Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Some Interesting Thoughts

A couple of thoughts on things you may have missed.

Trannies Moving Right: Ok, that may be an overstatement, but a study came out the other day which found that transsexuals are far more conservative than the population at large. This doesn't actually surprise me. For various reasons, in my legal practice, I've had considerable dealings with transsexuals and their community. The thing that always struck me is that transsexuals have a very different view of masculinity and femininity than does the public at large. If I had to describe it precisely, I would say that transsexuals use their parents' generation as the basis for their definition of masculine and feminine, and even a stereotyped view at that. Hence, when they try to transition, they generally try to mimic the rules and styles of that stereotype. Thus, transsexual males-to-females view womanhood as the more submissive version of the 1950's housewife, whereas transsexual females-to-males view manhood as the 1950's Rebel Without A Cause. Hence, they want to be these stereotype people rather than the effeminate males and action hero females of today.

Taking this one step further, think about what this means about their worldview. Despite their class being a modern issue, their attitudes are distinctly "old school." That makes them incompatible in a fundamental way with modern leftism and its mushy "we are all one sex" dogma. Indeed, their views align with fairly hardcore Christianity's views. Interesting.

Naturally, the "leaders" of the movement are fundamental leftists, as always, because those people always try to exploit group membership to achieve power. But the rank and file don't seem to be consistent with that or share their view. What does this mean for voting patterns and the future? I'm not sure yet. But it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Unhand Me Woman!: There is a Republican candidate for governor of Mississippi who told a female journalist that she couldn't travel with him unless there was a male escort. Wow, did the feminists lose their minds... with good reason. Indeed, the articles on this are insultingly trying to claim that this is an admission that the man can't control himself, i.e. that he's a sex fiend, the reality is that this is the chickens coming home to roost. This is what happens when a vast number of women start making false allegations without proof and the left screams that we need to believe them regardless of age, lack of proof, or even lack of sense, and then destroy the careers of men. When someone proves themselves a danger, you protect yourself accordingly. This is accordingly. This is one of those things that was so obvious it would happen from the beginning, but the left just can't control themselves. And now women get to pay a price for it. Is that fair to women as a group? No. But this is the natural response to what happened... and they have only the left to blame.

As an aside, a huge number of female (leftist) journalists chimed in on this in the most pathetic hand-wringing and insulting ways. They were outraged and horrified, and not one of them admitted that they were also to blame.

Lovely Baltimore: The Baltimore issue shows why leftists cannot solve problems. Once someone points out a problem, they circle the wagons and deny it, rather than fixing it. I've spent considerable time in Baltimore and I can tell you that Trump is understating how sh*tty the place is. Over a six month period, a friend of mine who lived near Camden Yards was robbed, had his house broken into three times and his car six times. He stopped locking doors so the locals wouldn't damage his property when they broke in. He saw a woman pistol whipped in a grocery store for shoplifting. I witnessed numerous drug deals, tons of zombie-like crack heads, saw neighborhoods that looked bombed out, was told by cops to avoid certain neighborhoods, did some construction examinations which revealed the rot that underlies their housing, saw hookers within a few hundred feet of a police station, saw homeless everywhere, got extorted to keep my car safe in a tourist zone, saw cops and politicians arrested for corruption, and saw little in the way of productivity. Yet, no one wants to fix those things apparently. Oh well.



Anthony said...

1. Am I the only one that remembers Bruce Jenner, the onetime Trump supporter who eventually became disenchanted with Trump? The problem is that evangelicals and trannies can't exist in the same party because evangelicals oppose the concept of trannies. There in a two party system that will force trannies to vote Democrat.


