Saturday, August 14, 2021

Why Lie?

So the last few days I explained why ALL the headlines and conventional wisdom about the Census data are provably wrong (make sure you read my comments). Twenty million whites have not died off. The black population is shrinking, not growing. Hispanics are growing, but there are two types of Hispanics and most of them identify as white. Whites are not and will not become a minority. The majority of kids are not browns. Etc. This stuff is super easy to verify, yet everyone is running around repeating these bizarrely false claims. Why?

All told, I would say the left has three reasons why they would lie about this. Talk radio has one. Talk radio wants to scare you into continuing to listen: stay afraid... stay afraid... buy my book! The left's rational is more complicated. The left has been promising a racial takeover of the United States for decades now. You would think it would be bad to keep making this promise if it isn't true or can easily be debunked. But then, human nature tells us otherwise because few people are genuinely rational. Here are the reasons the left is lying:

(1) Scare The Opposition: By beating this drum, the left gets many on the right and in the center to cower in fear of the coming brownpocalyse. This does several things. It gets many to surrender and try appeasement: i.e. if they will soon be the majority, we better do things to earn their good graces now. A similar line of reasoning would keep these people from fighting too hard in the hopes of some sort of truce in the future: i.e. I didn't mess with you then, remember, so don't mess with me now. Then there is the aspect of demoralization. This is similar to the first two, but it leads to a kind of inaction because of the sense of futility: i.e. why bother doing anything, there's nothing we can do. Finally, there's a kind of dastardly idea, which is this might encourage a certain set to act out against brown people and thereby help make the sales pitch that whites are racist easier to sell to browns.

(2) Groupthink: Leftists don't need to be right, ever, to keep their followers following them. Their followers excel at cognitive dissonance and disavowing their own actions. By continuing to beat this drum, they keep these leftists in line by promising a glorious socialist future a-comin' if they can only hang on long enough for browns to breed themselves into the majority... have faith, the promised land is almost here. There's little danger of their collectives figuring out the truth either. Consider that the left has kept the anti-gun nuts, the environmental nuts, the feminists, the gays, the race baiters, etc. all on the hook with promises the left repeatedly goes out of its way to never fulfill, lest these groups get satisfied and leave. They will accept this version of Paradise Coming as well.

(3) Leftist Browns: These people know the score. They've seen the numbers. They know the Democrats have realized brown-power-America is not coming. Yet, the image of brown-power-America coming is useful to them for reasons 1 and 2 above. They can use it to drive a hard bargain with moderates and surrenderists to get things now on credit in the false believe that one day they will be the ruling class. They can simultaneously use it to keep their weak-minded collectives in line.

There's something else too though. I think there is another reason this group keeps this fantasy going: they want it to be true. You see this all the time with humans, where we act according to things we wish would come true even though a reasonable assessment tells us it will never happen. We buy things we can't afford in the hope of an unrealistic pay raise or stock market win. We buy lottery tickets. We buy clothes that don't fit in the hope that if we can just lose those last 40 pounds, they will soon fit. Human beings are terrible at living in reality... we live in hope for fantasy. They know better though, right? Yeah, but when you live in a big city surrounded by nothing but blacks and Hispanics and your television is full of them, it's not so hard to believe that despite the numbers maybe it is really happening. That's called drinking the KoolAid. Add in a slew of professors and activists who tell us that minorities are always under-counted or if you squint at the data it looks kind of like something other than what it is, and it's easy to slip into fantasy. As a lawyer, I see this with clients all the time.

All told, what you are seeing is a lie, and the people telling it either know it is a lie or can figure it out in seconds if they bother to look, but it fits a narrative that does a whole lot of things they like and they kind of want it to be true, so they keep telling it.



AndrewPrice said...

I'll talk about Afghanistan next time.

I predicted what is happening in 2009: LINK

"There is nothing about Afghanistan (or anywhere else in the world) that tells me that democracy can be imposed by outsiders where it does not have strong roots already. Their culture is destructive and is simply not suited for any form of cooperative government. Yes, we can create a pretend democracy as long as we occupy the country. But the moment we leave, they will revert to their natural instincts. Thus, our plans to create a stable Afghanistan by imposing a democracy on these people are doomed to fail. The moment we leave, everything will evaporate."

tryanmax said...

The problem with your analysis, Andrew, is that it leaves little room to add much. I can only remark that the brazenness I’m seeing from people claiming the black population grew is amazing if not surprising. I wondered for 20 years why the press, so willing to misrepresent anything, didn’t just outright lie? Well, wonder no longer. We’ve gotten almost nothing but flat-out lies from the press for the past few years.

I’m a little slow. I finally understand the confusing way that Hispanics are counted. It serves to shift whites into the brown column. I often think of those listicles with titles like “Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Hispanic.” Cameron Diaz is on all of them.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, This is the first time the Hispanic game has become clear to me. They are shifting anyone with an Hispanic background into the "just climbed over the fence and hates white people" category. The reality is that those people identify as white, not Hispanic, and only include Hispanic because it is part of their heritage. But making them seem like recent immigrants serves the purposes above. I think most of these people would be shocked to hear that they are not being seen as white.

The black thing is strange because it's a flat out lie, not even a statistical game. Equally interestingly, while we have been told to view mixed race people as rejecting their white parts, somehow they get lumped in with black or brown automatically, even if they don't identify as such.

It's definitely a scaremongering game.

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