Sunday, March 4, 2018

Monday, Monday

Some thoughts from the weekend.

● Poet laureate RuPaul said recently: “Drag is a big f-you to male dominated culture.”

Uh, wrong. LOL! Very, very wrong.

Drag is a mockery of femininity. It is a grotesque distortion of womanhood. It is a celebration of the intensely-exaggerated negative stereotypes gay men have of women, done with mockery and venom, and performed by males who have rejected women in favor of their own comfort with the male form. It is the female equivalent to black face. And the only reason it hasn’t been recognized as such yet is because homosexuals were considered an ally of the left. That has now changed and I think you will find drag soon becoming less acceptable.

● Fringe kiddie-lover and opportunist Roy Moore says he’s broke and wants money to pay his legal fees. I’m sure he’ll get it, sadly. If you intended to send him money, may I instead recommend setting the money you were going to send him on fire and then punching yourself in the throat.

● The NRA has had a 4900% rise in membership requests since the shooting in Florida. That doesn’t surprise me. It’s one thing to talk about reasonable ways to stop future shootings, it’s quite another to turn this shooting into an anti-GOP, anti-NRA rant as the left has done. Win to the NRA.

● Oscars tonight... or as it should be called “A gathering of leftist drones who hide their own crimes behind massive hypocrisy.” They should be wearing “Aiding & Abetting” ribbons. And the winner for best performance should be #MeToo. It's beautiful fiction.

● Salma Hayek declares “there are no sh*thole nations!” Au contrair. Let me point out that Salma is from a sh*thole – Mexico – but oddly now chooses to live in London (to avoid French taxes). I wonder why she doesn’t live in Mexico? Nor have I ever seen her vacation in Haiti, Somalia, or Venezuela, just to name a few. Gee, why is that? Also, it seems that the sh*tholes were very good at identifying themselves when the time came. And why is it that no one ever advertises for donations to clean up Germany, but they do for various sh*tholes? Sorry Salma, but when I look at Mexico, all I can think of is that contrary to what you think, your sh*tholes does stink.


LL said...

Progressives never speak of fleeing the US for Haiti, Cuba, anywhere in Africa or Mexico. They always plan to flee to the French Riviera or Canada. Their racism is showing.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, It's funny how that happens, isn't it?

Rustbelt said...

2 More R.I.P.s this weekend...

David Ogden Stiers...a.k.a. Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester THE THIRD of "M*A*S*H*' and Cogsworth in 'Beauty and the Beast'
Passed away after battle with cancer. He was 75.

Sir Dr. Roger Bannister...first track athlete to run a mile in under 4 minutes, which he accomplished in 1954 at a track event in Oxford, England. Spent the next six decades as a celebrated neurologist.
Suffered from Parkinson's in later years. He was 88.

Also, I don't think it was mentioned earlier, but in January, NASA lost one of its legends...
Astronaut John Young.
Gemini 3 & 10, Apollo 10 & 16, and STS-1 & 9
-only man to pilot 4 different spacecraft (Gemini module, Apollo command module, lunar module, space shuttle)
-1 of only 3 men to orbit the Moon twice
-9th man to walk on the moon
-Original commander of Shuttle Columbia

He was 87.

Here is NASA's tribute video.

Anthony said...

1. I agree about drag being a grotesque parody of femininity but I am also a straight guy. Generally speaking women have been the best friends of gay guys, including those in drag. I would be very surprised if that changed.

2. I'm sure Trump will write him a check.

3. NRA membership usually rises after shootings and/or when there is talk of gun control. Pro and anti-gun sentiment rise in tandem. Its why I predicted after the Florida shooting nothing would change.

He’s not alone. Tens of thousands of individual donors give millions of dollars to the NRA’s political action committee each year ― and in the days and months after a mass shooting, those donations can skyrocket. After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, the NRA’s political action committee raised $2.7 million in just a few months, a 350 percent increase over the same period the year before. Other gun advocacy groups, like the LGBTQ-friendly organization Pink Pistols, saw surges in membership after the shootings at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015, and at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a year later.

4) I like how there are still articles about actors are still 'throwing shade' this deep into Metoo. Rather than say what they know or think, most cast aspersions, waiting until a person's boat has been sunk by someone else before deigning to speak up.

5) An awful lot of ink has been spilled defending and attacking comments Trump denies making. It as if everyone thinks him a liar. I am shocked. Shocked!

