Sunday, October 27, 2019

People Are Dumb

Ug, the news.

● They killed the leader of ISIS. Good. See you in hell, a-hole. Now kill all the rest. They don't deserve to live.

● Trump impeachment... don't care. Really don't care. This is the world of the deranged jerking themselves off into a frenzy and I honestly don't care. Unless they get him, it won't help them (won't change a single opinion), and I don't think they get him even with Mitt Romney leading the persecution. So this is all just pointless theater... bad losers tipping over the gameboard in a tantrum.

● We all know that feminism is everywhere, right? And all women are now feminists and most men and even some animals, right? Well, guess again. There's a fascinating recent poll about the scope of feminism. It asked 40,000 Europeans and it found that Sweden was ranked as the most feminist country. No surprise there. And yet, only 46% of Swedes consider themselves feminists. In Denmark, by comparison, 40% considered themselves "feminists." This is in Europe which has leaned left and been awash in political correctness for a long time, and yet only 4 in ten believe this... the same percentage of Democrats in the US. Based on this and all the other 40% support idiocy, it sounds like there is a cap on human stupidity and it's right around 40%.

Even more interestingly, wanna guess the percentage in the US? 20%. 23% of women, 16% of men. That's it. That's not even half of all Democrats. Interesting, isn't it? Apparently, feminism isn't as influential as it wants you to believe.

● A Democrat is resigning. Shocking. All she did was have group sex with her staffers and smoke pot through a bong covered in Nazis symbols. Perhaps she should have worn blackface, then she could have gotten off with a promise not to get caught doing it again.

● Speaking of Nazis, the left is now openly against free speech. The latest, but by no means the only, is the little Swedish troll kid. She wants Facebook to ban opinions she doesn't like. Several hundred dipsh*ts at Harvard also want the school newspaper somethingsomethingburnedatthestake because it committed the crime of asking ICE to comment on a hateful anti-ICE protest at the school. Apparently, the idea of letting ICE comment on something is a crime against humanity. Black uniforms are next.

● California is on fire. See ISIS above.

Terminator Dark Bait, or whatever it's called, is not "the Terminator film we've been waiting for." No one has been waiting for another Terminator film.


BevfromNYC said...

So then, it's not just me, huh?

More later...

tryanmax said...

Things have clearly gotten worse since 1967, when Jim Morrison observed that people are merely strange.

● I got a kick out of watching the pundit class beclown themselves yesterday, proving once again that there isn't a rat-f****r they can't learn to love as long as it makes Trump look bad. "Trump is just trying to outdo Obama." "Trump revels in violence." "Trump is needlessly mocking and cruel." "Trump is unpresidential!" "Trump is unamerican!"

● I'm convinced the impeachment thing is just an excuse to keep a steady drip of bad news flowing. Without some external pressure, I don't think the House votes on articles until next October.

● Feminists. Ugh.

● Men had their chance. We need more women in power.

● I do get nervous that the only country in the world with actual free speech will talk itself out of it.

● California. Ugh.

● It looks like shame-marketing may have already run its course. While it's all but guaranteed that some 14 year old on twitter has said ungood things about the first ever Terminator movie to feature strong wimmin, I don't see the corresponding rage campaign to go see the movie or the bigots win.

AndrewPrice said...


It's not just you. We seem to be at a low point in the Republic.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Trump derangement is real. Of course, it's not that different than normal Democratic behavior either.

I'm done with feminists and race hustlers and snowflakes and the whole lot of them.

Fortunately, the Courts won't allow it, but I see a lot of idiots who would be happy to wipe out freedom in the name of their comfort.

I just don't see any reason for another Terminator film. Talk about a dry well.

Anthony said...

1) Dead terrorists are always good. This death with hopefully be a big blow to ISIS.

2) One doesn't need to look any further than Trump's ever shifting cabinet to see that some people's opinions are shaped by events. That being said, like Clinton's impeachment, its probable Trump's impeachment will claim a lot of victims (on both sides of the aisle) but not the primary target. People knew what both men were before they won office.

3) Unsurprising news about feminism. No 'ism' I am aware of boasts anything near majority support.

4) That Katie Hill thing is hilarious. I don't think there would have been a scandal if not for the photos. That is invincible idiocy for a politician.

Its commonplace but insane for normal people nowadays to take such photos with their significant other(s?). If you're together you don't need photos, if you're not you don't want them in the hands of someone with a grudge against you.

5) Generally speaking few support free speech for the other side. Its just the way of the world nowadays. Say the wrong thing, get fired, lose a contract, what have you.

6) California perpetually sounds nutty to me.

7) I'm curious to see how many people are interested in the new Terminator film. I gave up after the third one.

ArgentGale said...

1. That's one "austere religious scholar" that no sane person will miss, and the New York Times describing him as such (with a similar headline from Bloomberg) says a lot about how deranged they've become.

2. People are getting tired of this crap. An increasingly common refrain I'm hearing locally, and these are from women in their 30s-50, is "let Trump do his job." Anecdotal from a deep red rural county, I know, but it's hard not to imagine others getting fed up with and burned out on the Democrats' impeachment theater.

3. Glad to hear they're becoming increasingly irrelevant on both sides of the Atlantic, though unfortunately the fringes of their fringe still have enough media and Democrat backing to cause headaches. It'll be nice if relations between the sexes normalize soon.

4. I'll admit to being somewhat surprised that the Democrats didn't back Hill and accuse people bringing the scandal to light of misogyny, biphobia if that's a thing, and rape by way of men looking at her (censored) leaked pictures on the Internet. Still, some of the other details, like her missing flights due to spending so much time drunk, makes it sound like she was a liability across the board so it's not surprising that they let her fall when you factor that in.

5. I hope you're right about the courts stopping it, Andrew, but various free speech restrictions are always duds with the public anyway, such as the citizen request bill in Massachusetts that sought to impose a $200 fine for using the word bitch. The mockery aimed at that one was predictable but amusing and it looks like even the MA legislature has enough sense to let it die.

6. I'd wonder if this is the point where California hits rock bottom and gets serious about reforming the state but between LA and the Bay Area they're just going to keep upgrading their digging equipment. Too bad they're not keeping their stupid confined to their own state, either, as I've seen an increasing number of Texans worry about their state going blue because of California transplants. Any truth to these worries from what you know, Andrew and Bev? A blue Texas would go a long way towards making the Presidency permanently Democrat, especially if Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee follow.

7. Yeah, it's hard to see what else they can do with the series now that the Sarah Connor Chronicles. It seems they've forgotten about Rise of the Machines as well when it comes to female Terminators, though from what I've heard about that movie there's a reason for it. Either way it doesn't sound particularly interesting and I imagine any shame marketing will end up backfiring.

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