Sunday, October 7, 2018

Kavanaugh Fallout!

Let's follow up on the Kavanaugh fallout.

● Here's a quote to remember:
“This is a historical moment for women and ... will go down in history as the moment it was revealed how rampant sexual assault is and how it is no longer going to be tolerated,” said Jen Palmieri, the communications director for Clinton’s presidential campaign.
The left excels at wrongly predicting history. Remember the picture of the black chick that was supposed to be iconic but was old news within a week? Anyways, this quote is virtually identical to quotes I've heard after Bob Packwood, Anita Hill, during the passage of the Violence Against Women Act, when #metoo was created last year, and now. Yet, the numbers never show rampant sexual assault so feminists retreat to the tired claim that there are 10 rapes for every one reported, and they always claim women are too scared to report. This is a game and you will see it repeated the next time they get some liar to accuse a Republican of sexual assault... and the time after that. It's like the year of the woman, a fantasy that will never come but comes every election cycle.

● Leftist strategists are worried that the Democrats need to stop whining about Kavanaugh or they will damage their chances in the mid-terms. Already, their misbehavior has raised Republican enthusiasm to a par with Democrats, erasing many Democratic leads. The problem is the left just can't help themselves. They are on a tantrum bender and these emotional little creatures just can't stop.

● Speaking of which, it would seem that Kavanaugh has killed off Senate Democrats in South Dakota, Missouri, Indiana and Montana. Even New Jersey may be in play now. It's also destroyed potential victories in Texas and Tennessee. The Senate appears safe. I suspect the House is safe too, but we'll see. It is now common wisdom on the left that the Republicans will lose the House because Kavanaugh will cost them suburban women voters. Except, those seem to be the women who were worried that their husbands, sons and brothers could be the next Kavanaugh. Not to mention, the liberal women among them have proven they don't vote. So I think their certainty of victory is far less than certain.

● The #metoo movement keeps imploding further into farce. Now movement founder Rose McGown has called the movement "bullshit" and say it exists only to make Hollywood-types look good. Well, duh!

● For those who don't know, leftists kidnapped Doctor Who and decided to turn him into a woman. Indeed, their comments are sickly vindictive in this regard. Anyways, they've been touting this as some major rise for women, a moment of triumph. I, conversely, predict this will simply kill Doctor Who. First indications are that I'm right -- of course, because I don't engage in wishful thinking and I don't ignore reality in my analysis. What tells me they are seeing the writing on the wall? Well, reviews of the first episode are already assigning blame, suggesting a pending failure. They are blaming the writing, not the fact that Doctor is a woman. See, it's not the bizarre politically correct and unworkable choice of making him a woman which flies in the face of the formula which drives the show which is killing the show... it's the leftist who decided to make him a woman who has refused to write her properly. Uh huh.

● It's going to snow tonight. Ug. I blame Kavanaugh.

● I've been debating if Kavanaugh's victory will increase leftist turnout or depress it. It's hard to tell. Will this demoralize them or make them angry? We have two clues. The mobs sent to protest Cavanaugh were laughably small. That suggests demoralization. Similarly, all the posts from idiot celebrities are depressed rather than angry. Again, that suggests depressed leftist turnout.


AndrewPrice said...

Let me add something. This isn't evidence, this falls in the category of "gut feel," but...

I learned a long time ago never to be afraid of anyone who talks about what they're going to do to you. They're all talk and no action. The people you need to fear are the ones who accuse you of wrong and then simply go about solving the problem with a quiet calm.

The Tea Party was like this at first. They didn't whine and thrash about. They simple started showing up with the question: "How do we fix this?" The gay marriage debate went like this too. After years of whiny activists, you suddenly had average people saying, "Why don't we just change this?" In fact, every successful bottom up movement I can think of was like this.

There is a calm that comes with action unlike the nervousness that comes with inaction.

So I look at Kavanaugh. I see quiet outrage on the pro-Kavanaugh side. I'm not sure I see action, but it could be there. But on the left, I see nothing but whining. I see article after article screaming about waves of outraged women who will show up and change the world... we're gonna make you pay so hard!! It's over the top claims made in a hyperbolic manner. That's a pretty sure sign that these people are all talk. Add that to the total lack of any evidence of motion on the ground and I just don't see the left getting any boost out of this.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, I think what makes things hard to predict is that we're in the midst of a huge realignment on the right that is going largely unnoticed by the left as they're still scrambling to (a) figure out how they got 2016 so wrong, and (b) #Resist!

Normally, you'd be seeing a lot of "end of the GOP" commentary with as much turmoil as there is on the right. There is a steady trickle of "why I left the Republican Party" articles published by nominal conservatives who write for progressive rags, but no one is suggesting Republican death throes. To the contrary, one gets the sense from these articles that they are fleeing because political strength scares them.

EPorvaznik said...

When Poison drummer Ricki Rocket's the latest, ahem, celebrity trotted out as a member of the Kavanaugh resistance, you know desperation's in the air.

Anthony said...

1) Kavanaugh staying the focus would be good for Republicans.
However a month with no new political developments strikes me as unlikely. Trump will probably become the focus again.
If against the odds the rest of the year is just the Dems saying we need your votes to impeach Kavanaugh Dems won't win anything.

