Thursday, November 12, 2020

Go Fill Up On Groceries Now

Go buy groceries. Panic buying is coming.

We got hints a week ago about panic buying. We know some people who work at two different grocery stores and they said they are seeing more people panic buying.

We went out last week and started buying more stuff to fill the shelves. A large number of long-lasting goods were gone. Toilet paper was all but gone. Cleaning supplies were picked over.

This weekend seemed to bring some of it back.

Tonight, there's a huge headline on Yahoo that stores are going to start restricting purchases again because of Covid. If that doesn't spark a panic, nothing will. Add the fact that Biden's advisor wants to shut everything down for 4-6 weeks and places like New York just announced that pretty much everything is being closed.

Time to go stock up, just in case. If it never happens, great. But it looks like human nature alone is going to make this happen again. //sigh


Tennessee Jed said...

Oh my ... I guess I should have figured on this

tryanmax said...

Thanks for the heads up. We’re well stocked on groceries, but the TP shortage was a pain in the you know what. Try to avoid that again.

ArgentGale said...

Ugh, figures. TP won't be a problem thankfully but I'll make sure to get on that. Fun times for all, huh?

drjim said...

And there's supposed to be a nation wide "trucker strike" later in the month.

tryanmax said...

I got to Costco at open and can confirm that the panic buying has begun. (I am part of the problem.)

AndrewPrice said...

I'm told that toilet paper and paper towels are gone at Costco before noon. At Walmart, the cleaning supplies and boxed goods (mac and cheese) were gone, along with toilet paper and paper towels at 9:45 am. At King Soopers (Krogers) things restocked this weekend, but during the week, canned goods, paper products and frozen veggies were gone by late afternoon.

I haven't been in a couple days, but I suspect it's only getting worse.

I Biden tries to shut things down for 4-6 week, expect total panic.

AndrewPrice said...

Is there DrJim? Arg. That's a problem.

ArgentGale said...

For whatever it's worth the local Aldi was actually completely normal, though there's definitely uncertainty in the air around here. I'm sure things will be different next week but I was able to get some extra canned goods and other essentials without issue.

AndrewPrice said...

The left is like a bullshit machine stuck on automatic without a hypocrisy filter. There's an article on Yahoo right now whines:

"Trump showing no interest as virus spread across country" and the subheader, "It's a problem"

Uh, first, you've been telling us Covid is everywhere, so it can't be spreading if it's already spread.

Secondly, you've spent four years telling us that every word or action Trump has undertaken has not been wrong but horrible wrong. Why in the world would you want him saying or doing more?

The truth is that I've seen hints of the problem already. With Trump going away, the left has no one to analyze except Biden and they aren't liking that very much. So they go back to baiting Trump. It's going to be an ugly four years for them.

Tennessee Jed said...

My wife told me our local Ingle’s grocery had a 24 pack of Charmin but wanted $27 for it. Let the price gauging begin

Tennessee Jed said...

My guess it they will have (and need) all the toilet paper and pickled beets one could hope to hoard at “THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT-Elect”

Stacy said...

It's starting here in PA, too. I noticed at the beginning of the week that Walmart didn't have any paper towels and not much in the way of cleaning products (though for some reason those never did bounce back at our store) then yesterday my daughter and I were out and thought since we were hearing about this stuff we'd stop by Sam's Club to see if they had toilet paper. They did, but only the ginormous packs of their own brand and it was limited to 1 package per CARD per day so as my guest, my daughter couldn't even buy one. Fortunately, she went to our Walmart last night and was able to stock up as there was no limit yet. She said it was getting pretty low. She didn't mention having any trouble getting the food stuff, though. I kind of thought this would go away after the elections, but I'm giving up on trying to figure out what the politicians are going to do next.

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