Friday, April 12, 2019

Further Thoughts...

Some ponderings...

I'm really amused by this college admission scandal. What's got me amused is the pathetic reaction of the elites who are virtue signalling without the slightest bit of self-awareness. Make no mistake, this is an elitist scandal. This is proof to what us proles already suspected (or knew): (1) the elite cheat to maintain their status and (2) their kids are douchebag morons who would be flippin' burgers if daddy didn't get rich selling mommy's sex tape. Yeah, I don't think Americans have much esteem for our present elites.

Let me also say that I can't particularly blame the parents who did this. They were looking out for their moron kids like any parents would do. So in actuality, I would expect a good deal of sympathy for the accused... but it's not there. Average people seem offended by the elitism of it (I wouldn't go so far as to say "upset" though, as most people seem to accept this is just the tip of the spoils iceberg and they view it as something they can't change). The elites, on the other hand, are virtue signalling like it's the end of life as we know it.

In fact, what I find fascinating is how all these other elites are jumping on this as if they were desperate to prove it wasn't them. But the truth is, it is them. Nothing highlights this more than Dr. Dre, a rapper/producer, who obliviously posted how his daughter got in "without help" without mentioning that he'd donated millions of dollars to her school right before she got in. They even named a building after him. Somehow, he didn't grasp that this made him just as dirty when he posted his tone def tweet. Others who benefited from wealth, fame (selling their looks/bodies mostly) or even preferential admissions all seem just as eager to mock the accused even though they too are just as dirty. What it strikes me as is people who know they are just as guilty piling on the unfortunates in their herd who got gored and mocking them as a form of psychological relief that it wasn't them. I think this tells us that they know they are frauds. Not that they're going to change, but they know.

Other thoughts...

● The dipstick students at Georgetown University have virtue signaled like a boss by voting in favor of adding a $27 school fee to pay for reparations for blacks. Bully for them. Now we know what black "suffering" is worth: $27 per rich snot. This is what happens when idiots get to make decisions.

● Northwest Mutual has run a series of ads with an odd gender subtext. Before you read on, check these out and tell me what you make of them: architect, glum child, narcissist monster. If you answered, angry girls, then you are correct.

The first ad isn't really offensive. It's a woman who gets ignored by her boss and goes out on her own. This could be a feminist message... evil male boss oppresses bright, successful woman! But it could also just be the standard American dream story of wanting to be independent. If that had been the only ad, I never would have noticed either way.

But then you get the next two. First, comes a grumpy little girl who is angry that her rotten parents have taken her on a vacation. How dare they! They strike me as impotent parents and the ad has a whiff of a spoiled child. She is allowed to mope and fester because the vacation isn't good enough until she finally gets what she wants. The message: you better save up to bribe your child huge! An overthink? Perhaps, until the third ad comes along. This guy is working hard. In the middle of it, a total little sh*t of a teenage girl demands to get her way right then and there. Rather than wanting to kill her, as any normal person would do, he oddly suddenly starts thinking of buying her a pool to win her over. ULTRA spoiled... so much so, they needed to tone down her behavior to this: pool girl 2. Now she's just an airhead, and you don't feel the need to kill her anymore, but average people still aren't going to want to reward her with a pool.

Now ask yourself this. If these had been males in the ads, would the behaviors of the children have seemed at all reasonable? I doubt it. A teenage boy demanding a ride and the parents being told to buy him off with a pool honestly would have been a shocking message. So why would Northwest Mutual think this is acceptable with girls? My suspicion is that either the ads were done by feminists who lack the understanding that people don't think whiny girls should get their way, as indeed most feminists don't seem to have a clue how unpleasantly they come across. Alternatively, the ads were written by a misogynist who hates women and just stuck his psyche into these ads, i.e. this is how he see women. It's funny to me that either explanation makes sense equally. So how is it that the views of feminists and the views of misogynists can be so close that we can't really tell who's who?

● Some albino chick "made history" by being the first albino chick on the cover of Vogue. Sigh. First of all, don't flatter yourself, there is nothing "historic" about any cover of Vogue. Secondly, who cares? This idea that something is history because the first black, white, female, albino, flatulent person did it is bullsh*t. The first counts. The rest are just followers.


AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, we're getting red light cameras here. In the past, I was opposed to these, but people are starting to drive like internet trolls around here (especially around intersections) and I honestly think it's necessary.

It's gotten shocking. There isn't a trip I take anymore where someone isn't doing something crazy and offensive.

Rustbelt said...

Andrew, I'm of the opinion we take our lives into our own hands every time we drive. Old farts, red necks, teenagers, angry middle-age women with those 'tall' hairstyles, practitioners of the 'Pittsburgh Left'...
People who consider cars to be toys they're entitled to instead of the deadly battering rams they are. Ah, lefties don't want anyone to have guns, but want everyone with an IQ that would cause a career at McDonald's to be a challenge to have a car. Remember, defensive driving courses are only but discrimination against the stoopuhd! (Never mind cars kill more people than guns, but I digress.)

