Monday, July 8, 2019

Summer Slowdown

We seem to be in the middle of the summer news slowdown. This is the period when nothing really happens. Politicians go on vacation. Campaigns struggle to get air time. Journalists recycle old stories so they can spend their days doing God-knows-what... clearly not learning their craft, and bashing Trump. But there are things stirring.

The Democratic Civil War continues. Pelosi is spending considerable time slandering her left wing to try to stamp out their influence. It isn't working though. That's bad for the Democrats, but they can't stop it. Part of this is that the media aligns itself with the left wing and wants to push their agenda. Part of this is that the "moderate" Democratic Party is literally dying off of old age and the progressives are the future, and they don't want to wait to take over.

Standing with Pelosi is Joe Biden, but his numbers just crashed after the debate and landed him in the pile of wannabes. He literally just went from almost 50% support among Democrats to tied with Bernie and Harris.

On the other side, you have the progressives. They're on the attack. They are now lining people up (with the help of billionaire money) to primary-challenge moderate Democrats and Democrats who don't tow the line on various leftist issues. This is spreading fear that many could lose and that the Democrats are about to shoot themselves in the foot. I think that's a given. In fact, the issues they are pushing are getting increasingly freaky.

The latest issue seems to be selling the immigrant camps as if they were Nazi concentration camps. The left wing wants to make this the next big spear with which to attack. The not-so-far-left wing is worried that this will cost them votes. This has been the cause of Pelosi's most recent declaration that their left wing is just a tiny group and not influential. Interestingly, this camp claim is so ridiculous it even brought pushback from Jewish groups, but AOC and her buds don't care. I think the progressive have done the math, as we did, and found that Jews don't matter to them anymore.

Another big new push is reparations for blacks. This is becoming a thing with the candidates because of it. Even Bernie has endorsed looking into it and he originally refused. Harris wants to turn this into a black housing program costing $100 billion, as if that will satisfy this silly claim. (A recent study found that actual reparations -- as if there was such a thing -- would cost $17 trillion. Whoops. That's too much to sell to the public, and even then, that only works out to $442.71 for each black person. I'd want more than that if someone enslaved my grandma.) Needless to say, this is an attempt to attract black anger which seems pretty high at the moment but doesn't seem to be focused on helping the "white left."

Abortion has been big again with the push being to "end the stigma" on abortion. That's leftist speak for "we know we can't win on the facts, so let's make it improper to discuss the facts." They do this on all the hot button issues. This is an attempt to find something to rally women around, but so far nothing has really worked. Over the next few weeks, you'll see them try "Equal pay for women." This will be an issue because a group of lesbians won a soccer game in France against hapless competition which no one watched, and now they want to be paid the same as male World Cup champions who play before billions. Oh, and they don't want male referees... and they don't want male sports broadcast at the same time as their matches... and they don't want anyone criticizing their poor sportsmanship... and they hate the National Anthem and what America stands for and Trump and they think all criticism is sexist. And they want you to respect their sport or else... oh, and $400 million. Either way, look for this to arrive in politics this week and for each of the candidates to announce they "have a plan."

This is really the problem for Pelosi. Her left flank is stuffed with idiots who can find offense in anything and can speak their minds without consequence. So they are free to try to excite the base all they want with insane promises that can't be followed through and which scare the crap out of the public. But no one can make them stop because their very essence is "I am victim, hear me whine," and they don't want to hear that what they want is crap. But Pelosi is in the business of government and she can't function like that. But with the progressives being the future, the war is on and Pelosi's days are numbered.

Did you ever think that Pelosi would be considered the moderate part of their party? These people have gone full retard, and it's only going to get worse for them from hereon out.


Anthony said...

1) Obama was a guy with a short political track record who loved big promises and conspicuously took no part in Democratic compromises with Bush. Trump was a guy with a short political track record who loved big promises and conspiracy theories and took no part in Republican compromises with Obama (pretty much just government funding bills).

Biden's popularity is out of step with that trend but its in step with another trend of long-running insiders taking on the incumbent president running for their second term (Clinton, Dole, Kerry, Romney). Of course, Clinton is the only guy who won but his success was before purity became a requirement (Clinton and Republicans worked together in ways that are politically impossible nowadays).

I think Biden's primary chances are good against the current field. None of them are particularly charismatic and they have all ceded moderates (a group which numbers most women and minorities) to him and are splitting the lib vote 25 ways. I don't see him beating Trump but a lot will happen between now and November 2020.

2) The fringes hate Jews. That is true on both sides. Trump decided he didn't hate Jews only after he won the nomination (way back in 2015 he literally told Jews they would oppose him because he wouldn't let himself be controlled by their money).

4) As I've pointed out before there is little evidence of black enthusiasm for reparations. Biden is the only leading Dem who hasn't thrown his support behind it and he is winning the lion's share of black support. I suspect the same is true of illegal immigration and Hispanics, though I think there is a bigger chance of a political gain for both sides. It is a living issue and the right image or death or whatever (each side publicizes events which supports their case) might translate into political gain.

5) Nowadays its very unusual for athletes not to feud with Trump.

6) Regarding Pelosi, show me a legislative leader in the past quarter century and I'll show you someone derided as a traitor to the party. The fringe is perpetually angry about its dreams not being fulfilled and doesn't do math or believe in compromise or the limitations of power.

There is always a savior in the wings who would make all the magic happen and there always will be. Until Utopia arrives, legislative leaders will shoulder at least some of the blame for its absence.

Rustbelt said...

Never thought I'd see the day where Pelosi was the Dems' voice of common sense. But it has finally. happened (And I'd argue that I've easily come across stranger examples. MUCH stranger.)

But I'll take it as either kharma for the media creating monsters like Bernie and AOC...
or that it's just this week's sign of the apocalypse.

tryanmax said...

It's worth remembering that the Democratic candidate clown show is only happening because Hillary got caught rigging the last primary. The DNC knew long before now that they had a, if not sizable, influential cadre of crazies that needed to be kept in check. The Clinton machine screwed that up and new party apparatus is only trying to appease as many perpetually aggrieved interests as it can.

Rustbelt said...

Ross Perot has died at 89.

I'd like to say I'm shocked- shocked that he hadn't already been dead for years.

And there you have it: my truly tasteless remark for the day.

tryanmax said...

I'll do you one better, Rustbelt. Perot looked 89 in 92.

Rustbelt said...



I surrender this round. 'Cause that's a pretty good one!

I had also considered saying that he was born a senior citizen, or that archaeologists released him on us when they disturbed his sarcophagus.

Anthony said...

Between Epstein and R Kelly high profile pedophiles whose wealth and fame saved them from prison in 2008 have had a rough time of it lately. Hopefully both guys die in prison. The sooner the better.

R. Kelly, the 52-year-old R&B singer, was arrested Thursday on child pornography and other charges in Chicago and is expected to be brought to New York, according to reports.

Kelly was arrested on a 13-count federal indictment, which included child pornography, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice charges, Joseph D. Fitzpatrick, an assistant United States attorney in the Northern District of Illinois, told the New York Times.

Critch said...

I was looking at this morning and not a single mention of the Antifa attack in Washington state. A guy threw incendiary devices and was armed with a rifle, he was shot and killed by police officers. No mention on wonder they are dying..

The Clintons are mourning Epstein's upcoming suicide...

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