Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Crazy and Anti-Crazy

Crazy is as crazy does, and the left does a lot of crazy.

● Bernie won't tell us how he will pay for his medicare for all plan. Actually, let's make that how you will pay for his medicare for all plan. Why? Because it will take a 42% sale tax to do it. Are you ready for a $7 twelve-pack of coke? An extra $9,000 on a cheap car? Probably not.

● Facebook is getting rid of the eggplant and peach emojis because bad people are using them denote sex. We can't have anything that makes people think of sex online, after all. Nope. Oh but they are adding a blood splatter so people can emote a period because that's useful. Of course, they haven't yet realized that men will be sending this about women: "Wow, she must be on her (bloodsplatter)." Once Facebook's algorithms figure this out, I'll bet the period will vanish... and probably the period-period for good measure. Idiots

● Twitter erupts when Trump...

● Obsession for the orange one is the new black.

● Speaking of black, both Obamas are running around saying that white people are "afraid" of black people and there's "nothing you can do to fix that." Hmm. Why are they saying this? Here are some thoughts.
1. I think the Obama's are hoping to give an explanation for racism that (1) exculpates blacks for their own behavior and (2) will ensure it can never go way. Basically, racism is an instinct, which means racism will always be with us. Yay! That means all you honkies are racist whether you know it not... through no fault of your own... so stop pretending that racism is over and start handing over the racial reparations.

2. On the other hand, the Obamas may be playing the gay game. Gays always went with the idea that straights feared them (homophobia), with the idea being that once we straights learned that they were just like us and there was nothing to fear, all would be good. Based on this, Hollywood and the left set out to make gays seem normal and that worked. Forget the fact that gay men have hundreds of nameless partners. Forget the fact that lesbians hate men or that crossdressers seem to despise women even as they sort of emulate them. Forget the diseases and the ties to child-sex-advocates and the fact these people focus their lives around sex. Forget all of that... they're just like us! Yay. Anyways, it worked.

It won't work for blacks though. The main reason is that black culture (as pushed by rappers, athletes, actors, politicians and intellectuals) is not trying to convince whites that they are like whites. Black culture is trying to push hard the other way. It is trying to present itself as ultra-macho, entitled and separate. It is a culture that celebrates aggression, celebrates disloyalty to America, demands unearned privileges, determines right and wrong by race rather than action, and makes whites the boogeyman for all that is wrong. None of that is going to lead whites (or others) to say, yeah, they're just like us! Instead, it will continue to exacerbate the view that blacks, as a group, are dangerous. If this is the Obama's goal, then they need to change black culture to make this idea work, and that's not happening. If anything, in my lifetime, black culture has become increasingly hostile, angry and separatist even as more and more individual blacks seem to fitting in much more like everyone else.

3. Or they're repeating something they read.
I suspect the answer is No. 1, but I wouldn't rule out that this is the opening salvo on some new media strategy. I guess we'll see. Watch for evidence.

● Lastly, Herr Obama made an "attack" on "woke culture" yesterday. Roh roh. Apparently, he is seeing the danger of having a gaggle of self-righteous little Nazis trying to destroy all persons who are not sufficiently pure in their eyes. But I have no sympathy, Mr. Obama. These are your babies. You created them. You taught them outrage. You encouraged their tantrums and their intolerance. You fed them and still feed them. They will not go away now (unless you cut off their internet)... and they will eat you alive all in the name of tolerance. In fact, the reason they are such a danger to the left is because the left humors them. Our side writes them off as snowflakes and doesn't given a flying eggplant what they whine about. Your side stupidly gives them power. So, too bad. Live by the retard... die by the retard.


AndrewPrice said...

BTW, The NCAA is now creating a plan to pay athletes and all the media types who wanted this are freaked out that it might be a little harder to implement than thought. Apparently, no one considered how this might bias the recruitment process or how it might end up favoring a handful of male athletes.


Imagine that.

Anthony said...

1) Bernie can promise Mexico will pay for US socialism or something. Seriously, the astronomical national debt no longer bothers anybody so if voters like an idea, they don't worry about paying for it. The debt is like golfing or the president expanding his power, problematic only if the wrong person is doing it.

Happily, voters aren't enthused about government completely taking over medicine.

2) As for blacks vs gays in popularity, I have no idea. I have never gotten the impression either group faces much in the way of closed doors in modern America, but I am not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) and I've never paid much attention to them.

From where I stand blacks are doing fine acceptance wise. Hell, a cross-racial collaboration has even topped country music charts (and quite a few white artists have topped rap charts over the years). *Shrugs* But that's just my take.

3. When a president says something stupid or inflammatory, it always gets a lot of coverage. If Trump wants to tweet whatever comes into his head 30 times a day heavy coverage will inevitably follow.

4) As Sowell pointed out stereotypical black culture is redneck culture which is why whining about victimization and imagining conspiracies is a talk radio standard, same way it is on liberal black radio. Both groups embrace 'big government for me' because they believe big government is the only thing that can tilt the forces arrayed against them. Both groups have a lot in common and their hostility to each other is a real thing but is often overstated.

Blacks were huge supporters of Bill Clinton whose support became bigger over time because (as with rednecks and Trump it) did not melt away in the face of his many scandals.

5) As for woke culture, young people have leaned left and tended radical long before Obama was even born. Right now snowflakes are beloved everywhere, though tastes in snow differ.

I think its hilarious and telling that in many Republican circles Thomas Sowell (who preaches small government and personal responsibility) and similar black conservatives are out, snowflake Kanye West (drama queen perpetually whining about victimhood though his target has changed of late) is in.

7. Last but not least, congrats to the Nationals! I didn't watch any of the games (not a sports guy) but I will buy a Nationals themed mug or something to celebrate their win.

Unknown said...

Obama's goal is

1. Make a legacy
2. Ensure blacks vote Democrat

Any other meaning is off-message

AndrewPrice said...


I think the sale tax idea will kill this dead. People don't mind debt or "some rich guy will pay for it," but the idea that they will pay 40% more for everything will be a shock to the system of the complacent.

I don't see a lot of barriers to blacks either, certainly not more than for other people. But I can tell you sadly that I know a lot of blacks who think whites have made them failures. Unfortunately, it becomes an easy excuse, especially when important people push the idea. If Obama really wanted to help, he would work on improving the the barriers put in their own way.

Redneck culture and black culture are very, very similar.

I don't think youth culture has been this hateful since the 1930s. The irony is that they are destroying their own, which I am admittedly enjoying.

Congrats on your Nats.

AndrewPrice said...

Unknown, The irony is that Obama's legacy is under strong attack on the left. Ha ha.

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