Sunday, March 24, 2019

Mueller Report - Trump Slam Dunk

So the Mueller report is out. Whoops. No proof that Trump colluded with Russia.

● Let me start with this: LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

● Secondly, all those years of Democratic jokes about Trump and Putin now seem kind of slanderous. Think they'll issue an apology? Do you think they'll investigate Hillary's connections to Russia? No, I don't think so either.

● There is great gnashing of teeth today among a certain set. Chris Matthews says the report doesn't matter. He knows Trump is guilty. So much for rule of law and the presumption of innocence he whips out whenever leftists get in trouble. Bill Maher (who claims to be rational and not ideological) also says it doesn't matter. He "doesn't need the Mueller report to know that Trump is a traitor." So much for rational. A number of MSM staffers are probably on suicide watch. Obsession is as obsession does.

● Recent polls showed that more than 50% of the public think the Russia thing has been a witch hunt. This will vindicate their lack of faith in the system and likely solidifies their support of Trump. I suspect this tipped the needle to a re-election victory as it will discredit all the attacks on Trump. This will likely "disprove" all the mud in one fell swoop and give Trump some strong measure of immunity. Trump is calling this "an illegal takedown that failed" and I think that probably fits with a lot of people's mindsets.

On that point, two recent economics-based predictors (who have been right almost always) are predicting a landslide victory for Trump. The Mueller report imploding in the face of the Democrats and the media probably makes that even more likely.

● This shows that Trump's lying former lawyer, Michael Cohen, lied during his testimony before Congress... again. Imagine that.

● As of yesterday, the Democrats were demanding the release of the report because the American people deserved "to know every word, every comma, every period." Today, the are using the report for toilet paper and plan to continue their own "investigations". He's a witch! Burn him!

● I find it funny that Mueller released his report on a Friday night. But not only a Friday night, a Friday night where most of the country is watching the March Madness tournament at its height. It sounds like he wanted this thing to vanish from the news cycle.



AndrewPrice said...

Kirsten Gillibrand picked today to announce that she's running. Bad timing. No one is listening.

tryanmax said...

I agree Mueller wanted to disappear his report. Also, I think he wanted this out far enough ahead of Nov. 2020 to hopefully dampen its affect. Not saying that he wasn’t working on his own timeframe, but it seems that as soon as it became apparent that there was nothing—Cohen being the last hope—Mueller wanted this done with.

drjim said...

Yeah, but he's OUR witch, and we want him back!

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I think so too. There are a lot of people invested in wanting Trump to be guilty and I think Mueller and Comey are two of them. But it seems there just was no evidence for it.


AndrewPrice said...

Drjim, The funny thing is that Mayer has always hidden his leftism by hinting at being a libertarian (at least on social issues) and then claiming to be rational rather than ideological. He then used this position to claim the moral high ground by looking down on everyone he labelled as ideological.

This kind of proves that he's even worse. He's not even ideogical, he's emotional.

AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, I am really enjoying watching Republicans gloat at these biased bastards. Even some in the media (Matt whatshisname from Rolling Stone) are tearing them apart for their lost credibility and open bias.

In the end, I'm sure it won't change a thing. Obsession is immune to truth, but at least it gives everyone else a good laugh at the neverTrumps, left and right, and the fact their smug world has fallen apart... again.

Critch said...

Now the Dims are focusing on the supposed indictments that Mueller sent to some other offices...did this even happen? Another thing, I read that it might be illegal to release the entire report for security reasons. Does anyone know about this?

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, If the report includes information that is classified (or comes from classified sources) then it cannot be released without that information being redacted. So technically, yes. But most of it should be releasable.

The thing is, Barr is not an idiot and that sentence that the left sees as their Hail Mary ("but does not exonerate the President") is probably the worst thing in the report. It's probably a statement that the FBI could not conclusively rule out contact with the Russians (which would always be true). The left is assuming this is meant to hide a treasure trove of acts that are "criminal but not enough evidence to prove." If Mueller had listed, "Here's all the stuff I think he did, but dammit, I can't prove it," then Barr would have behave very differently.

I am not aware of any other indictments. I suspect that's a rumor from jumbled facts.

Anthony said...

Putin has been loved by the talk radio wing of the party for years, and Trump's relationship with Putin is in keeping with that trend. Trump has imagined Putin meetings, frequently denied the existence of things in plain view and compared Putin to the founding fathers (Putin is to the alt right what Castro is to the left).

The thing is, as I have pointed out for years, open admiration is not collusion.

*Shrugs* Anyway, Trump/talk radio's sudden love of Mueller and the anti-Trumper's sudden mistrust of him is amusing, but like I said when the Dems won the House, unending investigations are going to be the order of the day. All the Mueller report determined was which group hated him and which loved him.

The next two years will be just like the past two years for both sides. Trump has always been much bigger on executive orders than legislation and his big achievement other than the tax bill is judiciary picks. Democrats will focus on investigations and symbolic votes. Kavanaugh shows they need to be careful about not just their battles but how they fight them.
Its a dead certainty 2020 will be even crazier than 2018 politically (I predict Trump will do what incumbents normally do and win reelection, not yet sure how the legislature will shake out).

AndrewPrice said...

Just saw this fantastic video of this smug leftist woman (65ish) who is berating this young guy on an airplane for supporting Trump. She won't stop, so the flight attendant finally tells her that she and her husband are being kicked off the plane. She is SHOCKED and it's fantastic.

She starts whining about how her husband's mother died and they are going for the funeral but the flight crew will not be swayed. She refuses to leave and they eventually call the cops, telling her that she can't treat people the way she has. She keep blaming the young man too, who has said nothing at all.

As she leaves, she's pointing at everyone else telling them "shame on you" for not supporting her in her assholishness. Then she gets escorted off and people start applauding.

Awesome. Well deserved.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The love affair with Putin was an anti-gay and anti-Muslim thing. There's no loyalty there. He's just a way for the right to be anti-Obama on those issues.

As for what happens next, most leftist are deranged at this point and just won't stop. Bizarrely, Pelosi is coming across as one of the most rational... words I never thought would cross my lips. And their candidates are flat out batsh*t crazy.

tryanmax said...

Anthony, I must've had a fever when I dreamed that the right set it's hair on fire about "after my election I have more flexibility." It must be going around again because, just yesterday, I had a vivid dream of Rush saying Mueller doesn't deserve applause or thanks for failing an attempted coup. Although I don't doubt that wind-whipped NeverTrumpers hate Mueller now and never liked him to begin with.

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