Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Sometimes, the world is a little nuts (pun intended). Take the billionaire diamond merchant who just died during a penis enlargement surgical procedure. Dare I say it... that's a hard way to go. Here's more crazy for you.

● Apparently, our bug-eyed moronic friend Alexandra is building an ever-growing following among Democrats. Some are speculating, she could eventually end up leading the Democratic party one day. Delicious. This woman is a moron. And I mean that in the truest sense. She is stupid. As the co-founder of Greenpeace said, "She doesn't even know if she knows if she's right or wrong." Yep. She knows nothing. She as no judgment. She's a child of instagram wisdom and bumpersticker philosophy and no education that I can tell. She makes Pelosi look like Socrates. Let's encourage this. :)

● Dirty Jews run the world!! Not really, but antisemitism is the new black for Democrats. Indeed, while antisemitism has been growing for a long time through Palestinian "activists" and then anti-bank tropes by Occupy Wall Street, the Dems now have a Muslim woman (Omar) who is spewing anti-Jew like an Arab dictator at the UN. The Dems planned to counter this with a statement supporting Jews, but many are balking... including Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and our bug-eyed moronic friend Alexandra. With luck Progressives will slowly push away more and more Jews.

● So after the MSM screamed that it's basically a hate crime to accuse "the media" of bias, the Democrats now are saying they won't let FOX run any debates because they are biased. Go figure. Anyways, Trump hilariously has said he won't let the others host Presidential debates as retaliation. //snicker snicker

● R. Kelly is off to jail again. Shouldn't he be there already? And why does his music not get banned like Michael Jackson's?

● There are more and more reports that the antiTrumps will be disappointed with the Mueller report. Whoops. The Democrats seem to be shifting focus by trying to jail Trump's kids. That always plays well... well, only in the world of crackpot dictatorships. Other Dems are starting to freak out that this might be a really bad idea. Nah. Go for it!

● Jeff Greenfield (a pretty good analyst) thinks the Democrats will definitely impeach Trump. I'm not sure they have a choice; their base wants it badly. Either way, it will end poorly for them.

● Finally, let me say that I have never seen the press more interested in stoking a war, this time in North Korea, since probably World War II or the Spanish American War. Yellow Press Journalism is back with a vengeance.


LL said...

The frenetic behavior of Democrats is entertaining. Their abject hatred for President Trump now defines them and has boosted his positive numbers. He plays them like a Stradivarius.

AndrewPrice said...

Ladies and gentlemen, I am saddened to announce that in this horribly racist world, even Salma Hayek still faces racism... in Hollywood... liberal Hollywood.

That's right, the wife of a billionaire who travels continents like you cross your driveway and is the darling of the Hollywood press faces racism... in liberal Hollywood. For shame.

Or does she? Perhaps her claim that she was a victim of Harvey Weinstein is falling apart? Perhaps, her whining that women in Hollywood need to be protected rom women like her who used their bodies to get roles and drive out "old" women in their 30s doesn't seem as persuasive as she once hoped?

I don't know. Poor victim. It must be so hard.

AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, this condemnation of Oman's antisemitism is blowing the Democrats apart. They've even gone to whining that this is exactly what the antisemitic Republicans want them to do! Waaaaah.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, They seem to be driving Trump's numbers higher than they've ever been. Ha ha.

tryanmax said...

Stupid is as stupid does: I just saw yesterday that Gallup finds 6% of Americans believe "socialism" means being social, including activity on Twitter and Facebook. As laughable as that is, I'm more concerned about the quarter of Americans from both parties who believe "socialism" simply means "equality."

The Jewish Question: I have a hard time believing that an elected Democrat party official from one of the bluest states isn't fully versed in knowing all the antisemitic dog whistles. There'd be a plausible case that the discourse is so poisoned around talk of Jews and Israel that it's impossible to avoid tripping a landmine, but when you're a representative from the party that planted the mines, you don't get to make that case.

Don't call his bluff: It would be great if Trump follows through on his threat (as he is known to do) and refuses to debate on the Democrats' network of choice. Maybe the candidates could debate on Twitter or Reddit? Seriously, if Democrats think a sympathetic venue will help them in the 2020 debates, they clearly didn't learn any lessons from the last time.

Incarceration (Remix): Michael Jackson, like Bill Cosby, was entertainment for problematic Boomers. The sooner we can erase their bigotry, the better. But R. Kelly belongs to us.

Gone Fishin': I don't know the details, are the Democrats' 81 document requests looking into the Trump kids as well as Trump, or is this a separate expedition? Not that it changes things either way. Please enjoy my photoshoppery: LINK

Ripe for Impeachment: I agree the Democrats have no choice but to impeach Trump. I don't see the Senate voting to remove him from office.

It was all Yellow: I'm frankly still amazed at how the press is able to find ways to spin everything Trump does as a negative. If nothing else, Trump does good things for his own aggrandizement, and by implication we should want bad things to deny him the pleasure. North Korea is probably the starkest example. If Trump should secure peace between the two Koreas (I'm not guessing either way) the press will say he just did it to match Obama's Nobel Peace Prize. And the Nobel committee will promptly give it to someone else.

