Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Build A Great Wall In The Pacific!!

Today is about race and immigration. Enjoy! (Press 2 for Spanish)

Reality Strikes Again. For the longest time, the leaders of the talk radio right have been able to score points with their low-information followers (h/t Rush) by screaming about THE FENCE!!! "BUILD THE DAMN FENCE AND STOP THE FLOOD OF DIRTY IMMIGRANTS!!!" But as I've explained before, the fence is a red herring. Not only has Mexico run out of people to come North in large numbers because their birth rate has crashed, but even when there were more Mexicans than you could shake a Home Depo at, that wasn't how most illegals got into the US. The simple fact is that the majority of illegals got here by overstaying their visas. Others got here by any number of means. Indeed, if we completely sealed the border with Mexico so that not a refried bean fart could make it to the US, nothing would change with the illegal immigration problem.

Now there is even more clear evidence for this. As I pointed out before, there are now more Asians sneaking into the US than Hispanics. And by 2065, there will be more Asian immigrants in the US in total than Hispanic immigrants. Indeed, immigrants from places like China, India, Korea and the Philippines will make up 38% of immigrants, with Hispanics making up only 31%.

So let me be the first to scream... "Build a wall in the Pacific!!!"

No, seriously, this is more evidence that fixating on that stupid wall is a bad idea. By focusing on the wall, politicians keep the public deflected from the real problem, which is overstays or people simply arriving by boat, plane, or whatever. Moreover, by making the wall into a litmus test, they keep the entire debate frozen, which lets the problem fester and keep getting worse. In other words, they've created a situation where nothing needs to be done until the Democrats agree to build the wall. Does that sound like a workable plan or an evasion to you? And let me ask you this... if those proposing to build the wall were serious, why doesn't the House just fund its construction and jam that into a budget rather than trying to attach all kinds of other things that sound nice and nasty but will guarantee the bill can't pass? Somebody's being played for a sucker, folks.

As an aside, the percentage of foreign born people here compared to native-born Americans is projected to hit 14.9% by 2025. That's hardly what the talking heads make it sound like, is it? Interestingly, we are told this number will increase to 38% by 2065. But that number is false. For one thing, that is based on a raw number of 78 millions -- which is gotten to with an estimate that overstates their growth rate. But in any event, if you divide 78 million just by the number of people here now, you only get 24%... not 38%. And if you factor in the likely number of people living here in 2065, this number drops further to around 20%. Two in ten is higher than I would like, but it's not the end of the world we are told is coming.

Gays are Racists? I've been telling you for some time now that gays and the left are headed for a divorce. There is a lot evidence to support this. Here is a little more. Rapper Azealia Banks just got into a bitch slapping contest on an airplane in which she called a flight attendant a "f***king f*ggot." This led to an outcry from the L(e)G(o)B(oa)T community. Azealia did not like this, and now she's called the LGBT LegoBoat community "a gay white KKK."

What I find interesting here is that (1) another famous black person screams racism when she gets in trouble (yawn), (2) she has screamed racism about a group who was previously seen as staunchly on her side, (3) she has identified gay rights as a white cause, and (4) I somehow missed until now that LGBT stands for LegoBoat.

This suggests to me that the racism defense has become so automatic as to be ingrained in the race-sensitive community and will be used without any attempt at only using it when it is valid (see next story), and like the overuse of antibiotics, this has neutered the charge. It further suggests that gays and blacks are no longer friends or she would have just apologized and moved on. And it suggests that the gay movement has in fact remained a specialized movement of affluent whites who have been unable to claim much diversity.

Po' Whoopie! Whoopie Goldberg is upset about some programming change made on her stupid show... the one that just pissed off millions of nurses. When the change was announced, Whoopie showed her displeasure by denigrating the change and saying that the change had been made by the network without her input. Well, that's what she meant anyways. She said it a little differently. Specifically, she used a very ignorant "slave" dialect and said, "I's just a n*gger following orders around here, master - It's 12 Years a Whoopi!" Interesting. So Whoopi is claiming racism has resulted in her being treated like a slave. Would it surprise you that the producer who made the decision is a black chick? (And you know she's a leftist.)

What you have here is another instance where a prominent black leftist squeals racism where there really is no racial element. This is the kind of stuff that has worked so well to undermine claims of racism with the public. At this point, the idea is effectively dead with the public, even if the left still tosses it around amongst themselves now and then (and increasingly at each other). Indeed, Whoopie calling her black producer a slave master, Banks calling the LegoBoat community the KKK, and the attacks on Matt Damon for not celebrating all diversity show that the racist left is now wildly throwing this charge around and is hitting their allies more often than anyone else. Nor are these isolated instances. This summer, a couple of fired Philadelphia Eagles and a couple race baiting sports writers tried to accuse Philly coach Chip Kelly of racism even though there were valid reasons for dumping each black, even though he brought in blacks to replace the terminated blacks and even though he terminated as many whites as blacks. Then a couple high school football players tried to excuse their attack on a referee by claiming he made racist comments, even though he is himself Hispanic and the best man at his wedding is black. Make no mistake, this is the race lobby and the left imploding.

