always told us that policing has not effect on crime, so how exactly are they to blame for crime going up now?



Tennessee Jed said...

Andrew, on RBG, I had no difficulties for her being an advocate for women, but as a SCOTUS justice, she should only be an advocate for interpreting legally if a law complies or fails to comply with the constitution. It seems if Trump can get it done prior to the election, it will take a little immediacy out of it, particularly if he picks a female minority. Of course, I am none to sure if he can get Pierre Delicto, or Susan Collins to be counted on.

I wish all the big city cops resigned and were given jobs in red states or with federal law enforcement. Minnesota wants tax payers to pay for the clean-up. Good luck with that

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, We'll see. Romney seems intent on destroying Trump no matter the cost. Collins can be swayed. I think the chance to put a non-crazy Hispanic Woman on the court would sway her. Not Romney.

I'd love to see those cops go to red states. Minnesota is in play and this is one of the reasons. I guess we'll see. It's going to be a fascinating election

Tennessee Jed said...

Romney is such a disappointment. It will be fascinating. I just hope that reminding peole that “no borders, no walks, no USA at all”, “pigs in a blanket fry ‘em like bacon” “no justice no Peace” are unacceptable. The Democrats, by trying the Russia Probe, spying and partisan jmpeachment hearings have hurt themselves a lot, but we won’t know exactly how this will play out

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, Two thoughts. First, I think the biggest mistake the Democrats have made is embracing the rioters. That makes them dangerous and I think it (1) triggers white males and (2) worries white females.

Second, Yahoo is very good at spotting Democratic stupidity and trying to make sure the sheep don't panic. Every time they spot something that gains traction, they run articles on how whatever-it-is isn't really an issue for voters or how the GOP made it up.

Some of the latest attempts to defuse:

1. BLM isn't rioting, it's right wing gangs!
2. BLM does not have Chinese support, trust us
3. Biden is not mental or a moron!
4. Trump's employment benefits won't really help people

Thomas Anderson said...

I've noticed the left has been gradually cottoning on to Harry Potter's small-c conservatism for quite some time. (I noticed it before they did thanks in large part to your old article about it!) I suspect they've been looking for an excuse to tarnish Rowling for quite some time. (All they had to do was make fun of the additional Harry Potter tie-ins she's put out in the last 4 or 5 years.) Another aspect of this kerfuffle that's amused me is the way the far left dehumanizes Rowling--exactly the kind of thing they love to accuse conservatives of doing. One Youtuber who focuses on writing and storytelling replaced every reference to her name in his video titles with "[a TERF]" (trans-exclusionary radical feminist). It's almost as if a philosophy that sees people as members of groups instead of as individuals is inherently dehumanizing...

I wonder what effect this will have on Rowling's personal views. Probably none--I don't think any of this is going to seriously affect the popularity of Harry Potter amongst the general population (I've gotten the distinct impression that it's bigger than Star Wars with kids these days). But you never know.

Rustbelt said...

On Ruth Bader Ginsburg...

First, I never thought she'd die. After a while, I became convinced it was going to take a century's' worth of sunlight, a stake fashioned from a piece of the True Cross, and enough garlic to keep all restaurants in Rome in business for a year to bring her down. So, call me surprised.
Second...okay, I'm just going to indulge myself.

I apologize for nothing!

Romney is a bitter POS. I know it's beating a dead horse to call him the new McCain, but his pathological hatred of Trump could keep Freud scratching his head about the guy's mania for a lifetime. Makes me bitter that I ever supported the guy at one point. Even it was only because he wasn't Obama. I still supported him 2012 and now he just leaves a bit- (checks thesaurus)...sickening taste in my mouth.

In other news...4 years ago, I thought my Steelers had learned their lesson about pi$$ing off their fanbase when they refused to come out for the anthem at Soldier Field. The intense backlash left them begging for forgiveness from the fans the entire season.
Now, the entire team (sans Villaneuva, who honored a fallen fellow soldier), is wearing Antwaun Rose' name on their helmets. Rose, a black teenager, was shot and killed by a white officer in 2018. (The action gained notoriety because it was caught on a cell phone.) Naturally, the fact that Rose was involved in a drug-related, drive-by shooting and was fleeing the car in question after the shooting when the police caught up was left off the Steelers' website. -along with Rose having powder residue on his hands and a clip in his pocket. (Update: C Maurkice Pouncey, who does a lot of charity work for police, is taking the name off.) Sigh...
So, if being a criminal warrants your on the only NFL helmet with a logo on only one side, here are some other suggestions: Peter Sutcliffe, Jeff Dahmer, Theodore Bundy, John Gacy, Jimmy Saville, Jim Jones, Gary Ridgway, etc.

In other news...Big Ten football is back (Yay!) one month. (Sigh...) And Dumb@$$ Kevin Warren is still the commissioner. (Boo!)

Critch said...

