Sunday, August 6, 2017

Social Justice Whiners Update

Call them Social Justice Whiners, call them snowflakes, call them worthless losers... let's talk about them.

(1) Lena Dunham caught lying... again. You all know Lena Dunham. She's the leftist turd behind "Girls." She's also the person who got caught lying about being raped in college. Well, she's at it again. The other day she started tweeting how she was walking through the airport and she heard two American Airlines flight attendants saying "trans-phobia" stuff. She even posted her attempt to contact American Airlines, who promised to investigate.

Well, it turns out that the last American Airlines flight was two hours before this supposed incident and all their crews had left the airport. What's more, Dunham was in the Delta terminal, where American crews don't go. Said differently, Dunham lied.

This is becoming a trend among the SJW. They lie and invent incidents to stir up the pot. Waitresses who falsely claim to get racial slurs written on receipts. Gay bloggers who claim to get hate mail which they themselves wrote. Remember the anti-gay cake Whole Foods supposedly decorated? Blacks who claim to be roughed up by the cops until police video show them to be the aggressors. Note for the record that Leslie Jones never did follow up on her very public, very vague, very convenient claims that the Ritz Carlton acted in a racist manner toward her. There was another woman caught making a false rape allegation at a college. This time at USC. That follows a series of false rape allegations exposed. As near as I can tell, almost every incident the SWJ's complain about is a lie.

(2) The black eyes continue for the leftist journalists pimping for Colin Kaepernick. The leftist media was pushing for him to be signed by Miami, until they remembered he praised Castro. So they pushed for Baltimore to hire him. They argued that he was a "top 10" quarterback... a total joke, and dismissed what he did as just "protested injustice." And they swore that he wouldn't protest during the year if he was playing. How can you haters not hire him? And then his girlfriend called the Raven's owner a "slave owner" and Ray Lewis his "house n*gger." Oddly, none of these journalists have mentioned this, but they stopped talking about Baltimore.

Aside from the journalists, the message the NFL is sending is becoming clear. NFL thug Richard Sherman pointed out that the reason Colin K. doesn't have a job is that this is the NFL telling black players, "Boy stay in your place." But the reality is different. The NFL is making it clear they won't take anti-white, anti-cop, anti-military, anti-American comments that have offended the public. Of course, the leftists making these comments are outraged by this as they think they have the right to make such comments without consequence, but the NFL is showing that not to be true. The public strikes back. And the comments show that the public has remained 10-1 in support of punishing these people.

(3) In fact, let's talk about the public. What does the public really think? Right now, the internet, Hollywood and the MSM are jammed with one agenda: the "don't judge" agenda. Whenever they run across someone who is breaking some social taboo, they all jump on the bandwagon and scream "don't judge" and try to convince you that everyone now accepts these people. The problem is that the public isn't buying it:
(i) Whenever Kaepernick and his anit-white anti-Americanism comes up, the comments are consistently 10-1 against him.

(ii) There was an article (LINK) the other day explaining how little boys should be allowed to wear dresses and we must not make fun of them. Most comments called this "child abuse" and the public went about 10-1 in favor of the commenters over the author. By the way, despite the push by the SJW to make cross-genderism seem normal and ubiquitous, the expert in the article noted that only 2% to 7% of people fall into this category according to various studies.

(iii) There was an article about a plea by a child for us not to judge his mommie just because she's covered in tattoos like a Mexican gang. Specifically, this little kiddie used the word "work ethic" and informed us that the fact its mom has tattoos doesn't affect her work ethic. Big concept for a little child, isn't it? (Note that you would not use a child as a prop to make this plea if you had a legitimate argument to present.) Anyways, this article ran wild with the internet SJW crowd and we were told not to judge people with tattoos anymore... but the comments were 8-1 against the mother.

(iv) The percentage of people who thought the Redskins' name was racist never got above 12%, forcing leftist journalists to whine "well, that's still a lot of people!" That's 9-1 against the CryRacism crowd.

