Sunday, June 17, 2018

Weekend Review

Some thoughts from the weekend.

● Do you know why I hate soccer fans? They're hateful assh*les. Pure and simple. Go read any of the stories about the World Cup and you will see repeated shots at the intelligence, class and sophistication of people who don't like soccer. To these people, liking soccer is like a litmus test of who is a genuine human being and who is a troglodyte. They are also awash in foreign envy, political correctness, and obnoxious martyrdom. Moreover any critical comment about any aspect of soccer is met with just a full-on blast about how idiotic, hillybillyish and typical American the commenter must be. America bad... and backwards. Soccer chick and lesbian-spouse abuser Hope Solo whined that the US doesn't "deserve" to host the World Cup. I guess we're bad people. Former team captain Landon Donovan (in a post sponsored by fraud-machine Wells Fargo) told us that we should support Mexico because of how bad we Americans are to Mexicans. F-you. It's like listening to liberal comedians smear the Trumps.

● Speaking of Trump, a Pittsburgh paper just fired their political cartoonist and he's all upset about it. He went to the New York Times and wrote a whiny article claiming that he was fired for having anti-Trump views. Of course, the anti-Trumps are lapping this up. According to the editor, however, the problem was that this guy was obsessed. All he wanted to do was anti-Trump cartoons and they were angry rather than funny or clever. This is rather easy to see actually, as the anti-Trumps I've encountered fit this pattern -- irrational, all-consuming hate with zero sense of judgment or rationality left. Interestingly, the cartoonist countered that he didn't only do Trump cartoons, that he tried to do whatever was topical, but "Trump's outrages seemed to dominate events every day." Yeah, that sounds like an anti-Trump.

● The latest anti-Trump fake outrage was that Ivanka (who has been vilely slammed almost every day by female comedians) dared to wish her father a happy Father's Day when the evil Trump is separating the children of illegals from the illegals... just like Hitler!!! (Not kidding, a former CIA head actually made the comparison). Forget that this is an Obama policy.

● I had to chuckle at an article on this football site that I follow for whatever reason. The owner is an idiot leftist and a failed lawyer who likes to give legal advice, which actually is disastrously wrong time and again. He's one of these guys who has been trying to destroy football for some time, pimping the concussion issues, tearing into the NFL for not being infallible, and finding racism and sexism everywhere. This weekend, he pondered why the public doesn't support the players when they hold out for more money. Why oh why?!

After ignoring all the real reasons, he focused on two things. First, it turns out that we just don't understand that these millionaires aren't as rich as we think they are... boo hoo. So we're wrongly attacking them because we view them as rich. Ironically, in making this argument accusing us of jealousy, he implied a half-dozen times that the people they are fighting are evil billionaires whom we should hate because they're rich. Try parsing that in your brain. The second point he made is that "it would be ridiculous not to see the racial angle here." See, apparently, we poo' white folk don't like them darkies making more money than we ever will. So we hate the players because they are black and they make money. Forget the fact that blacks and Hispanics oppose holdouts just as much as whites. Forget the fact that whites don't support holdouts by white players any more than holdouts by blacks. Forget the fact that we honkeys don't seem to take any joy in holdouts against the Jaguars, who are owned by a Pakistani man. But you know... racism. If a liberal doesn't like something, it's racism. What a load.

● Interesting discovery this weekend. Have you heard of the Stanford Prison experiment? This was a psychology experiment conducted in the 1960s in which Stanford students were recruited to be guards and prisoners in an elaborate experiment meant to replicate prison. Shockingly, the kids playing the guards became monsters and abused the other students. This supposedly showed that people will always abuse power. It became one of those seminal intellectual cornerstones of the Boomer generation and their hatred of society's institutions.

Well... this weekend, after extensive study, it was revealed that the whole thing was apparently faked. All the abuse, the reaction to it, even a guy who seemed to go insane all faked it. They were told to act this way. What does this mean? It means that an underpinning of the Boomer belief system turns out to be utter BS. Imagine that.

And do you know what? It's not alone. The famous Kinsey study that found that 10% of the public is gay and that pretty much everyone was a sexual super-freak -- another underpinning of the Boomer attack on traditional society -- was faked too. Kinsey did his work using convicts and mental patients, not normal people. So his number are completely false.

