Monday, May 14, 2018

Angry White Women

I had a fascinating thought today. While talking with Anthony about how blacks have lost their influence over the Democratic Party, I made the point that the Democrats have been taken over by teachers unions and professional women. Well, I had a slightly deeper thought. The Democrats have become the party of angry white women!

Think about this. Who runs the Democrats right now? Teacher's unions are the biggest, most-influential group. They are dominated by women, and boy are they pissed off. They're the last unions in the nation who really ever strike and they strike a lot. They're angry about money, lack of respect, and being judged on their job performance. They're super pissed that requirements are being imposed upon them and will whine about that endlessly. They hate parental interference too. They are bitter seethers who cling to their textbooks.

Who else? Professional women are the other big group. Certainly not all professional women are angry, but these are a specific subset who are deeply enraged. These professional women scream about glass ceilings, harassment, unfair work treatment, unsupportive husbands. Statistics tell us they are single -- either never married or divorced, they are childless and despise stay at home moms. Their issues include abortion because children ruin lives (//spits), demands for "equal" pay, and affirmative action. The #metoo garbage showed how they all think they've been harassed by every male around them too. That's a lot of hateful baggage right there.

What about the college girls who do the volunteer work? They all claim they've been raped. They whine about male privilege, mansplaining and even manspreading. When someone hates the way you sit and makes that a political issue, they are pretty f*cked up. They want to stifle free speech, institute guilt upon allegation for sex crimes, and man-free zones. They even define sex crimes as everything from genuine rape to "I don'know, I didn't like him". This is the witch trials set and they thrive on hate.

Finally, we come to professional feminists. These are the women who claim that all sex (with men) is rape, who note that the penis is shaped like a knife, and who espouse oppression theory. Most feminist leaders are lesbians (at one point, every director of NOW was a lesbian). As a general rule gay men just want to have fun, but lesbians are seething cauldrons of anti-male hate. Indeed, I have never felt more hate coming off a human being than watching lesbians deal with men. This is daddy issues on steroids projected onto all men. They are even one of the most likely groups (statistically) to physically abuse a partner.

There are other groups who make up the Democratic Party and try to toss their issues into the agenda: blacks, environmentalists, open borders types, America lasters, atheists, and other minorities. But none of them control the party like the women above... the angry women above. Basically, the Democratic Party has become the party of angry white women. Interesting, huh?



Anthony said...

It would be shocking if most of the Democrats weren't angry woman (though of course most white woman voted Trump).

A president ago Democrats gleefully rubbed their hands about most Republicans being angry white men. Whites are a majority and people in the opposition party tend to be angry for good reasons and bad.

A president ago, specious claims of bias, conspiracy and victimization also proliferated.

Granted, its worse now than ever, but that is just the way of things. The pendulum swings a little further out each time.

BevfromNYC said...

Anthony & Andrew - I agree with all of this. And the pendulum is finally swinging to the side and will begin to move back to the middle.

All of this is been ramped up to a frenzy because Hillary lost. If she had won the election, none of it would have been possible - do you really think that there could be a #MeTo movement if Bill Clinton was sitting in the East Wing being co-President? All of their major donors have been implicated in rape/sexual assault. OH, there would still be a war on conservatives like during the Obama years, but...

We are going into a new age of Puritanism (I have said that before). What is really stunning though is the rise of demand for man-free zones (a/k/a "segregation"). Kind of surprising since women before us fought so hard to be included in those "men only" places like boardrooms, university clubs, union halls, golf clubs, country clubs etc. The same for BLM and gender/race college radical segregationalists who want their own classes, dorms, clubs, societies, frats/sororities when we spent generations break segregation.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I've been trying to think of how this happened and I'm not sure. Obviously, white men left the party because they were driven out, and the collapse of most unions removed them from the equation.

As for blacks losing their share of the top, I think that has comes from the shift over to the new crop of black politicos. The last group were civil rights leaders who decided to join the Democrats and go on the take. They attended every meeting and fought for every crumb. The new ones are angrier and more interested in independent groups (e.g. BLM) than the Democrats. So I'm thinking they probably aren't as engaged with the Democrats (didn't attend as many meetings) and thereby lost their grip.

As for the women's groups, they seem to have been pushing hard to take over since at least the 1990s. I would credit Hillary with the final push, only the takeover happened somewhere under Obama. Indeed, if you look at convention pictures, the Democrats looked very different as late as 2008 as they did in 2012 (a land without men).

That said, you are right that there would be no #metoo movement if Bill Clinton were in the White House, just as there is no AIDS, no homeless and no drone killings when Democrats are in charge.

The segregation thing makes sense when you realize that "fear of THEM" is basically what these groups are selling. Who wants to mix with murderous rapists if you can have a nice room with puppies and crayons and a snazzy "keep out" sign instead?

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, It's funny that I missed this before. The Democrats thrive on projection. Whatever they are, they accuse their enemies of being. So when they started this "angry white male" crap, I should have realized that they were just projecting. Just as their "War on Women" signifies the onset of their war on manhood. I'm surprised I didn't see that sooner.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, the majority of white women voting for Trump, which is true, just shows how fringy this collection of angry white women are.

tryanmax said...

Conservative women tend not to be angry.

AndrewPrice said...

Funny how that happens, isn't it tryanmax?

Unknown said...

Good points, Andrew.
The haterade is strong among those women.
Not surprisingly, hate always thrives in the fringes.
The left fringe is dominated by the hateful white womyn
And the right fringe is dominated by hateful white men.
And as Bev mentions, the pendulum swings back and forth between the two.
Both fringes are defined by their exclusive tribalism of hate.
However, the hateful
womyn have far more influence on the democrats than the hateful men do on the republicans,
Although to be fair, saavy politicians find ways to woo them without appearing to.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Allena! I've always seen the angry white man thing as a vast overstatement. Yes, there are some of those, but the GOP has always struck me as a more temperate as a whole. The Democrats are not. They build hate right into their platform.

Unknown said...

Aye, the fringe on the right doesn’t control the republicans

AndrewPrice said...

Actually, I'm not sure anyone controls the Republicans. LOL!

There are definitely some fringy things in the GOP platform and there are people on the fringe who are elected. There's no doubt about that. (Some would say Trump, but he seems to be fairly moderate in terms of policy and just wild in terms of rhetoric.) But as a general rule, the GOP seems to be at an impasse with a number of groups each having a little power, but not enough to get what they want.

AndrewPrice said...

... by comparison, the Democrats seem to have a deal that their platform will be made up of the demands of each fringe group.

Unknown said...

Yes, the GOP is almost like a Parliament in that sense. A European version. Sort of like parties within a party:
Fiscal conservatives
Social conservatives
And many more subsets and variations of course.
However both the Democrats amd Republicans, generally speaking, seem
To be susceptible to populism, although in different forms.
I really don’t understand why the democrat platform is always so fringed out, but apparently few people pay attention to it lol.

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