Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Steppin' In It

I love it when leftists implode. Here are a couple things from this week that will amuse you.

(1) From the Oscars... The Oscars were set up to be pure feminist propaganda. The hosts and winners yammered on about #MeToo and #TimeOut. Self-righteousness was everywhere. Down with men! All the drones wore buttons and ribbons declaring their adherence to the collective. And my God, women won everything! Uh... wait, scratch that. Sorry, apparently, penisers won everything that wasn't set aside for women (and we'll get those categories too once our transsexual army is in place!!!)

Here's the funny thing though. A rapist won an award. A wife beater won an award. A harasser won an award. A harasser worked the red carpet. //snicker snicker So much for making a point.

And then there was poor racist Emma Stone, who has starred in a movie for the evil Woody Allen. She got carried away with her womanhood and gurlpower introduced the category for Best Director by saying, "These four men and Greta Gerwig created their own masterpieces this year." Buuuuuuuurnnnnn! She just put everyone with a penis in his/her place! But wait... weren't two of those men sacred cows? Indeed, they were. One of them was Guillermo Del Toro, a Mexican. Another was Jordan Peele, who is black. AND that makes them more victim than just a woman. Naturally, the left got this right away (except for all the white feminists applauding in the audience): Stone had diminished the triumphs of two men of color. She had done the "white feminism" thing that pissed off so many black sisters about the Women's March -- i.e. spoiled white women equating their fake suffering with the fake suffering of minorities. Bad Emma.

So the FeministOscars made a complete and utter fool of themselves... not to mention having the lowest ratings ever.

(2) Things continue to go horribly wrong at the University of Missouri. You might remember some militant black students taking over the admin building a couple years ago and screaming racism. And then the administration gave in to them, thinking this would be a good thing... white liberal guilt and all.

Well, shockingly, white students abandoned the school in droves. So did black students who bought into the whole "this place is racist" propaganda. The end result has been growing budget shortfalls as the number of applicants and students fell. Now they've hit a new low and they are $60 million below budget. Because of this, they will be killing 27 degree programs. Ha ha. This is getting close to a death spiral.


(3) A couple things to add...

Apparently, two of the womyn who are running the failed Women's March are fans of Louis Farrakhan. CNN's Jake Tapper is hounding them about that support because of Farrakhan's virulent antisemitism. So far, they've basically refused to denounce him though they've tried to claim they don't support his views. This sounds like a mess an lots of liberals are worried it will tar the left during the next election.

Also, I read an article this weekend about minority Millenials turning to violence to drive out rich white liberals who are trying to gentrify neighborhoods. This is apparently turning quite ugly. I'll update you on that later, but apparently white liberals aren't as in charge of their brown children as they think.

Finally, progressives are going to war against the Democratic Party for favoring non-progressives. That should help protect the GOP. At the same time, progressives are doing things like trying to toss out non-progressives like Diane Feinstein. Wow. Talk about self-destruction! And barely a word in the media...


AndrewPrice said...

I added a third part I forgot earlier. Enjoy!

Anthony said...

1) I agree about all the craziness of the Oscars but its worth keeping in mind most big events are in a pattern of decline because of the atomization of entertainment (in terms of debut State of the Union viewership Clinton>Bush>Obama>Trump).

The fact so many of the Oscar nominees were R rated and/or art house type movies helped tamp down viewership. While I see rightly complaining about what some kids are exposed to, generally speaking its understood in the industry that once you get an R or an M (the game industry's equivalent of an R) you are kind of shutting yourself out of a big chunk of the market. The Shape of Water and Get Out were big successes which earned many times their budgets, but in absolute numbers what they pulled in paled in comparison to PG-13 rated franchises like Star Wars, Fast and the Furious and the Marvel (or even the DC) movies.

2) No surprise there. I agree completely.

3) I am kinda surprised Farrakhan is still alive. He isn't the force he used to be and was never as big as he liked to pretend. The fringe continuing to embrace him doesn't shock me, that may bite them in the ass, or not. Hard to tell in an era where crazy talk is the rule rather than the exception.

4) Haven't heard of that one.

6) Different factions of a party going to war is pretty much par for the course when a party is out of power (lots of Democrats were cleansed when Bush was in office, ditto for Obama). Once parties win power/the presidency the war becomes one sided, with people out of step with the president being cleansed.