Get your popcorn!



AndrewPrice said...

BTW, the Chicago Bears are having a fire sale. If you're looking for a player at almost any position, they can be had for rock bottom prices right now.

Anthony said...

I agree, though as I noted during our discussion of the Sad Puppies, screaming bias is fashionable everywhere.

Airline wants a flight attendant to serve drinks? It is because they hate Muslims!

Incredibly popular, talented author loses award to another incredibly popular, talented author? Its because they hate traditional stories!

Clerk expected to stamp marriage licenses no matter her personal feelings? Its because they hate Christians!

Black singer loses award to white singer? Its because they hate blacks!

Sucky quarterback loses position? Its because they hate Christians!

Actress arrested for performing an indecent act in public with her boyfriend? Its because the police are racist!

Ask a politician a tough question? Clearly you are on the other side and are just seeking to make them look bad.

*Sigh* I could go on like that for days, but generally speaking, how sympathetic an audience is to allegations of misconduct is contingent upon the affinity between each audience member, the victim and the perp. Of course, if the evidence is overwhelming, affinity becomes less of an issue.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, That seems to be the way of the world right now, doesn't it? Interestingly, this is all preaching to the choir now because outside of the choir, nobody buys these arguments anymore.

What I think fascinates me though... the real point here... is that something like a claim of racism could have gone in my lifetime from being a shocking claim that brought everyone to action into a "oh yeah, he's saying that because he's black." It really has been neutered by overuse and at this point is no more effective that whining about being a conservative or a Christian or a woman or a clerk or a whatever.

Critch said...

Be careful of that word "denigrating", I actually know a supervisor in our state that thinks it's a racist word. One of my nephews in Texas is gay and he says that he is far more likely to catch grief from black co-workers than anyone.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, I think the alliance between blacks and gays was always a little strained, but that is not uncommon on the left. Blacks and Hispanics are an uneasy alliance and blacks and women have had lots of issues surrounding rape and affirmative action. But they've stuck together hoping to use each other to get their demands me.

Now that gays have what they want, I see lots of evidence that they are slipping away and that the left is responding by letting their anti-gay tendencies be expressed more openly. I see this Banks thing (and the Matt Damon thing) as just more evidence that it is becoming acceptable to be anti-gay on the left.

I think it's following the same pattern that antisemitism has followed on the left, which went from a huge leftist cause in the 1980s to being widely acceptable on the left today. It would not surprise me to see the left being anti-gay within a decade or so.

EPorvaznik said...

Anti-gay on the left? Not watching a lot of new TV shows these days, eh? Mainstreaming an alternative lifestyle, one primetime entry at a time ...

AndrewPrice said...

It's coming Eric. We're seeing the beginning signs of it. As gays start to not show up for elections or start to endorse more libertarian candidates, the left will start to treat them the same way they treat Jews.

AndrewPrice said...

Besides, TV and Hollywood are always about six months to a year behind the times.

Koshcat said...

Some of the most anti-gay people I have ever met where Black or Hispanic. It has never been a close relationship. Union guys are real fond of them either. BTW, I love the term "legoboat".

I get into the same argument about the immigrant issue with my parents and in-laws constantly. I say make them citizens. Pay the fee and boom another tax-payer. To help control, you can make simple rules: no previous felony convictions, age<50, working knowledge of English. What I don't like is some of the barnacles that come with many of them. Family of 6 from Mexico and both parents are hard working? Bring 'em in! The 89 y/o grandmother? Not so enthused. By accepting them, it will keep our country more vibrant than the rest of the world keeping our economy humming. Our only real concerns will be India and Nigeria since their populations continue to explode.

AndrewPrice said...

OT: We have spoken a lot about cynicism and today I ran across one of the most cynical thoughts you can imagine. This is from someone advocating that an LSU football player not play next year so he doesn't get hurt -- the player can't get drafted yet. Here is the quote:

no one in the LSU cocoon is ever going to be truly honest, candid, and objective with Fournette about the situation because all of them are at some level protecting their own self interests.

Notice that this "thought" makes it impossible to have a legitimate discussion because anyone on the other side is pre-dismissed as biased. This is the heart of cynicism: idiocy and bias pretending to be wisdom and insight and telling people "trust no one."

Koshcat said...

Probably the most coherent reason to be rid of Boehner here:


Of course it is written by an intelligent person so that helps.

AndrewPrice said...

