Saturday, January 20, 2018

Andrew's Running Open Thread...

Since I'm trying to evade working today, I keep running across things to post. So I'll make this a running open thread. :)

WARNING: The Pussy Head marchers are back to remind us of that they still exist... since there are no other signs of it. While they claim they had five million participants worldwide last time, a total fabrication on the order of at least 5-1 that just kept growing as media chickies kept bidding up the number, this time they seem to scoring in the 40k range in New York and Philly and far less in other cities... so maybe 200,000 worldwide.

So the fake movement that died the moment these women littered their signs and stomped off to Starbucks last time has now proven that it's lost 90% of its strength in a year. This is more prove this was never "a thing." We should call this the "Handful of Chicks March."

Expect delays at area Starbucks in major cities.

● Twitter is going to tell everyone what fake Russian troll sites they were following during the election. Oh oh. That means a bunch of liberals are now going to find out that their favorite sites were all Russian fake news pushers... #Trumpisamonster... #conservativesareevil... #therealNancyPelosi. Of course, liberals never readjust their thinking for new facts, so I doubt this will mean much, but wouldn't it be funny if they could grasp that all the crap they believe came from Russian propaganda? Ha!

● I love the delusion at places like Yahoo. Here's a headline and blurb:

"Major Strategy Shift for Democrats... Rather than play it safe in this election year, the Democrats have decided to challenge an unpopular president."

What rational person can claim that the Democrats haven't been "challenging" Trump. There isn't a moment they haven't smeared him, goosestep opposed him, or tried to impeach him.

● California is in an absolute panic over the Trump tax cuts. I LOVE that! They are now trying to find a way to tax all of the tax savings businesses got while whining that businesses may start fleeing the state. I love the statement made by more than one of them that "the tax cuts are an assault on California." That is all you need to know about how much those tax deductions subsidized the state.

● Trump just did the most condescending thing. LOL! He tweeted that with the nice weather, it's a good day for women to get out there and march to celebrate his economic achievements. That really is like patting them on the head and then intentionally ignoring the point they are making. I guarantee you that will get some blood boiling.

● The leftist blame strategy for the shutdown (as pushed by the media as well) says, "How can the Democrats be to blame for the shutdown when the Republicans control everything?" This is interesting since these same people blamed the Republicans for the Democrats' failure to do anything when they not only held everything but also held a super-majority in Congress. They also blamed Republicans in every prior shutdown, no matter who was in charge. So yeah, not buying it.

● Ok. I don't know how I didn't think of this before, but according to Huffpo, "Make no mistake! Trump's shutdown is about..." wait for it... RACISM! LOLOLOLOLOL! Boo!

● You may not know these people, but perhaps you know the sentiment. Lavar Ball (father of LA Laker Lonzo Ball) is an ass. I have little good to say about him and a lot of bad. But what I don't understand is why "everyone" (read: the sports media) pour out so much hate on his kids. By all accounts, they are good kids whose teammates enjoy playing with them and speak highly of them. So why is everyone so venomous about them just because they hate his father? What's more, how is what Ball does any different than the media types who criticize him? Heck, he's even more accurate than they are about the rumors he tells. What's more, they cover him like mad because it makes them money. They are at least complicit. So why crap on his kids?

Not getting a lot of work done... :(

● I just saw an article listing the magazine's: "Our fearless Oscar picks." //rolls eyes Since when has making guesses about the Oscars equated to fear? You live in America where no one would even think to hurt you. Your picks are herd-approved "controversial" picks, ie. nice and safe. So how is this fearless? It's not. The word "fearless" is a marketing technique to make you think this idiot has taken some risk, but there is no risk to be had.

● Had to comment on this. I have seen several articles now written by black women who refuse to attend the Handful of Chicks March because those white women... honkettes... do not like or respect black women. One noted that while her sign said both "nasty women unite" and "African Americans," the honkettes only gave her a cheer for the nasty part. None of those honkettes apparently stood in solidarity with being black. (Uh... maybe they didn't want to culturally appropriate? Just sayin') Other then refused to do a Black Lives Matters cheer. Those racist honkettes!

I love it when the left goes full bitch on these things and whines and whines and whines that other leftists don't support their grievances fully enough. They truly are children in a room full of children in full-tantrum mode whining that they aren't getting all the attention.