Now I am moving on to stuff in the news I thought was interesting

6) Another high profile Trump resignation in the form of Gary Cohn, his chief economic advisor, an investment banker type who pushed for tax reduction and less bureaucracy but resigned due to Trump's stance on tariffs.

Trump has stated he loves the chaos and the more resignations will happen soon. Spots are emptying faster than he can fill them. I guess he will just hand more power/responsibility over to his family.

7) The DoJ is suing California because of its policy of resisting deportations of illegals. I think this issue is a big winner for Trump. Some Californian politicians even go so far as to tip off illegals about upcoming raids. Some of those illegals are killers and child molesters. California makes no distinction, it protects them all.

8) Porn star Stormy Daniels is suing Trump over their non-disclosure agreement over their decade old affair. I think like with Bill Clinton this won't damage the candidate much (people knew and accepted who he was before they voted for him), it will just shorten coattails and increase voter fatigue.

As happened after Clinton, our next president or two will be guys who faithful to their wives.

8) Populism just won a big victory in Italy. As is generally the case it calls for more government intervention in the market to protect workers and small business (more subsidies and tariffs, less trade, less immigration). Its anti-free trade (always expensive, though often attractive) and anti-EU.

I can respect the anti-EU sentiment. I am kind of surprised that that project has gone on as long as it has. It produces a truly smothering level of regulation. The big incentive to stay in is access to a tiny handful of country's pot of money, with the biggest contributor by far being Germany.If Germany ever decides it wants to stop paying for everyone else's extravagance, then the EU's carrot and the EU itself will disappear.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see where all this ends.

BevfromNYC said...

Fun times, those Oscars. I declined to watch them this year mainly because I was not nominated for anything. But mainly because of this --------> The Emma Stone thing is just grand, yet I wonder why it didn't make it to the main media feeds. I mean, it is the most eloquent form of of the folly of defining grievance groups. It's intersectionality at it finest! All of the intersections use each other against each other. This is why "groupthink" doesn't work out as planned. Because there is this assumption that if you are in a group then you must think like ALL groups.

Who could have ever predicted this...oh, pretty much anyone who knows anything about history, common sense, humanity...pick your group.

BevfromNYC said...

As for the Womyn's March women - it really is my hideously hateful guy is much better than your hideously hateful guy mainly because...well, apparently Farrakhan isn't taken seriously anymore unlike say, David Duke who last I saw...isn't really taken seriously either. Yet, even unsolicited endorsement by David Duke gets one hounded for a public apology lest you be branded a racist/bigot/homophobic/transphobic/misogynist/anti-semite! Oddly being all of those things + named Farrakhan just gets you...a major speaking engagement, polite applause, pat on the head, and ignored by the press 'cause you're over the hill.
This does get tedious, doesn't it?

BevfromNYC said...

Let me add the primaries in Texas. No real surprises (to me anyway). The fun part is the Dems are hailing this a victory for them 'cause they got millions to polls. I suspect that many don't understand that Texas has an open primary which means that many would-be Republicans can vote for the Dem candidates in primaries.

Either way, the run-offs ought to be fun.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, I think the overarching theme is that the problem with intersectionality is no one knows which way to turn.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I think the MSM doesn't pick this up because:

(1) They are basically white elitists and relate to Stone, not the angry black people.

(2) This goes against the narrative. The narrative is: "GOP civil war, all is well on the left." Things like this kind of blow that up.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I can't wait to see how Texas goes. The Democrats seem sure they're going to win it. I don't think so. Interesting test though.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I think they keep stumbling over each other because they have trained themselves to find office in everything. So it's like a reflex now. Combine with the idea of their own infallibility, that's a noxious combination of beliefs that will always lead to trouble.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I thought Farrakhan had retired.

The gentrification thing was interesting. They are openly declaring themselves militant and have engaged in various acts of violence and intimidation (RICO-able) to keep these hipster whites from moving into their neighborhoods. It was an interesting story that I only first heard about maybe a week ago.

On the other stuff, Italy is a mess. Italy is like a drunk stumbling off to the liquor store. I actually keep waiting for them to break into two countries.

tryanmax said...

