Sunday, August 22, 2021


Just to update some recent things we've talked about:


Lots of minorities are posting gloating articles about the number of whites dropping and minorities slowing taking over. Ha ha whitey. But as I told you, the reality is quite different and they are about to be disappointed. I'm not alone in recognizing this either. Indeed, I'm seeing a steady beat of articles from black intellectuals ringing the panic bell. In particular, there are two strains of panic.

First and loudest, despite claims that the number of blacks went up, black intellectuals know this is not true and they are worried that blacks are not having enough babies and will lose political power. Their biggest worries are not enough babies and the rise of mixed-race blacks, who are not loyal blacks. So as I said, they want you to believe the lie for some reason.

Backing this up, by the way, are a growing number of articles about how the number of blacks has dropped dramatically in places like New York City and Chicago. Chicago lost 180,000 blacks between 2000 and 2010 and another 85,000 between 2010 and 2020. Hispanics, on the other hand, grew by about 40,000. This has flipped the racial makeup of the city to such a point that Chicago's 18-5 black to Hispanic aldermen ratio may actually flip entirely after redistricting.
“It’s absolutely going to get ugly. You’ve seen precipitous population loss in the African American community and you’ve seen some growth in the Latino community,” said Alderman Brendan Reilly, 42nd. “I think that both are going to come in with a head of steam, and they’re going to draw some pretty extreme maps.”
Good times.

Secondly, there is unease that to create the impression that whites are shrinking, the Census had to push the idea of separating Hispanics from whites. This may feel satisfying, but they know it's an illusion. In fact, interestingly, you might not remember this, but around the 2000 Census, the left was determined to remove any reference to Hispanic from the Census because they wanted to hide the issue of the number of Mexicans in the US. They thought that was going to get whites to eject illegals and so they tried to hide the issue. By the 2020 Census, however, they had become so convinced that they would control Hispanics that they wanted to highlight the number. But as I explained, that's an illusion too. The US is actually identifying more and more as white.


Wow. This just keeps getting worse. Biden obviously made a fool of himself saying in July that the Taliban would not take over. That was foolish. But now come the lies and disgraces. First, Biden lied to claim that no one told him the Afghan government might collapse. DOD, CIA and State have all denied that whopper. Second, Biden lied about consulting the Europeans, who are pissed he told them nothing and apparently still won't tell them anything. Third, Biden blamed this on Trump and the locals for not wanting to fight, when we basically knocked their legs out from under them. Fourth, Biden lied about our efforts to evacuate people. We've done nothing as the Euros went around and rescued people. He lied about people being able to get to the airport when the Taliban has stopped them. He lied about controlling the airport when the Taliban surround it. He lied about people dying at the airport when we have video showing them die. He lied about the number of jets and the number of people on them. This has been the most incompetent evacuation ever. He lied about why we had no plan to evacuate people, giving contradictory reasons why he had no plan in place and took no action. Then it gets even more despicable: Biden lied to coverup the fact we are abandoning the Afghan interpreters and others who helped us by claiming they didn't want to leave Afghanistan. EVERYONE involved says that's entirely false. He was also outed as having said "F*ck that! Nixon got away with it" when someone in Obama's administration told him we had a responsibility to help these people. Utterly shameful.


Like I mentioned, social security is looking at a 6% raise, which is an admission that inflation is likely 10%. But then they announced that they were raising welfare payments by 26%. Think about what that means.


Biden is planning to hike taxes on small business. He's going to give rich people a break though by trying to make their state taxes deductible again. This is aimed at subsidizing high tax liberal states like New York and California and 90% of it will go to the genuinely rich.

yay liberalism...


AndrewPrice said...


I've been talking to the nurses at the wound clinic (after an awesome fall, my leg broke open so I'm back trying to fix that). They have been doing double-duty lately with Covid long haulers. These are not the malingerers who caught Covid and now claim to have nebulous pain deserving of benefits, these are people who months later are still on ventilators.

Apparently, they are developing these ugly black wounds of necrotic (dead) tissue on their backs, rears and legs. These wounds are palm sized and appear suddenly. The doctors have told the nurses they don't understand what is causing it.

Obviously, I'm not a doctor, but I have a vast experience with wounds because of circulatory issues in my legs. Tissue tends to become necrotic because either a virus poisons it or it loses its oxygen supply. Either way, that's a scary thing.

Stay safe folks.

Tennessee Jed said...

Inflation definitely here and real. Biden just amazes. Makes me laugh. How press now trying to call critics on Afghan “hawks”.Tenn Jed has some issues with fatigue and shortness of breath, not related to Covid. But mostly persevering

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Jed, It's definitely real and it gets worse every day.

Biden has blown me away, not just how stupid he is (I knew that) but what for a liar he is and how utterly dishonorable he is.

Glad you're persevering. Sorry about the other issues. I hope you're doing well though!

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