Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Let's update a few recent issues.

● There are a couple of interesting updates to the #metoo movement:
(1) Kevin Spacey, whose crimes against, uh, gay boys were so horrific that the #metoo movement got him scrubbed from a film and all of his scenes re-shot by Christopher Plummer, will be appearing in a new movie -- Billionaire Boys Club. Just like Jeffery Tambor, it seems that even those found guilty and given a life sentence are being forgiven now.

(2) "Actress" (cosplay) Chloe Dykstra made news a week or so ago by accusing her former boyfriend, fellow actor Chris Hardwick of abusing her. Guilty!! Right? Wrong. Hardwick denied the claims and now has produced texts showing that he dumped her for cheating on him and she begged him to take her back. He refused... right before she made her big public claim of abuse. Said differently, she lied. Several false rapes recently too. All of this flies flat in the face of the "women must always be believed" argument the #metoo movement made.

(3) Scott Baio, who was accused of sexual assault on a minor (co-star Nicole Eggert) right as he criticized the #metoo movement, has been cleared by an LA prosecutor. They cited the statute of limitation, but they knew that problem going in. My guess is that the evidence showed contrary behavior on her part.

(4) Of all the women who are going to make this Finally the Year of the Woman For Real This Time, only two have connections to the #metoo movement. That's out of what? 50,000 candidates nationwide? To sum that up in a word, think "irrelevance."
I see all of this as more proof not only that the #metoo movement is dead, but now it looks like its few victories were temporary. Maybe they should have worn pussy hats?

● Liberal Starbucks has announced that they missed their sales projections. Huh. I can't imagine why. I have no proof connecting this to their stupid Racism Day Virtue Signalling Marketing Plan, but I suspect that's cost them people from both sides -- those who want to believe that Starbucks is racist, as the company itself claimed, and those who don't want to deal with a company that goes all Clockwork Orange on its employees over an imagined race issue.

● Two thoughts on the immigrant thing. First, this has become a virtue signaling cheap shot and defending it is untenable. The problem is that rather than either (1) racing to the front and leading the charge against this while finding ways to blame the Democrats, or (2) hiding this by demanding a committee to investigate it, the GOP has done what they always do: self-righteously shoot their own. The Bush family in particular excels at throwing their own side under the bus. (As an aside, Trump's supporters need to STFU too about this. This is a freebie for everyone to oppose. Publicly fighting it only makes it worse.)

My second thought: How out of touch with reality are leftists (and elitist Washington types) to compare the separation of children from criminals and people who are not actually their parents to the Holocaust. This lack of perspective is shocking to me. It calls into question, in my mind, whether they actually understand what the Holocaust was. Do they not understand the difference between putting a child in a room full of children without their "parents", and systematically torturing, murdering and performing horrific experiments on human beings just because of their race? It's no wonder the left has raised a generation of snowflakes if they can't make that distinction.

● Finally, Kathy Griffin has decided that she has been punished enough and she declared herself forgiven. She then immediately posting vilely sexist comments against the First Lady. So did Samantha Bee and Michelle Wolf. Each got burned and came back swinging with more -ism. Why are liberals such innate sexist, racist, hateful trash? Is it a mental defect on their parts? Probably. Their brains don't seem to process basic logic and they seem to think their hate is endearing. We should probably think about locking them all up.


tryanmax said...

George Takei has jumped in to essentially declare that being interred as a child by FDR wasn’t so bad, because what Trump is doing is way worse. There is no depth of foolishness to which libs won’t sink.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I saw that. Stupid, isn't it? But we've entered the phase where the collective competes to out-outrage each other. So no amount of stupidity will be too much.

Some actor today complained about the separation of children by they parents by calling for Trump's son to be taken from his mother and put in a cage with pedophiles. Basically, he's advocating child rape while complaining about the abuse of kids. Go figure.

AndrewPrice said...

On this child thing, by the way, as sad as it sounds, the one thing I can tell you about the human race is that you can't fight a wave of stupid. When everyone in town decides to go full dumbass, there just isn't anything you can do to stop them. All you can do is say I told you so when things go predictably wrong.

From a political perspective, your best bet is to either get out of the way of the herd or to run to the front and steer them off the cliff yourself in a less damaging direction. Trump's problem is that he's done none of that in this instance. What's more, some of his high profile supporters have tried to reason with the herd, which is the worst thing you can do with idiots on a jihad.

tryanmax said...

