Thursday, October 3, 2019

Some Evil Thoughts

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● Allow me to play the cynic. This cop in Dallas? Amber Guyger. She shot and killed her neighbor (I think he was actually one floor lower if I remember correctly). The killing makes no sense and there seems to be no motive whatsoever -- the media is trying to find racism, but there is really no motive or reason available. So why would a police office go to the wrong floor in her building, somehow walk through a door that should have locked automatically, wander into an apartment that isn't hers, and shoot a man who, from the witness testimony, identified himself and didn't act aggressively at all. A real mystery right?

So anyways, she got convicted and sentenced to ten years. In her sentencing, the brother of the dead guy raced over and hugged her. The media is turning this hug into some sort of fantasy statement of forgiveness and human goodness, anti-racism, etc. etc. But here's the thing. Check out the hug online. This was not two people who didn't know each other hugging out forgiveness. This was two lovers hugging on the eve of disaster. This was the hug of someone who is afraid they will never see someone important to them again. It seems clear to me that they are lovers... and suddenly, it seems we have a motive. Wanna bet she and the brother were dating and somehow this all got folded into her a reason to kill the brother? I would bet good money that they end up marrying while she's in jail, or right after she gets out.

● Greta Thunberg, the monkey on a stick child getting lots of press about global warming, is going to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for "Aw, isn't that cut" -- that's what Obama got his for too. Her list of achievements includes make a stinkface at Trump and... well, that's about it. I actually like Putin on this. He's one of the few world leaders to point out that she's mistaken, that she's been programmed by the adults in her life, and that her philosophy would condemn the third world to staying backwards economically. Everybody is basking in the virtue signalling of letting her pretend to chastise them.

● Whatever happened to David Hogg? I guess his 15 minutes ran out.

● STDs are on the rise in the 65 and older category. How strange that 65 year olds are suddenly acting that way! What could possibly be causing that? Oh, that's right: baby boomers. This is supposed to be shocking news, but it's not. Just like divorce is a baby boomer specialty and very age category they entered suddenly saw a boom in divorce, VD is the same thing. Soon there will be a shocking headline about drug use in the over 65 crowd.


BevfromNYC said...

Interesting theory. But I am still going to remain hopeful that the brother is really a forgiving soul. But interesting.

Greta Thunberg is a sign of times. Though it is disturbing that you agree with Putin. Are you goin' Communist on us? Just kidding (am I?) he is actually right. [Maybe I am going Communist too!)

As for Hogg, Harvard ain't as easy as he expected probably. As I remember it, those first two years of any university or college are rife with actual academic stuff (even for a internet sensation). I predict that it will be over his head soon and he will depart the vaunted halls of Harvard for Berkeley where SJW's have more time on their hands to be SJWs.

As for Baby Boomer...LEAVE US ALONE! We're are the original Hippies and "free spirits"! We don't do any drugs (anymore) that are not prescribed by a licensed physician like Oxycontin and Viagra and stuff like that! Age-ist!

[Okay, I am at the tail end of Baby Boomerists, but I learned from my elders to...sait...WHAT? STDs? Stupid old people...)

Anthony said...

1) I believe the Dallas shooting was accidental. The cop had just worked a double shift and was busy chatting with her boyfriend when she parked on the wrong floor and then barged into the apartment whose door was ajar (something I did by accident several times in my single days) and shot the owner dead. I don't think there was any malice or a racial component just invincible idiocy on the part of the cop.

2) As for the climate activist she's a kid, I think its silly to attack her. Like most such phenomena she will never really shift opinion and she will fade out of the public consciousness over time.

3) Hogg is Exhibit A.

tryanmax said...


If anyone would know about programming, it's Putin. Putin strikes me as the sort of person who chooses words carefully. He may not be always honest, but he always says what he means to, and that's worth paying attention to.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, It is a sign of the times, but that doesn't make it any less pathetic. She whined about Trump ruining her childhood. Well, I'm sorry, but it was your a-hole parents who did that

Agreeing with Putin is a queasy feeling, but he's right on this one.

I suspect the Boomers will get heavily back into pot soon.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I don't have thoughts either way about the kid as a person. She's a tool, that's all. Her parents are the real abusers in this.

I don't think it was accidental and the jury clearly didn't either. I had no idea what the motive was. But now I'm betting we have a lead.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, The reason activists love sending kids to do their dirty work is exactly that: so people go "stop attacking a child." Using a child becomes a form of insulation from criticism.

As for Putin, he's a sh*t and a manipulator, but I think he sees Thunberg as amateur hour and he's just amazed that so many normal seeming people are falling all over themselves acting like idiots of her.

Anthony said...

I see my point was missed. I'll restate it. Minor activists (which both sides periodically produce) change nothing. They change nothing because they mean nothing to ordinary people. They never say anything novel, the only novely is their age.

The only people they excite are fringe types (who exist in a state of permanent excitement) and the only thing they do is get the odd fringe type in trouble for attacking them the wrong way.

As for Putin's comments, I think Putin is just buttering up the talk radio types who have been his patsies for some years now.

tryanmax said...

"As for Putin's comments, I think Putin is just buttering up the talk radio types who have been his patsies for some years now."

That's hilarious.

ArgentGale said...

1. I haven't been following the case, but interesting thoughts.

2. Well, the Nobel Prize jumped the shark once already with Arafat and again with Obama, so why not strap on the water skis again? Also, I meant to link this in the last post about Greta, which is a pretty damning look at exactly how badly her parents have failed her and her sister. Which brings me to...

3. She'll be at his level of obscurity soon enough, and with her mental state it's probably not going to end well.

4. ...Nothing to say here except that I'm going to go looking for brain bleach now.

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