Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Sigh... Our Retarded Cousins

The idiot brigade is out in full force. Apparently, the Alex Smith crowd believes the fire at Notre Dame was intentionally set.

//shakes head Of course it was.

BUT... was it them Mooslims? They're under your bed! They're under YOUR bed! Or was it Obama trying to destroy religion? He's under your bed too! Maybe it was a secret NWO Military Operation? I saw a black helicopter over Miami at the same time... the same time!

And why should only these 'tards get to play? How about some dipshittery for the left too? Perhaps it was the Pope trying to drum up sympathy for Catholics? Ho ho ho, bad Pope! Maybe it was Trump trying to distract from the heinous crimes in the Mueller Report on the American Holocaust? Bad Trump. Or maybe it was the French government trying to distract from the failures of capitalism?

I'm betting it was Warren Buffett because he was bored. Or aliens.

Who do you think flew to France to set fire to this building? Feel free to confess if it was you.


AndrewPrice said...

Anybody have eyes on Jussie Smollett?

tryanmax said...

I'm not sure how to dispel conspiracy theories about the Notre Dame fire, but I'm pretty sure one way NOT to do it is to hijack it for your own pet grievance, as I see so many trying to do.

tryanmax said...

For example: Trump is an asshole for pledging vague support to France while the people of Flint, MI are still dealing with water problems dating back to the Obama administration. Oops. I didn't mean to say all of that.

AndrewPrice said...

Agreed. This thing has become such a prop for a whole lot of people to (1) make money, (2) buy fame, (3) push their politics. It's actually kind of sickening.

AndrewPrice said...

Here's something I thought was funny. Two of France's richest men have both volunteered hundreds of millions to repair the cathedral.

Rather than being happy... media types and activists have attacked them for (1) donating only so their "luxury brands" would be associated with the cathedral and (2) donating at all when they could instead have spent the money on other causes.

So the new rules are that you can only donate to save a national treasure if (1) you are poor, (2) you do so anonymously if you are a business and (3) you've already cured all the social ills the left wants cured.

That's messed up.

I should counter by pointing out that Hollywood is donating to crash leftist presidential candidates while Notre Dames burns! The monsters! Have they no shame? And why aren't they donating their money to solving social problems instead of supporting hopeless candidates?

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