Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Meaning of 'Diversity'

Had an interesting experience last night. We went to a college fair with our oldest and got the "diversity" treatment. Interesting implications.

For those who don't remember, my oldest is half black. The black half of her family is what you would consider ghetto black -- criminals, father-less children and "black culture." Indeed, these people are obsessed with their blackness and they are worried that she is not. She has an aunt, for example, who keeps reminding her to stay in touch with her "blackness" and warns her that whites will never accept her. She has another aunt who castigated her for using big words that make "people" uncomfortable, i.e. black people. The word that upset her was "imbecile." What's more, one of her aunts actually has been trying to discourage her from going to an engineering school because "that's no place for black folk. They ain't gonna let you succeed." (Reminds me of the family in Hoop Dreams.) She then recommended that my daughter go to some shitty local black college where "people like us belong." Lovely.

Fortunately, my daughter sees through this and is rather angry at what they are trying to deprive her of with their racial self-pity. She's even come to enjoy antagonizing them, suggesting to her ultra(fake)-religious aunt that she's an atheist lesbian who wants to date white girls, and now wanting to pose in polo gear... the whitest sport known to man.

So anyways, last night we went to a college fair with about three dozen colleges sending representatives who (wo)manned tables as you came by to ask questions (every representative but one was a liberal woman). Each visit to a table began with the rep asking if we had questions. My daughter then jumped right in like a pit bull. Her first question was, "What are you most proud of about your school?" The school she was most interested in (the best of the lot by far) blew her away with their answer. They talked about being a tier one research school, with astronauts on staff, NASA money, research grants ("we do research that changes the world"), tech parks, named-dropped all the big tech companies, 600 clubs on campus, etc. My daughter was very impressed.

The others... well, they defaulted to "diversity."

See, apparently, when you are a black girl, all you want to hear about is how diverse the school is because you won't possibly care about education and activities, all you care about is the race of those around you. One of these women never even got to the point of talking about education... all she talked about was diversity. Even after my daughter started pushing for details on their programs all this woman kept talking about was diversity. Amazing.

What's more, after talking about "diversity" in the big picture and using the phrase "women of color" enough to make me want to slap her, she suddenly got really excited and told my black daughter how the school's goal (about which she is SOOO excited) is to make sure that next year's entering class is at least 25% Hispanic.


So apparently, the world breaks down into honkeys and diversities and if you are diversity then it doesn't matter what race/color the other diversities around you are so long as you are surrounded by them. Said differently, this woman seemed to think that because my daughter is black, she needs to be sold on a place as being not-white and it doesn't matter what kind of browns they have.

This is really telling. For starters, the illogic of it is astounding. If my daughter really was obsessed with her blackness then why in the world would she be excited about being surrounded by Mexicans (that's what "Hispanic" means out here, as compared to DC where it means Latin Americans and New York where it means Puerto Ricans)? Wouldn't she want to be surrounded by blacks? Not Mexicans? Telling her she would be surrounded by Mexicans should be a turn off, shouldn't it? Hence, her sales pitch makes no sense... unless you see all diversities as a monolith, which is exactly what she's doing. She's divided the world into white and brown and she's decided that browns are all one big happy family who all want alike (sounds like: they all look alike to me, doesn't it?).

Even worse, she's decided that being brown is so all-consuming that this is the only sales pitch that matters: "we have lots of browns." There is no room in this woman's tiny mind for the idea that my daughter was there for education rather than pigmentation solidarity. Screw her.

Wanna bet she doesn't give the same pitch to a white boy?

Fortunately, my daughter told me that the woman turned her off with her opening sentence and kept digging from there. It is insulting though. And, for the record, it's racist... as so many liberals are.



tryanmax said...

Doesn't surprise me in the least. "Sensitive" liberals are the most condescending POS's there are, and they don't even know it. If there is a Dunning–Kruger effect for empathy, leftists exhibit it in spades.

Not gonna lie, making me nervous about when my white sons and my blond-haired, blue-eyed daughter start looking at colleges. Will an admissions counselor even talk to them?

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, This woman was utterly unaware of the fact that my daughter actually doesn't care about race and wants an education. Even after my daughter started frowning and then scowling and not responding to her, the woman just kept digging deeper.

As for whites, I suspect she would give a more useful sales pitch to your kids, about the educational aspects of the school. But for my daughter, it had to be about race and only race.

In terms of worry, the oldest doesn't worry me. She's smart and cynical and not a joiner. Very independent thinker.

Our youngest, on the other hand, is all about peer pressure and is drawn to drama, so I worry that she will fall in with the wrong group(s) and will get pulled into trouble.

tryanmax said...

My worry stems from the fact that we're still 8 years out for the oldest and twice that for the baby. I got away with things in college that would likely get a person expelled today. What's it gonna be like by then?

AndrewPrice said...

Good question. In eight years, the left has gone from stupid to all-out insane. Who knows what eight more can bring? These are troubling times.

LL said...

Your daughter might have told them that she's transitioning from being an eskimo man to a black woman, just to gauge the reaction. It's a sad state of affairs where people attend institutions of learning just to be around other people of the same (non-diverse) race and cultural background.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, It really is. But then, I don't know how many minorities really think like that or if this is something that is primarily in the minds of white liberals?

I've met many black middle class kids through her and the younger one, and none of them think like that. They see themselves as students mainly, not blacks who happen to be at school.

As an aside, if she does do the polo picture, I think her aunt will legitimately explode.

AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, did you ever notice that liberals love men transitioning to women, but all but ignore the opposite?

AndrewPrice said...

The left is really exploiting this bomb thing. There are a dozen articles up attacking white racists for the bombs (because who else, right?), accusing the GOP of creating a bombing-type environment (hello pot, this is the china... the kettle's on your side too), and Chuck Schumer for not exploiting it enough.