(v) Bruce Willis has remade Death Wish and the left is aghast! "Tone deaf!" and "how dare they make a movie now about a white man hunting black men!" Waahhhh. The comments are 10-1 in favor of the movie and against the critics.

(vi) The "body positive movement" (although movement is a misnomer), a collection of fat ugly women with tattoos who want to change society's norms so that they are seen as beautiful, is failing to get off the ground... or couch. They want men to like fat women and hate thin women. This week some dude posted an instagram post in which he said he liked his curvy wife. Hurray, right? Wrong. This met with absolutely hate from the BPMs who are outraged that "Guy likes curvy woman* 16,667 favs, national news. Curvy woman likes herself* 12 favs, 48 people in your mentions talking about diabetes." There were a lot nastier posts as well. Anyways, the comments in response have been running abut 90 to 2 laughing off this complaint.

(v) "I'm in an open marriage" - 10-1 against. Public breast feeding - 14-1 against.
Are you noticing a common thread?

Oh and think about this. Newsweek is reporting on a poll about Black Lives Matter. Apparently, 57% of voters have a negative view of BLM. Shocking! Only 43% had a positive view... Democrats. That's 6-4 (though Newsweek misleadingly calls this "a slight majority" and also called "Blue Lives Matter" a race group). Take blacks out and the number rises to 65% v. 35%. And of course, you know the poll is probably 10-15% biased toward the left. So you're probably really looking at 7-3 or higher.

How about this... Detroit about the unexplained deaths of three black men which started the Detroit riots of 1967 -- which the film of course blames on racist cops -- scored only $7.6 million this weekend against a production budget of $34 million (second lowest opening this year), despite having big names in the cast and Kathryn Bigelow directing. As an aside, you know this is political because the producer said, "We stand behind the message of the film. I don’t think it’s just measured by performance only." Oh yes, it is. The 2015 anti-NFL movie Concussion made only $48.6 million against a budget of $57 million, despite a lot of big names including Will Smith. Atomic Blonde, the film billing itself as the female James Bond and starring several big names flopped with $42 million against a $31 million budget. Micheal Moore's anti-Trump film collected only $149,000 in 2016. Did you know that Al Gore's "monster hit" Inconvenient Truth made only $49.8 million? His sequel has made only $1.1 million. So apparently, no one is seeing liberal movies. $49 million, the apparent ceiling on these films, translates into about six million people, or 1.8% of the population.

So what does all of this mean? It seems that even as the internet and MSM are packed with this cascade of stories promoting SJWism and attacking normal morality and social norms, the public isn't buying it. The public remains between 8-1 and 10-1 opposed. Said differently, they are failing big time. Their ideas just don't sell beyond their ranks.



Anthony said...

1) Dunham is scum, but if voters had a problem with people continually lying to suit their preferred narratives, we wouldn't have Trump in office.

2) Colin K is Tebow redux. Football fans have shown they want the game to stay focused on football. They don't give poor players extra credit for having social agendas (quite the opposite).

3) Good news about the Redskins. In DC the negative connation attached to Redskin come from the antics of the owner and the team, not from racism, and despite their lack of success, they are a beloved institution.

4) As I pointed out repeatedly last year, its not police brutality which creates outrage (I can link you to several dodgy incidents which got little coverage because departments acted promptly), its administrative inaction.

Nowadays police departments react faster than ever to such complaints and many are requiring cops use body cameras and suchlike. Cameras protect good cops (most of them) but hurt bad cops.

4) Atomic Blonde's biggest problem was not the fact it positioned itself as a female Bond movie, but a slightly too high budget and the facts its a hard R. Its domestic run has been similar to John Wick (the original) which was made by some of the same people. If it had John Wick's budget (20 million) as opposed to a 30 million dollar budget, it would be a modest commercial success right now.

