Sunday, August 15, 2021


Afghanistan. The "Graveyard of Empires." Let's talk about Afghanistan. I have several thoughts.

First... the Afghan government and military have collapsed. They weren't even beaten on the field, they just evaporated as institutions once we left. Who could have predicted that, right? Well, I did. This quote is from me in 2009 at this very blog:

There is nothing about Afghanistan (or anywhere else in the world) that tells me that democracy can be imposed by outsiders where it does not have strong roots already. Their culture is destructive and is simply not suited for any form of cooperative government. Yes, we can create a pretend democracy as long as we occupy the country. But the moment we leave, they will revert to their natural instincts. Thus, our plans to create a stable Afghanistan by imposing a democracy on these people are doomed to fail. The moment we leave, everything will evaporate.
So I was right. Afghanistan is not a country, it's a cluster of ethnic tribes with no common ground. Nor are they civilized. They are not a people who grasp the value of peaceful coexistence, civil and legal rights, and all the things which have made the West a success, and they will never defend those things. The idea that we could unite them into a country was always foolish. And that proved true.

Secondly... the fact these people won't even stand up for themselves is the most damning bit of evidence we never should have been there. And somehow, no one noticed in the past 20 years and $100 billion. Why not?

Third... Biden made the right call leaving. Yup. Just as we never should have gone in, we should not have stayed. It makes no sense to lose one single precious American life to try to maintain the fiction that this is a country worth "protecting." That was New World Order hubris. And honestly, you need to doubt the judgment or integrity of anyone telling you that we needed to stay. If we couldn't turn them into a functioning country willing to defend themselves in TWENTY year, it was never going to happen. We were wasting time, money and lives. I feel bad for everyone who was injured or killed in this cause and I feel bad for everyone in Afghanistan who helped us and will now suffer, but this did need to end and it was never going to end in victory. So I do give Biden credit for having the nerve to pull the plug.

Fourth... THAT SAID, Biden is a fool who really botched this. Just like the Democrats screwed up our exit in Vietnam by cutting all funding for the fledgling South Vietnam government, Biden screwed this up by fleeing. An orderly exit could have been achieved if someone other than the New World Order types had done the thinking. Cutting this up into smaller, defensible countries, handing them off to ethnically related neighbors, and building the military into sustainable militias would have prevented the collapse... but flies in the face of NWO dreams.

Fifth... Biden trying to blame this debacle on Trump is despicable. You botched this, sir. You alone are responsible for the clusterf*ck that ensued.

Sixth... Biden blaming Trump won't work either. Trump had no hand in this, it was all Biden and that's obvious. What's more, the MSM isn't in the most forgiving mood anymore regarding Biden. His failures and disgraces are piling up and the writing is on the wall; it's time for the MSM to look for a new hero. As an aside, as his disasters pile up, Biden is giving Jimmy Carter a run for his money as worst president ever.

Seventh... from a technical standpoint, the failure on this is interesting. First, you have the moral and cultural failures I've addressed. But there's an interesting judgment failure here too. As warlords, they had stood up well to the Taliban, so why did they fall apart at the word "boo" here? Well, it turns out that when the NWO types rebuilt the Afghan Army, they built it along Western lines, with the idea of huge supply chains, just in time delivery of ammo and food, massive air support, and paperwork galore. A dirt poor sh*thole country could not continue that supply chain and had no air force, which left their troops without support, food, ammo or medical help. Twenty years of building and the "experts" built it along the wrong model.

Eighth... the NWO types want us to worry that this leaves the US vulnerable, but will it? I don't think so. First, no one doubts the US will go to war quite easily. So don't expect any state actors to get (more) uppity. On the other hand, you might think this will discourage people from working with us, right? Except what the Taliban is about to do to the Afghan people will scare everyone else worldwide into accepting US help if it's offered. This will be the Khmer Rouge all over again.

Ninth... finally, I think it's important to note that once again, we made the mistake here of joining a civil war. We came in to get Al Queda and we ended up picking a fight with the Taliban. They are two different groups. And as sh*tty as the Taliban are, they are just the other side of the same coin of the other ethnic groups, and by fighting them, we picked sides in a civil war. If the goal was Al Queda, that's who we should have gotten and then left. Fighting the Taliban was deciding to become king makers... and you can't impose a king from outside.



AndrewPrice said...

The liberal New York Times, both admitting the debacle and blaming Biden. Here's how the article starts:

President Joe Biden’s top advisers concede they were stunned by the rapid collapse of the Afghan army in the face of an aggressive, well-planned offensive by the Taliban that now threatens Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital.

