Monday, October 29, 2018


Some thoughts...

● The first caravan helped the GOP by exciting GOP voters. I think the second will help the GOP even more with moderates. Why? Because the first could be excused as a small group of desperate poor trying to escape a bad situation. The second suggests an endless flow of people coming here for money.

● The media is excited about a MSNBC poll showing Cruz only 5% ahead. The problems are, (1) this is an MSNBC poll and very unreliable, better polls suggest 7%, (2) even the MSNBC poll only shows 3% undecided, so if they all went for famous boy Beto, Cruz would still win, and (3) the celebrities have started to jump on the bandwagon, which should be worth 3-4% for Cruz.

● The shooting stuff is hypocritical. You have a nasty violence-encouraging media that has done things like post assassination fantasies about Trump, screams racism every change they get, and sells the GOP as a bunch of white who want to rape women and restart slavery... and they're whining that Trump's rhetoric encouraged this? Hardly. If rhetoric is a problem, and I think it actually is, then the MSM bears the lion's share of the blame.

● I am sick of this media crap of running every video they can find of some cranky ass white trash woman cussing out a black person. First of all, that's not news. Secondly, the fact they can only find a dozen of these out of hundreds of millions of people should be encouraging, not discouraging. Third, this is a total distortion akin to showing every crime committed by black males. If you just showed the crimes in Chicago, you would outnumber these videos hundreds to one, but that's not representative of black males or America. That makes this a narrative... propaganda.

● So much of the "news" is not news. Some liberal actor insulting Trump is not news. Nothing said on Twitter is news. Some asshole actor/actress responding to a troll is not news. Some actor out shopping is not news. People leaving anonymous comments at some website is not news. Someone criticizing a royal for what she wears is not news. An actress stretching is not news. Does no one in the MSM know this anymore?

● Hillary Clinton is musing about running again. I'm all for it.

● Our Democratic candidate for Governor (Jared Polis) once attacked a woman (a female employee), who called 9-1-1 on him and then got a restraining order. Not a peep from feminists on this. Surprise!

● Today was 76 degrees. Tomorrow... it snows. Welcome to Colorado.


Anthony said...

1. Yep. Huge waves of Central Americans crashing against our border is not a good look. Fine argument for a fence.

2. Yes. Cruz has all the charisma of Hillary but I can't imagine a Democrat winning statewide office in Texas.

3. Both sides are happy to encourage their fringes to kill the other. They feed the fantasies then profess shock at the violence. It's just the way of things nowadays.

4. I agree.

5. People love minutia and they tune into news that gives them what they want.

6. Hillary running might be Democrats' excuse for not running or losing but anybody halfway competent would wipe the floor with her.

7. I suspect Polis is too liberal to win but in fairness grabbing or pushing (depends on whose account you believe, the officers on the scene thought both were less than truthful) an aspiring thief isn't quite the same as beating your wife.

Critch said...

I think the point about Polis is that, if he were a conservative, the Dims would already have him guilty...just because he was accused.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, As Critch says, that is the point I'm making. First, let me say that I doubt it is legal to grab an employee even if you think they are stealing. But putting that aside, if this had been a conservative, the left would be smearing him. The MSM would be interviewing the woman with violins playing in the background. And any fact checking would go thusly:

This is a he said, she said crime.
He's male. He's probably guilty.

Instead, the MSM either completely ignored it or went out of their way to debunk it with every inference made in his favor and treated as a fact... right down to conspiracy theories: "shadowing interests" have raised this.

That's the point. The left is not being genuine in any of this #metoo crap. They still ignore Bill Clinton or their viscous smears of his victims: "This is what happens when you drag $10 through a trailer park." Funny, how that was acceptable commentary to them then.

drjim said...

I just noticed a "yes on 112" sign in the neighborhood.

Damn liberal idiots are everywhere these days...

AndrewPrice said...

Dr. Jim, They must be a hardcore leftist too. Even most Democrats oppose that one. Unions, local governments, small business, big business, Democrats, Republicans, teachers all oppose it. That one's whacko.

Anthony said...

Critch and Anthony,

Regarding Polis its not exactly a he said, she said situation. By all accounts she announced her intention to leave days earlier, then the day of the incident called him to taunt him that she was leaving with important docs so be better be careful.

He drove to down the office and physically stopped her from leaving, she called the cops, the cops showed up and found her bruises were consistent with being grabbed on one arm (a story neither told oddly enough) and that a bunch of company documents were in her purse. They arrested her.

