Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Irony? No, Liberals

I've been super busy -- sorry for no articles -- but not busy enough to notice some odd ironies. Or is it just liberals?

● Yahoo sports ran an article in which they called a cheating allegation against a Redsocks pitcher conspiracy thinking. The a-hole liberal writer did it by saying, "This is the kind of thing social media like Breitbart picks up." How's that for ironic? After all, Yahoo is the one running with the story, not Breitbart. So who is promoting conspiracy theories?

● I'm trying to understand the new rules. A white trash woman in a convenience store is standing at the counter. A black kid walks past and accidentally touches her butt with his backpack (wash the bag, kid). She turns around and sees him walk past and assumes he touched her skanky ass. She screams harassment and calls the cop. Everyone makes fun of her because it's the bag and because she's obviously racist. Got it?

But then we are told that any woman who makes a complaint against a white male, even if the supposed harassment happened in a prior life and with no evidence and if she's not even sure it was him but she wants it to be true... that needs to be taken seriously, be believed, and the white man loses his career. And if he produces evidence that it couldn't have been him, (1) we attack him for victimizing her twice by defending himself, (2) we are told it doesn't matter if it really happened or not, only her pain matters, and (3) we ridicule the evidence.

So why don't the same feminist rules apply to the skank?

● The media is outraged over crimes against the media, such as the killing of some Saudi journalist and they would happily send us to war to punish those who committed this unholiest of crimes. But other people get killed every day and the media doesn't care. Soldiers. Joggers. Screw you unless you're a journalist or you can be spun politically.

● OMG! That WOMAN in Arizona called her Democratic opponent a "traitor" for protesting against American troops while... well, it doesn't matter. The point is she called that woman a traitor and that's unacceptable in American politics! Which is interesting, since we went through a month of every liberal Democrat and lots of MSM types calling Trump a "traitor". They didn't seem to have a problem with that.

● Bill Clinton's rapes are different. Those women were technically adults. So sayeth Hillary and none of the women's groups said a word of dissent. Wanna bet they don't buy that if a Republican says the same thing?

● Melania has called herself the most bullied woman in the world, and the left whined and screamed and bullied her over it. So the anti-Bully types are super-bullies. Now some rapper has made a nasty little video in which a Melania look-alike strips for him. Not a peep from the anti-bully types or the army of women's groups who so very recently told us that anything even kind of sexually suggestive against a woman is the equivalent of rape. At the same time, they're horrified that someone said Michelle Obama looks like Bobo the Chimp standing up straight. Apparently, it matters who the insult is against, not what the insult is.

● Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test and now has, according to liberal media experts, "strong evidence" she's part Cherokee. Leaving aside the fact they seem to worship the apartheid system, there's a problem with this. First, it's only 3%. So her story about an Indian grandmother pretty much can't be true because it's far too distant. Secondly, as the Cherokee themselves pointed out angrily the other day, DNA testing is not a valid way to determine if someone belongs in the tribe. This time, the MSM doesn't really give a crap what they say. On any other issue, they do. I wonder what the difference is.


Tennessee Jed said...

Yahoo article ... you are right on point. black kid vs. skanky ass .... she would not be the deciding vote in a lean right court. Media reaction is always subject to whose political ox is being gored ... Hillary Clinton is the gift who keeps on giving, a bop bag that keeps popping up begging to be punched again. I thinks she believes if she can pretend hard enough, they will give her one more chance (unless she has a debilitating stroke).n I thought Michelle looked more like Angela Davis having a bad day. seriously, she needs to stop with the sleeveless dresses. Fauxcahontas may have ancestral ties to the drug cartel

tryanmax said...

Andrew, didn't you get the memo? White women are personae non gratae ever since they failed to elect Hillary-- now doubly so since they failed to come out en masse against Kavanaugh. The new deal is that white women leverage their whiteness against minorities, which sometimes includes other white women unless it doesn't. In any case, white women are nearly as bad as white men. But it's all good. As Liz Warren reminded us, the one-drop rule is still in effect.

BevfromNYC said...

Oh, and add this. Harvey Weinstein's criminal case in NYC has blown up big time because...oops, the prosecutors (both women, btw) in the NYC criminal case against Weinstein withheld vital evidence of a long-standing email correspondence between said-lead complaintant/plaintiff and Weinstein of voluntary booty-calls for years. And both "prosecutors" Iagain...both women) happened to resign or quit as it hit the news media. Now the entire criminal case against Weinstein is in jeopardy.