It's funny how this happened right as the left begins a concerted effort to attach the words "who received death threats" to every leftist they mention... and how it's irrelevant Democrats getting them. I think I'll wait to see who is arrested before reaching any conclusions.

tryanmax said...

How much coordination do you suppose it takes to get bombs delivered to so many places on the same morning. Or did Feinstein sit on the bombs for several weeks?

Tennessee Jed said...

Jesus, Andrew ... that's even worse than I imagined which says a lot. It never seems to amaze me how in academia, the term "diversity" seems to only apply to identities as defined by the political left; gender, race etc. It never applies to diversity of thought or opinion. You must be proud of your daughter though. She appears to be remarkably well grounded.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, With the gusto with which the left is manufacturing fake outrage over this, I'm think Feinstein mailed them herself.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I'm very proud of her. She doesn't fall for any of this garbage.

What's amazing to me is how hypocritical it all is.

1. Diversity is collective thought. Be independent and we attack you using racist/sexist/other-ist terms.

2. Blacks are diverse... Hispanics are diverse... Asians are not. Indians are not. Native Americans are.

3. All diverse people are equal... some are just more equal than others.

4. A rich, well-educated minority is more disadvantaged than a poor white person.

5. We respect all religions except Christianity, unless its practiced in the gosh darn cute way diverse people do it. Further caveat, if said religion is anti-female, we ignore that. We respect all cultures, provided they comply with the dictates of liberalism. We will harshly put down those that do not comply.

Nonsense. Diversity is just another word for "complies."

drjim said...

They've created their own brand of double-speak.

If the shoe were on the other foot, they'd be screaming these were "trigger words".

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Dr. Jim. I had that same thought. If a conservative said the same things or made similar suggestions, they would lose their minds about the "racism" and "sexism" and whatever else. But when they do it, it's totally cool.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, RE: fake outrage—I had to laugh when I saw a headline on CNN essentially complaining that Trump chose to keep his rally in Wisconsin “on the same day” that bombs were sent to prominent Democrats. You can tell they wished they could say “while the bodies are still warm.”

Stacy said...

A young woman at work shared recently how she was confronted by a professor after writing a paper and told that she was not diverse enough because the young woman's strong Catholic faith showed through. The professor took personal affront as she was a lesbian. Then she put a pile of crap assignments on the girl. Assignments she had to complete in order to get a grade. Assignments that included attending services for many religions...including those who might not be receptive to a young white woman...then write (or I'm guessing gush) about her observations and experiences. The class had NOTHING to do with religion or social issues. I forget what it was, but maybe a literature class? Anyway, she is such a sweet thing that she just did it, but when did it become okay for a professor to even discuss her sexual preferences with her students or force assignments that have zero to do with the course? Gah, I hate liberal thinking!

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, The left is LOVING this bombing thing. It's orgasmic to them. They're even happier than when someone shoots up a gay bar. They are victims of hate! Hurray!!!

As an aside, something about this makes me suspicious. The target list is strange. Too perfect but entirely avoids anyone currently relevant. It's a geezer list. What's more, they guy must be competent to build these, find the address and mail them without the FBI already nabbing him... yet not a single one has gone off. He's the most unsuccessful bomber ever.

It's strange.

AndrewPrice said...

Stacy, That's truly obnoxious. If it were me, I would have complained to the school about religious and sexual orientation discrimination and made a mess of it. But that's just me.

Either way, that's despicable. But it's also what the modern left has become. They're all little Nazis, they really are... ready to impose their views on you and shut yours down.

Critch said...

The odd ting about the bombs is that bombs are not the normal routine for extreme right wingers...I realize there have been a few, but bombs are more of the anarchist's tool..BTW, Timothy McVey was an anarchist, not a right-winger....I'm still thinking this may be some lefty trying to drum up support for the Dims.

Anonymous said...

Critch; That's what I think too.

AndrewPrice said...

GypsyTyger and Critch, This is getting weirder and weirder.

1. None of these have gone off because, apparently, they weren't set to go off. According to the cops, the bomber just "wanted to scare people." That's really strange to me.

2. The bomber includes right-wing stickers on this, advertising where it came from. That reeks. That's like trying to get the media to focus on conservatives.

3. None of the Democrats seem the least bit scared. Instead, their outrage feels really manufactured.

This reeks to me of some leftist "October surprise."

AndrewPrice said...

Now they've arrested somebody, so we'll see who they got.

Critch said...

Cesar Sayoc, not exactly your stereotypical Anglo-Saxon male that everyone wanted it to be....I can't decide if he's Native American, Hispanic/Cuban, or what...and he's been in trouble for threatening folks with bombs least one source says he's a registered Democrat.

Anthony said...


Sounds like your daughter has a good head on her shoulders.

Moving on to the political terrorist he wasn't the first and he won't be the last. Like I've said before overheated rhetoric or even outright crazy talk doesn't drive people insane but it does influence the fixations of angry losers and the mentally ill.

As always there will be brief talk about dialing down the rhetoric but in the modern era apocalyptic talk and whines about conspiracies and victimization are par for the course for both sides so nothing will change.

tryanmax said...


It's more involved than pols paying mere lip service to dialing down rhetoric, then ramping it up again. The issue is compounded by pols declaring that straightforward discussion of issues is actually coded apocalyptic talk. This outright encourages conspiratorial thinking. And, let's not be coy, the hunt for "dog whistles" is primarily an activity of the left.

AndrewPrice said...

Actually, Anthony, the crazy talk is driving people nuts. I'm going to talk about this as soon as I get a chance to write a complete article this week. Many on the left are getting mental illness from the current state of affairs (for real). Ha ha.

Anthony said...



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