● By the way, is there anyone who doesn't see "stone cold killer" in this guy's face: LINK. Seriously, how could you miss it?

More to come...


Anthony said...

It will be interesting to see which way the public jumps on the shutdown. It's clear to me the Democrats are responsible and I think their banner (DACA) is silly but all sorts of random things can reframe debates.

BevfromNYC said...

Wait Andrew, how are you posting??? Didn't you know that THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS SHUT DOWN??? {{{{{{{ shouting 'cause you may not hear me...'cause shutdown.}}}}}}

Anyhow, CA is doubling fdown just like NY and it is truly mind bending. 1st idea floated in CA wa to set up a state-run charitable non-profit (isn't that redundant?) so that people could "donate" the $$$ above the max allowed by the new tax laws to the gov and then deduct it instead as a "charitable donation".

NY isn't even trying. Cuomo has decided the answer is to get cars and trucks off the streets in Manhattan by charging $12 to drive below 60th St. Mayor DeBlasio vehemently objects 'cause he just wants to tax the "super millionaires"

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, In my experience, the public doesn't care about shutdowns unless they are affected themselves. And the activists will always blame the other side. So I don't see a lot of harm to either side.

That said, "the public" always blames the Republicans. Of course, that's through the filter of leftist pollsters and media types, but that's how it goes.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, The reactions in New York and California are bizarrely hilarious. They are ranting and raving in all directions and trying desperate contradictory things. It's funny too how this has turned their orthodoxy upside down.

AndrewPrice said...

Ok. I think that's enough for today. Comment on whatever interests you.

AndrewPrice said...

Ok... one more. You have to read this bit of idiocy/paranoia.

This was written by a black chick who is upset at having helped white feminism by attending the first Pussy Head Rally. This article is crawling with racism and paranoia. Check out these primo quotes:

"I agreed, even while I was being attacked. Men and women commented on the photo telling me how stupid I was for associating myself with white feminism. Black women told me that Dana was just using me for a photo opportunity. Black men expressed their disappointment in my naiveté."

"Being a black woman in this country is an exercise in ongoing frustration and fear. ... When Donald Trump was elected..., I was on high alert, afraid that I was in imminent danger due to both my womanhood and my brown skin."

"[White feminists] are not our allies. They have silenced us over and over again. Don’t be their token.”

Bat. Shit. Crazy.

AndrewPrice said...

Oxford University is adding time to their math tests because the girls at the school aren't doing well. They think adding time will help the girls. This is like the SAT eliminating questions that girls don't do well on.

And feminists wonder why women don't do as men in the real world... which doesn't cater to your weaknesses and expects you to know how to do things rather than eliminating the things you don't know how to do. How about teaching more skills rather than dumbing things down?

Critch said...

The idiots that run our government in Missouri are jumping through hoops to stop any smoking in the prisons because one inmate, a two time murderer sued because he didn't like second-hand smoke. Really, why do we care, why the Hell is he still living if he murdered two people?

tryanmax said...

Actually, Twitter isn’t telling anyone which accounts are Russian troll-bot. They’re just vaguely letting people know that they in some way interacted with a troll-bot in 2016. According to their blog, they’re sending the message out to 677,775 users out of >330 million. In other words, they’ve bestowed a badge of honor on a bunch of rarified memesters. And, of course, there are those who claim pride in not receiving an email that hardly anyone got because of their imagined prowess at avoiding Russian troll-bots that they probably never had a chance at encountering in the first place.

tryanmax said...

Government shutdown related news: Buzzfeed is concerned that NASA won’t be on the lookout for incoming asteroids. Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck were unavailable for comment.

BevfromNYC said...

I just read the the Sun is losing mass. Must be related to the government shutdown. Oh, and there was rumor that there weren't enough towels at the House gym this weekend!

Anthony said...

The Dems have folded on the shutdown. No surprise. They started it on a bad issue (illegals).

Working with Trump on any issue will ultimately hurt them with their base (nowadays politicians are expected to wait for the next wave, not to compromise so compromisers are invariably cleansed) but they should have found a better banner.

Koshcat said...

