Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Irony Edition

Lots of great irony coming from the left this week.

● The Democrats in California and New York are tying to find ways to reduce the effect of the tax hike Trump has imposed with the new tax law. They're trying to make paying your state taxes a charitable deduction so it can be deducted there. Ironically, the only people who would benefit from this are rich people. Said differently, Democrats seek to cut taxes on the rich and ultra-rich.

● Jim Carrey, who was once funny before he gave his girlfriend VD and drove her to suicide, was whiiiiining about the false alarm in Hawaii. He whined that he woke up (from a bender no doubt) to discover that he had only 10 minutes to live (after scratching his VD-encrusted penis, no doubt). First, I wish that were true. Good riddance. Secondly, somehow I doubt that Hawaii is in any real danger even if Korea fires. Third, mistakes happen... whining about other people's mistake is white-trashy. Fourth, it's funny how VD-carrier Carrey is blaming Trump when the real cause is a bureaucrat... government is at fault you dumbass socialist. No irony there.

● A lot of immigrants from shithole countries are upset at Trump calling the places they fled shitholes. None of these shitholers apparently see the irony in that.

● California, a liberal paradise that (1) benefits from a century of pre-liberal economic power they live off of like worthless rich heirs, (2) benefits from overwhelming geographic advantages that feed heir economy, (3) benefits from the high tax subsidy that Trump just eliminated, and (4) has spent almost a trillion dollars to fight poverty over the past 15 years... has the highest poverty rate in the US. Let me repeat: smug, rich, liberal California has the highest poverty rate in the US. Not West Cousin-Luvin Virginia, not Kensucky, not Washington Third-World D.C. Nope. California.

● Pope Francis, whom I believe is named after a talking mule, says that letting our fear that immigrants will turn our country into a shitholy is a sin if we let those fears turn into hostility. Got it. So what about fear of Trump turning into Hostility? Are all those liberals sinners? Yes, they are. So where is the condemnation of them Father Selective?

● Still laughing that now that police body cams are showing that cops aren't gunning down innocent black kids that the black community is upset. Think about that.

Liberals. snicker snicker


AndrewPrice said...

Off Topic: I'd like to congratulate the Vikings, the Jaguars, the Eagles and the referees on their victories this weekend.

Rustbelt said...

OK, my OT:

-It's still single digits outside. Sucks.
-Scene of the self-inflicted crime at Heinz Field. Sucks.
(BTW, Andrew, you're a lawyer. If tomorrow I lead a pitchforks-and-torches mob to the Steelers' South Side facility, tie up, tar, and feather Todd Haley and Keith Butler- coordinators who have wasted at least 5 years' worth of talent and made Tim Beck look competent by comparison- and toss them into the frozen-over Mon that really still a crime?)
-Some channel is showing 'Despicable Me' instead of 'Despicable Me 2.' Sucks.
-Thanks to this article, I now have a vision of Jim Carrey's VD-encru[CENSORED]...and may now have to take a vow of celibacy. Sucks.
-Pirates' front office decided to remind everyone that they are the Pirates Front Office and save money by trading the team's ace pitcher to Houston for peanuts...and a conditional voucher for half a bag of crackerjacks. Sucks.
-Watching episodes of MST3K's new Season 11 and, despite Joel at the helm, it has been underwhelming. Sucks.
-And I got a summons for jury duty. Sucks.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, I didn't know Joel came back?

Yeah, the Steeler's collapse was pretty crappy. The thing is, the Steelers have always been about defense, but the defense has become crappy in the past three or four years. By this point, they win by outscoring the other team... which is not how you win in the NFL when the games get serious. I also think they overlooked the Jags and were thinking about the Patriots.

Rustbelt said...


