Saturday, November 14, 2020

Media Bias

Evidence of liberal media bias is so overwhelming and so pervasive that only a fool (or a liberal) couldn't see it. It's to the point that it's hardly even worth pointing out. It's like pointing out a blue sky. Well, duh. That said, there's a really good example right now which I think tells us how the next four years will go.

Biden has a problem. He's attacked Trump for not fixing the covid crisis even though the crisis can not be fixed, not as long as we intend on being stupid, which is the normal human condition. He owns that now and people expect Biden to "do something" ("won't someone think of the children?!") about the crisis. Liberals in particular are expecting miracles because they believe in the magic idea that all problems can be solved by the easiest answer they can think of. The problem is that whatever Biden does will be wrong because there is no right answer. Shutdown and you kill people and jobs and solve nothing. Stay open and you kill people and jobs and solve nothing. Everything you do causes problems and solves nothing. There is no right.

So what should Biden do?

On the campaign trail, Biden promised a 4-6 week shutdown. When that didn't poll well, he flip-flopped and never-saided it. Now he's put together a panel (which does not include the noble and perfect Dr. Fauci -- after attacking Trump for threatening to fire him, note that the media has gone silent on Biden not hiring this perfect man). One member of the panel announced a 4-6 week shutdown. That went over like a turd in a punch bowl, so the other "experts" shot that idea down: "it would be a disaster, we should NOT shutdown!" Biden said nothing.

What did the media do? Nothing about Biden. They attacked Trump.

No kidding. They're trying to protect Biden by spinning how Trump has done nothing to stop this crisis and because of that, by the time Biden takes over, it will be unsolvable. Bullship.

Notice how different Biden gets treated. They do not call him out on backpedaling ("He's confused! An idiot! Biden lets politics decide science!"). They did not call Biden out when his first expert contradicted him ("Even his own people point to how stupid Biden is!"). When the others shot him down, the media didn't claim they silenced the oracle of truth ("Biden shuts down own experts who reveal the truth!"). They didn't attack Biden for creating a confused, conflicted panel. They didn't dig into the qualifications of these experts and destroy them. They didn't point out the contradiction. Nope. They gave this a total pass.

That's bias. If this had been Trump, each of the above quotes would be headlines going out all over the world screaming about Trump's incompetence, how he was shutting down science, how his experts are industry whores, how they're idiots, and how the whole thing is just one big cluster. But with Biden? Not a peep.

It must be nice to have an entire industry of bootlickers who view their sole jobs as covering up your mistakes. Ah, to be a Democrat. As for the media, do you think the media gets paid by direct deposit, or do the Democrats just leave money on the nightstand for them?


tryanmax said...

I have a sense that “Trump’s fault” won’t fly the same way “Bush’s fault” did, considering that Joe ain’t black and also that he’s supposed to miraculously restore normal in a way Obama was never expected to do.

Tennessee Jed said...

It would be comical if it was not so serious. The ratio of Dems for R’s in the field of political “news” journalism (print, broadcast, internet) had been consistent for a long time at roughly 93% to 7%. Worse it bleeds over into areas like journalism professors. Overtime, this wears one side down and permits the one side to be demonized and censored. “Hypocrisy, Biden be thy name.”

tryanmax said...

Jed, to piggyback on your point, I don't know how anyone can note industry bias like that and still say with a straight face the industry can be fair to other points of view. If it was 60/40 sure. 75/25 maybe even. But once you get over a 90% slant, that should be a warning sign.

Ironically, this is the same industry that senses a problem if their audience is too white or too male. "What are we doing wrong that we're driving away everyone else? Worse, what toxicity are we reinforcing?"

And this applies to every industry that the left puts its sights on. "Only 45% women? Patriarchy!" But as soon as you show it's 93% Democrat, the tune changes to "I guess that's because we're the smart ones."


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