Saturday, July 27, 2019

Liberal Hit Piece

Yahoo is a nest of leftist sh*ts. If there is stupid leftist opinion to be had, their little collective will hold it and assume that it's the only acceptable opinion. They are relentless in attacking the values of America, Christianity, the middle class. They are relentless in pushing failed leftist ideology, in falsely screaming racism and sexism, in covering up truth, in calling reasonableness hate and promoting hate in the guise of tolerance. That makes them a great representative to understand just how vile and moronic and hypocritical the left is. That bring me to today's topic. Today's topic involves a hit piece they just published.

This hit piece takes aim at Peyton Manning. By way of background, Manning is an incredibly popular former NFL quarterback. Most everyone loves him and by all accounts he's a special human being. He's loyal, devoted to his fans and family. He apparently has been writing letters to people his whole life telling them how he appreciates them. (There was a show about this with dozens of people in tears over getting these letters.) When Katrina hit, he and his brother chartered a commercial jet and filled it with food and water at their own expense and took it down there. He regularly visits sick kids in the hospital and no one who knows him has ever said a bad word about him.

But this is a cynical age and, like all famous people, his name has been dragged around by opportunists. A trainer at the U. of Tennessee claimed he exposed himself to her -- an argument to keep women out of locker rooms, frankly. There was no proof. It was contrary to Manning's character. And her witnesses did not support her. The University settled nevertheless, because they always do. Then, near the end of Manning career, a guy who got caught handing out illegal medicines tried to claim that Manning and other famous clients of the clinic where he worked were secretly taking illegal substances. That fell through too. Despite neither claim being reputable, the sports media has clung to these things as points of frustration that the public ignored them and continued to like him. Indeed, when Manning retired, there was a desperate wave of articles written by the usual leftists trying to smear him with these "scandals." It didn't work.

So the other day, along comes this article at Yahoo with the title: "How long before America turns on beloved QB?" That's a loaded headline if ever there was one. When you read through the article, it's about Manning... for no particular reason. First, you get a brief dismissive statement that Manning has been popular because of his folksy, self-depreciating style. No mention is made of his good deeds or his sterling reputation. The article then jumps into the scandals, wrongly treating them as proven, and basically says that Manning had teflon or else he would have been brought down. There is even a hint of racism involved where the article suggests that the reaction would have been different if the same had been done by "Dak Prescot" (a well-liked black quarterback), though the article then also mentions a disliked white quarterback to lessen the suggestion that race is involved. Then comes the money paragraph. Read this:
Manning has thrived because he has kept his beliefs tucked close. He is, to coin a phrase, sticking to sports. Still, we can rough out the edges of his ideology: he’s a frequent visitor to, and possible member of, Augusta National, for instance. He’s donated to Republican figures, including the recent presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. More recently, he’s played golf with President Donald Trump and spoken at Republican events. (This is observation, folks, not criticism.)
Ah, got you Peyton Manning! You're a Republican. And that's the entire point to the article. There is literally no other purpose to this article than to warn leftists that Manning is a conservative. The author tries to pretend that being a conservative isn't a big deal when he says, "There’s nothing wrong with Manning, or anyone else, voting the way they wish and associating with whomever they wish, of course." But then, why did he write the article?

Think about this.

What is the point to this article? What is newsworthy here? Nothing. The author wrote this because he wanted to tell leftists that Manning is a conservative because he wants them to hate him because that is what the left does. They are incredibly unforgiving about anyone who doesn't share the approved views of the collective. Time and again, we've seen them try to destroy people or deny their achievements because of this. That is the sole purpose of the article. The author even supplies them with reasons to use to hate him by mentioning the discredited "scandals" so they don't need to admit this is all about ideological purity.

That is the left. In fact, the same thing was just done to Mariano Rivera, probably the greatest relief pitcher of all time, because he dares to like Trump. Rivera just got selected to the baseball Hall of Fame as the only player ever to be selected unanimously, and suddenly Yahoo starts writing articles with no information in them except that Rivera has helped out an opioid addiction program created by Trump and he's said good things about Trump. Why does that matter? It shouldn't. But these are leftists and they want to make it intolerable for anyone on the right to openly express their opinions. So if you speak your mind like Rivera, they're going to let other leftists know about your views, relevant or not. Even if you don't openly express them, like Manning, they will write hit pieces that suggest that you might have thoughtcrimes and then suggest reasons to hate you.

Make no mistake, this is thought police crap. This is an attempt to damage reputations in the hopes that future athletes and others will never dare speak an opinion they do not tolerate. It's sick. They are sick.


ArgentGale said...

