Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Trump's Speech

My wife got me to watch the speech. I was going to skip it.

1. Amazing speech. Perfect speech actually. Inspiring. Pro-American. Perfect understanding of America. Hopeful. Great list of achievements -- focused on average people.

2. The Democrats look like asses sitting through most of it, including most of the personal stories. So you don't want to honor firemen and parents and Marines, huh?

3. The left is going to go ape shit and rant about this speech until they pass out. And they will further alienate the public as they do and further convince themselves that disloyalty, anti-Americanism and hate are a winning strategy.

4. Trump appealed so well to middle America that I think this speech will shift the needle for his support.



AndrewPrice said...

I do draw the line at watching the responses.

Anthony said...

I fell asleep before the speech but judging by reactions it was a well delivered call for bipartisanship on issues most Americans support and Democrats looked silly opposing it.

Should boost Trump for a while among people that watched it. SOTUs normally do.

LL said...

Will the Democrats break ranks over infrastructure and immigration? Will they fully fund the military? They have a lot of deciding to do and sitting there, sullen and bitter that Black unemployment is better and that America is optimistic after 8 miserable years under Obama is a tough pill to swallow.

The only thing that the dems have going for them is their cheerleaders in the corrupt, elite media. Their leaders who are emerging: Slow Joe, Pocahontas, traitorous John Kerry and Bernie, who looks to be at least 100 years old don't inspire anyone. Nancy Pelosi needs to have her face stretched again and Schumer (Crying Chuck) are farces. The fact that Michelle Obama's name is being tossed about is proof positive of their desperation. Maybe they'll draft Hillary for another go at it?

AndrewPrice said...

The Democrats are seething today (actual headline: "Democrats seethe about SOTU"). The MSM has gone even dirtier this morning too. Trump set people against each other... uses Dreamers as pawns... deny porn star's denial of affair... desperately looking for anti-Trump meaning in Melania's choice of clothes... "we got Teleprompter Trump" (get new material losers)... voters rate speech "on the plus side of mediocre"... Ivanka sent money on her dress!!!!... how dare anyone say Trump calls for bipartisanship!!!! (a personal favorite there)... etc.

It's like the rage obsessed people build up over an ex- who dumped them. "You don't really know them... you don't know how evil they are!!"

BevfromNYC said...

Thanks goodness someone was brave enough to watch last night.
All in all, it appears to have been a very positive, yet long speech. I will watch it tonight without the running play by play commentary from the network news anchors.

As for the responses, apparently young Kennedy is getting a drubbing for what looks like drooling and being a Kennedy speaking out about #MeToo as if the Kennedys are fine upstanding women-respecting people in one amazing lack of Kennedy family history. Really bad optics there. Oh, and apparently as a shout-out to his Uncle Edward who we all know love him some womenfolk, he did it all in front of a car...while talking about women being harassed. This is all hearsay since I didn't listen to this either.

BevfromNYC said...

Andrew - Apparently, Trump's speech got a 75% approval rating on CBS.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, It really was an excellent speech. I was honestly impressed both with the tone and the content. If Obamaa had given this speech, leftists would be playing it on a loop and proclaiming it "possibly the greatest speech of all time." I wouldn't go that far, but it was excellent.

For the first time since Reagan, someone gave a speech that unapologetically defended what America is and did so in a down to earth manner rather than sounding like a lawyer describing the structure of the US. It was stirring, patriotic and unrelentingly positive. My wife even cried a couple times at the personal stories.

And the Democrats sat there looking pissed off... pissed off that black unemployment is at historic lows, pissed off at firemen, stay at home moms, Marines, pissed off at offers of citizenship to Dreamers, pissed off at economic growth, pissed off at personal stories of how badly North Korea treats their people, pissed off a moms whose daughters were killed by MS-13, pissed off at offers to compromise and problem solve.

Not a good look.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I didn't listen to the million replies either, nor did I care to listen to Kennedy. But it seems like Kennedy was set up for failure...

(1) The age of the Kennedys is over with the Great Boomer die off beginning.

(2) Their history makes for bad optics with all the issues the left will try to raise.

(3) His side wants blood and he couldn't deliver blood because the blood they want is conspiracy theory and gossip, which doesn't translate well into speeches.

(4) Trump went ultra positive and it doesn't play well to be a jerk back to someone like that.

(5) His advisors are political types who definitely told him to act presidential, not like an obsessed moron.