Btw, Mrs. Trump is right. I have never seen such vitriol directed toward the First Lady. It IS bullying. Nothing she does is "right" for the media. I loved her response to questions of Trump's infedlity..."There are more important thing going on the world that need attention." Or something like that.

Anthony said...

1. A woman calling the police on an a 9 year old whose backpack accidently brushes her butt is pretty damn nutty.

2. There is a broad, broad space between war and love. As I've observed before, Trump's relations with dictators tend to be of the 'He says such sweet things to me, how could I not love him?' variety.

The Saudis luring a high profile journalist to a consulate and disappearing him (the Turks indicate he was chopped up) is pretty damn egregious. US-Saudi relations are built on a steady stream of oil rather than a shared interest in human rights, but the Saudis usually such awkward moves (which not only put the US in the spot, it made things weird for various corporate partners).

Still, Trump loving dictators who say sweet nothings to him is nothing new, so this won't alter public perception of Trump. Also, I doubt this very awkward murder will make much of an impact on US-Saudi relations.

3. The attacks on the first lady are gross but I remember Barbara Bush catching a lot more flack though. *Shrugs* I watched more comedians and comedy movies and tv shows back then though.

A google search indicates TI is the head of his own music label so its unlikely he will face much in the way of consequences for going after the first lady. There isn't any evidence forays into politics hurt rappers.

4. As Trump used to say all the time, he and Bill are kindred spirits. Hillary is one of the last people in the world who can go after Trump for his infidelity.

That being said, while Hillary is horrible and poorly positioned to attack Trump, like with Bill Clinton, adultery is part of Trump's public image and I don't think there is anything to be gained by anyone attacking him on that front.

4) That Elizabeth Warren thing is really bizarre. Her choosing to reignite that amusing side issue right before the midterms shows a really poor sense of judgement.

5) Speaking of poor judgement, I am curious about where the battle between horseface and mushroom dick goes next. The greatest hope Democrats and Republicans have is each other. I am sure there will be a couple more hideously stupid things that occur before the midterms.

tryanmax said...

How is it that everyone but me seems to know what the world's dictators are saying to Trump in the bedroom?

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, The Yahoo article really made me laugh. This guy was literally trying to smear Breitbart with what he was doing himself!

I've always felt that Michelle Obama was a rather unattractive woman with a really bad fashion sense. Doesn't bother me, except that liberals are shoving this "she's so beautiful" crap down our throats. But they always do that. They seem to worship their leaders like gods for some reason.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I am finding the woman-stuff rather humorous these days. The left can't seem to make up their minds. Are white women evil? Are they just now politically awoking? Are they dupes of white men?

I saw one article that said white women were finally going to start turning out for elections because Taylor Swift had woke them. Of course, the fact that white women are the highest percentage, most consistent voters never crossed that author's mind.

I've seen articles that give up on white women as hopelessly brainwashed by white men. How else do you explain their support for Kavanaugh?

And I've seen articles about white women that oddly all seem to mention Rosanne.

I saw an article at Politico that warned other womyn that not all women agree with them. The writer kept taking shots at them by saying things like, "We need to understand that not all women believe in freedom and equality and fair treatment." LOL!

Right now, the left is struggling with white women. They need them as they've chosen them as their primary support group, but they seem to despise the fact that the sisterhood isn't united in the collective as they should be.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I wrote an article on his some time back in which I predicted that he would get off and I explained how, and that seems to be coming true. I guarantee you that a lot of the "victims" have left LONG paper trails of thanks and possibly even second or third encounters because, for many of them, this was trading sex for favors. I think this trial, if it comes to that, will be a fiasco.

AndrewPrice said...

Thank you for the never-Trump view, Anthony.

Anthony said...


*Shrugs* We know what Trump and Kim say to each other behind closed doors because Trump tells us.


"I was really being tough and so was he. And we were going back and forth, and then we fell in love. Okay? No really. He wrote me beautiful letters," Trump said. "They're great letters. We fell in love."
Trump was likely referring to the symbolic letters sent personally to Trump from Kim over the summer that were heavy on flattery. Trump added that the media was likely to criticize his glowing praise for Kim.

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