Like Dredd, Atomic Blonde might overcome a weak box office to become a home theater hit (there aren't all that many hard R action movies out there nowadays).

5) Movies which cover stuff in current headlines like Detroit tend to fail because why pay money to see what tv covers for free?

6) Death Wish looks fun. R and a mostly light tone (some of which might be due to the music in the trailer) isn't a combo one sees much of nowadays, but that is kind of Bruce Willis's thing so maybe it will work out.

EPorvaznik said...

But, but, but, the ads kept telling us "Detroit" was about the worst crime in the history of the US. [crickets]

tryanmax said...

It's a pretty good rule of thumb that a liar will demand that you believe them, while an honest person will implore you to seek the truth.

Because I know who you're probably thinking of, I'm speaking in regards to matters of fact. Plenty of people bolster their opinions and intentions with "believe me."

AndrewPrice said...

OT, Can any one explain to me what makes a news anchor send pictures of his johnson to female coworkers? You really have to be retarded to think that will end well.

Yet, this seems to happen all the time.

AndrewPrice said...

EP, I think that speaks volumes to the attitude of the public. They simply don't care about the blacks v. police issue that the left is trying to make into the centerpiece of their new strategy.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Liars are often overly concerned with making sure they are believed. That is true. In this case, I think there are other interesting angle too. In particular, I think the left has agreed never to question each other. Whatever one of them says, the other believe and swing into action.

And then they play this game. Once they are caught, they immediately shift to "well, this one wasn't true, but it still highlights how bad things are." Bull! A lie is a lie.

What I think the items in the article show, by the way, is that the left's plan just isn't working. The public isn't buying it.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, it's no secret the left has a very flexible relationship with the truth. They'll gladly call out an opponent's factual lies* then turn around and claim their lies are in service to "the narrative." One thing is for certain, if they regarded Trump as on their side (and make no mistake, on certain issues he is, they just refuse to see it) there would be no deep and prolonged soul-searching on the matter as you see in various parts of the right. [squints hard at National Review]

*Even when there is no factual lie. A funny if it weren't so sad story from earlier this year. When the Irish Prime Minister visited the White House for St. Patrick's Day, Trump delivered a speech which included the following:

As we stand together with our Irish friends, I’m reminded of that proverb — and this is a good one, this is one I like, I’ve heard it for many, many years and I love it:

"Always remember to forget the friends that proved untrue, but never forget to remember those that have stuck by you."

Immediately, the press went into full attack mode, mocking Trump for stealing from a Nigerian poet and claiming it as an Irish proverb. But look again at what Trump said. He merely called it a proverb, not an Irish one. The press, already assuming Trump is an idiot, and fixing on the occasion, imagined that Trump called it an Irish proverb.

What's worse, the proverb isn't even Nigerian. It was submitted to a poem website in 2013 by a Nigerian man who attributed it to himself (innocently, I assume). The verse actually appears in various collections of quotes and toasts dating back to the 1930s.

ArgentGale said...

Changing the W in SJW to Whiner, huh? Good one!

1. I heard a bit about this, with American "unable to verify the claim." Not surprising considering her track record. The sooner she goes away the better. The whole fake hate crime thing as a whole annoys me for a lot of reasons but one that's been on my mind all day is how the left making crap up and co-opting the language of serious psychological problems to justify their tantrums hurts people who really do need help. It's sickening.

2. You really can't get away from this idiot these days, can you? I was out a few weeks ago with the TVs in the restaurant being turned to ESPN, which covered an unhinged rant of his about Stockholm Syndrome in response to...Michael Vick suggesting he cut his hair. The Baltimore flap bringing his girlfriend into the spotlight has gotten some people wondering just how much of this he's doing simply to (try to) make her happy. Either way I don't see him recovering his image with the public any time soon.

3. Breaking this down...

- i. Pretty much covered already.

