Monday, May 21, 2018

What A Depressing World

And man was cast out of the Garden of Eden because he was kind of a turd...

● Each of the following happened: A old guy on Frontier Airlines punched a dog and then a pregnant woman. The pregnant woman's thug boyfriend went wild and beat up the old guy, even continuing the fight when they got off the plane. Why weren't they arrested? Another Frontier customer urinated on the back of the seat in front of him. And last week, a naked man ran up and down the aisle of an airplane. WTF?

● A local NAACP leader/minister is the latest to be caught by Cop-Cam. He claimed he was pulled over and threatened... asked why he was in an expensive car and wealthy neighborhood... threatened with arrest... accused of being a drug dealer. Other civil rights leaders freaked out. One stormed down to the station to demand to see the camera footage. Whoops. None of it happened. Total lie. Said one of the other Civil Rights leaders, "I don't know why he did this? This set us back 100 years."

● A bike lane in Seattle cost $12 million a mile... because there weren't any better uses for the money.

● If you want to know what our politics has come to, this headline says it all: Armed Porn Star Shoots Up President's Golf Club.

● In their zeal to hate Trump, the Democrats have now defended the ultra-violent gang MS-13. They are decrying Trump for denying their "humanity" when he called them animals. This is perhaps the most murderous, brutal gang in the world. Good call Democrats. Maybe they should stay at your homes?

● Venezuela is continuing its experiment with societal suicide. They just re-elected the guy who has driven their economy to the point of having no food or medicine. I'll be curious what he does for an encore and when they finally turn to cannibalism.


ArgentGale said...

That's how I feel most days when I look at the headlines between stuff like that and things that range from big like the latest school shooting to SJWs getting conservative/libertarian authors disinvited from cons. On these particular stories, though...

1. How the hell did that airline manage to draw in so many idiots, psychopaths, and generally trashy people? I had never heard of Frontier before this but I'm definitely not in any hurry to try them out.

2. Heard about that one too. If one of his fellow civil rights leaders said something like that it seems like your prediction of body cams deflating and discrediting groundless racism charges will likely come true. Let's hope it keeps up.

3. Typical big leftist city waste, which is going to strain their budget even tighter since their new tax policy ended up chasing Amazon HQ out of the city. You'd think these people would grasp cause and effect by now...

4. A fitting circus event and headline for the circus we life in.

5. This is the kind of stupid crap that the knee jerk partisanship the Democrats run on gets you. I don't think they can even help themselves at this point and it's letting Trump play them for the fools and hypocrites that they are. See above remark of failure to learn cause and effect.

6. I'm starting to see a recurring theme here...

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Daniel. I find the stories of mass shootings, mothers killing their kids and senseless murders the most depressing. The rest of this stuff really is just annoying.

1. What you need to know... cheap airfare. This is one of those that attracts the worst kind of people, who tend to do the worst kinds of things. Think of it as White Trash Air.

2. That's why I included it. I think the guy is astute that even a small number of people crying wolf can create a credibility problem for everyone else. Even more fundamentally though, I think they need to ask why this guy would do this. What is going on that he thought this was a good idea. It reminds me of all the televangelists getting caught in gay, drug addicted relationships. There is a deeper problem.

3. Up to now, cities like this have been protected by (1) massive accumulate wealth from the past, (2) that great sucking sound of statewide tax revenues going there, (3) subsidies through federal tax deductions, and (4) the desire of the young and the wealthy to be in the big city. The tax code changes are interfering with a lot of that though.

4. Tell me about it.

5. Anti-the-other-guy is all these burned out parties have left.

6. If it didn't work, keep trying it until it does. Idiots.

Anthony said...

1. Sounds like buses on a Saturday night. Which is why I have avoided buses for the past decade and a half.

2. Unsurprising. Usually professional activists claiming personal oppression is BS.

3. Interesting write-up of how one blows 12 million a mile on a bike lane here. Must be nice to have Seattle money.

Direct costs to install Seventh Avenue’s 6-foot-wide asphalt path, including bike-shaped icons and signals over 4½ blocks, consumed less than one-tenth of the $3.8 million spent, city records show.
It’s the other stuff — curbs, engineering, sidewalk retrofits, traffic control and especially drainage — that can break the budget.

Bicyclists using Second Avenue’s nearly 1-mile, two-way lane actually ride on old pavement, but new signals account for 40 percent of the $11 million spent, Sparrman said. All intersections were rewired for the new traffic lights and steel posts, including three that had none before.

4. Given how much Trump golfs its fortuitous he wasn't there.

5. Yeah, it went from 'Trump called all immigrants animals' to 'Yeah, he was just insulting the MS-13, but that is a bad thing because rapists and killers are people too'.

6. Venezuela doesn't have real elections and hasn't since Hugo 'President for Life' Chavez.

The leaders of the largest of the 20-some parties that make up the opposition coalition claim that electoral conditions are so grossly weighted in Maduro’s favor that voting on Sunday would be pointless.
Most electoral officials are Maduro loyalists who, in past elections, have turned a blind eye to vote tampering and the last-minute relocation of polling places in opposition strongholds.
The government controls most TV and radio stations which transmit a constant stream of of pro-Maduro propaganda. It is also fomenting the notion that the ballot is not secret and that people who vote for the opposition will lose government jobs, public housing, and vital food handouts.

Critch said...

We need to start smuggling guns, ammo and satellite phones into Venezuela, bring'em down.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, I kind of like leaving them as an example to everyone else. See, this is what Socialism does.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, For reasons no one can explain, our city is busy fixing curbs all over town. It's absolutely pointless, but they are blowing MILLIONS on it. They're even replacing perfectly fine curbs with identical curbs. It's bizarre.

Yeah, buses can be rather interesting places.

Unknown said...

I am so glad I don’t live in Seattle!
They are always coming up with new ways to swipe more money and waste it.
Won’t be long before it becomes another Detroit.

Rustbelt said...

So, I guess this means that when people complain today about wasted tax dollars in modern Seattle... nobody's listening.

tryanmax said...

Venezuela is the Colin Kaepernick of countries.

ArgentGale said...

White Trash Air was what I was thinking as well, Andrew, and Anthony's comparison to city buses is apt as well. Either way next time I have to fly it won't be Frontier. It does look like the body cams are shutting down more false claims, too, such as the false rape accusation that was posted on the other thread. Also, as if the other bits of Seattle insanity that have been posted wasn't enough they're also using tax money to defend a member of the city council with a horrendous case of verbal diarrhea from defamation suits as well. That's a special kind of corrupt and stupid right there. And on Venezuela for some reason I hadn't thought of the possibility of corrupt, rigged elections until Anthony brought it up. Week off brain decay I suppose. If that's the case there aren't many ways to restore sanity to the country and those options are all going to end up bloody and messy. It's sad but I'm not sure what else can be done.

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