I don't think its as bad as all that. I saw yesterday that Trump's approval numbers have gone up since the kids in cages outrage started. You can read that two ways: either Americans really are that heartless, or Americans are reading past the smears and reacting against them.

Every president has supporters who try to reason with the herd. They are unwittingly volunteering themselves as a flack shield. Unlike an Obama or a Bush, Trump is letting them. Either O or W would be in deeper than their hip-waders at this point, having made some juicy gaffes and bringing the fury directly down on themselves. Right now, Ingraham and Lewandowski are taking the heat.

I really, really don't mean to sound like "everything Trump does is genius" but he is doing things that are discernibly different than his predecessors. Primarily, he's not knee-jerking, apologizing, or threatening to go over Congress's head.

AndrewPrice said...


I really, really don't mean to sound like "everything Trump does is genius" but he is doing things that are discernibly different than his predecessors.

I agree. Trump has been rather sly at times and has managed some things that are frankly amazing. I've never seen a President get the results he has. And he's done it against an opposition that is almost psychopathic. I've never seen such violently hateful opposition in my lifetime. It reminds me of the red shirts and black shirts in Europe in the 1930s.

That said, not everything Trump does falls into the success category. In this case, Trump never gave his supporters anything they could use to fight back. Because of this, the "he's so evil" crowd has been unopposed, which has build momentum. At this point, this issue threatens to consume his administration. That's why I think he signaled today that he would change the practice.

In terms of the support, I don't disagree with you about the approval numbers, but from what I'm seeing it's mainly opposition to the opposition rather than support for the policy. And that makes it soft support, IMO, especially as Trump hasn't given people something they can stand on to support their belief.

And while people like Ingraham and Lewandowski are taking heat, the heat is going everywhere. Moreover, they are speaking idiotically. They aren't even making good arguments. So I don't think they are a good thing in this instance.

Anthony said...

Peter Fonda needs to go on a watch list or something after what he said about Barron Trump. What a freak.

AndrewPrice said...

Yeah, that is truly messed up. He also called for someone to hack ICE and publish the home phone numbers and addresses of all their border patrol employees. What a sick bastard.

Unknown said...

Irt the children being separated from
Their criminal parents:
It is odd that Trump hasn’t really addressed this well.
It’s not like he doesn’t have ammunition to do so.
The optics of the situation is something the left is exploiting in an all out blitzkrieg.

Critch said...

To me at least, I don't see that Trump has caved on this immigration issue, he really didn't have any choices...his supporters know this, and oddly, come November, there will be some middle of the road voters who only remember that he ended this...

Anthony said...

The child separation thing probably won't mean much in the short and medium terms. In terms of immigration Trump is still way closer to most voters than the Dems.

The administration's inability to offer a consistent explanation was striking and ominous (though hardly new) but no Dem seems to have successfully used this issue to achieve a higher and more positive public profile.

AndrewPrice said...

Allena, Exactly. I don't know why they didn't put out a much stronger position. (1) We're not separating parents from children, we're separating criminals from children and people who are using unrelated children to try to sneak into the US, and (2) this is the same policy that's been in place since the Obama administration... why are you complaining now?

That would have helped a lot.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, Ultimately, I think this just gave energy to the Trump Obsessed. Beyond that, I don't think it will matter now that it's over. I hope that people remember Peter Fonda and the smears against Ivanka and people interrupting the dinners of administration officials. I would run ads reminding people of that and ask, "Are these the people you want running your government?"

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I think in the end, it just gave energy to the anti-Trumps to keep going. The hard-left ones in particular now think they can win anything if they just get enough celebrities to whine enough. That will probably hurt them, but it will definitely energize them.

As for the public, I suspect they are just happy its over.

tryanmax said...

I think Trump called the Dems' and the left's bluff with his latest EO. Functionally, it changes almost nothing—I don't think I've ever seen the phrase "to the extent permitted by law" repeated so densely. It puts in plain language that "It is…the policy of this Administration to maintain family unity," which itself is less important than than how the naysayers react.

Obviously, the naysayers call it a ploy—the base needs meat, after all. Not that they're wrong. The question is how is it a ploy? The EO mentions Flores as a limitation to its own implementation. In a sense, Trump handed Dems the gun with which to shoot the EO down.