AndrewPrice said...


My youngest is one of those with no interest in knowing anything beyond her bubble. Even trying to tell her what socialism means will bring panic that she might end up wasting brain space that could be applied toward finding boys. She's in that 6%.

On the Jewish question... I think the problem is this. For years, the Democrats have kept competing groups together through compartmentalization and dismissal. In other words, the Palestinian terrorist wing just didn't attend the same meetings as the Jewish groups, and the Democrats told each group, "We like you more." But the progressives are rabid. They have learned to scream about everything that upsets them and to demand total allegiance. So what you're seeing is the progressive openly attacking Jews (and whites and males and the military etc.) and the Democrats trying to respond with the usual meaningless declarations of "we don't support evil," but the Progressives aren't willing to play along. In other words, the new group of Progressives are no political, they are radical.

Nice photoshoppery.

I don't think anything the Democrats do will get through the Senate. So that doesn't worry me. That said, I think impeachment will be a glorious mess for them. Their base wants it. The antiTrumps think about it when they masturbate. But no one else wants it... from either party. Everyone else wants a government they don't hear from.

They definitely spin everything Trump does for the bad. But even more so, they are actively pushing for war with North Korea. It's amazing how bellicose normally peacenik journalists are becoming about the smallest thing. It's like the want to walk Trump into a war just so they can scream that he got us into a war.

Anthony said...

1) So the Democrats are seeking their Trump.

2) The growingly open anti-Semitism will damage the Dems a lot.

3) Banning Fox is nutty. If one insists on debates being hosted by a neutral network, one will have no debates.

4) Nothing that could happen to R. Kelly would bother me in the slightest.

5) As I've noted since the investigation began, Trump has open in admiration of Putin, so it never made sense to assuming the investigation would damage him politically. Ditto for stuff like financial shenanigans and cheating on his wife.

6) I doubt the impeachment vote (which for all practical purposes is symbolic since the Republicans have a simple majority of the Senate) would damage the Dems politically.

7) As I said about North Korea for years, war with NK is not going to happen. No one involved really wants it (setting aside the costs of a war where nukes would likely come into play, reunification would be very expensive and very messy).

What we are debating is the tone of the relationship (how many sanctions there are between the countries, how warm the relationship is between the two leaders, which political party blames the other when the foreign country invariably does something evil).

AndrewPrice said...

So Paul Manafort will not die in prison. He got 4 years, which means he should be out in under two because you get 1 for 1 good behavior credit. They also didn't get him on anything related to Trump.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, We'll see about the antisemitism. It should drive Jews away. If that happens, the Democrats could lose another 1-3% of voters (very bad in a 50/50 election) and a strong source of financial support.

I don't care about R Kelly either. I just find it fascinating that this guy manages to stay free. This seems like the end though.

Tennessee Jed said...

The resolution in the House today, sure shows why Congress garners so little respect. Anti hate resolution for every group including ANTIFA except Christians, white males, and Republicans. It is still ok to hate us I guess.

Tennessee Jed said...

Although on prior post, a thought on Hillary. Stating she is not running means one of two things. Her private polling shows the numbers are so poor she has no chance. The other possibility is she knows she does not have the popularity within the party, but use her resources to let the other candidates beat each other up so much she will “reluctantly” accept a carefully orchestrated draft as the compromise candidate. I suppose the other is she fears her own case could be re-opened by the justice department

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, The resolution is pretty sickening, especially since they caused it by being hateful now they are trying to lecture the rest of us (with a politicized lecture) about hate. That's like some drunk telling you that you drink too much.

I think Hillary's polling showed she would get destroyed and she would rather be the woman who "should have beaten Trump" than roadkill in the Democratic primary.

Critch said...

So AOC has lost thousands of jobs for NYC and this Omar gal is dissing BHO....they're both toast, the DNC can only stand silliness like this. Both are in safe districts for Dembeciles, so I figure they'll be shoved out. BTW, I found a George magazine from 2000 and Hillary was voted in a poll as they person the most wanted to go away....

Anthony said...


I would love to live in a country where sufficient idiocy always ends a political career, but Hank 'Island Tipper' Johnson is still with us...

Anthony said...

Speaking of crazy, Roseanne Barr continues to entertain. While at first she accepted responsibility for her racist tweets and retweets, subsequently she came up with a series of conspiracies and lies to explain her firing.

She was high on Ambien, she was targeted because she was a Trump supporter, she had never sent the tweets but had been hacked, etc.

Initially she had kind words for her coworkers and blessed their decision to continue without her but now she is convinced they all conspired against her and she wants them to know they are all ugly and she hates them.

Lately she has convinced herself the architect of her woes is Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama has never publicly talked about Barr, but a random nutjob tweeted Barr that he had heard that the Obamas had orchestrated her firing, so of course that became Barr's gospel truth.

Who will her join the talk radio darling's list of longtime, hated enemies who victimized her (victimhood is awful popular nowadays)? Stay tuned!

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