3) Rose McGowan denounced Timesup not Metoo. Apparently they are separate things though I am a little hazy on the distinction.

4) I've never watched the show but I know Doctor Who's ratings have been in the toilet for years despite having a male doctor. apparently the gimmick of a female doctor boosted the ratings of the first episode. If the plots are indeed the problem (as old articles suggest) the boost won't last.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I agree. There seem to be a handful of "lifelong Republican leaving the party" articles lately (just as there were through Reagan's first term), but they seem to be upset that the GOP isn't meekly accepting defeat. That's how the ones who left under Reagan were too. They complained that they didn't like how Reagan was standing up to their Democratic friends.

Beyond that, the GOP seems to be consolidated and coming together because the Democrats have pushed them back together -- and I think the left's celebrity faction is leading the charge on that.

AndrewPrice said...

EP, Isn't that the truth!

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Here's the funny thing about the ratings claim on Doctor Who. It's not true.

They say she scored "more than 9 million" and then gave some numbers to show that she beat all the other doctors except the first reboot at 9.9 million. But that's revisionist history. When they cancelled the last guy, they lamented that he only scored 10.2 million... compared to 15.2 million for the guy before him. So somebody's lying.

It looks like she is continuing the long slow decline and is about half of the first three reboot guys.

Tennessee Jed said...

I will only add Tennessee is still too close to be comfortable Phil Bredesen is a former governor, and outwardly portrays a blued dog moderate. He looked bad when he recently came out to say "I would have voted to confirm Kavanaugh" Made him look chicken shit. What Blackburn needs to remind people is just by being a Democrat he causes the problem of control of the committees and agenda. This holds true for Manchion as well. He often supports Republican policies, but he still has that (D) next to his name.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, Having been there for Manchin's career as governor, I don't think he can be beaten, but I wonder if he won't eventually switch parties.

I don't know Bredesen well, but I suspect he is done. It is true that Tennessee is still considered closer than places like North Dakota, which had been even but where Heitcamp is now down by 12%. But I personally suspect it is over. I suspect there will be a red wave in red states that will beat guys like Bredesen.

I also suspect that Taylor Swift's endorsement will hurt him.

AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, now that ratings have crashed for the Miss America Pageant, Gretchen Carlson is doing what all good dictators do when things go wrong. She's shooting the dissenters. Yep... purge time! They've terminated the management groups running four states who fought her over the swimsuits.

I suspect next year will be the last for the pageant. Then Carlson will make the rounds saying how it was time for the thing to die.

In a similar vein, look for Doctor Who to "go on break" after this season and die after a Christmas special.

Thomas Anderson said...

Because I'm a masochist, I watched the new Doctor Who episode. It was pretty mediocre, about what I expected. Surprisingly, they didn't push the feminism angle too hard, but they tried to introduce too many new companions, none of whom are interesting. There was also a moment that offered a lot of insight into the writers' worldview: the Doctor, while explaining the Sonic Screwdriver, said it was really more like a Swiss army knife, except without the knife part, because "only idiots carry knives." RTD's anti-gun tirades were bad enough; making the Doctor anti-knife is beyond stupid.

Also, regarding the Doctor's gender messing up the formula: I think the writers are aware of it. The new Doctor has the most companions since Peter Davison's first season. That creates a different dynamic than usual, but I'm not sure if it's ever really worked out well--in 5's case, Nyssa was a non-entity, and Adric is the most hated companion ever. And it's not looking promising in the current season.

AndrewPrice said...


Adric is the most hated companion ever.

Hallelujah! I honestly cheered at the end of Earthshock when he died. I was so happy to be rid of him.

You make a great point about Davidson. They wanted to wash away the Baker years, so they created an insecure Doctor and gave him a busload of companions and it never felt right even with excellent writing.

The Doctor works best when he has a Sarah Jane Smith or Rose Tyler, a young woman who challenges his complacency. You can't do that if you reverse the genders because it makes the male companion seem pissy and aggressive. Can you imagine what feminists will say if the young male companion is constantly showing up a female doctor? Also, I've never seen anyone on television allow a smug woman to admit her faults as the smug doctors did. Hence, the formula just doesn't work this way.

I've also seen that the women who wanted a "strong woman" are angry because she's not that either. That's a character like River Song, but River needs an even stronger Doctor to play off of. If the Doctor's companions are as good as "she" is, then feminists will scream that she's being overshadowed and the storylines won't work because two uber-competent people can't mess up/bumble as much as the Doctor needs to to make the villains work.

The show really just doesn't work with a female doctor unless you change it completely, at which point you have to wonder why they need to steal the Doctor at all. Why not just do the adventures of River Song?

One article I saw, by the way, suggests they are headed for a Torchwood type story of gay love triangles. That would be a mess.

Thomas Anderson said...


"You make a great point about Davidson. They wanted to wash away the Baker years, so they created an insecure Doctor and gave him a busload of companions and it never felt right even with excellent writing."

