Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The World Is Nuts

Have you ever thought the world might have gone nuts when we weren't looking?

I watch a lot of old movies at times. It's fascinating to me how normal the people in those films are. They aren't beating each other up on airplanes. Nobody's urinating on anybody. Nobody's trying to run over cops or shooting cops with their own guns. There are no Arabs trying to kill the West, one civilian at a time. They aren't sending out hateful tweets... or sending out hatefuler tweets in response to condemn the hate. Jimmy Kimmel was attacked today for suggesting that Rosanne Barr needs compassion and help. BOO! BOO! Kill the monster! I guess that once someone says something the left doesn't like, they must die. That's very WWII of them.

The politicians in older films actually stood for something, not just the destruction of their opponents. John McCain was played by the sniveling sidekick of the villain in films... no one thought of that guy as a hero. Hillary Clinton wore a black hat in the Wizard of Oz. Newspapers had news, not just clickbait. No one would have invited Kim Buttockdashian to the White House, except through the back door (no pun intended). They weren't staffed by idiots either who thought their own weepy wishes constituted news. Authorities in Denver shut down a kid's lemonade stand for lack of a permit, but protect people who broke into this country illegally.

Did you know that Serena Williams is a hero for dressing like the Incredibles at the French Open Yep. That's truly heroic, like fighting the Medusa, stopping the Persians, standing up to the Catholic Church, and ending the Holocaust.

Well, it doesn't matter. The truth is that most people are still normal and good. All of the above is the culture of our media/political elite. This is the society they want. Not us.

Do you want to know the real America? I was in the drive-through at my bank the other day when a guy in his 50's fell out of his car. Not sure what happened, but he parked, opened the door and fell to the ground. Everyone in the parking lot rushed over to help him... everyone. The school teacher in Indian risked his life to save his students. He did it because he wanted to protect them. We had a woman whose house burned down locally, and people donated food, clothing and furniture to help her. There have been Biblical-quality floods in Maryland, and people have risked their lives to help each other. Everywhere you look, people do the right thing, help each other out, live by good values, and do their best to make the world better. That's who the human race really is, not the sewer dwellers you see on television.


Anthony said...

Comparing the actors in old movies (or for that matter new movies) to real life people isn't exactly fair. 'If you were really tough you would have poured a little gunpowder on that bullet wound, lit it and then killed thirty terrorists!'.

I'd say the media had no choice but to become very reactive. We've gone from a handful of channels and a couple newspapers and radio stations to thousands of news sources competing for our attention and willing to say whatever to get it.

For the reason just outlined upon a time the media could tell us what it thought we needed to know and stage lengthy investigations to get the facts, nowadays we go to the news sources which tell us what we want to hear when we want to hear it. Doesn't matter if its factual or not. Taking the time to get it right might mean missing the wave of public interest.

Furthermore, hard news is time consuming and expensive and that investment often doesn't pay off since people tend to go to their favorite talking heads for round-ups/analysis of the news of the day.

Show me a newspaper or website that does a lot of hard news, I'll show you something with a deep pocketed owner that doesn't mind either making little money or losing money.

As for celebs and politicians, I'm not a fan of Kim K, but in any decade popular celebs could get into the White House for a photo if not a meeting.

I'd say venting/oversharing on social media is a problem at all levels of society. People say stuff on Twitter or Facebook that they used to say to friends, family and close coworkers.

Dour predictions of a surveillance state common in sci-fi in recent decades may or may not have become true, but what has become true and what few anticipated is ordinary people tossing aside their privacy.

Last but not least I agree most people are good and that when faced with a range of options tend to do the moral thing. The ordinariness of decency is part of the reason it isn't normally newsworthy.

AndrewPrice said...

I have to say that I am enjoying the war between Rosanne and the MSM. She is ripping into their hypocrisy quite nicely and making life very uncomfortable for a lot of rather smug liberals. Good times.

AndrewPrice said...

To add to that thought, I'm seeing a lot of whining about the unexpected power of "Trump voters" to counterattack the leftist/elitist/MSM machine. Kathy Griffin is the latest to make this complaint as well as some articles about how ABC didn't expect the backlash they are getting.

I think they are wrong if they believe this is some sort of small Trump sect. I think this is average people and conservatives catching up to what the left has always done. Someone says something the left doesn't like, they destroy them. Someone says something the rest of us don't like and we get lectured about tolerance.

Well, no more. Suddenly, the formerly silent right is making a lot of noise and the left doesn't know how to handle it because they've never dealt with anything even close to a level playing field before.

Stacy said...

Anthony just spelled out clearly why I've never gone back and finished my journalism degree. The news is not news these days. It's just another form of entertainment. My heroes of old must be spinning in their graves.

