Friday, April 26, 2019

Biden Is Back! And More

Some people never change.

That's Slow Joe Biden. Fresh from gropegate, where the left decided they would ignore his extensive history of inappropriate touching, groping and sniffing of women, Biden announced his candidacy. He then did an interview where he again exploited his dead son by crying about his death for all the world to see at a critical campaign moment. For the love of God, Joe, try something new! Anyways, according to the script he should soon whip out the dead wife again too.

As an aside, Joe has issued a new logo that some say is suggestive of someone groping a woman's chest. If you accept that (and there is a little reading into it to see that) there's also a big old stiff dong pointing right at the breast. Nice work, Joe!

In other news, Bernie wants criminals to have the right to vote, like the white supremacist just convicted of killing James Byrd in Texas. Thumbs up to helping those who need it, Bernie!

Elizabeth Warren just stole an idea from some obscure dong-owning candidate of color "DOCOC". He wants to bribe students by forgiving around $400 billion in student loans. Now Fauxcohontas wants the same thing. My question is this: why should taxpayers pay for this? If Walmart screws me, I don't get the city to pay me back... Walmart does. If anyone other than the students should have to pay these loans back, why not the colleges? Hello, Harvard.

And the Democrats held a conference where a cabal of angry women raged against the sexist (and racist-sexist) Democratic machine which is giving all the attention to the white male Democratic candidates. They're ahead in the polls!! Waaaah! It's not fair! And besides, how ever will they reach out to women of color? I'm thinking cross-dressing and black face.

There has been some real hate spilled out at the white boys in the primary so far. I think this is very emblematic of what is going on within the party. It would surprise me if the Democrats don't start bumping off their white boy leaders soon and replacing them with DOCOCs and NOCOCs. ;)


AndrewPrice said...

By the way, Buttiguy may be a LEGOBOATer, but he's still a white dude with a dong. And while the media loves him because he's so gosh darn cute... the DOCOCs and NOCOCs who are taking over the party do not like him, not even a little. They want a genuine genetic non-thingie'd person as their candidate... or a "brown skinned" (read: African American) person, depending on which faction you are talking about.

Anthony said...

Joe's problem isn't that he's white or male, it's that he's a gaffe prone moderate (relatively speaking) with a long track record. He may be the tallest midget now but that is because no charismatic outsider making grandiose promises has surfaced quite yet.

Even if Biden wins the nomination he doesn't have the necessary grit (never forget he let Hillary scare him out of running) and charisma to beat Trump.

Which isn't to say Trump couldn't possibly lose but Trump would have to beat himself.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, except there is a war going on within the Democrats over whether or not they want to be represented by white males anymore. Their activist core, which is almost all white women, want only female candidates from now on. Their black legion gets angry about the lack of blacks (but seems more willing to take whites than the white women are to accept men).

tryanmax said...

All of my money at this early stage is on the unexpected candidate that swoops in at the last moment to save the party from the Democrat Party's reenactment of GOP Primary 2016.

AndrewPrice said...

If I had to put money on it, it would be on Sanders winning the nomination (he has too much in place already for the newbies to overcome and he has credibility... they think), and I would pick moron Kamala Harris as his token VP.

The rest of the clowns, I think, will all fall apart, especially in the caucus states.

tryanmax said...

On the subject of logos, just having one is still a net positive. Picking apart logos is fun for people like me who design them, but ultimately, nothing hinges on a logo. The current gold standard is the 1:1 aspect ratio, due to social media. Obama still has the best campaign logo of the 1:1 era, but it's not why he won. Joe's got the best logo in the entire field, in my estimation. That and 270 electoral votes will win him the presidency.

tryanmax said...

Bernie has a well-recognized brand and a fervent following and he's astonishingly no longer the far left fringe of his party. He has a good shot.

AndrewPrice said...

I have to agree on Obama's logo. It was brilliant. Easy to grasp. Very American. But also tells you who it is. And it looks good on anything. Super nice work on that.

I actually can't even remember other people's logos, that's how much this one stands out.

When it comes to logos, btw, I'm a huge fan of deceptively simple. Even when you look at sports teams, the best are always the ones with something super basic looking. The worst are the busiest. It's like trying too hard.

Backthrow said...

When in doubt, consult this guy. Seems to know his business.

Critch said...

I saw a meme today of that said, "Biden/AOC...Grope and Dope". Crazy Uncle Joe...if I'm not mistaken wasn't that moniker stuck on him by another Democrat?

Anthony said...


Regarding women and blacks, I doubt the desires of activists mean too much or have much relationship with what real voters of any stripe want.

With woman being over half the Dem voting base and only three female candidates being among the 25 or so Dems running for the presidency, if women were only cared about having a female nominee and didn't care about actually winning, at least one of those three running would be doing well. That is clearly not happening. Here's a relevant article I saw this morning.

But the Oval Office has been elusive and given Democrats’ deep desire to oust Trump, some don’t want to take any chances with their nominee. Some fear a repeat experience of Hillary Clinton's surprise loss to Trump in 2016. Others cite their own experiences with sexism and discrimination.
"I think a lot of people voted for him because they didn't want to vote for her," Katrina Riley, 69, of Summerville, S.C. told AP. "And I don't want that to happen again."


Regarding blacks, I doubt blacks have become politically delusional since Trump's election. Most blacks tend to be liberal but at a national level they normally throw their support behind the Dem with the best chance of winning (black support for Obama didn't materialize until it was clear he had earned white support).

On a related note, Kamala Harris and Corey Booker are both extraordinarily weak candidates who have not impressed anyone.

Lemon: “But people who are…in prison like the Boston Marathon bomber … people who are convicted of sexual assault, they should be able to vote?”
Harris: “I think we should have that conversation.”
Queried about forgiving student loans, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has proposed, Harris replied: “I think that’s an important conversation to have.”
And “yes or no,” asked the moderator, should there be reparations for descendants of former slaves? Harris: “I support that we study that.”

Critch said...

I think that if Biden is nominated the other younger, socialist part of the Dims will just stay home. They don't want any old white guy.

tryanmax said...

Critch, the Dems have worked themselves into a tough spot where virtually any candidate is going to make a significant chunk of their support stay home.

AndrewPrice said...

For years, the media talked about a GOP civil war. That's never really been true except around the edges. The Democrats though really are going through this. And I think the reason is that they are built differently. They don't have common core beliefs and each group sees themselves as the one true victim of society and that doesn't make them amenable to working with others.

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