Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Have A Coke And A Smile and F* Off

You might recognize the Richard Pryor line. That's kind of the mood I'm in regarding corporations and Democrats.

● McDonalds and I are breaking up. The health reasons are part of it. I’m eating more healthy now. But truth be told, McDonalds hung in there despite that. What finally got me was that they just had another price increase, making McDonalds almost as expensive as a sit-down restaurant, and at the same time they switched to these plastic cups that just happened to be 2-3 ounces smaller than the paper cups. This angers me. I’m really sick of corporate America pulling this. Company after company is cutting the amount and quality of product they give you while increasing the price and they are all trying to sneak it past you. I’ve become very conscious of this and I’m dropping companies who do it. A dozen national chains are now on the boycott list and a large number of pre-packaged products. The funny thing is I don’t miss them like I thought I would when I dropped them. I don’t even feel nostalgic for them because once they’re gone, I quickly realize how little I actually liked them in the first place.

● Cost cutting is corporate America’s answer to wanting greater profits without winning an audience. It’s a fools choice, but that’s who runs corporate America – fools.

● So Bernie had a heart attack and the memes are fantastic:
I can’t see them running him anymore. Of course, I never could imagine them running a 108 year old in the first place. Oh wait, Biden is 107, Hillary is 666, and Fauxecohontas is a relatively youthful 104. Interesting how they have no younger people in their party. They should run Maxine Waters as VP... just for color.

● Friend of the site tryanmax predicted about a year ago that they Dems will go back to Hillary. He might be right. I thought she would be dead at this point, but somehow she lurches on. Has no one a stake or a handful of garlic?

● Speaking of corporate America, there is a war going on between BIG insurance and BIG doctor. I’m getting tons of ads on this dealing with “surprise billing.” The doctors claim there’s already a solution in place, except medical billing is so f**ed up that I often times get surprise bills 9-12 months after the fact... not that insurance is any better. But that’s not the point. The point is that this is the fruits of Obamacare and decades of liberals injecting the government into the healthcare system. This mess is the government’s doing and the proposed solutions of government intervention will only make it worse. The system is broken and that’s Congress’s fingerprints are all over the body.

● Oh no! Joker uses a song that’s played in every area but was written by a pedophile! The horror... the horror. How can anyone do such a thing?! Ban the film.


tryanmax said...

So desperate are the media to find bad news related to Joker that they reported an arrest for smoking in a theater.

Rustbelt said...

-So, Andrew, does this mean you get the playpen and the hood, or are you splitting the balls and henne oil 50/50?

-Yeah, they suck.

-(Going by the picture...) So, in the sequel, does Hillary reveal that she's been a voodoo queen all this time ("of course I am! How do you think Ginsberg's still alive?!") and revive Bernie via black magic and calypso music in order for his re-animated corpse to lead them to his stash of money saved up from the Bush tax cuts to fund the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign?

-Oh, this vampire-centric society of ours. This clearly calls for a Romero-esque crowbar shot to the head. Or a Savini-esque knife shot to the head, if you really want to get noticed on the big screen.
Also, garlic only works folklorically when the vampire- being a corpse- stinks horrifically and the smells cancel each other out. Oh, it's true!

-"There is no problem Congress can't make worse through a single piece of legislation."

-A musical artist of questionable background/taste/interests? Absurd, I say!

Rustbelt said...

Also, it's the scary month, again! Monsterpiece Theater is up and running on the film site with a slightly off-topic film this week.

Here's the article.

And here's a nice musical summary of the feature in question.

Anthony said...

1) Your boycotts are no doubt healthy and good, but I'm fine with McDonalds. I go there when we're on the road and my kids are hungry. Damn good fries. I like the chicken sandwich and am okay with the burgers. The closest fastish food to where I live is Five Guys, so they are the restaurant I visit weekly. I love their burgers and their fries.

2) Corporate cost cutting is hardly an America only phenomena. America is a more competitive, less regulated market than most (though both parties are now fighting hard to change that) and keeping costs low is a key part of capitalism.

There is a profitable market for higher priced stuff which is either better made or made from more expensive ingredients, but in most things (including food) most consumers opt for cheap and good enough.

3) Bernie's heart attack adds to Biden's woes because it means that Warren is now the rallying point for the liberals who once split their support equally between Warren and Bernie.

4) Looks like Tryanmax was right. Hillary was such an unenthusiastic campaigner I didn't think she try again, but here we are. Given the weak field I think Hillary could win the nomination but I don't think she can beat Trump.

5) Hadn't heard anything about this but I'm not surprised.