Caitlyn Jenner, the former Olympic athlete-turned-transgender activist, has just executed an athletic 180-degree political about-face, turning against President Donald Trump with a mea culpa column declaring, "I was wrong" about Trump's commitment to LGBTQ rights.
She cited a recently leaked Department of Health and Human Services memo that proposed — "preposterously and unscientifically" — that the government mandate one's gender permanently to one’s genitalia at birth, thus defining transgender out of existence. She decried Trump's ban on trans people serving in the military and the rollback of President Obama-era protections for trans schoolchildren and bathroom preferences.
"It’s clear these policies have come directly from Trump" and were sanctioned by his base," she asserted. "My hope in him – and them – was misplaced, and I cannot support anyone who is working against our community.

2. A smarter guy would have said 'I won't be alone with a journalist' and avoided the whole thing.

3. Nothing Trump said about the condition of Baltimore is wrong though of course he only pointed out those things because its Congressman is on his lengthy list of enemies.

4. On a related note, its hilarious that as I predicted North Korea is accelerating the production of its nukes (and nuke delivery systems) and as a result Trump has shot the messenger and is seeking to replace him with someone more willing to tell him what he wants to hear about his good friend Kim Jong.


Trump regularly and openly sparred with Coats and the intelligence community. “Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!” he tweeted in January, after Coats and CIA Director Gina Haspel testified about a threat-assessment report that called into question some of Trump's foreign policy judgments.

Coats said North Korea would be "unlikely" to give up its nuclear weapons or its ability to produce them because "its leaders ultimately view nuclear weapons as critical to regime survival." Coats and other officials also contradicted Trump's positions on Iran, Afghanistan, and the Islamic State terror network.

5. Everyone else seems to think that Biden can't win the nomination because he is a white male who is less liberal (in no way is he a moderate) than most of the other contenders. I've always been of the opinion race and gender don't matter as much to most voters as many intensely political types like to think and that the sizable Democrat liberal vote is currently being split 25 ways, so going the road less traveled makes sense.

I don't think Biden can beat Trump (Trump could beat himself though), but I do think Biden can beat the Democrats currently in the field.

6. The honor for nastiest recent (re)tweet goes not to Trump but to Rep Omar who retweeted a Tom Arnold tweet celebrating the brutal attack on Rand Paul after Paul said she ought to visit Somalia so she would appreciate America more. What a piece of garbage.


In an apparent dig, she retweeted Tom Arnold who wrote: “Imagine being Rand Paul's next door neighbor and having to deal with @RandPaul lying cowardly circular whiney bullcrap about lawn clippings. No wonder he ripped his toupee off.”

Patriot said...

Why we must make policy that affects <1% of society is crazy. I think most people are so tired of outrage that Trump said this and Trump said that about blacks, gays, Muslims, illegal immigrants, antifa, rats, trannies, guns, etc.

I believe most people are set in their ways at this point. I have not watched TV for years now. Old school I guess. When you’ve been exposed to the “violence inherent in the system,” you realize how much of what you hear is designed to attract $$. Prima facie evidence...impeachment. We have heard since the day Trump was elected that the Dems would pursue impeachment. Any day now. When they finally did pursue it, it lost badly in the house.

Andrew, your thoughts on me too are spot on. They laughed at Pence when they found out his policy on being alone with women. It’s just not worth it. That’s not to say the left wouldn’t just make up stories anyway ala Blasey-Ford. Have you been reading about the AF General up for vice-chairman JCS? Very vindictive woman.

It’s amusing right now how Trump has the Dem party defending Baltimore, illegal immigrants, MS13, guilty until proven innocent. If anything, trump has exposed them for what they’ve always tried to keep hidden. They want the world in turmoil so they can gain power and money from the anarchy.

There it is.

BTW, is the film site still operational?

tryanmax said...

It's impossible to tell where any single-issue group will end up until after the realignment is over. The best insight I can offer is that the political landscape is presently dominated by purity cults. Progressives reject anything that's been tried before. Socialists reject anything that's successful. NeverTrump rejects anything they've advocated if Trump does it. SJWs demand you confess your privilege before taking a seat at the table, then demand you give it up to someone more oppressed than you. Pro-life won't make exceptions for rape and incest. Pro-choice won't make exceptions for live birth. Antifa will put a bike-lock to the head of anyone against putting bike-locks to heads. The one movement that stands apart, the one that will take all comers, is the movement all the rest of them love to hate.