My attitude about people who quit the administration over policy differences is that they're not committed enough to the policies they favor to stick around and speak to them. Resignation is just acquiescence + a temper-tantrum.

As to the charge that Trump will hand over more authority to his family, there is no pattern of that. It's been Jared and Ivanka from day one and that's it. Much is made of Kushner's role as Sr. Advisor, but it is basically a communications/PR position. The only reason Ivanka has an official unpaid position is because opponents wanted legal grounds to place her under ethics rules and the Trumps obliged.

I frankly don't know what to make of charges that Trump's family will influence his decision making. I mean, wouldn't you just assume that to be the case with any president? The fact that he gave them official roles just means he isn't playing the pretend game that they're not influences.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Apparently, they had a million people vote for the Democrats and 1.5 million vote for the Republicans. That doesn't sound good for the Democrats.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, As a general rule, I find that people who leave based on "policy differences" actually leave for some other reason and just try to make it sound noble.

The other Trump stuff doesn't bother me. It's all a mix of BS, molehills, wishful thinking and obsession. And yeah, family usually is expected to influence the President... until you want to pretend there's an issue. Democrats are good at that. And the public completely never cares about things like that.

BevfromNYC said...

Andrew - though I have not really looked at the field of
Dem "winners" in the primaries, my hunch is that a portion of those million votes went to the most un-electable leftist candidates on purpose. And the open primary, well. That is how Wendy Davis won the Dem Gov nom in that primary. She honestly thought she was going to win...

And this isn't a Trump-train/Pro-Trump thing either. it's a disgust with the Dems unhinged assault on everything!

Anthony said...


Trump is by all accounts a guy who will make policy pronouncements based on Fox and Friends or whoever he just had a meeting with. Along those lines, before Cohn resigned the rumor was much of Trump's staff had been blindsided by his tariff declaration (which happened just after a meeting with the steel industry).

I get how people with monk-like devotion to the cause would emulate Sessions and stick around no matter what, but as a guy who has worked under a crappy boss or two, I can't say I blame the people who left. Work is a big part of life and if the boss doesn't treat you right and you aren't enjoying what you do...

I agree about Trump's family. It was more of a joke about them being the only people not quitting than an accusation of a power play.

As I said in the context of Obama, scrutiny for judicial nominees (who have independence) makes sense, but within reason one ought to let the president do what he wants with the executives offices and powers under his purview.

Anthony said...

I confess I haven't paid any attention to the primaries. It will only get interesting for me when people start hanging themselves with their tongues and old or current scandals are dug up.

tryanmax said...

before Cohn resigned the rumor was much of Trump's staff had been blindsided by his tariff declaration

Then his staff are idiots. Trump has been talking about this sort of thing since the 1980s. He ran on it in 2000, criticized Obama for 8 years for being taken advantage of by the Chinese, and ran on it again in 2016.

The people working with Trump are at a completely different level. If they're quitting, I suspect it's down to their realizing the limits of their influence. Some of them may be genuinely angry about it.

Sorry I didn't catch the joke earlier. I've probably heard it too many times in sincerity elsewhere. ;)

Anonymous said...

I didn't even realize the Oscars had happened until the day after. I love movies and I used to see every movie that was nominated for best picture so I could be knowledgeable about the award winner. I think I quit that the year The English Patient was nominated. Anyway, while I still love movies (tryanmax, thanks by the way for your recent posts at the film site) I don't care aboutthe Academy award winner anymore. However, I had some thoughts from this years ceremony. (Which I learned about the day after) A- Wasn't Gary Oldman's speech classy? I'd like to thank America... B- Jane Fonda did something right even though it was inadvertent. She said "the winner is" instead of "the oscar goes to." Now she did that because she's old and that's how they did it in her day but you have to take these little pleasures where you find them. And C- I think it's hilarious that Emma Stone tried to be feministic and got tarred as a racist. Wtching a self satisfied pompous ass get their comeuppance is always satisfying.

Rustbelt said...

To build on GypsyTyger's comment, here's an honest question about the Oscars...

Why did it take so long for Gary Oldman- Gary Oldman!!!- to finally win an Oscar?

You're tearing me apart, Lees...uh, World!

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