It's interesting how often iconic liberal moments turn out too be manufactured. That famous image of the soldier shot in the Spanish Civil War -- the one where he falls backwards and loses his rifle -- that was admitted about ten years ago to have been staged. Little by little all the things liberals have based their world on are proving to be false. Will it matter to them? Hardly. Just as they don't care that Trump's evil immigration policies were started under Obama, they won't care if their beliefs are founded upon utter fantasy and deception. But it is interesting.


Rustbelt said...

The paper in question is the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette- the 'Burgh's left-leaning, union-loving, Dem paper. I guess that makes this a case of left-on-left violence.
Then again, both of the city's main papers have been trying to branch out to non-traditional readers lately. This year, the right-leaning Tribune-Review hired local shock jock/fired fmr. ESPN commentator/failed fmr. pro wrestling announcer Mark Madden.
The Trib must be desperate to hire the jerk. People listen to him because he's not 'mainstream.' He thinks 'differently.' (Although I'm willing to bet the Howard Stern Effect is also in full force- that is, people listen just to disagree with him and discuss what a jerk he is.) He's one of those guys who hates everything- and an obnoxious middle-aged fat man trying to behave like a frat boy by constantly touting his love of strip clubs. You know the type. (As do all fmr. WCW watchers. He did the impossible, didn't he, guys? He made Tony Shiavone look good by comparison!)
BTW, if you listen to his show, he constantly tells viewers that he left ESPN because "it didn't work out"/"I was too local for them." The truth? He was fired in 2008 for droning on about how he was sad that Edward Kennedy wouldn't live long enough to get assassinated like his brothers. I know this because I wrote the script at my TV station from the AP feed.
Lately, he's been defending the NFL players in the whole kneeling thing. For a while, he lied and claimed he was a centrist on the issue. Then he came out, showed his true colors, and violently called any callers on his show who disagreed with him "typical right-wing bullies."
I don't know how the Trib thinks this guy will help their sales.

You know, I actually wanted to get into sports media when I was young. My advice: avoid it. While I admit there are plenty of great people in the field, most are the d***s who sucked at sports and bashed jocks in high school and now get to have their revenge. Yeah, they're now involved in a field they originally hated. Go figure. The best part? You really don't need to know anything to be a sports writer. You just need to be able to have an opinion, be obnoxious to everyone you know, and yell louder than everyone else. (Personal experience. Ask away if you want.)
In all honestly, they're professional a**hole 'fans.' And truly, the only difference between them and that drunk at the bar always telling you "how it really is" is the paycheck.

Didn't mean to get too off course, Andrew. I just had a few thoughts.
Although...if that ex-PG guy really is that full of hatred, couldn't he have used some of it for the end of the Stanley Cup Finals? The outcome gave me a nagging case of diarrhea that just won't go away. I could've used an outlet for my disgust- or some extra 'paper.'

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, That actually sums up my view on the sports media... idiots who mindlessly repeat conventional wisdom who spewing hate at whatever athlete/coach/team played most recently to get attention. They've even invented ideas like "the hot take" to excuse their 100% wrong opinion records and to justify their most outlandish comments.

They are the worst of modern American society.

On the PG guy, reading the interviews he's given, he's the classic definition of "obsessed." He didn't hate Trump, it was Trump that made him hate Trump. See? It wasn't his choice at all.

tryanmax said...

● Hope Solo is right. The US doesn't deserve to host the World Cup. We didn't do anything wrong.

● Mad Magazine made intentionally ugly cartoons part of their brand. I don't know what the Pittsburgh cartoonist's excuse is.

● When they're not attacking prayer in vile fashion, the Left is trying to take away holidays. I'm old enough to remember when they cared about optics.

● Gee, it couldn't be that football fans just want to see the players, you know, play? Oh, wait, that's racist, too. Black and brown bodies aren't here for whites' entertainment. Excuse me while I go back to sensitivity training.

● Hunh, I just always assumed that the prison experiment just proved Stanford students couldn't be trusted with power, but a total debunking works for me, too.

● I heard about the Kinsey fraud before. He basically made his conclusions first and structured his "research" to confirm it. I saw a movie several years ago starring Liam Neeson that tried to paint Kinsey as just an awkward man trying to bone his wife. There were a number of scenes that pointedly tried to show Kinsey as uncomfortable with the perverts he was recruiting. Let's just say it strained credulity.