Far more consequentially, Trump seems to have decided now is the time to start up with that big government conservatism that inevitably accompanies nationalism. He will enact tariffs to protect 'strategic' American industries (read: those with deep pocketed lobbyists) from the market, even if that harms other American industries and of course, consumers.

The defenders of tariffs point to other countries, including current 'nightmare soon to surpass us because they are wisely closed, we are foolishly free' China as justifications. Bernie Sanders is very happy right now.

tryanmax said...

What a Drag: I’ve run in many circles in my life, and one thing that normies don’t know (because the LGBTs don’t want them to know) is that drag is not necessarily gay. If this fact becomes common knowledge, I think Andrew will prove correct. It’s a risky proposition for the LGBTs, tho’. If the reality of one LGBT subculture comes out, the realities of all the subcultures—and the animosities between them—might also come out. Gays are a lot less cuddly the more you get to know.

Moore Money: My guess is that Moore’s legal fees stem mainly from the lawsuit he initiated in response to losing the election. The court of public opinion assumes Moore is guilty of child molestation because he lost an election and have largely moved on.

FWIW, I think Corfman’s prospects of winning her defamation suit are bleak if the headlines are any indication: “Roy Moore's own words used against him by Leigh Corfman in court filing” Really? In a defamation suit? You don’t say?

From my cold, dead hands: Anthony, your read on the post-shooting surges is accurate but not especially pertinent. The periodic surges hurt the anti-2A narrative that would otherwise be wall-to-wall coverage of people eager to give up their guns. The high-water mark for NRA membership is equal to about 1.5% of the US population. If it just sat there, it’d be easy to ignore. The surges draw attention to the people aversely persuaded by that coverage. The human brain doesn’t really register the difference between 5 million and 300 million, and both look small against a 4900% increase, again, because the brain doesn’t register the difference between percentages and hard numbers.

Were the Oscars last night? Hunh.

Shut your Hole: Why don’t Salma and the rest just publish a list of which countries are not sh!tholes? You know, for easy reference.

tryanmax said...

Also, on 2A, if there were an anti-2A organization that could be called the NRA's counterpart, I imagine they'd have roughly equal surges, maybe smaller. On the one hand, you have thousands of passionate people willing to show up to rallies. On the other hand, you have million willing to part with $35 bucks. The left has time and the right has money, so they each attack the other's resource.

AndrewPrice said...

So the Oscar ratings were down 16% from last time and seem to have hit an historic low. Surprise! Perhaps the American people don't like self-righteous leftists after all?

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, Some good people.

AndrewPrice said...


1. Having lived among professionals in DC, it was virtually impossible not to have gay friends and gay acquaintances. I found it interesting that so many women think that gay men are harmless... like pets. But the gay male community as a group is deeply misogynist.

3. This time seems to be much more than normal. I think that comes from the left's push to create a sense of progress, even as nothing is really changing.

4. The whole #metoo thing is about theater and pointing fingers at others to avoid blame. In the end, it's all just a giant jerk off.

AndrewPrice said...


1. Drag is a mix. Some gay, some hetero. It sells itself as ultra-emasculation "make your husband uncomfortable!" But the reality is that it's deeply anti-woman.

Your final point is quite excellent, by the way. Gay is not cuddly. The gay male world is basically men who are obsessed with sex f*cking as many barely-known men as possible. Many seek out young boys -- gay groups actively campaign to eliminate the age of consent. Gay male monogamy is a myth (lesbians are different). Much of gay male culture is deeply anti-woman at a level that would bring howls if it came from heterosexuals.

Not that I care ultimately, but I do think it's funny that feminists give all of this a pass.

2. That's probably true. I just want Moore to go away at this point, but I'm sure he'll be back.

3. Agreed on guns. The surges speak to the intensity of the opposition to the MSM.

4. Yeah, the Oscars were last night... and nobody watched. Worst rated Oscars ever. Imagine that!

5. How funny would that be? Somebody should ask them.. Do you think Syria is a shithole? Pakistan? North Korea? Somalia? Kentucky?

tryanmax said...

Andrew, Now that I've seen a handful of Oscar clips, let me ask you: Do the Oscars seem older and grayer than they used to?

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I hadn't thought about it in those terms, but I had noticed that there is a real lack of new blood in Hollywood today. All the big names started in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and they seem to be dominating the casting.

Anthony said...

San Nunberg seems to be stressed out. Doubt anything substantial will come of it.

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