- ii. Ooh, bet Yahoo wasn't expecting that kind of response... The telling thing here is that even though the people commenting negatively get dogpiled by the SJWs (with those oh so witty comments implying that it's more dangerous to raise a child religious than it is to raise a child cross gender) the comments opposing the article get upvoted by wide margins while the ones supporting it, including the people attacking the commenters, are heavily downvoted. I get the sense that the public doesn't care if a full grown adult is transgender or its various offshoots and comes to that conclusion on their own but they're drawing a hard line about raising children in such a manner. I don't think the left's going to have much luck with this one.

- iii. Personally I don't get too worked up about tattoos since I know a lot of people who have them and a fair number of people who have a lot of them and most of them are good people. They'll occasionally make arguments along those lines, but they still make their cases for themselves and draw on their own accomplishments. I can't see any of them using their kids to pull crap like that so I'm not surprised this backfired on the would-be martyr in question.

- iv. Nothing's more sad than the left trying to turn a nose-breaking fall flat on their face into a positive for the cause.

- v. That this was the first thing that came to mind after hearing about this instead of "Ugh, another remake?" shows how deeply obsessed these people are. No wonder they're scaring and angering the public. Still, if anyone can make it work it's Bruce Willis.

- vi. Not surprised that this would break down into what it did... That's some serious cattiness at work. The whole thing looks even more absurd when you know exactly how these women would react if they had a bunch of neckbeard types trying the same tactics to make themselves feel attractive.

- vii. Open marriages/polyamorous relationships definitely do not fly with the public and I've seen a lot of widespread scorn aimed at them myself. Public breast feeding does seem to have more vocal types pushing for it but it doesn't sound like the public is convinced. SJWs pitching a fit about the latter is especially ironic when you consider the group's low opinion of motherhood.

4. Those are some rough poll numbers all right and no surprise that the overt propaganda films, as well as those that may not be but are still marketed with a SJW touch, are bombing. It's the Bush years all over again, except bigger, louder, and angrier. Honestly I'm more wary of sucker punches in modern movies than the message ones. The latter you know what you're getting up front and know to stay away from, the former can reel people in and screw up what could be at least a decent movie.

Anonymous said...

Tryanmax; That reminds me of one of my very favorite Obama stories. It might have been 2009, I'm not sure, but it was fairly early in Barry's presidency, The Irish Prime Minister visited the White House. The two men were side by side on the podium and somehow the teleprompter got messed up. When the Irish pm stepped up he had Barry's speech in front of him and vice-versa.The Prime Minister of the Emerald Isle saw what had happened and simply went off the cuff, delivering a short speech. Barack Husein Obama, the man with the highest IQ in human history,the off the scale genius, blah blah etc etc read the other man's speech word for word. You never heard a word about it. The only reason I know about it is that I read FrontPage Magazine. Can you imagine if Trump had done that? Or George Bush?

Anthony said...

McMasters seems to be public enemy number 2 (behind Mueller) for the talk radio crowd. Unlike Sessions Trump doesn't seem to have a personal problem with him, but that may result in a drama free Spicer exit rather than what we have going on with Sessions.

A source described as a "former senior official" told the Daily Caller, "Everything the president wants to do, McMaster opposes. Trump wants to get us out of Afghanistan, McMaster wants to go in. Trump wants to get us out of Syria, McMaster wants to go in. Trump wants to deal with the China issue, McMaster doesn't. Trump wants to deal with the Islam issue, McMaster doesn't. You know, across the board, we want to get rid of the Iran deal. McMaster doesn't. It is incredible to watch it happening right in front of your face. Absolutely stunning."

McMaster has fired or reassigned a number of NSC staffers in recent months. The Washington Free Beacon quotes White House sources who say McMaster has been targeting Trump "loyalists" who have been clashing with "career government staffers and holdovers from the Obama administration."

tryanmax said...





That's funny!

BevfromNYC said...

