Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What About White Men, Uncle Joe?

Joe "Dipsh*t" Biden is out opening his flap again. He wants to be the Democratic candidate, which would make me immensely happy, so he's trying to court his base -- crazy women and angry blacks. Today was for the girls. He said we need to end "white man's culture" because of domestic violence.

But what is white man's culture? Well, it's the culture that gave us respect for the individual. It gave us science and medicine. It's led to legal protections for minorities and women. It requires rule of law. It cherishes religious freedom and freedom of speech. White man's culture has fed the world... ended killer diseases... brought prosperity to every corner of the world. It ended the ancient tradition of slavery. It regulates workplace safety. It made the air and water clean. He wants to get rid of that? Huh. Ok.

What would he replace it with? He doesn't say. I guess it's up to us to decide.

Well, we could go for ghetto culture... bitch. Then we could settle disputes by busting caps in each other's asses. Yo, look at the drugs I take and the money I make!! And how does ghetto culture deal with women, which was Biden's main issue after all, well, they smack their bitches up. Yo.

I guess we could go Chinese. Mass repression, military dictatorship, rule of law subsumed to politics, censored internet, peasants relocated at a whim, Muslims watched in their own homes, Buddhists under suspicion. Ah, the sweet smell of control. At least women won't face back alley abortions. No, siree. Their abortions will be done in government facilities... whether they want them or not.

How about Africa, where slavery never ended? No? Don't like the rape gangs in South Africa? The murderous government in Zimbabwe? The blood diamond gangs? The tribal butchery in Rwanda? Hmm. Not good.

Islam. Islam is good to women, provided those unclean creatures behave. Shut up and get back in the house, wife number seven. At least they aren't stoned to death like gays and Christians.

How about India? India is good... except for the rape gangs. Pakistan is better, unless you want to educate your daughters, then they get blown up.

Wait, I know. We'll invent a new culture. We'll do what the #metoo movement wanted. Let's see, that was guilt by accusation, no due process, immediate termination of public life and ability to support self. It was nebulously defined crimes premised on the interpretation of victims raised decades after the fact... "he looked at me funny a decade ago." It was rank hypocrisy... elitist... and for rich white women only.

You know, white man's culture isn't sounding so bad.



AndrewPrice said...

OT: This link... LINK... contains a great article outlining how nuts and dishonest (basically) the left is being about the Mueller report.

This is an article looking at what this cadre of tweeters and podcasters is saying, and what the guy highlights (in a kind way) is how this gaggle of leftist really formed an industry of selling wishing thinking to like-minded leftists and how they are trying to rescue their businesses now that Mueller had punch a hole in their cash cow. It's well written. It's enlightening. It says way more than the author thinks, I suspect. It's well worth a ready. You will enjoy it.

Let me also point out that something very similar exists on the right. There are many media types who are dishonest with their audience because it makes them money, and who sell by being most crazy. Well worth keeping in mind.

Anthony said...

1. I can't be the only one who remembers the term 'Bidenism'. Biden saying something dumb happens every day that ends with 'y'. Demanding accusers be specific is perfectly fair because no one has a monopoly on virtue (lots of people lie for lots of reasons) and all should be treated with skepticism.

2. While people like to beat up on America (even prominent Republicans nowadays) I have always believed it is the best culture in the world. We've made mistakes and we're not perfect but nowadays we do better than pretty much everyone else across the board.

Show me some trend in Europe or Asia or whatever that people are praising, I'll show you a downside they are looking past. For example, Europe's socialism and high amount of worker protections tends to result in a high unemployment rate, especially among the young. Pakistan had a female leader not too long ago, but that is just because in Pakistan power/class matter more than gender. I lived and worked in Pakistan (specifically Peshawar) a few months during her tenure and generally speaking women there had the same quality of life as Muslim women everywhere.

*Shrugs* Admittedly the rubber meeting the road can sometimes be unpleasant. I still am incredulous that the popular in the DC area (but unionized) Shoppers chain of supermarkets is coming to an end.

3. As Sowell pointed out, what is often viewed as American black culture and redneck culture are pretty much the same thing. Rappers are often into self-promotion, pussy grabbing, ostentatious displays of wealth and silly feuds. For a long time Trump was rappers' favorite white guy. Be warned the link below is funny in retrospect but VERY NSFW.

4. As I've said about me-too before, it is a response to and to a point an overcorrection for the problem of institutions and sometimes the public making exceptions for favorites. While one does sees people coming forward with new allegations of old crimes nobody ever heard about, one also sees a lot of stuff long in the public record but ignored being given a second look.

tryanmax said...

I don't know that Biden understands the things he's saying and isn't just spouting off talking points that focus group well with target voters. One thing that's clear to me is that the people who talk down "whiteness" and "patriarchy" don't mean white or male, not really. To the extent that they even mean Anglo-American or European or Judeo-Christian or Greco-Roman is incidental. They're really just against the same thing that the socialists are ultimately against--which is why they're bedfellows--the mere fact that things other than what they would prefer work better.

The anti-white anti-male bunch isn't exactly wrong that their preferred systems would work best in the absence of better ones. The socialists are similarly right that their system works best absent other options. And so they both suffer the same delusion that, if other systems were simply done away with, as one puts toothpaste back in a tube, their dumbass approach would reach the same heights as other approaches already achieved.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The anti-American left (and right) love to highlight the bad, ignore the good, and pretend there is some magical standard that everyone else hits that we don't. The truth is that we are the exception and they would be horrified if they moved to other countries. Even European countries, who love to claim moral superiority over us, don't have the same level of freedoms and protections that we do.

