Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Pelosi's Agenda

I've seen several headlines now claiming that Nancy Pelosi has laid out her agenda, should she retake the house. Most of these articles then turn into diatribes about this being the "Year of the Woman"... like every other year. They never seem to get to her agenda. That said, I finally found it. Prepare to be amazed!
(1) Pelosi plans to introduce a campaign finance reform bill. No details available. Yawn. If prior history is any indication, this will be an attempt to stop GOP donors from donating. Basically, they want to stop rich people (excluding Democrats) from being able to spend money politically unless it's on Democratic causes.

(2) Pelosi wants to lower drug prices... by magic.

(3) She wants to work with Republicans to create a gun background check bill. "Work with Republicans" is code for "want to look like we're doing something, but not actually do anything because doing would be political suicide."

(4) She wants to protect "Dreamers," who don't seem to be in any danger.
And that's it.

Do we believe this or is she just hiding the crazy? Actually, I believe this is probably all they've got planned. The reason is they don't really have much of an agenda anymore except being anti-Trumps and making sure black people and single women are paranoid. Sometimes there's talk of a $15 minimum wage, but "surprisingly," that never seems to arrive even in places controlled by Democrats.

I think the Democrats will more likely spend their time holding hearings, trying to prove every rumor about Trump. There may be some idiots who introduce bills with names like "The All Women Get Raped, Believe It! Act" and "The Every White Person Is Racist Act", but those won't pass... they're just for show. Of course, the Dems have drifted so far to the whacko fringe that you never know, but their leadership at least still believes that their "beliefs" are just for show.



tryanmax said...

The "Women Empowered with the Necessities to Create Heroes" Act.

I'll take ham and salami with prosciutto on Italian.

AndrewPrice said...

Somehow, I don't think WENCH will work. But I'm sure you'll see all kinds of creative acronyms that incorporate the word RAPE.

tryanmax said...

Resistance Against Patriarchal Expansion

AndrewPrice said...

I think you're assuming a stable mental state. It's more likely to be:

"The OMG! All Men Are Rapists, It Happened To Me Twenty Times, It's Like The Handmaiden's Tale For Real This Time Act" (abbreviated: The Anti-RAPE Act)

As an aside, one the Victoria's Secret models is whining that the reason they're all so skinny is because of "men's gazes." That's funny, since study after study shows that men prefer rounder women and not skeletons like Victoria's Secret uses... and Victoria's Secret is having economic troubles because people are becoming turned off by their "angels."

Tennessee Jed said...

the money Democrat donors are pouring into Bredesn's campaign is amazing. it is non-stop. I really don't know what is going to happen, but I do know the house Leadership of the Dems tests my gag reflex. As long as R's hold the senate, we will look forward to same old same old .... nothing happens except, as you say, endless investigations. this is not unlike Obama's second term where he could pass no legislation. Republicans had their chance on health care and Maverick, Flake, and Rand Paul made sure it wouldn't happen.

Anthony said...

Despite massive amounts of money being thrown the Democrats' way it seems really unlikely the Democrats will win supermajorities in the Senate (heck, they might not win the Senate) and the House.

If they don't then unless bipartisanship suddenly breaks out nothing will happen. Nothing (aka spending freezing at the current level) is probably the best that can be hoped for from a fiscal perspective. There is no appetite for meaningful entitlement reform.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, I'm frankly amazed that one of the Victoria's Secret models went to college, which is the most likely place she picked up that womyn's studies nonsense. No one is harsher on women's looks than other women. Most men are decidedly attracted to average. There's strong evolutionary incentive for that. (Sorry, land-whales. All you had to do was keep your BMI under 30 and you couldn't even do that.)

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I don't think the money matters. The left has always claimed that it does, but I've never seen any evidence of it. People don't vote for the guy with more ads, they vote for the guy they like.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, I think the Dems have given up on the Senate, and the House is fading. They're hoping for a narrow win right now of a couple seats. We'll have to see, but I don't think they're going to get it.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, What women claim men want and what men actually want are two things that are very far apart. Not to mention, there is no standard for "men." Men run the gambit from large to small, short to tall, dark to light and everything in between.

The fashion industry, which is dominated by angry old hags and gay men, has a much more narrow view of what they want from women, and I think it's about being elitist, i.e. something unattainable by most women.

AndrewPrice said...

I don't think I've seen anything more pathetic lately than this black kid who touched the white trash chick's butt with his bag. She called the cops on him. Ok. That's what trash does. And it turned out she was wrong, though her butt was touched. The incident should be over, right? Wrong.

The kid's attention-whore mother has him all over television giving whiny-victim-wannabe interviews in which he whines about being the victim and how much this hurt him. She trained the little puppet to refuse white trash chick's apology (something white trash rarely offers) and then attack her "she needs help." (Very ghetto) Sure she needs help for a lot of reason, but none related to you dipshit. She was touched in the ass and she thought you did it. That is a crime or at the very least something a kid should get into trouble for -- so calling the cops, while excessive was not crazy or asinine... except that it turned out she was wrong. That's it. There's no trauma here, no victimization on either side. Everybody go home. Trying to paint your kid as the victim is as despicable and wrong as it gets. It teaches all the wrong values from being unable to resolve a conflict to making himself unable to handle common disagreements to attention whoring. This kid is going to be useless(er) as an adult.

Critch said...

We're doing everything we can here in Missouri to get rid of Air Claire...I'm hoping for a major Democrat defeat this November and maybe they will implode...part of me thinks that a defeat will cause them to ditch their leftist ways and head to the middle..however, I figure they'll just go even more to the left thinking they weren't far enough and that's why they lost..

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