Anthony - I don't believe anything anyone says about the WH v. The Rest of DC anymore. Btw, Trump just convo'ed with China's Pres about NoKo and their anti-ballistic capability...then China told NoKo to put it back in their pants unless they want to a visit...then the UN put sanctions on NoKo (Thank you, UN Amb Nikkey Haley!)

Probably haven't heard much because this would be good news for Trump.

BevfromNYC said...

Gypsy That is astounding! He made lots of similar gaffes that were glossed over by the press. Fortunately he had Biden to gaffe more and better. The sad part of it, is that it would've been really great comedy if someone had dared to use it.

Kit said...

"Can any one explain to me what makes a news anchor send pictures of his johnson to female coworkers? You really have to be retarded to think that will end well."

Pretty much.

Anthony said...


China and North Korea kind of have a good cop-bad cop thing going on. China encourages North Korean bad behavior because it distracts China's rivals. Also, those rivals go to China when they want to reign in North Korea, so North Korea's antics grant China prestige.

Its also worth noting that North Korea recently shrunk nuclear technology enough to put it on a missile.

Last but not least, North Korea has been sanctioned by the UN 8 times since 2006, this last tightening of sanctions isn't going to achieve anything the prior rounds didn't.

Its not Trump's fault. Nobody has squared the circle that in NK in no small part because the prospect of its collapse was a frightening thing for its neighbors even before nukes were added to the mix.

North Korea reportedly has produced a compact nuclear warhead that can be placed inside one of its advanced missiles – which are already believed to be capable of reaching half of the United States.
The jarring assessment was prepared in July by the Defense Intelligence Agency, according to The Washington Post. The Post was read parts of the DIA analysis and the document was verified by other U.S. officials, the newspaper reported.
“The [intelligence community] assesses North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, to include delivery by ICBM-class missiles,” an excerpt of the DIA analysis states.
Further, it is now believed that dictator Kim Jong Un may control up to 60 nuclear weapons.

Kit said...

Any thoughts on Google?

AndrewPrice said...

Kit, Google is like the other tech companies. Their leaders are valueless nerds who became tyrants. Their leftist politics comes from them thinking it's the "in" thing because leftism is hip on colleges and because they get into less trouble being leftist. They are not generally ideologues, they just pretend to be.

In terms of this incident, the guy is clearly speaking for a disgruntled work force, but Google doesn't care. They fired him in an attempt to crush dissent, not an ideological attack.

That said, if he had complained about the lack of diversity in a similar memo, they would not have punished him. They would have patted him on the back, talked about how much they want diversity, and then continued doing what they are doing.

Kit said...

There are no good options on North Korea.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, That's not what Bev means. She's pointing out that Trump has done what Obama could not and what Bush could not, and what the MSM has been telling us he was incapable of doing.

What's more, if Obama had done it, journalists would have been celebrating in the streets that he had "solved" the Korea issue, just like he "solved" the Iranian issue. But since it was Trump, he's being virtually ignored or his achievement is being poo pooed.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Trump is actually racking up wins in the foreign policy world at a pace I haven't seen in my life. It's been surprising actually.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The talk radio crowd are morons. Their world view is composed of two three ideas:

(1) I's a victim.
(2) Anyone with power or a real job is part of the problem.
(3) I oppose whatever anyone wants unless it's an nutty plan promising utopia.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, That's my point actually. Despite the full-on onslaught by the left claiming that this stuff is all the new norm for society, the comments, the polls, and even the movie choices show that the public overwhelmingly rejects this.

That's one reason I think the left is getting increasingly fruity. The "body positive" stuff is great proof of that. Someone agrees with them and they freak out that a man gets the credit and that they still aren't happy.

Kit said...

Oh, apparently Trump and Bannon are discussing replacing US troops in Afghanistan with the East India Trading Compa—, er, I mean, Blackwater USA.

No real opinion, just somewhat amused by a potential historical parallel.

Anthony said...