AndrewPrice said...


LOL! That's the thread winner. "We didn't do anything wrong." LOL!

On the football thing, this is typical of leftists. He doesn't like it, so he wants to find a reason to demonize the people who ave the view he doesn't like. Hence, he ignores the real reasons, shoots down some straw men arguments to make it sound like he's discredited the other side, and then goes for some sort of -ism.

I remember the Kinsey film too. It's been shown for decades now that Kinsey was a fraud. The fact that Hollywood made that film shows how tightly they grasp to the things they want to believe even when they have been proven false.

As an aside, the Stanford thing did not go down well in the industry. There are calls to scrub it from psych journals and to wipe it from history.

Anthony said...

Two decades ago as an undergrad I remember multiple professors explained the problems with the Kinsey and Stanford Experiments.

Regarding sex, power and most other things a good rule of thumb is many people are fundamentally decent but quite a few more are only as good as they have to be. That somewhat pessimistic view of humanity dates back to at least Hobbes.

AndrewPrice said...

If the DHS is to be believed, they are only separating kids from adults who (1) are not their relatives, (2) who present a danger to the kids, or (3) who have committed a crime.

That's actually a very reasonable policy. In fact, liberals would probably scream bloody murder if those kids weren't separated and then one was hurt. "How dare you not separate them!!!"

But the pogrom has begun and everyone is jumping onto the easy bandwagon. This is what humans are best at -- joining the crowd in a false cause. This is how many of history's nastiest little moments got their start.

But honestly, I don't care. Trump should just announce the policy as changed, blame Obama and move on. Then deport them all.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The Standford stuff is apparently new, from new research and new interviews, and the scientific community is freaking out because they relied on it in so many other works. Interesting times.

The Kinsey stuff has been know since at least the early 1980s to my knowledge, but liberals have a powerful ability to ignore facts they don't like.

AndrewPrice said...

I may do a film this week. I saw "Dunkirk" and it pissed me off so much that I feel I need to write something about it.

Critch said...

Soccer is boring, boring, boring...very boring...I would rather watch paint peel.....

tryanmax said...

Critch, kids soccer is entertaining if only for the fact that you can easily spot the kids who go do soccer camp between seasons. You see, most of the kids bump and elbow each other to get to the ball, but the soccer camp kids crumple like leaves. The best part is, the refs don't care.

Sidenote: My kid is playing soccer until he's ready for proper football. He's frustrated by rules at this age, so soccer seems like a good ease-in.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, on the subject of DHS and bandwagons. There was a good 24 hr flurry of angry pols and pundits comparing the DHS children's facilities to Auschwitz. Everyone but the crazies immediately recognized that that's not right, so a few intrepid souls looked for a more accurate characterization.

Woe to them!

I can't believe I'm coming down on Laura Ingraham's side, but she made a salient point when she compared them to summer camps. I was just at a summer camp last week, and it was much more spartan than the DHS housing photos I've seen. However, the angry mob has declared her the idiot of the day.

The smart take is, apparently according to Jonah Goldberg, that the DHS facilities rate exactly between the awfulness of a concentration camp and a summer camp. How's that for bold conservatism?

Unknown said...

There’s a new study out that shows that 72% of studies are mostly BS, and of those that aren’t, 90% will be misinterpreted to fit the prevailing idiotosophy of those reporting it.

Anthony said...

If you forcibly separate a parent and a child, it's not like summer camp for the kids. The quality of the furnishings is not the issue.

The child separation policy was morally and legally defensible but Trump and his defenders never really decided upon a coherent defense. Some said 'There is no child separation policy ' others said 'There is but Obama did it first so it can't be wrong' others said 'Yes there is a new child separation policy but it's a needed deterrent ' others said 'They are all actors'.

*Shakes head* Whatever. At least the news is normally entertaining. I'm kinda curious to see how his trade policy plays out. I'm not sure what he is seeking and I doubt he is either. He's fighting to lower Canadian tariffs on non-American shoes for some reason.

tryanmax said...

I’ve noticed that the Trump admin having incoherent responses to everything seems to benefit it in the long-term.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I didn't like about Dunkirk was that Tom Hardy seemed to have an unlimited supply of ammo for his Spitfire. That bothered me.

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