Thursday, March 1, 2018

Destroying Hope

I don't know much about Hope Hicks. And under normal circumstance, I wouldn't care much either. Government hack. Whoopdi-doo. But I think something despicable has happened here that is worth pointing out.

For those who don't know, Hicks is a former model (as if that matters) who became a communications and public relations consultant who then became Trump's communications director. From the sound of it, she's actually quite talented and a bit of a Trump whisperer. She is also an enemy of the left because she's not one of their drones. So here's what happened.

The first time I really had any idea Hope existed was when she accompanied Melania Trump on a foreign visit. What caused me to notice Hope? Well, the leftist media's OBSESSION with whether or not she was more attractive that Melania (they called it "upstaging") and whether or not she dressed better. Basically, the left did what nasty teenage girls do to their enemies -- they smeared her for her looks and tried to paint her as a slut. So much for any legitimate claim that these assholes actually support women... but then, you knew they didn't.

After this, all bets were off and the MSM seemed to stalk this poor women. They used the excuse that she was pretty and that made her suspect. Article after article appeared talking about what she was wearing, how she looked and suggesting that her looks are what got her to where she was.

Then the #MeToo fraud happened and the ex-wife of her then-current boyfriend claimed he abused her. The left pounced and made this about Hicks, basically daring her to keep dating the guy. Think about that. How absolutely despicable can you be to think that you have the right to dictate to another person who they get to date? And even after the guy resigned, the Media continued to stalk her (a fair word) to embarrass her on this issue -- an issue that wasn't even her own. Can you imagine the outrage if the media had stalked, oh let's say, Johnny Depp's girlfriend and demanded to know why she hadn't dumped him yet because of allegations made by his ex-wife? I'm pretty sure the morbidly obese chicks at Yahoo would have been incensed. Instead, they were trying to drain the blood out of this woman.

Now the last few days, they've been performing a ghoulish death watch all hidden under a sexist veneer again about what she was wearing, how she looks, and how she once dated a man who is worse than Hitler so she had no right to date him. Tonight she resigned and I can't blame her.

What sick, despicable people populate the left.


Anthony said...

A high ranking staffer resigning from the Trump campaign is pretty much a day that ends in y, especially if the staffer works in a highly visible role. Such people tend to be attacked by Trump and his enemies. That has been the pattern since before Trump won office.

The White House has had trouble keeping someone in the communications director role. Jason Miller initially was chosen for the job, but ultimately turned it down citing family reasons.

Mike Dubke briefly served in the role but resigned in May after just three months on the job. Anthony Scaramucci resigned from the role in July after just 11 days on the job after Kelly became chief of staff.

Hicks stepped into the role after Scaramucci’s departure.

tryanmax said...

Anthony, that was my initial reaction, too. But I didn't really follow the Hope Hicks saga. By some cursory Googling, I'd say Andrew provides a decent summary. (Sorry, Andrew, I cross-check everything. Even my own mother.) It seems like a pretty clear case of the leftist media driving Hicks out and not some inability to work with Trump. Which is unbelievably gross.

I can't say much about the other WH comms directors, except to posit that Scaramucci was only ever a hatchet man. His short tenure makes sense when you realize he's the "bad guy" who cleared out a lot of dross in the comms department and hit the door. The attendant theater to his resignation was, in my estimation, just that.

Anthony said...

I never followed the Hope Hicks saga. I first heard her name in the context of that accused wife beater, when it was said she and Kelly knew for months about the accusations but gave him the benefit of the doubt and never bothered informing Trump. That guy resigned, then she dropped out of the news.

Then a few days ago she testified before Congress, admitting she sometimes told white lies for Trump (pretty much the job of a communications director) which got a lot of silly, triumphant headlines.

There were reports Trump was upset (he mocked Sessions via Twitter, which seems to be a thing he does when he is in a bad mood) and right after those reports Hicks quit. That would be a very weird reason for her to quit, but its a very weird administration.

AndrewPrice said...


She started in the news long before that, with attacks on her clothes and looks. They phrased it in terms of her "upstaging Melania" and swore that Melania wanted her out (which time has proven not to be true), but it was just a catty attack. She even came home early from some foreign visit and the MSM ran a series or stories about her being sent home because Melania thought she was too hot.

Some went so far as to imply that she was having an affair with Trump. Micheal Wolff apparently tries to suggest she slept her way into the job.

Then the harassment stuff came up and they stalked her. They had reporters at her home watching her and taking picture (with each caption carefully describing what she was wearing).

Even after the guy resigned, the left used her as a punching bag for "how could she date someone like that?!!" and always mixed in stalker-grade photos and talk about her looks.

It's easy to see why she resigned for something so minor (her job is to avoid bad truths), given the pressure they put her under.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I don't mind you checking at all. :)

As a general rule, I don't write knee-jerk spur of the moment stuff. I usually write about things I've thought about for some time or that I've been watching for months. So hopefully, they're pretty accurate. And if they're not, then I'd like to know.

AndrewPrice said...

P.S. tryanmax, I've noticed of late that most blogs are long dead at this point. I think the reason we've continued so long (in addition to the fact I consider all of you friends) is that I don't just repeat headlines. I'm writing what interests me, and that's made it easier to keep writing.

tryanmax said...

I know my blogs are dead.

AndrewPrice said...

Blogging seems to be almost entirely dead... except for Mommy bloggers. Those people are nuts though.

tryanmax said...

The main function of a blog is to have something to link to, nowadays.

tryanmax said...

Or, to look at it another way, how many online magazines are really just glorified blog collectives?

ArgentGale said...

There really isn't much that sends the rabid left into a rage like a beautiful, talented woman who doesn't fall in lockstep with their ideology, is there? She was definitely in a high pressure job but that doesn't justify the stalker behavior you described at all. Sadly I think the media is just going to intensify their efforts because of this.

Andrew, I definitely appreciate the effort you put into these posts and enjoy being a part of the community here too! You've definitely got something special going here. Tryanmax, I'm still laughing about you and GypsyTiger's discussion about the making of AR-15s in the last post too! No wonder demons are so cranky, having to lose their most important parts for gun manufacturing!

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Daniel! Despite how scraggly many of these post appear, they do take time. LOL! Thanks for the kind word.

I thought the AR-15 discussion was brilliant. Forged in Mordor. LOL!

On Hicks, Huffpo was actually doing articles point out the nastiest twitter attacks on Hope yesterday because that's what Huffpo is. And you're right. The left is brutal but if you are a woman or a black conservative, they become positively evil.

AndrewPrice said...

P.S. To all our friends in Boston, even Tom Brady, best of luck in the storm.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, There's another film article at the film site, thanks to tryanmax. LINK

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