I remember a lot more ambivalence about the Iran deal than you do. Even most of the liberal media didn't claim it was the end of all problems with Iran and many were critical of it.

I'll quote an old post (I chopped out a reference to Cuba but its at the link) about the Iran deal. I stand by that position and I feel the same way about Trump's North Korea moves.

When a rogue state wants nukes, anything short of invading it or atomizing it is merely a delaying action IMHO.

I am curious about the terms of the Iran deal but I don't see it as anything to get worked up about. Western intelligence has been warning for a couple decades that Iran's nuke is 'right around the corner' (they will be right eventually) but no one wants to invade because it would nasty and bloody. Barring radical action no one is prepared to take, the bomb is an inevitability and if Obama cuts a deal with Iran, he will own it.

Obama is more incompetent than most, but presidential candidates talking smack about the few simple steps it would take to make the world right is a long and honored tradition in the U.S.

ArgentGale said...

And I'm definitely glad to see it, Andrew. The way social media gets flooded with this garbage gets old sometimes so I'm glad to finally see some pushback. On some of the other stuff, I have no idea why guys continue with dick pics either, especially since it's not exactly a secret that women despise them. I drew pretty much the same conclusion that you did about tech company heads, too, based on things like the memo (which I admit I just now caught up on - the news in the break room was mostly focused on the Taylor Swift Grope Trial, of all things). Here's hoping that the left will start actually retreating soon.

Anthony said...

I just read a several recent Breitbart articles that claimed that Trump's getting China to sign off on tough sanctions was a major triumph that the rest of the media isn't giving Trump enough credit for.

I hope they are right. China's statement that they will observe sanctions the same way they always have doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Monday that his nation will be forced to make the largest sacrifices to adhere to new U.N. sanctions against North Korea, as it is one of the few remaining nations that maintains any economic ties to the rogue communist state.
The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to impose sanctions on North Korea for the communist regime’s continued ballistic missile launches and nuclear weapons program this weekend, a move that surprised some who expected China to veto the resolution.
“Owing to China’s traditional economic ties with North Korea, it will mainly be China paying the price for implementing the resolution,” a statement from Wang read, as reported by Reuters on Monday. “But in order to protect the international non-proliferation system and regional peace and stability, China will, as before, fully and strictly properly implement the entire contents of the relevant resolution.”


There is a Fox News article about NK's economy which is improving thanks to increased trade with China and other countries as well as liberalization.

Exports to China of coal and other minerals fueled the faster rate of growth. But those exports have reportedly taken a hit this year with Beijing apparently making good on a promise to President Trump to reduce those exports amid the North Korean nuclear crisis.
But Chinese goods are still making their way into North Korea, according to analysts. Despite indicating it would help enforce international sanctions on its neighbor, China’s exports grew nearly 20 percent in the first half of this year, according to a report by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA).
Even though jet fuel was one of five items banned by the United Nations, Beijing’s export of jet fuel to Pyongyang increased 18.3 percent in the first half of 2017. 

tryanmax said...

A number of leftist outlets seem positively giddy that Sino-Russian relations have tightened in the last several months. Of course, this puts the lie to the standard notion that Russia or China could have ever alone contended with the US, but history goes in the memory-hole, right? These same outlets have their fingers crossed that Russia and China can get N. Korea to do their dirty work, just as the NorKs have set their sights, not on Washington, but Guam. (Google Earth servers immediately crash.) Guam? Kinda sounds like DPRK capabilities have been oversold. The only way things play out the way suicidal anti-Trumpers hope is if Pyongyang can swallow the US in one bite. Thankfully, Russia and China are smarter than the American press.

tryanmax said...

Keep in mind, back in April, Russia and China were snooping behind "Trump's armada" in the East China Sea. On July 4, both countries denied that N. Korea even fired a missile. Now they're at the table signing sanctions. This is an astounding diplomatic reversal on their part! Especially from the leaders of two countries so concerned with face.

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