A woman doesn't have the right to be alone with a man without his consent. Right?

Cummings' district a marriage of the poorest part of Baltimore City to the most affluent suburbs. The statistics that such a pairing permits would make Mark Twain blush. I cannot make this one up: One touted figure is that 37% of Cummings' district has a bachelors degree or higher, making it the most well-educated black-majority district in the country. Cummings' district is also 36% white. Now, I'm not suggesting the Venn diagram is a perfect circle. The same district is 7% Asian. But if such coincidences cause discomfort, there's good reason for it.

tryanmax said...

On N. Korea, one thing that is often overlooked is that Trump is the first President to have to deal with a N. Korea that can actually hit the US with a nuke.

AndrewPrice said...

Patriot, It's the 1% who have always been the cause of laws, be it criminals or small lobbies who want something from government. This is no different. It just feels different because they're asking for social acceptance rather than economic/legal power.

The left will make them up. That's why you need witnesses now.

I have hear a little about the AF General, but I don't know any details.

The film site is active, but I haven't posted in a long time - no time to write anything and no movies worth talking about in some time.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Well summed up on the purity issue.

The idea that a man doesn't have a right to not be forced to be alone with a woman is not all that surprising on the left. The left's view is that everyone else should be forced to do as their groups wish. Hence, women, blacks, illegals, Muslims, atheists, etc. need to be let into a whatever club they want AND your club better cater to their political views. The reverse is never true.

I'm sure Cummings's district was drawn up purely by chance... not to keep people from seeing the awful, Mogadishu-like statistics Baltimore would produce.

AndrewPrice said...

That's some nice anti-Trumpin' Anthony. Good work.

Critch said...

I'm of a mind that if the French or Democrats have ran or are running a place, it's a dump.

Anthony said...


Nice ad hominem attack! The facts are the facts. Evangelicals and gays not being able to exist in the same party doesn't really have anything to do with Trump nor does North Korea's refusal to give up nukes.

Trump's inability to face North Korea's determination and his willingness to punish subordinates for pointing it out is amusing though.

Tennessee Jed said...

I didn’t know about political trends of trannies, From that perspective, it is a small group. I don’t wish them ill, but the issues around sports etc. seems a case of the tail wagging the dog

as far as me too going too far, I agree it was pre-ordained with this kind of result. It is a-shame because I don’t doubt there have been many abuses. Bottom line is tough crime to prove and we cannot over-ride presumption of innocence

Anthony said...

Based on the articles I read (I lack the stomach to watch politician talk for extended periods of time) last night the Democrats attacked each other over who was tougher on crime and acted as if strong punishments for crimes were the problem plaguing communities rather than criminals.

They are all idiots or liars pandering to idiots. In the 1990s kids couldn't play outside in many neighborhoods because of crackheads and warring drug dealers and people are competing to see who can be kinder to drug dealers. While its not nearly as bad as it used to be there are still places out there which could use stronger measures against criminals. Read about a heartbreaking pair of murders in Chicago yesterday.


Chantell Grant and Andrea Stoudemire were at their usual spot Friday night, posted on a corner lot in the Gresham neighborhood as part of their effort to curb gun violence in their community.
The two women had spent two years working with Mothers Against Senseless Killings (MASK), a team of moms who put on events and offer a safe space for kids in the community.
But the peace-seekers became victims Friday when Grant — a 26-year-old mother of four — and Stoudemire — a 35-year-old mother of three — were killed in a drive-by shooting.
The man, who spoke to the Sun-Times on the condition he remain anonymous, said he spends much of his time walking the neighborhood, trying to console people affected by gun violence. The night of the shooting, he comforted one of the women who was shot, holding her hand as she died.

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