Will they pick it up? Will they prove, undeniably, that they don't really care about families? Will they demand nothing less than open borders, a position less than 20% of voters agree with?

Either that, or Trump is just a booger-eating toddler who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. That's probably more like it.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, Allena,

I know the response to the position you'd like Trump to take already, because I've already seen it from the Twitterati, which includes both liberals and principled (stay true to what you believe, unless someone shows you a really sad video) conservatives.

We're separating criminals from children. — Trump is a racist who thinks all Mexicans are criminals! Their only crime is crossing the border to find a better life. The border patrol (which is evil) has something something to tell parents apart from coyotes and, if they don't, it's because Trump is a racist who thinks all Mexicans are criminals. (repeat)

This is Obama policy...why are you complaining now? — We didn't know! We were innocent! (You probably made it up.) Now we know and we demand action! Where is your outrage? If it was evil then it is evil now. Congress forced Obama but now Trump is in charge. Trump needs to stop acting like a dictator and start acting like a dictator!

I think the smarter move is to give Democrats the appearance of what they're demanding while not really changing much.

And just a reminder, "at the border" is a lie. These are people apprehended in the country.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I think the response has actually been:

1. Trump only did this because he has to. He doesn't care. In fact, the fact he did it just show how rotten he is. I hate him so much!

2. Nothing changed, the pictures of crying kids are still there. This evil will never die. I hate him so much!

3. OMG, Trump's b*tch wife is going to visit these kids! How cynical! How dare she! Look what she's wearing! I hate him so much!

4. See, I knew that Trump's wife thought he was evil! I hate him so much!

5. Ivanka is evil. She did nothing. Well, she may have, but it doesn't matter, she's evil. I hate him so much!

6. What's a coyote? They better not hurt those kids! //wink wink

7. Everyone we attacked during this diatribe needs to lose their jobs, be publicly attacked, and be driven from society. We can't let the haters win!

8. 404 Error. Collective please repeat...

9. I hate him so much!

tryanmax said...

LOL! That sums it up well. The plus side is, if Republicans were once the Party of No, the Democrats have become the Party of D'oh! Did you hear about the crying girl who was separated from her parents? Turns out, she wasn't separated. In fact, a British outlet found her dad and he's none to happy that his wife absconded with their youngest while leaving him and their other kids behind. The left has developed a real taste for crow, apparently.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I didn't hear that. Interesting though. Now ask yourself how this newfound "ask no questions" approach meshes with the idea that we need to stop people from kidnapping kids... or engaging in the sex-slave trade. Whoops.

I have to tell you that I am sick of turning on any "news" source anymore because it's nothing but the insane bleating of hypocrites... on all sides. No offense is too small or too imaginary to be an outrage. No solution is acceptable. Everything is worse than Hitler and everyone is a pathetic bag of wuss waiting to break down into fake tears of self pity. "News" has become the gibberish rantings of the mentally infirm.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, a funny note on soccer. After telling us to cheer for Mexico because we Americans are so bad to them and they are such noble children (apart from the drug killings) and we must repent... Mexican fans have been chanting a gay slur at the World Cup. LOL! Whoops.

AndrewPrice said...

Charles Krauthammer died. RIP

tryanmax said...

I honestly did not know that Krauthammer was paralyzed. Naturally, as a cold-hearted right-winger, this changes my opinion of him entirely. /sarc

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, No need to change your opinion. You should already have hated him for being Jewish. Oh wait, it's the left that thinks that way. Whoops.

Seriously though, I do miss Krauthammer already. He was one of the last honorable, intelligent, and thoughtful political commentators left.

Critch said...

I didn't realize for awhile that Krauthammer was in a wheelchair,,,if he had been a liberal I suspect the wheelchair would have been front and center. he really had a very logical mind and I loved his deadpan delivery.

Anthony said...

RIP Krauthammer. He was a very smart guy.

Rustbelt said...

They did a good job of hiding his equipment- oxygen tank, etc.- off camera. It also took me a while to realize he was paralyzed.

His condition did lead to one of his best quotes ever:

"I'd rather be dead from the neck down than dead from the neck up like most politicians."

He was one of the greats. He swill be missed.

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