6) Given that Venom made dumptruck loads of money Joker was guaranteed to be extremely profitable. I am confused about how it became a political thing but I haven't seen it yet and of course for some people everything is political nowadays.

As for the song, you'd think they could have found something that worked that wasn't made by Gary Glitter (an avid pedophile with a string of convictions and arrests currently serving a 16 year sentence) but one small piece of a movie won't doom it in most people's eyes. Gary Glitter's music is broadly popular but I get the sense he is only really famous in the UK.

Fredd said...

Breaking up with McDonald's, eh? You'll come crawling back on hands and knees in no time. Their fries (when hot) are the best anywhere. And who can resist a juicy McRib? That's a rhetorical question - nobody, that's who.

Yup, you'll be back.

ArgentGale said...

1/2. Oddly enough, I went to a McDonald's for the first time in years a few weeks ago. I don't have anything in recent memory to compare it to but I'm not surprised. Big corporations in general seem to be more about screwing the customer for as much money as possible while providing as little value as possible and it does get old. As for my own McDonald's visit, I really didn't feel much of anything although the good old Big Mac seemed to be missing something so I don't think I'll be hurrying back. Besides, considering that I have at least one friend among a few local sit-down restaurant's waitresses and that I live in Chick-Fil-A country I'm not really missing anything.

3/4. I predicted to a friend a while back that Bernie's health likely wasn't going to hold long enough for him to really get a campaign going just from his age alone. Looks like that was a safe bet to make, though I'll admit I wasn't expecting Biden's corruption issues to come out already. It does look like the nomination is Warren's to lose at this point unless Hillary makes her return, maybe. Interesting times ahead for sure...

5. Not especially surprising either, and sadly it doesn't look like anyone is going to be taking any action to get the government out of health care and set things on the path to normal any time soon. If anything, the talk is about bringing in more government. I'd be beating my head against the desk about all of this but I don't need any more contact with the health care industry than I absolutely have to have.

6. I haven't been following Joker all that much but it does seem like the media is intent on having some tragedy happen alongside it they can sensationalize. I'm not sure how this happened myself unless there's something in the movie that offends the wokies, driving them into destroy mode. If that's the case it might be worth finding the time for.

Stacy said...

I have been boycotting McDonald's since they stopped frying their fries in lard. What used to be the world's best fries now taste like deep-fried cardboard. Make that soggy, cold, undercooked cardboard. The chicken sandwiches and wraps aren't too bad if I must eat there (for the grandkids)...if I can forget all those Facebook videos about the chicken being made of pink slime.

AndrewPrice said...

Howdy folks, sorry for not responding. It's been an odd week.

Fredd, I am determined to resist. LOL!

Stacy, I'm slowly cutting out all the fast food and other junk. I've just hit that age where I realize I feel a LOT better when I eat better. And a lot of it just doesn't taste good to me anymore.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, This is conventional wisdom within the media. In fact, it's so bad (Pavlovian, I would say) that I've even seen articles basically assuming that the violence has happened even though it hasn't. Yet, at the same time, these people also revel in the things they criticize.

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, Right now, it looks like it's Warren's to lose, but there's just something about her that makes me think she won't win the nomination. She's just not a competent candidate.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The doctor v. insurance stuff has come up because of some law that has been proposed. Both sides are vague on the details, but it's a pure power play and I think that will remind people who messed up the current system is. The problem is that the same people who get upset will want more of the same to fix the problem that the same has created. That's how stupid people work.

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, There are a lot of bad musicians and actors and directors. Usually, they go unnoticed until one hits the radar screen somehow. Then the book burning starts.

Tennessee Jed said...

no one in history has wanted the presidency more than Hillary. It gnaws at her guts. When she saw the chips falling right (Bernie’s heart attack, Biden’s gaffes and Ukraine woes, Fauxahonta’s new old videos) she sensed an opening. I would say her panties are wet, but she is too old and cold blooded. Still, the Clintons are like roaches. You can step on them and they crawl away to fight another day. Best way to take her out? leak indictment rumors mid primary season

Tennessee Jed said...

once in a while, gmail lets me in without sending me to blogger to die 😉

Critch said...

Shep Smith left Fox,,I"m all broke up. Hillary is going to run again...just watch. She will blow Warren etal out of the water...and Trump will beat her again...McDonald's new paper cups leak like a sieve....however, they still have the best reasonably priced cup of coffee on the street...

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, I ran into that at a theater this weekend. The glue holding the cup together had dried or something and once you applied any pressure, the side of the cup opened and let out some of the drink from inside.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, The Clintons are the ultimate roaches. Blech.

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