Koshcat, I've seen that too that blacks and Hispanics are much more anti-gay than whites. So far though, the left has always tried to keep the rift down. I see that changing.

I like the LegoBoat thing too! LOL! :)

In terms of immigration, I don't think immigration should be large enough to cause a cultural change or schism, but I agree that letting in hard working immigrants is great for the country. (I agree we should deport criminals and we should ban them from welfare.) Unfortunately though, we can't get to any of that because the argument is stuck on building a wall that won't change anything.

AndrewPrice said...

Koshcat, Excellent article. I agree that this was a huge problem with Boehner and Republicans generally. They have NEVER been good at reaching out to the public. Only Reagan seemed to know how to do that. The rest act like rats needing to scurry back to their chambers away from the bright shiny lights.

EPorvaznik said...

>>Besides, TV and Hollywood are always about six months to a year behind the times. >>

Shhhh, don't say that too loudly. The people who surround me like to think they're so edgy and the steering captains of the ship. Of course, I can't think of one show which has the gay, er, Legoboat (yes, it's out there, and I think it's beyond fabulous!) theme as the main angle survive past half a season and/or get picked up for a second season, but that always seems to escape these geniuses.

Subtle infiltration through supporting or ensemble characters, however, that's a whole different argument.

AndrewPrice said...

Eric, LOL! Yeah, I can imagine they don't want to hear that.

I can't think of very many shows with a gay character that have lasted.

AndrewPrice said...

P.S. I'm glad you like Legoboat! :D

BevfromNYC said...

Okay come on...Soap, Will & Grace, Modern Family. These were/are very popular shows with gay characters. There have been many successful shows WITH gay characters, but not very many shows with ONLY gay characters except in a HBO/porno kind of way.

Anthony said...


I'd say the alliance between blacks and gays has always been more at a high level than a ground level, but to the best of my knowledge no leader has lost office for being too gay friendly. The blacks in CA who voted for Prop 8 also voted for leaders who universally opposed it.

I suspect some of the reluctance to turn personal antipathy into political policy is that blacks have been on the target of the ('We need to use the coercive power of the state to keep this horrible, unnatural thing from happening' argument, some of it is because blacks expect their leaders to be liberal, even more liberal than themselves (when black leaders lose elections in black districts, they are brought down from the left) and some of it is that younger people tend to be more laid back about such things than older people (true everywhere).

Rappers used to talk a lot of smack about gays, but those days are largely past. Azelia Banks isn't that popular (she is distaff Kayne West without the success) in part because her sexpot shick is already being done quite well by a couple other female rappers (the most popular of which is currently Nicki Minaj). Banks always has a different, inflammatory excuse for her consistent failure to find an audience.


Azealia Banks is not one to bite her tongue. The saucy rapper is now blaming Pharrell Williams for the lackluster record sales of their collaboration, ‘ATM Jam.’

“The reason ‘ATM Jam’ did poorly is because Pharrell changed his mind about wanting to be associated with me after he had his lite skin comeback,” Azealia posted in a tweet, which has been deleted.

Her rant didn’t end there. “Lite skin n—-s are funny. But f— it what’s new? Azealia Banks having to scrape claw and fight for what she wants. This is normal for me now,” she wrote.

Anonymous said...

It's been a long day and I'm tired but I had to get my two cents in on the wall. I WANT IT! You're right about most illegal immigrants being here as a result of overstaying visas rather than stealthy border crossing and I was aware of that. But; building a wall would be a huge construction project which would create a lot of jobs.
It would be an act of political decisiveness with a right wing bent.
It would be a huge middle finger to the left and give us the glee of watching them froth and twitch and howl and foam at the mouth.
Even though illegal border crossing is not the biggest cause of illegal immigration the popular perception is that it is. That being the case, the building of a wall would be seen as proof that we are serious about controlling illegal immigration. Perception is reality alot of the time.
And last, while the biggest cause of illegal immigration is not border crossing there are still illegal immigrants who get in that way. A wall would actually stop one source of illegal immigration.
Like I said, my two cents worth.

Critch said...

Did you see where the Teamsters are holding off endorsing Hillary until they study Trump some more? No matter what, they are used to Trump, it wouldn't surprise me if they endorsed him.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, There have been a couple, but not many I would say. And all of those (like Will and Grace) have been portrayed at quasi-hetero or as comic relief (Soap).

AndrewPrice said...

GypsyTyger, I can't say you're wrong, but let me toss out a couple things to consider. First, money is finite and the more we spend on the wall, the less can spend on real border control. Secondly, if you want the wall built, then the question becomes why all those conservatives in Congress can't seem to manage to stick the funding into a bill somewhere. I think they're just using this as sucker bait and don't really intend to do it. Just something to think about.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, I saw that and I laughed. It would not surprise me either if they endorse Trump, though I think they will ultimately go for Sanders.

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