She filed a restraining order against him two days later which was immediately granted but three weeks ended the restrained order, plead guilty to theft and agreed to stay away from him. Then they both lived their lives until she died in 2014.

All of that is from the Washington Free Beacon, which investigated the incident. Other articles cite them as conservative, but like Jared Polis I never heard of the Beacon until yesterday...

I agree with you Andrew that Trump and Clinton are remarkably similar in their behavior and remarkably different in who attacked them and defended them.

Its a somewhat disturbing phenomena but I do think its tied to both guys having the public persona of loveable, philandering rogue. A lot of politicians of a different stripe (public persona of devoted family man and/or a person of lesser charisma) in both parties have been burned down by sex scandals while those two thrived.

I'm not saying the media isn't harder on Republicans (they are), but sex scandals are dangerous for most politicians.

AndrewPrice said...


The point is the difference. I honestly couldn't care less if he did it or not. But the left "cares." They care when the person they accuse is a conservative. When that happens, everything he did gets turned into the worst kind of outrage, he's presumed guilty, the smears start, and they extrapolate... telling the word this is "never acceptable" and crap like that.

And then a liberal does it and they explain away, give not only the benefit of the doubt but create doubt where none exists, and they hide it, lie about it and dismiss it away.

To say "the media is harder on Republicans" is like saying the death penalty is "harder" than a $200 fine. The media treats these so differently that it's pure propaganda.

tryanmax said...

On the subject of nasty rhetoric, I just want to reiterate my comment from yesterday that, in addition to the amped up rhetoric, the media constantly "decoding" secret dog whistles encourages people to willfully misinterpret things to confirm their own biases.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Very true. Trump isn't wrong when he refers to the media as the enemy of the people. They have drifted over from leftist bias to leftist agitators.

Speaking of nasty rhetoric, we are now being treated to the "while the bodies are still warm" tag from the MSM.

OMG, Trump was...

tweeting, making jokes, commenting/not commenting, campaigning, responding to our attacks... while the bodies aren't even cold yet.

I can't tell you how many headlines I've seen just like this the past couple days. Talk about stirring things up and rotten rhetoric. And that doesn't even count referring to Rep. King as "white supremacist" or passing the BS claim that 22% of Republicans want a return to slavery or the utterly ridiculous claims that the GOP is antisemitic (something the left has been openly for years now).

AndrewPrice said...

... and let's not forget "voter suppression"... GOP wants to deny 40 million Americans health care... deny transexuals "fundamental human rights"... allying with gangs (proud boys)... seeking support from Nazis... seeking support from white nationalists... etc.

Just another day in liberal smear land.

tryanmax said...

Here's what I heard on NPR this morning. Not verbatim, but precisely this succinct.

HOST: "Hours after 11 worshipers lost their lives in a synagogue shooting spree, Trump hosted a campaign rally."

TRUMP (audio clip): "We can’t let evil change our life and change our schedule."

HOST: "But he is changing his schedule and heading to Pittsburgh."

AndrewPrice said...

Sounds about right. And if Obama had said that instead of Trump, they would have been orgasming over how "strong" and "powerful" Obama's message was.

As an aside, at the same time Trump was not allowed to host a rally, there was article after article talking about Democratic rallies and the such.

Tennessee Jed said...

Well I have always wondered if the media realizes their bias and just works on how to spin their denials. The days with objective reporting of facts seems gone with the wind. Partly, it is that every outlet, whether, print, radio, t.v. Or internet, is trying to survive in an increasingly competitive market place. This is why we get stories on celebrities rather than news. And because 92% of all media is consistently liberal, we get news be it fake or not even newsworthy through their filter.

You always knew Hillary would try to get a third chance. No politician in the country’s history wanted it so badly. She wants to be the Khakeesi, breaker of glass ceilings, the first of her gender, and be on Mount Rushmore. Hillary is like a bop bag, but I don’t think the Dems will fall for her again, even though the Clintons still have plenty of cash, power, and stoke fear in rivals.

I watch clips of the talking heads at CNN and NBC blaming Trump, but the thing is, the only people that watch are already hard core Dems.

tryanmax said...

Happy You-can’t-wear-that-owe’en!

Critch said...

You know, the Dims might just fall for Hillary again..they just keep coming back for more...Have ya'll seen the rallie she has had here in Missouri and Illinois...people lined up for over a mile to see him....I realize it's dangerous to guess elections on gut feelings, however, I think Claire McCaskill is toast..

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