Monday, April 22, 2019

That's Really How You Think, Huh?

It never fails to shock me how terrible the minds of leftists can be. They are hateful people who prefer spite to success, who need enemies to focus their thoughts, who care not about consistency or principle except as talking points and who use the human virtues as verbal weapons, but never act upon them.

The latest example that boggles the mind is Notre Dame. As we all know, Notre Dame burned down because... well, that's what happens in France, things burn down. But Notre Dame is such an amazing bit of world heritage that the world (most of it at least) prayed for the building and demanded that it be rebuilt. Responding to this, a group of French billionaires started donating money to fix it.

No sooner had they done this than the twisted leftist minds kicked into high gear. They began by complaining that these billionaires, who had given this money out of the goodness of their hearts, were only doing to so get famous. Uh, the two guys they complained about are two of the most famous men in the world. Then they claimed they did this to advertise their brands (luxury fashion brands). Again, everyone knows their brands, and it's not like they conditioned their gifts on someone putting up their logos on the rebuilt building. Finally, they latched onto the most disingenuous idea of all: how wrong it is to donate to fix a building when this money could have been spent on fixing inequality? This is horseship, pure and simple. The act of donation is right or wrong. It is not right or wrong by comparison. You cannot morally criticize the giving to a cause by claiming there are other greater causes. That's not how that works. That is pathetic pet-peevism of the lowest order.

And then things got worse.

See, once the left starts, they can't stop. They really can't help themselves. Their ideology is like a hateful drug which requires greater and greater level of mindless hate to get the same hit out of it. So along came places like Huffpo and Daily Beast, publishing articles from a-holes claiming that Notre Dame should be re-built as a mosque or some non-religious building, "something to piss off the alt-right."

Do you know how outraged these little sh*ts would be if we suggested the same for a destroyed mosque or some Mayan work of art? Hey, let's turn that Mayan temple into a sports bar! They would scream about world heritage and lack of respect until the turned blue and then demand criminal sanctions. Yet, when the object in question is Western or Christian, they think it's funny. And they aren't even joking. I'll bet you that a sizable percentage of these turds actually believe this.

Not coincidentally, while they seem to think it would be great to make a mosque out of this, we were reminded this weekend how Islam is being used around the world as a group of Islamic terrorists killed men, women, and children of all colors in an attack on Christian worshipers and westerners. Honestly, these articles laughing about rebuilding Notre Dame as a mosque are akin to snotty intellectuals writing that we should convert stolen Jewish homes to German history museums. Oh, that wouldn't be funny? Why not Huffers?

I realized a long time ago that there are two human races. There really are. There are those who aspire to be all the things we identify as good and ideal about humanity. Then there are those who say those things, but chose instead to thrive on hate and jealousy.

I will leave you with this little nugget. This weekend, I had the misfortune to meet a new friend my daughter made. This little blonde girl went on a rant about how racist her father was because he's a Trump supporter. She then changed the topic to a basketball game her team has coming up against a black team. About this team she said, without the slightest hint of self-awareness, "I hate playing them. You know how those ghetto types are."

Liberals, ladies and gentlemen. Morlocks, one and all.


Anthony said...

Fringes obsessed with petty crap have to stay obsessed 24-7, they can't turn it off when something of real significance happens.

I haven't seen any articles on the Huffpo claiming Notre Dame should be rebuild as a mosque, but I have seen articles mocking Trump for his suggestion water should be dumped on the (then ongoing obviously) fire and for a mistake in one of his tweets about the Easter suicide attacks.

Of course, petty and stupid is a game both sides play. I saw articles on Fox attacking Obama and Clinton for the wording of their tweets of condolence and a tweet by Cruz mocking Disney for donating to Notre Dame.

Speaking of the Islamic terror attacks, I'm reading a lot of articles which indicate the Sri Lanka attack could have been averted. Sri Lanka has some sort of silliness going on which keeps parts of the government from talking to each other and thus allow an Islamic terror group to murder hundreds. Disagreements are fine and good, but people need to remember what is important.

The prime minister was not privy to security briefings following a rift last year with President Maithripala Sirisena, cabinet spokesman Rajitha Senaratne told a press conference.
Mr Sirisena sacked Mr Wickremesinghe and his cabinet in October and tried to install another prime minister, prompting a full-blown constitutional crisis.
He was forced to reinstate Mr Wickremesinghe under pressure from the nation's supreme court, but apparently kept the prime minister from security briefings.
Mr Senaratne said intelligence agencies had begun issuing warnings about the group on 4 April, after which the defence ministry sent a detailed warning to the chief of police; and on 11 April a memo was sent to the heads of several security divisions.
He said information passed to police included a warning from a foreign intelligence agency about possible attacks by the group, as well as names of members.
US media quote Sri Lankan officials as saying both Indian and US intelligence had warned the country about a threat in early April.

Thomas Anderson said...

Another thing about the motives game is that, even if those billionaires really were motivated by increasing their fame/reputation or by the desire to advertise, that doesn't mean they didn't have noble motives as well. And there's no way to look into their hearts and know precisely what their true motives were, so there's not much reason to assume the worst without evidence more solid than "they're billionaires so they must be bad." Ironically, the idea that the presence of selfish motives precludes the possibility of altruistic motives is a key tenet of Ayn Rand's Objectivism, as I understand it...which is not something I imagine the Huffpo crowd would be happy to find out. =P

Critch said...

Almost every liberal I have ever known is a hypocrite, especially when it comes to race. One of my super lib-feminist cousins was telling me that her niece is marrying a black guy, but that he's from Africa, not Memphis, so it should be alright. I'm still puzzled why she thinks I care who her niece marries.

Two of the Sri Lankan suicide bombers were rich brothers, so, contrary to the Democrat line, poverty had nothing to do with it.

A young lady that is friends with two of our sons is a real mess. Her mother proudly tells people that she got pregnant by a black man to spite her racist father, (who has supported both of them for years). The daughter is very screwed up, she's into raising her two out of wedlock kids genderless. She is a flaming lib... The state finally forced her to go to work and she is doing well at Starbucks. She makes about $12/hr. Not bad for a starting pay around here. She still gets food stamps and Medicaid for the kids. But you ought to hear her rant about Trump and capitalism and how it keeps her down. So I suggested she go take out a loan and open her own coffee shop and show Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts how it's done..Libs are morons one and all.

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