It is amusing to watch the left implode when the right fights back. After Trump won the election I spoke with several on the right, even agreed to be interviewed by one for a HP piece, about why on earth anyone would have voted for the man because they just couldn't understand it. Nor could they understand how they were so wrong about such a large chunk of the population. She decided it was just too painful, too stressful, too divisive to share the views of Trump supporters. And nearly a year later, one liberal acquaintance was heard to say that their "soul has been weeping in agony every day since." I so wanted to tell her to pull up her big girl panties, suck it up, and get on with life. It was a presidential election for crying out loud, not the apocalypse.

It's impossible to have a rational conversation with someone so out of touch with the real world and who has no idea how to process their own emotions.

Anthony said...


Getting fired for spewing on social media is pretty common, whether that spewing be liberal or conservative.

Evil Jew(s) and subhuman blacks is a song Roseanne has been singing for years. She started the song inbetween shows and its unsurprising that it cost her a sitcom on a big network. I remember when conservatives used to revile her for rantings. Now I'm told this same idiot with the same views should be defended merely because she kisses Trump's ring.

Roseanne strikes me as a Bernie bro, someone on the hard left who embraced Trump because some of his positions (conspiracy theories which are often racial, hostility to trade, belief in big government) are too her liking.

The notion that embracing those idiots is a key to success or something can be dispelled by merely looking at the left. Before Trump and his conspiracy theories, Republicans had won most of the country at all levels.

Trump did successfully edge past the even more horrendous Hillary (whose loss I predicted after her collapse and the reemergence of classified emails) but to claim that beating someone who had never won a remotely competitive election is some major accomplishment which should mean throwing aside traditional conservatism strikes me as a stretch.

*Shrugs* That's just my take. Parties usually rewrite themselves around a winning presidential candidate because they tell themselves that doing so is how they make the victory permanent. So I am not surprised by any of this, nor particularly alarmed. Just disappointed.

*Shrugs* I suspect I'll look back on these days fondly when the next winning Democrat is even further to the left of Trump and Obama.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I'm not defending her. I'm enjoying the show. I think it's great when the left gets into a gutter right with someone who exposes their hypocrisy and (usually) brings one or two of them down by accident.

Do I think it works for a political party? Absolutely not. What I think the conservative position should be is (1) I don't support her, BUT (2) let's talk about these leftists who do the same thing and nothing happens to them.

AndrewPrice said...

Stacy, I've found that to be the case with most liberals. I think the problem is that they live in a bubble. All their friends are liberals and believe the same things. The MSM is liberal and espouses the same things. Their political leaders not only espouse the same garbage, they demonize anyone who disagrees. Hollywood, Madison Avenue, the record industry all repeat the same BS ideas.

So they come to believe that their views are not only right, but the only possible truth. Then along comes a guy like Trump, who they see as a delusional barbarian liar... and he wins. And they can't understand how this happened.

To us, it would be as if we woke up and there were two suns in the sky. It would shake our understanding of the world. They experience that when the public disagrees with them.

Stacy said...

Exactly! I tried to join in a discussion on a blog that first day after the election and explain what moved me to vote for Trump. What motivated others I knew. From the onset they were rude and condescending toward me. So much so that I eventually lost it and told them that if they'd pull their heads out of their a**** and climb down off their high horses, they might see what's going on in the real world. Hoo-boy! They immediately jumped on me, crying that I was making them uncomfortable and that I'd done what Republicans always do, jumped straight to crude language and name calling when the poor liberals were trying to have an intelligent, informed discussion in order to better understand and bring about a solution. I asked what about the hostile environment they had created for me? No response and later I saw the post was taken down.

Anthony said...


I say conservatism position should be to call out liberals when they say or do something vile. Full stop. The whataboutism Roseanne's defenders are engaging in is a bad idea. Its best not to tie oneself to an idiot likely to blow their own foot off in any way, shape or fashion.

For example, Roseanne has veered between blaming sleeping medication, profanity filled whines about being a victim, tweeting out photoshopped pictures of Whoopi Goldberg (who has done and said enough vile stuff that one doesn't need to make anything up), saying its the black members of her cast she feels bad for (lol), blaming Michelle Obama (?) and talking about how important God and forgiveness are.

She's done all this on the social media she swore to abandon earlier this week.

Unknown said...

“Everywhere you look, people do the right thing, help each other out, live by good values, and do their best to make the world better. That's who the human race really is, not the sewer dwellers you see on television.”

That ☝️☝️☝️
I concur wholeheartedly, Andrew!
That has been my experience as well.
Sure there are a few A Holes, but they don’t represent most of us.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Allena! I think so too.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I don't think conservatism should be defending Rosanne either. But I do think we should be enjoying the show. Let them tear each other apart.

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