Well put, Andrew, particularly the first paragraph. It illustrates perfectly why the modern left simply can't be dealt with in good faith. This isn't the first time I've seen the left go after some non-leftists in an underhanded way this week, either. Some people were attempting to get several Baen Books authors deleted from Wikipedia on account of them "not being notable." They started with Michael Z. Williamson (who admittedly is a bomb thrower, but still accomplished enough) before moving on to Tom Kratman, Sarah Hoyt, Brad Torgersen, and Sharon Lee. There was some attempted vandalism of John Ringo and Larry Correia's pages, too, which was slapped down in short order along with the attempt on Brad's page. You know the inquisitors crossed a line when even a notoriously obnoxious leftist writer like John Scalzi was defending Williamson's article on the deletion discussion itself. Sometimes I wonder if I'm being paranoid by avoiding treading into deep leftist territory (both online and off) but then I see stuff like this and think I'm actually not being paranoid enough. It's disgraceful that things have come to this.

Tennessee Jed said...

an old story here in Knoxville. This woman has been so discredited

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, She has been. So has the guy who alleged that Manning (and lots of others) used growth hormone and other illegal drugs at the clinic. He was caught and tried to save himself by threatening famous people who came to the clinic.

And yet, Yahoo and other "hater sites" keep repeating this over and over hoping to smear Manning because they don't like him and his politics.

On the other hand, they overlook all kinds of nastiness from people they do like for racial or gender reasons.

That's the left for you.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, I know all of those names and none of them can be considered "not notable." It doesn't surprise me though that they would go after them because they're conservatives and leftists really do want to remove conservatives from the world.

The left is despicable and honestly can't be seen as anything else. Their very instincts are hateful and destructive and principle and morality and decency mean nothing to them.

ArgentGale said...

Andrew, it took a bit to discover some of them myself but Correia, Williamson, and Ringo always have a book or two at Barnes and Noble and Kratman's never been hard to find either. Thanks to you and Kit for giving me the push I needed to check him out, BTW. Still, if you want to see the stupid in action here's the whole poo-flinging fest on Williamson's page. A lot of illogical dismissals and projection on the would-be deleters' parts there. I also have to give David Weber major credit for remaining eloquent, but still getting his righteous indignation across, when the inquisitors' comments about Baen being a vanity press were brought to his attention on Facebook. They really have lost all sense of decency and the fact that the right always seems so ill-equipped to fend them off is never reassuring either.

Anthony said...


We live in an age where a minority of people pick and choose who they like and what they accept based on ideology/party. Such people sometimes delve into the social media accounts and other public records of celebs to figure out who is on their side. That is just the way of things. The majority of people don't care though. The very outspoken likes of Nike and Kayne West haven't paid a price for their activism.

Activists will undoubtedly make Youtube videos of themselves destroying his jersey and suchlike, but Manning will remain as popular as ever and the endorsement deals and whatnot will keep coming.

tryanmax said...


Hit pieces outing celebrity--I won't even say conservatives, just non-progressives--serve as a model for leftists down the food chain. The notion that right-leaning opinions are, in themselves, "dirt" serves as the impetus for doxing campaigns against average individuals.

That Manning is able to weather it only serves as evidence of the need for harsher and harsher pile-ons when Joe Punchclock says something deemed problematic. And, every now and then, a major left-wing outlet will forget itself and dox a virtual nobody.

That targets of the left often become cause célèbre on the right is no mitigation. It's just affirmation of the problem.

I'm not saying that doxing and pile-ons from the right to the left don't happen, but neither do I see the parity required to dismiss the phenomenon as "both sides!"

tryanmax said...

Look at what leftist ideological purity has done to the unlikely knitting community.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I don't even know what to say. On the one hand, this is all so so so tpyical of the left: fighting over something so idiotic as if the color of thread is racist... flaming each other... trying to destroy nonbelievers... turning on those who aren't sufficiently pure... whining about being attacked while still suggesting that attacking (other) people is justified... and the herd instinct silencing those who went against the group.

Welcome to the left.

But knitting? WTF?

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax and Anthony, this is all about creating a thought police instinct and silencing dissent. By attacking people like Manning for lack of purity -- even where he hasn't said a political word -- sends the message that anyone not toeing the line will be destroyed, and it tells those down the ladder how to do the same with those around them. This is how you silence opposition and embolden the collective to act as thought police.

This is why things are so nuts right now, because the left has taught its believers to attack, attack, attack.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, I've spent a lot of time in Baltimore and it's way worse than Trump said. It truly is a third-world sh*thole.

tryanmax said...

The left is making many disingenuous claims about Cummings' district, that it's the best, most affluent black-majority district in the country. Trouble is, the district is cobbled together to include both the poorest and richest neighborhoods in and around Baltimore. So they can report a $58,000 median household income, but it's a case of affluent neighborhoods propping up the poor neighborhoods, and you can guess at the demographic breakdown.

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