Wednesday, July 17, 2019

He's a RACIST! Yada yada yada

Here we go again. Someone decided Trump was a racist because he criticized a group of women of color... mainly browns and tan with too much makeup to make them less so.

Lo and behold, awakes the great machine:
Did someone say someone was racist?
A great whining noise begins:
HeeeeEEEEEE'SSSSSSS A RACIST! Of course, he is... he's a racist!
A dirty, rotten racist!
He is a most vile creature... a racist!
He hates black people.
He hates Hispanics!
He hates women!
He hates immigrants!
He hates Muslims!
He's such a racist!

//whispers 'Uh... who are we talking about?'
//whispers back 'Trump'

Of course, HE's a racist!
Trump hates blacks!
Trump hates 'brown people'!
Trump hates women! He's a racist rapist!
Trump hates immigrants! He wants to put immigrants in death camps!
Trump hates Muslims because he's racist!

//squeezes out 'anguished tear

When will someone rid us of this evil man? Impeach the racist!

//whispers 'Uh... what did he say?'
//whispers back 'Not sure. Does it matter?'
No, it doesn't. Not really. If Trump criticizes brown people, he is a racist. If he criticizes a woman, he's sexist. But honestly, I don't think anyone cares. This is the left jumping on whatever they can find or invent to hold their little hate-club together. They yell and scream in groupthink and they talk each other into believing what they already tell themselves they believe -- the fact they say and do worse themselves means they don't actually believe it, they just believe it when Trump does it. This is nothing more than a public pep rally.

It's getting old too. I'm sick of hearing it. I'm sick of the fake anti-Trump whining. I'm sick of the whining period. I'm sick of the left trying to turn anything anyone else does into a thought crime. So while the news cycle is dominated now with every sh*thole leftist running to a microphone to scream the sacred word, I really don't want to hear it. I. Don't. Care. What. They. Think. And I won't accept it either. This boy has cried wolf far too often for it to mean anything or for me to care. Honestly, I hope all of you on the left get eaten by a real wolf.


Critch said...

The Squad of Four, the clown car full of idiots running for the Dim nomination, the liberal media (that no one is watching apparently) are going to get Trump reelected. I was surprised to hear my slightly left of center sister say that she doesn't have a problem with Trump hitting back at his attackers. I think even some folks on the left are tired of the whole thing.

I am 66 years old, I spent many years in the military and in the investment business working with New Yorkers...Although I would not characterize folks from NYC as rude, I would characterize them as rather blunt..Trump is just blunter than most. He doesn't just lay back and play the gentleman like the Bush's and Reagan bring a mouth to the fight, he brings some really colorful's just him...and I think there are a number of folks out there who sort of admire him for it.

This whole Epstein thing is hilarious...IF the media thought Trump was involved they would be all over it...but there's nothing except a video from 1992 of him and Epstein at a party, big hairy deal...I wonder who else was there...I really think they are trying to deflect anything and everything away from Clinton, et al. There's no telling who was on those flights...We shall see. Californians are going to try to remove Newsome from the governorship,,,they've done it before, who remembers Grey Davis?...Good for them. That guy is a one man economic wrecking crew...

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, I think the left burned out its energy and turned off anyone reasonable. The only people left with energy are the real activists who do politics for a living. And you're right, the constant attacks on Trump only seem to help him.

New Yorkers are definitely blunt.

I had to laugh about the Epstein thing too. Trump says one courteous thing and is seen at a party with him and suddenly they are buddies. On the other hand. he's a huge Democratic supporter and has close relations with many of them... and that gets ignored.

Anthony said...

Trump is a racist, womanizing, whiny conspiracy theorist who has never met a dictator he doesn't feel the urge to kneel before. All that was known before the election so nothing along those lines will have much impact on his level of support (or opposition).

As with Clinton and Obama while Trump has little to fear from his own idiocy but his party might pay a price. With the economy doing historically well you'd think Republicans would be doing better but as with Obama Trump's extemporaneous comments (remember 'cling to God and guns') tend to rile up the opposition even when they have little to no connection to anything the government is actually doing.

Those four liberals are idiots who are doing what Trump and Obama and many other ambitious pols have done. They are making it clear they have no part of or interest in working with the other side aka the enemy and pouring scorn on their own leadership for being too accomodating. In an era of wave elections that is the smart political play.

tryanmax said...

Something about Trump's "go back" tweets that goes unappreciated is that he named no names and provided a description that can only actually fit Ilhan Omar, yet the Squad eagerly jumped in front of the bullet, and the rest of the left was happy to give them a push.

Yes, Trump referred to Omar in the plural, but the vagueifying plural is a feature in English.

Tennessee Jed said...

Democrats need blacks to come out to vote more like they did for Obama than the way they did for Hillary. The green new deal. guaranteed income, free MBA, no borders no walls no USA at all policies won’t resonate, so they are left with the race card

Tennessee Jed said...

holy cow batman, I finally got google to recognize me lol

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, Welcome back from googlebilivion! :)

I think you're right. They are screaming racism because they desperately need blacks to turn out in larger numbers. The problem is that it's driving whites away and its so cynical that I don't see it generating a lot of emotion.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, That's because this wasn't genuinely insulting to them, it was an opportunity to be insulted... like most leftist outrages. Have you ever noticed that half the time they aren't even upset about something, they are upset that someone else might be upset? It's pure cynicism for the reason Jed says.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, the polls suggest that this has energized the Republican base. I don't see them being hurt at all by this faked outrage. This is exactly the kind of crap normal people are sick off -- even some leftists.

Anthony said...


Attacks on a president triggering a rally round the flag effect among the party is pretty much par for the course these days. Doesn't stop the party from losing seats. The sort of stuff that thrills the base might not impress the wider electorate.

Along those lines Trump tweeting with the frequency and venom of an angry teenage girl clearly thrills the talk radio crowd. How other voters feel about it remains to be seen.

tryanmax said...

Not only does racial cynicism drive whites away, the race card is mostly for browns now. (And browns are basically people who could call themselves white but don't want to.) The Democrats have found a new way to take blacks for granted.

Rustbelt said...

Oh, boy, Andrew. The title of this article just makes me break out into song...

"He's a race-isst...whoa, whoa, whoa... he's a race-isst... whoa, whoa, whoa..."

And that's how seriously I'm taking 'the Squad's' racism accusations.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, It might as well be a song. I don't take any allegations of racism seriously at this point.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I think they are trying to rile up blacks (and know no other way), and this is a feel-smug thing for single professional liberal women. It makes them feel morally superior to accuse everyone else of racism.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I don't see the GOP losing seats. This election seems to be losing energy, which means House and Senate seats will depend on local issues, which favors the GOP because of gerrymandering.

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