The Trump trolling the women's march was hilarious but not as good as their response. I'm not sure when any of them are going to learn that Trump tweet like these are suppose to irritate some. Ignoring it is the best approach. Their craziness went over to multiple signs stating, "Trump, you're so vain you probably think this march is about you." Original (eye-roll). Actually, women against Trump would make more sense. So if it isn't about Trump, what are you marching about?

I read this morning that while most people polled don't like Trump and disagree, he is getting full credit for the economy. If he can maintain that growth through the election, it might not be as bad for GOP as thought. Long time still to go and a lot could happen. Still, elections follow a general, simple rule, "it's the economy, stupid."

If I was McConnell, I would be such a dick which is why I would never get elected. I'd make the bastards stay with cold cuts for sandwiches and chaperoned bathroom breaks, one at a time only, until the bill passed or failed. Let's see if the opposition has the strength to hold out.

A "fearless oscar pick" would be to hold it during the women's march, wearing a Trump hat and stating that having separate best actor and best actress is sexist. There shall be only one!

AndrewPrice said...

Bev will appreciate this... or else!! (just kidding)

Hamilton is coming to Denver. Tickets went on sale today. I hopped into their waiting room to see if I could get some (my oldest is obsessed with it). I got on when the thing opened and found myself with 161,898 people in front of me -- they can all buy 4 each.


I'm still waiting, but with only 98,000 total seats available in Denver over the course of a month, there is no way, not with half a million in demand in line before me!

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I agree. I thought it was a horrible issue to latch onto from a PR perspective with the public. I also think Trump played this well by casting the blame on them repeatedly. Prior Republicans in that situation have been too polite because they didn't want to upset the people they were negotiating with.

AndrewPrice said...

Koshcat, I had to laugh at the irony of how many signs insulted his hair or weight. Aren't we innundated each day by these very women with claims that such attacks are wrongful body shaming? Huh.

I'm also amazed how bitter so many of the signs were and how they all bragged about being angry. That's not a way to win people over.

It's funny too how the media has turned this march into being all about celebrities... the least like group in the country.

That would be a funny Oscar pick! LOL

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, As Oscar Wilde said, "You lose one billion metric tons of mass is a tragedy... to lose two billion metric tons of mass smacks of carelessness."

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, the left is TEARING Schumer apart now for "surrendering." Good times.

BevfromNYC said...

So, Andrew, how long have you been waiting to buy tickets to "Hamilton"? Still waiting. The sad part is probably all of the bots are buying up tickets for resale (at least that's what happens in NY)

Good Luck with that!!!

BevfromNYC said...

Oh, darn it's over. I had bets on rampant cannibalism by Thursday. I guess the sun will grow again too. But most importantly, THERE WILL BE TOWELS IN THE HOUSE GYM AGAIN!!!!

Yeah, I saw that Schumer's getting blasted. Good, maybe he'll retire. This was a stupid hill to be wounded on. (I would have say "die", but I would probably be arrested...)

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Technically, my computer is waiting... not me. But basically five hours with no chance. I would bet that most of those 161,000 "people" in front of me are bots.

AndrewPrice said...

Have you gotten to see it yet? Did you get tickets from the box office or the secondary market?

BevfromNYC said...

I have seen it in Chicago. Let's just say that it was less expensive to fly roundtrip from NYC to Chicago and stay in a hotel than it was to get a ticket in NYC.

As for getting tickets, I have a friend who did exactly what you did...stayed on line and jumped at the first chance she could.

Let me just say this...the show is worth $200-300 bucks a ticket if you REALLY, REALLY need to see and can afford that. Anymore than that and you are getting scammed.

Full disclosure: I am seeing it in London in May with a British audience. I can't wait to see how they react (if they react)...they may try to burn us at the stake!

Tennessee Jed said...

You see Lavar Ball as an ass while I see him more as a hole. Perhaps we are both right. Further, the fearless Oscar pick guy is the same thing in a different empty space. I am anxious to see the thre billboards in Emming, Mo. since it is from the In Bruges director. lastly, Sometimes I gotta love Trump. Infused though he may be with the sensibility of a New York waiter, he is pretty good at condescending to vacuous Starbucks's slurpingpussy hat brigade folks

Tennessee Jed said...

That was meant to be Starbuck's slurping pusshyhat wearing btw

Critch said...

The Dims caved....Chucky is getting beat up by his own crowd....they're beating him with pussyhats and bad words...

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