Monday, June 11, 2018

F*ck Trump!!

Robert de Niro, a one-time decent if limited actor, gave a speech at the Tony Awards that mainly consisted of him yelling "F*ck Trump!" twice. How classy! How erudite! How telling. Telling? Yes. Let's identify what Robert is apparently upset about...

F*ck Trump! For the lowest black unemployment on record! Get back on welfare you lazy bastards.

F*ck Trump! For a record high stock market! Profits are evil!

F*ck Trump! For a 3.9% unemployment rate, lower than at any time under Obama!

F*ck Trump! For deporting fewer people than Obama!

F*ck Trump! For immigrant families having been split up under Obama! But I saw a picture and everyone was outraged?!

F*ck Trump! For 3% economic growth, something liberals thought was only possible under emerging economies... or Republican administrations. F*ck him too for booming corporate capital equipment spending and rising wages!

F*ck Trump! For household net worth soaring almost to $100 trillion, and an 8.8% rise in home values! People get confused when they have too much money!

F*ck Trump! For the lowest Hispanic unemployment on record. Who will pick my melons now?

F*ck Trump! For pardoning Alice Johnson, the 63-year-old black female first-time non-violent drug offender who has served 21 years of a life sentence

F*ck Trump! For beating ISIS!

F*ck Trump! For possibly ending the North Korean scourge without violence!

F*ck Trump! For creating three million new jobs including 300,000 manufacturing jobs. Those aren't real jobs like actors!

F*ck Trump! For getting female unemployment to a 65 year low. Women need time to whine about being raped, not jobs!

F*ck Trump! For getting three million people off of food stamps. How will they eat now?

F*ck Trump! For not rounding up gays or re-instituting slavery as we expected! I hate looking stupid!

F*ck Trump! For making gun control proposals. He's trying to eliminate our issues!

F*ck Trump! For actually proposing to cut all trade barriers and subsidies at the G-7 meeting. The man doesn't understand free trade!

F*ck Trump! For actually imposing tariffs to help middle class white guys like we always said we wanted!

F*ck Trump! For cheap oil! Only the rich should be able to travel.

F*ck Trump! For taxing rich people! How dare he cut Alabama's subsidy to New York and California!

F*ck Trump! For carbon emissions falling 1.2%! He doesn't really care!

F*ck Trump! For historically low inflation!

F*ck Trump! Most of all for saying crazy things to me through the fillings in my teeth. Black flag! Black flag! Racism! Racism!!

These are the things Robert hates.



LL said...

DiNero is senile.

AndrewPrice said...

He's an obsessed moron too.

AndrewPrice said...

I'm watching this Korea thing with considerable interest. For the first time I can remember, Korea actually seems interested in doing something.

If Trump gets a deal that defuses that, the left with lose their minds.

Stacy said...

I'd make popcorn and sit back and enjoy that show. The left losing their minds. Although, I wonder, did they have minds to begin with?

AndrewPrice said...

Stacy, Just enough to do as they are told by the collective. And yeah, they really are losing their minds. I thought Bush Derangement Syndrome was bad, but this makes BDS look like reasoned debate, and that was already borderline insane.

Critch said...

Piers Morgan, yes, Piers Morgan has a great article in the Daily Mail today and he has plenty to say about the Trump bashers like DeNiro, Maher, and Samantha Bee...maybe there's hope for journalism yet....I think DeNiro's tirade probably just go the GOP another 500,000 votes...

Anthony said...

Strikes me as a more obscene version of Eastwood's 'lecture chair' episode. Partisans react strongly but it's unlikely to move the needle.

Late night comedians are the liberal equivalent of talk radio. Generally only the faithful partake and it takes something truly over the top to get the rest of the world to take notice.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, I saw that. Morgan often says conservative thoughts, so don't count him as representative of the MSM. The MSM today is full of "journalists" praising De Niro.

I do agree with you about the 500,000 votes. Every time these idiots spout off, they either push fence sitters toward Trump or make the conservative base more active.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The empty chair thing made a lot of sense as showmanship. Eastwood was just too slow and too angry to pull it off. He needed to be wittier and funnier. De Niro was just pure anger. This was the kind of crap leftists spew at campaign rallies. The fact the audience gave him a standing ovation shows how partisan that crowd was... and out of touch. They will all be saying, "but I don't know anyone who voted for Trump" to their therapists after Trump is re-elected.

In terms of moving the needle, I think it might in the sense that every time these idiots spew like this, they seem to add energy to the right to turn out. So in the end, this probably helped the GOP to some degree in the midterms.

I doubt it connects with the public at large though.

EPorvaznik said...

Something, something, something, Justify Triple Crown and not wanting to see a horse's ass memes on Facebook and Twitter. Giggle, giggle, giggle.

Please, lefties, keep talking because God knows you seem to have a problem with actual accomplishments.

tryanmax said...

If I’ve seen one I’ve seen 1000 liberal morons—celebs and anon tweeters alike—arguing that Trump is just doing it all for the votes. He’s still eeevilll!!! I mean, I’ve read Revelations, and Satan does get 1000 years of peace, so maybe they’re into something. But the average lunatic leftist doesn’t strike me as especially steeped in the Bible.

RussJay9000 said...

"Liberal equivalent of talk radio." Isn't that a little sweeping? Weren't we the primary demographic that voted for the guy who did all of that stuff at the top of this post?

AndrewPrice said...

Russ, That's Tom Servo!! Kudos!!

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