On music, "Bro Country" and rap are basically the same thing with a different beat and different alcohols. That said, a lot of rap is really f*cked up. I'm shocked by the things my youngest has found -- rape, guns, murder, paranoia, intense drug use, nigga nigga nigga nigga bitch f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Biden is an idiot, but this isn't that. He's repeating what's being said on the left. You really don't need to look far to see that this is considered "serious" thinking on the left. And this is dangerous.

As you note, it is delusional. One, it's impossible to change a culture. Cultures shift, but they don't change, even by force. The closest we have seen is Japan, which only lost its militarism but didn't otherwise change and which had special circumstances since the Emperor they worshiped as a God told them to make this change. So this isn't really about changing culture as grabbing power, spoils and settling scores. It's not culture.

Moreover, they have no idea what they are talking about. All the things they like and want are the result of "white culture". The rest of the world doesn't have those things, and when they have even pieces of them, it's because of things we brought to them.

Good luck to them if we all suddenly went Muslim or adopted African/South American strong-man culture, or India's caste system. Maybe we should allow rape gangs like India and Africa, make women property like in Saudi, or hunt gays like in Sudan. How do you think they would react to that? I'll bet they'd be wishing for more "white man's culture" then.

Also, let's be clear that "white man's culture" isn't "white man's culture." It's several thousand years of picking and choosing between different cultures, different religions, and different systems. It's been built up by whites and blacks and anyone else who came to America (or England) and tossed in their cultures, their foods, their music, their ideas. It's been built by as many women as it has men.

tryanmax said...

"white man's culture" isn't "white man's culture." It's several thousand years of picking and choosing between different cultures, different religions, and different systems

That's what I'm saying. They hate what has succeeded simply because it is what has succeeded, because it's not their imagined utopia, and because they're so dim that they think their idiot ideas have never been tried.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I agree completely. To sort my thought more than anything, let me rephrase it this way...

Leftism seems to be about anger. It is anger that life hasn't gone the way the leftist wanted. It is anger at parents. It is anger at richer neighbors. It is anger at people who seem to have the happiness that has eluded the leftist.

Their response is to hate the (fill in the blank: capitalist, patriarchal, white, Christian, etc.) "culture" that gave those "privileged" others their happiness and denied the leftist his. There is no genuine analysis except some generic and semantic mention of discrimination or power theory, nor is there any actual thought to how to make this world better. They don't want it better. They want it different. They want to hurt others the way they feel they have been hurt. So their "ideology" becomes, take apart that which is and replace it with me getting stuff and/or getting to deny others their happiness.

They then wrap this in the thin veneer of socialism, which it really isn't (it's just aggression), as a way to convince themselves that this is about helping people rather than hurting those they despise.

AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, I've noticed too that fanaticism is the result of sexual dysfunction.

Liberalism is the result of a lack of ability to think logically, which results in a generally good but wrong emotional response to want things to be "better." It's very herd-mentality.

Real conservatism comes from understanding that people are different.

EPorvaznik said...

Sadly, AP, as I've learned as a juvenile delinquent transportation officer for the past few months, someone who, for lack of a better word, rewards the kids' good behavior while at their appointments, with choosing the music on the way back to campus, far too rare one of what I've termed "The Five B's" doesn't appear somewhere in the latest rap tunes: Bass, Blunt, Bitches, Billions, and/or Benzes.

Fortunately I typically school them in old school rap and hip-hop as much as possible to let them know a time existed when the genre wasn't so crass and, in the cases of the likes of Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions/KRS-One, Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, etc. could be fun, or even challenge you to elevate your thought processes. God, was DJing in the 90s a piece of cake ...

AndrewPrice said...

EP, If I played this playlist my youngest had on her phone before Congress, (1) I would be arrested for felony menacing and contributing to delinquency, (2) they would pass a unanimous resolution to ban rap. It's stunning.

I get being edgy or whatever, but this is waaay beyond that. Message-less music about the cool f*cking drugs I take, the brand-name booze I binge, the bitches I rape and the niggas I shoot because I'm Mr. Tough guy.

AndrewPrice said...

Oh and EP, and in the middle of it was this terrible Havana song. Perhaps you know it? Think of these lyrics next time it comes up...

I grew up in Havana-nanana
Then I moved to Atlanta-nanana
But when I want a banana-nanana
I call my nana-nanana
She lives in old Havana-nanana
And she will send me a banana-nanana
It comes in an old van-nanana
And when I'm thirsty, I drink my beer from a can-nanana
I get the beer in Tex-Arkana-nanana
I bring back to Atlanta-nanana
Because them boys is thirsty in Atlanta-nanana
And there's beer in Tex-Arkana-nanana
And a banana in Havana-nanana
Just call my nana-nanana

(Repeat 500 times... kill self for listening...)

tryanmax said...

This --> "They don't want it better. They want it different."

EPorvaznik said...

Yikes on that Havana, um, song. Fortunately my ears have been spared ... so far.

Of course I'm reminded of my parents back in '84 mocking Diamond Dave's lyrics for "Jump," but at least they conceded 11 months later when Kasey Kasem announced it as the #1 single of the year that I must have known something about music. They also had no retort when I countered with the repetitive lyrical genius behind "Sugar Sugar." ;-)

tryanmax said...

I vow not to criticize my kids' music. I grew up on grunge, so it wouldn't be fair.

EPorvaznik said...

Great to awful tunes in every generation. Just need to know how to find or avoid them.

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