Romney is a mystery to me. I know lots of Mormons and none of them are what you might think of as crazy leftists...most that I know are as puzzled over Mitt Romney as everyone else..I stopped watching the NFL when the Football Cardinals left St. Louis,,,I haven't watched major league baseball in years..

My crazy left-wing cousins are about to slash their wrists over Ginsberg..they wanted her to retire under Obama..When Trump won they went all hypoxic....

I'm curious what Ginsberg has done on the court...she's was an unadulterated Leftist..

tryanmax said...

Remove religion and a new religion will grow in its place. The Cult of Ginsberg, I think, originated as a way to obscure the existence of Sandra Day O'Connor. But it grew into something so much bigger.

It's kinda weird, and I don't know what it portends.

Traditionally, Republicans are much more motivated by the Supreme Court than Democrats. I feel as though speculation that RBG's death will motivate Dems is offset by both history and this appears to be a very demoralizing blow to many on the Left.

The throes the Left is in have them arguing moonshot ideas for dealing with Republicans rather than the much more pragmatic and immediate solution of just winning the next election. That is to say, the Cult may have worked to cause what should inspire one response to instead inspire the opposite. We'll have to see what shakes out.

Republicans are moving forward. Charges of hypocrisy from hypocrites will receive the hearing they are due. There's a possibility I don't see much discussion of, maybe because nobody has any idea what it might mean. What if Trump loses the election but the Senate GOP appoints his nom in the lame duck? I don't know how likely that combo is, but is anybody willing to write off anything at this point?

What does that possibility, no matter how remote, do to the Democrats' calculus? Anything? It seems much to late for Dems to hope for a seat at that table. I think, in the event of a Trump loss, they are counting on it, with all the talk of court-packing and whatnot.

If things go that way, I just hope Republicans remember all the times Democrats have made tossing a wrench into the works their parting move after losing office.

AndrewPrice said...

Micheal Lonsdale died. Sad. RIP

AndrewPrice said...

Micheal Lonsdale died. Sad. RIP

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, Ginsberg was just a standard liberal. They all vote as a block and she was guaranteed to be part of that block. Beyond that, I don't think she had any real legacy or influence. I think it was more that the left wanted her to be a symbol of something in the same way they gave Obama a Nobel prize for no particular reason except they lavish praise on their leaders.

AndrewPrice said...

Mr. Anderson... may I call you Neo?

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the Harry Potter article. "Harry Potter" has become an odd world with a massive, normal casual fan base and a hateful core fan base of weirdos who want it to be something it's not. They want it to be an expression of a world where those who are "different" (read: politically correct leftists) can just be themselves (read: control those they don't like). They are fueled not by the story itself, but by Rowling adding interpretations after the fact: "This story was always a metaphor for gay rights... This story was always about how evil Donald Trump is... This story was always a metaphor for women's rights..." Doing that opened it to whatever meaning people wanted to read into it and they did. And now they're hateful whiners about the turf they staked out.

When Rowlings sided with hardcore feminists over hardcore tranies on the "you can't be a woman victim because you were never a woman," the trannie left went insane, which brought out the knifes and the fighting started. That got her designated a hater, which turned the whole cabal against her and they set about destroying her for violating their pet peeves.

This, in a microcosm, is why this group of leftist will ever manage to get along long enough to do anything.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I agree completely.

Something I find interesting, as an aside, is that her death brought in large amounts of money to the Democrats. I think that speaks volumes to how uninspiring Biden and Harris have been. I would guess that those are regular donors who have been slow in donating and are using this as a reason to act.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, The NFL ratings keep falling... and the Emmy award were the lowest rating ever at 6.1 million people. I was in line behind more people than that at McDonalds this weekend.

tryanmax said...

That's why you can never get hot fries

Critch said...

I'm having a brain cramp. Whose funeral was it that the Clintons and Dims turned into a fund raiser? I just can't seem to remember it.

Backthrow said...

It was Sen. Paul Wellstone's funeral, in 2002. What a sleazy circus that was.

And speaking of death, besides Michael Lonsdale, don't forget the passing on Sept. 10th (from cancer) of Dame Diana Rigg (1938-2020).

R.I.P. Emma Peel (THE AVENGERS --the fun espionage tv show from the 1960s, not those overhyped Disney/Marvel corporate posers who usurped the name) and Tracy Di Vincenzo/Mrs. James Bond in ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE (1969).

Thomas Anderson said...

Andrew, sure! Just pretend that they're not filming yet another terrible sequel.

Interesting analysis of the Potter fandom. I think the same type of thing has happened with Star Trek, on a smaller scale. I'm pretty sure there are just as many Trekkies as ever, maybe more. But on the Internet, there are several enclaves of people who love the new shows because of their perceived left-wing messages (even though Discovery killed one of its gay characters early on, and Picard ended up making all the discriminated-against immigrants turn out to actually be evil). The difference being that the new shows are actually soulless corporate shells whose creators will be careful not to openly step on the left's toes.

Critch said...

Diana Rigg was so hawt...she was the reason the Earth was heating up..

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