Speaking of which, of the 3 drivers featured in this video, which do you see the most on the road?

Oh, yeah. Here's the fourth variety.

And a challenge: how many other species of modern driver can you name? I'll get it started:

Hickimus Pickupatrukus
Texticus Distracticus
Shorticus UnderDashBoardimus

AndrewPrice said...

The insanity of the race industry is shocking. There is a group who are upset about the Winnipeg Jets having a "white out" night where all the fans are asked to wear white -- something that almost all teams do with one color or another.


Black people don't feel safe when surrounded by white people in white. Seriously. Not a joke.

Words fail...

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, It's gotten really bad around here. You've got Californians trying to sneak through stop signs on the rear of the driver before them. Compensating yahoos in pickup trucks the size of buses who blow through red lights 3-4 seconds after they turn red. Moron liberals in Subarus who go five under the speed limit and think that gives them the right to do as they please, such as cutting people off, illegal u-turns into oncoming traffic and light running. You've got cell phone moms who aren't even sure they're on the road and when they are, they actually try to slow other people down. You've got potheads who stink up intersections and will get bored waiting for the light to change and will just go after a while. You've got Mexicans changing lanes whether you're in the lane or not. You've got young black gentlemen who think nothing of 30 mph over. You've got old farts in tiny white pickup trucks who got 15 mph under in the left lane. And you've got SUV women who go out of their way to f*ck with anyone they can because they need to purge their rage... on you.

It is not hyperbole to say that there hasn't been a trip out of the house I've taken in weeks where I haven't seen someone do something insanely dangerous.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, Check this out. This is the number of traffic citation in the last 2.3 years in Colorado Springs:

2017 10,517
2018 12,832
2019 (so far) 16,213

The year has only just begun and we're already 60% higher than two years ago. You can literally feel this out there too. People have gone nuts.

Anthony said...

1. I honestly haven't heard any watercooler conversation about the admissions scandal.

Everybody with two brain cells to rub together knows connections count for a lot in the world. Not that talent or whatever is irrelevant but knowing the right person helps a hell of a lot. That is just the way of the world.

2. Reparations in general and the Georgetown thing in particular is stupid. My sense is there is more enthusiasm for it among white liberals than among blacks.

3. Strange ads, but strange ads are pretty common. The desire to stand out in the in the minds of consumers sometimes works out, often doesn't.

4. I'm impressed Vogue is still around. While I suspect people read as much as ever, print is a dying industry.

5. As for driving, in the DC area things are about the same as ever. There are lots of crappy drivers out there but my big issue is with rubbernecking which causes hours long delays, but I confess my only long drives nowadays are to pick up my kids from my ex's. I only have a ten minute drive to work at the moment.

AndrewPrice said...

Wow. Notre Dame is burning down. Very sad images. 2019 sucks.

Rustbelt said...

Paris firefighters say the main structure is saved. Doesn't sound like anyone died, thank God. But the damage is immense. Relics, artwork, structures 800 years old- all lost.
Just finished watching some video of it. Can't watch anymore. It just hurts too much.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, It sounds like all the art and relics were saved. There's an amazing photo too of a golden cross that survived the fire.

This is sad, but it should also remind us how resilient we can be. I'm sure they will rebuild it.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I think the admissions scandal is a bit of shame for the elites and doesn't touch ordinary people.

DC was always aggressive and full of foreigners who did stupid things (like backing up on the highway when they missed their exits) but it was never as crazy as things have gotten here in the past year. It's really strange.

Anthony said...

That Notre Dame fire was rough. The snippet of video I saw made me think the whole structure had been functionally destroyed so its good to read that most of everything is intact.

I'm sure money won't be an issue but as a guy with no background in construction I'm curious to see the rebuilding process and how long it takes.

tryanmax said...

You ever notice how the only albinos anyone ever cares about are of African descent? I think it has to do with the fact that the rest of the world doesn't have murderous superstitions about pale skin.

tryanmax said...

On the ads, I think we're somewhat hardwired to have double-standards that grant women and girls more behavioral leeway and feminists are driving everyone crazy trying to both resist and maintain that programing. Think about it, what happens when a grown man can't control himself? Things get broken and people get injured. What happens when a grown woman can't control herself? Catty rumors and maybe a few scratches. We have a biological imperative to teach boys to regulate themselves that doesn’t exist for girls.

Along come the feminists, who totally misunderstand the entire setup, and decide that the reason a handful of guys can't control themselves is because we spend too much energy teaching boys to control themselves. Because look, no one is teaching girls to control themselves and they're just fine, if you don’t count the baby-smotherers. And the minute anyone does suggest that women need to control their behavior, down comes the full torrent of uncontrolled female behavior. Sadly, the irony is lost each and every time.

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