(6) He could never outbid the other Worst Responders without looking like a psychopath.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Trump has been slowly toning himself down (it's probably his Chief of Staff) and with speeches like this, he makes himself more electable. He didn't cave in on his views, but he presented everything in a much more sane, moderate sounding way.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, Will the Democrats break ranks over infrastructure and immigration?

Opposing both just looks horrible for them as they claim to want these things. I also think Trump will go over their heads. But I think they only break on infrastructure. Trump will offer the infrastructure money to GOP states if the Democrats won't deal, which will get Democratic governors to break ranks.

As for immigration, I think the Dreamers would sell out the Democrats in a minute, but the Democrats know that they lose worse if it passes than if they disappoint the Dreamers.

Their leadership pool is awful. Old, stupid, ideologically unpalatable (both to progressives and the public). What a mess!

tryanmax said...

The SOTU speech itself was pretty good, but the event was also loaded with some amazing visuals—some that Trump created, others he could’ve only hoped for—that will strike far deeper than the rhetoric.

Trump praised a black welder, a woman coast guard member and a Hispanic border agent. He mourned with black families who lost their children to MS-13 and celebrated with a North Korean defector. With each poignant story, Trump ripped the “parade of victims” page straight from the Democrats’ playbook and stuffed it down their throats!

And then there were the Democrats looking like asses, sitting on their hands for job growth, veterans, even the First Lady, who is traditionally given a warm reception. The Congressional Black Caucus, all in their African Kentes, wouldn’t even stir for the lowest black unemployment in history. Ill. Rep. Luis Gutierrez stormed out of the room during a spontaneous chant of “U.S.A.!” And all the while was Nancy Pelosi angrily chewing her cud.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Well stated. I agree completely.

You know what really struck me was how "common" Trump's appeal was. In the past, GOP Presidents would talk about economic statistics in the abstract, but never connected the dots between cause and effect. Trump talked about effect a lot and it resonated. He was also Patriotic in a real sense -- proud of the American people... not in some abstract sense about interpretations of our founding documents as GOP types do, or proud of what we could be ideologically as Democrats do.

What really struck me though was how real-world his personal stories were. In the past, everyone has been too lawyerly:

"In the gallery tonight is Sympathy Prop. She's a transgender man-woman who wants to be Jewish, but she contracted cancer from second hand smoke from bankers. That cancer made her genitalia shrivel so she can no longer have it cut off easily, and it made her confuse Islam with Judaism. She's now an atheistic Catholic. Her insurance firm denied her claim to cure the cancer because she didn't file it for one year and one day, even though she only had one year. Imagine the horror. We, as Americans, cannot allow this injustice to go on..."

Trump's people by comparison had genuine tragedies that people could sympathize with. You wanted to help them... and you knew how.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, check this one out: PHOTO. That's a campaign mailer, right there.

BevfromNYC said...

That photo...it's got it all and genuinely too. Man in uniform, beaming young mother with their adopted baby, and the First Lady...color scheme - Red, White, and Blue.

BevfromNYC said...

Oh, just heard the news. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is not filing for re-election and will be leaving Congress at the end of his term.

Critch said...

That face Pelosi was making is the picture they show you if the Viagra hasn't worn off after 4 hours..that'll cause a retraction.

AndrewPrice said...

Priapism Resolution Face (PRF). LOL!

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, An excellent photo.

AndrewPrice said...

Yahoo's front page...

1. Travel ban would have banned North Korean defector (false)

2. "What in that speech with change anything!" (misses the point completely)

3. Russia investigation (he's going to jail soon!)
4. Russia investigation (he's going to jail soon!)

5. Did Melania's outfit have a hidden meaning? (even she hates him!)

6. Internet burns Washington Post over saying Trump's speech was a call for bipartisanship (get in line people or else!)

7. Melania didn't stand when Trump said "faith and fantasy" (she hates him!)

8. Only Gerald Ford had the guts to say things weren't going well in America (i.e. Trump is lying)

9. Trump's SOTU gets brutal review (see, everyone knows the speech sucked... it's not just me!)

Yep, no bias at all there...

BevfromNYC said...

Andrew, you know all of those headlines and articles were written before he made his speech. Also, WaPo (I think) change their very positive 1st front page headline published online to something less positive in a later edition after an uproar about them being too positive.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, So were the jokes of the late-night guys and most of the tweets from the twits. They were going to unleash these things no matter what.

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