Joel's more of the EP/head writer/Kickstarter boss this time around. He only makes cameo appearances. My main gripe is that it's hard to tell the voices apart in the theater. Oddly enough, I've already seen about 4 of the movies they made fun of. Weird.
SAMPLE...or, if you prefer, a SAMPO

As for the Steelers...first, they overlooked the Jags (appropriate name) and only talked about a rematch with NE. Second, their defense is hopelessly addicted to zone, which they don't have the secondary to pull off. And third, DC Keith Butler absolutely refuses to adjust when the other team shows its strengths- no pass rush, no accounting for the back field, etc.
This team is completely unfocused and lacks anything close to an identity.

tryanmax said...

Last point ties in well to Trump's comment last night about Democrats and DACA: "DACA is probably dead because the Democrats don't really want it, they just want to talk..."

None of the outrage groups want to solve problems. They just want something to complain about.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I think that's really true. They don't want to solve problems or they would be out of power. That's why they did nothing when Obama had a supermajority in the senate. That's why they're upset about the police cams rather than happy. That's why the "strong" chickies are doing nothing about sexual assault. And so on.

I keep going back to this, but I think the left blew it with the gays and I'm seeing evidence everywhere that gays have indeed left politics (except for the activists themselves).

ArgentGale said...

You really didn't hold back with this one, did you, Andrew? Still, those were definitely some worthy targets. I hadn't even heard about that mess with Jim Carrey until you mentioned it but it was disgusting in more ways than one when I did look it up. I'm definitely not surprised that California is so far down the tubes when it comes to poverty, either... I wonder what, exactly, it's going to take for them to hit rock bottom and get things straightened out, assuming they even can at this point. I hadn't heard Francis' comments, though I do remember a prominent member of his staff calling the tax cuts a sinful gift to the rich that hurts the poor (or something along those lines). I'm guessing he's pretty much pissed away whatever goodwill he had here at this point? Lastly, you and tryanmax nailed it on how the SJWs and other grievance mongers operate. Hopefully the body cam complaints are making this very clear to the public.

And Rustbelt, I may not be much of a sports fan but there were plenty of conversations going on today about how annoyed we Georgians are that none of our teams have won a national championship since the Braves won the 1995 World Series. The Falcons making it to the Super Bowl last year and proceeding to suck this year and Georgia losing to Alabama after such a good run bothers more than a few people down here.

Rustbelt said...

And my misery continues. The Pirates, it seems, have traded the Franchise Himself, Andrew McCutcheon, to the Giants in return for 3 boxes of Rice-A-Roni, 2 loaves of sourdough bread, an abbreviated tour of Alcatraz, and some no-namers who should never have advanced beyond Double-A.

After the last 72 hours, I guess what I'm trying to say is...
"Wife's preggers. No crackers. Now, THIS!"
-Mike Nelson, MST3K, Ep. 704, 'The Incredible Melting Man'

Rustbelt said...


No love for 'Bama here, either. And I say that as someone with a relative who loves the Crimson Tide to death.

World Series???? What's that? I've heard of old-timers talk of that here in the 'Burgh, but no one my age seems to know much of such things. (!)
Yeah, misery loves company. All I have now is the hope the Pens will turn their season around and all the wonderful articles from angry Wolverine fans demanding that Harbaugh be roasted like a steak.

Also, would it come as a surprise that Saban is Belicheck's real-life protégé? How about Coaching Tree of Pain?

Anthony said...

Andrew said:

Still laughing that now that police body cams are showing that cops aren't gunning down innocent black kids that the black community is upset. Think about that.

I have searched extensively and found literally no indication blacks have turned against body cameras.

I did find a recent(ish) claim by a civil rights group (currently headed by an Indian American) that body cams threaten the civil rights of black and brown people. Perhaps you read a poll I missed?

The number of U.S. police departments outfitting their officers with body cameras increases each year, but the cameras can pose a threat to civil rights if the departments fail to set rules that govern when officers review footage from their cameras, according to a new report.

The vast majority of the nation’s biggest police departments allow officers to watch footage from body cameras whenever they want, including before they write their incident reports or make statements, said the report, which was released Tuesday by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

“Unrestricted footage review places civil rights at risk and undermines the goals of transparency and accountability,” said Vanita Gupta, former head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and current head of the Leadership Conference, in the report’s introduction.

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