Monday, March 4, 2019

A Couple Thoughts

Brain cells collide... thoughts ensue.

● The Governor of Colorado, a moderate idiot, and the Governor of Washington State, a more progressive idiot, both tossed their privileged white male hats into the race... waving their uninteresting dongs at all the other dong-less candidates. I think this is as much attention as either gets for the rest of the race. This is not the year of the honky peniser in the Democratic Primary. The Starbucks guy figured this out. Their rank and file want a victim to run against Trump, so count out the white boys. Besides, both seem bland and too moderate to interest the mouth-breathing red-tofu eaters that make up their primaries.

● I supposed one of them could claim to be gay, but the left is fast falling out with gays. The latest example is the number of women athletes who are now coming out (a little pun, perhaps) against these men who are trying to compete as women. See, it turns out that men and women are not entirely equal after all. It turns out that even average men are athletically superior to top women. Imagine that? Who could have known that? Anyways, the point is this. All these women are now complaining about it. And while the tranny lobby is screaming bloody murder, the left has been strangely silent, which indicates that influence has shifted: women > trannies. Add in the disappearance of almost all things gay from politics and I think the left has accepted that gays no longer matter to them.

● As odd as this may sound, I just don't care about Micheal Jackson. I really don't. He was one messed up person who seems to have been destroyed as a child and I have a hard time feeling that he was evil. Besides, it's your own damn fault if you let your kids anywhere near him. Seriously, all the signs were there. Anyways, I really don't like the decision by some British radio stations to now ban his songs. I really don't like this trend of trying to erase people when we don't like their crimes. It's Orwellian... and it feeds the intolerance trolls who are trying to destroy the word to make themselves feel better. IN fact, Amazon is being pressured to remove anti-vaccine books and videos from their site. I get it. I despise those people. Dangerous nut jobs. That said, I don't want a company like Amazon deciding whose views should be allowed into commerce. That reeks of Nazism.

● Rosanne put her finger right on the #metoo movement. She called them "hoes" and said they were obviously women who sold their bodies for careers and now are trying to cover up that fact. Duh. Too bad the media won't see that. They're scratching their heads about what Rosanne could possibly mean: "Isn't she a racist anyways, right?"

● Bug-eyed weirdo Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is under investigation for all kind of lies, hypocrisy and corruption, and she's only been in office like a week. Nevertheless, she lied about living in the district... she's socialist and yet moved into luxury apartments... she lied about when she moved in, proving she had money she claimed she didn't... she gave her boyfriend a government email... she gave her boyfriend a campaign job... she funneled money to a business run by her campaign manager... she's an environmentalist and yet has spent a fortune on Uber when the Metro is like 100 feet away... etc. This has been fun to watch, but don't think it will matter. The progressives will love her and forgive her everything until they don't. No amount of proof of anything will change that.

● The Progressives are furious with the Democrats for waiting for the Mueller report on Trump. They see that as a delaying tactic. And now that it sounds like Mueller will report nothing, they worry that the Democrats will use the report to escape doing an impeachment. Ha ha! Yep. Democrats are wily like that... making promises they never intend to keep.

● At a recent come to Jesus meeting among Democrats, the Progressives threw a hissyfit at the moderates for voting with Republicans on some recent amendments. Bug-eyed weirdo Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she would keep "a list" and use that list to get rid of these people. Shades of Richard Nixon... or Hitler. Leftists are consistent, that's for sure.



tryanmax said...

Andrew, I have yet to encounter anything that compels me to believe the accusations against MJ. So, of course I agree the Orwellian erasure is creepy. But I go further and am creeped out by the reality-bending, too. I recently learned that quietly took down a bunch of their old MJ stuff after his autopsy contradicted things they had published as trial facts.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I didn't know that. All I knew was that the prosecutions seem to have fallen through... all the accusers have been trying to get money... if true some seemed to have pimped out their kids... and I despise post-death attacks on character.

That said, I don't actually doubt that he did it. But I struggle to see him as culpable as others. People messed him up really badly and the parents of the victims really acted in ways I can't imagine rational people allowing.

And of course, the erasure is the big issue for me now. The left is really pushing this lately. Kevin Spacy is another example, where they removed him from a show, killed his character, and then replaced him in a finished movie. How long before we see him digitally removed from older films?

As an aside, the case against Spacy is starting to fall apart, just like the case against Weinstein. Witness say they saw nothing... the young man in question said nothing at the time... he wants money now. Sounds like a shakedown.

Anthony said...

1. I doubt being a white guy is a problem for those governors. Their problem is track records which included working across party lines (the worst of all sins) and a deficit of crazy talk. A guy who thrills the fringe like say Jim Carrey (who has given up comedy and draws crappy anti-Trump cartoons nowadays) would do fine.

2. Given that evangelicals have become among the hardest core of Trump's supporters, Democrats are probably unworried about gays drifting anytime soon.

3. Michael Jackson was a textbook child molester. Seriously, I worked part time for AMW for a few years (just an operator) and watched countless shows where they described socially maladjusted men with little interest in adult women who loved spending vast amounts of time alone with other people's kids and who were happy to babysit the kids for free and even shower them with presents.

All those guys are evil as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure some of them had mess up childhoods and what have you, but that doesn't excuse what they do. They know its wrong. As I said before, usually the parents are culpable to a degree but of course the ones who really suffer are the kids, who are not at all culpable.

All that being said, while I understand being leery of throwing money at a living child molester (glances at R Kelly) Jackson has gone on to face God's judgement so listening to his music does him no good. Its up to private entities to decide how they want to deal with the issue (I still listen to MJ's music). I doubt most will make choices that cost them significant amounts of money given The Naked Gun movies and the Cosby Show are still on cable.

4. AoC sounds very familiar. I am just grateful she's too young to run for the presidency.

5. It seems unlikely anything impeachable will come out of the Mueller report but now that the Dems have Congress the Mueller report will merely be fuel for an unending cycle of future investigations. As with Clinton, the investigations are unlikely to bring down the target, but they will damage and distract the president and his party. On a related note Trump is claiming the latest Congressional hearing stopped he and his good buddy Kim from doing away with NK's nukes.

tryanmax said...

I guess where I come down is this: When the accusers are able to convince virtually everybody of their story EXCEPT for the twelve people that matter most in doing something about it, I tend to think the general public has been fed a pile of bovine excrement.

Anthony said...


Jackson spent his adult life behaving like a textbook pedophile. That was true even when the tone of the coverage was almost universally positive ('Look at all those little kids sleeping over at Jackson's ranch! He has no interest in adults but he loves spending time with kids! Isn't that adorable!?').

tryanmax said...

Like I said, when everyone is convinced of the same thing except for the twelve who matter most, they clearly received different information.

AndrewPrice said...

So Hillary is out...
... and Bloomberg is out.

Anonymous said...

One of the delicious treats in our future is when AOC is no longer useful to the dems and they turn on her.

AndrewPrice said...

GypsyTyger, That will be a lot of fun to watch. :)

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