The past 20 years show they should not have been.


tryanmax said...

Watching the NWO come apart at the seams gives me hope that the Great Reset will enjoy similar success.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, This is a pretty serious failure by our elites. They were not expecting this in any way, shape or form, and it really flies in the face of the idea that people are malleable.

BevfromNYC said...

Hey all!
I agree that we never should have gone in. Yes, we should have exited with at least a plan and an agreement. Howver the most egregious issue is we left those who worked along side the US in country to be executed in the streets. No real attempt to get them out or secure their families. Not to mention our Embassy personnel out in an orderly matter. (see Benghazi 2.0).

Hope all of you are well! I miss you all. Oh, by the way, Gov Cuomo resigned! This is the 3rd Gov (all Dems) to resign since I have lived in NY. Is it something I said? I am beginning to take it personally.

ArgentGale said...

Can't argue with any of that and that includes some sentiments I've seen from a few retired veterans as well: that this should have been a punitive expedition rather than an attempt to relive the glory days of WWII nation building. Get in, take down Al Qaeda, and make an orderly withdrawal with the parting words being "Don't make us come back here again." Nice to see the pile of crap coming out of that senile fool and his cronies is getting too high and smelly for the legacy media to ignore, too. Khmer Rouge all over again, huh, on top of the eerie mirror image of the helicopter evacuation? I really didn't want to have to live through a repeat of the 70s considering I just missed being born in that decade. And tryanmax, from your keyboard to Himself's eyes on the Great Reset collapsing under its crapulence, and soon. "You'll own nothing and you'll be happy" my ass. If even someone like me is going damn near berserk at that kind of arrogance I can only hope that there's enough resistance out there to teach these would-be tyrants a harsh lesson.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Welcome back!

It truly bothers me when our government leaves people in the lurch like that. There should have been a plan to evacuate them and make sure the remaining were protected.

Saw that about Cuomo. It looks like a real disgrace for Time's Up too, as they apparently advised him how to smear his accusers. Gotta love New York!

AndrewPrice said...

Daniel, The Vietnam echoes are eerie. This exist is a true disgrace.

This never should have veered into nation building. Even now, you hear lots of whining that they just needed more time. I'm sorry, but if you can't rebuild a place in 20 years, then you can't rebuild it. And they were using the wrong plans in any event. Ultimately, none of this is worth American lives just to referee between these people.

The Taliban had power already once and showed how brutal and anti-liberal they could be. This will be worse. They
will now purge with a double belief in the correctness of their cause.

Tennessee Jed said...

As always, a thoughtful article. There is a good book on the subject titled “The Great Game.” I suppose some could say the Taliban was helping to protect Al Queda which necessitated some engagement, but it is the same lesson we did not learn in Vietnam, or Iraq for that matter. People must be willing to fight for their own freedom.

As far as Biden, my God what an idiot. I think he will take the title from Jimmy, without question. The only silver lining, is Kamala is so bad she has disapppeared, and the left may screw things up enough the. R’s can retake the Senate and or House or maybe both. Need to cut Trump loose. I appreciate he had the balls to stand up to the media culture machine, but he is far to decisive, and off-putting.

AndrewPrice said...

Everyone is tearing Biden apart, especially after his: "The Buck stops here... it's Trump's fault and those loser Afghans who wouldn't fight back."

Not a good strategy.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, Thanks! And I totally agree.

Trump is an Albatross, but he did have the nerve to fight back, which too many Republicans don't.

Biden is a total fool, as being proven daily. I think even the MSM is truly starting to turn on him. The news isn't going to stop coming from there for at least another 9 months either.

Harris has faced nothing but terrible press from all sides. I'm not sure she can be saved, but we'll see. Her best bet would be Biden walking into a door, leaving her in charge and something happens to make her popular.

AndrewPrice said...

The left has certainly recovered from their initial moment of honesty on Afghanistan. Yahoo is basically burying the story. They typically have only article on it on their front page and the headlines make it look like (1) Trump is at fault, (2) Biden is going to find out what happened, and (3) "critics" are the problem.

At the same time, Biden's staff is like rats leaving a sinking ship, contradicting him left and right and covering their asses. Meanwhile, Biden looks delusional. And his poll numbers are dropping like a stone.

tryanmax said...

Two administrations in a row where apparently everyone is in chaos. I'm starting to think the deep state was collapsing under its own weight before Trump ever got there.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, The Deep State was always doomed because the Deep Deep State has been after then for a long time on behalf of the DEep LIZZard people. TRUTH!!!!

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