Thanks, and that's a really good way to put it. 5's era is one of my favorites because the "batting average" of the episodes is higher than usual, but that's in spite of most of the companions being dull. 5's insecurity didn't bother me as much, though it probably was the impetus for 6 to go waaayyyy too far in the opposite direction.

You make an excellent point about why 13 could very easily wind up coming across as smug. On the other hand, they could always go the Captain Janeway route and not give her any flaws...which will also make her look smug...uh-oh.

Interestingly, from what I've seen, at least part of the "strong woman" crowd hates River because they think "she's just a mystery for a man to solve" or some nonsense. More evidence that you'll never please that crowd, I suppose.

If they head into Torchwood territory, not even morbid curiosity can keep me watching. I watched 6 episodes of that before I decided to do something better with my time, like playing tiddlywinks. (I did eventually skip ahead to Children of Earth, though. I hear that's the only part worth watching?)

AndrewPrice said...

Thomas, I kind of go with the theory that the last doctor I watched is my favorite. LOL! The only exceptions are No. 1 and No. 7. I don't care for either.

That said, Davison is one of my favorites for the very reason you mention. I don't think he had the personality of the rest, but his stories were well above average. Smart, clever, well-written and original. Not just monsters trying to take over: Earthshock, Castrovalva, Caves of Androzani, Enlightenment, The Five Doctors, Frontios... all favorites of mine.

BTW, Davison criticized the idea of a female doctor saying that boys had lost a role model. Then the hate poured in and he quit Twitter.

I've heard that about River too, but she's legitimately one of the strongest female characters you'll find. The problem is that feminists want their women to have nothing to do with men. So the fact she loves the Doctor makes her weak in their twisted little minds.

Thanks. On smugness, the Doctor is inherently a smug character. That works better in men because he needs to be flexible with his ego, which is something feminists don't allow in female characters. Flexibility = weakness = male oppression

Children of Earth was fantastic. The rest of Torchwood was awful and I gave up fast. It's basically a gay soap opera with some monsters. And every time I tried to give it another go, it just drove me further away.

Thomas Anderson said...

Andrew, ain't that the truth! I don't altogether dislike 7, though I do hate his political correctness, which ruins most of his episodes. And his supposed masterpiece, Curse of Fenric, is a complete mess (not to mention one of his most obnoxiously leftist stories).

Indeed! I also love Mawdryn Undead--one of the first serials to actually build its plot around time travel, and who doesn't want to see more of the Brigadier?

I heard that about Davison. It always fascinates me when someone who was probably quite liberal 30+ years ago is no longer accepted on the left. Really puts the lie to the common claim that the right has gotten more extreme and the left has mostly stayed the same.

Good point about River, though it gave me a horrible thought--I hope they don't bring her back so they can have the Doctor in a gay marriage. I could *almost* see it happening.

That's about what I thought vis-à-vis Torchwood. What I saw of the kid-oriented spinoff, The Sarah Jane Adventures, was actually much more enjoyable--instead of trying to be edgy and PC, it felt like a tribute to the classic show.

Anthony said...

At least the DNC chair is honest about his party.

“There are no moderate Democrats basically left- moderate Republicans left in the United States.” Perez quickly corrected himself.

Tennessee Jed said...

Newest poll does show Blackburn pulling away. I agree about Manchin. My only point is, affiliation does matter. Even though Murkowski sold out Republicans, the (R) does help in terms of majority leader where Joe hurts. Some posited he may well switch affiliation when he runs in 2022. Generally, senators are gutless political creatures whose main thought is their personal interest. Not always the case, but much of the time. As an aside, I was happy to see Trump apologize to Kavanaugh and his family on behalf of the nation, and speck to the daughters. Bet that gave both Senator Gildebrand and Taylor Swift some serious ass burn

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I'd rather have Murkowski than a Democrat.

I'm not surprised that Blackburn is pulling away. I think the Red states will get redder this cycle. The Blue will probably get bluer too. No idea what happens in purple states though.

Speaking of Swift, I saw an article that she's added 100,000 young votes in 24 hours! Yay! Only, the article is nonsense. It's not at all clear how many would regularly be added without her, so giving her the total credit is silly. It seems like at least 60k would be normal. What's more, the number was spiking for two weeks before she came out and endorsed the Donks. So she may have had no effect at all.

Moreover, in Tennessee, "she" added what looks to be 6,000 voters to an election likely to see 2.2 million votes. So even if she gets the full credit, it's still not even margin of error stuff. And that assumes they all vote (most won't) and they vote her way (many won't).

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, The Dems only have a couple moderates left at this point. And they need to stay pretty far left to avoid getting primaried.

AndrewPrice said...

Thomas, I thought the Sarah Jane Adventures were cute.

Yuck. Please don't bring River back for a gay marriage... though I could see them doing it to try to spike the ratings.

Curse of Fenric was an awful mess!

On Davison, it is funny. So much of what was liberal in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s is today considered racist fascism by modern liberals. It really does show how far they've drifted.

What's just as funny is seeing leftists complain when the leftist mob tears them down and assumes they are conservatives, even though they are often even further left than the mob. That's just how the left justifies its pogroms. Once you are declared bad, they assume you can't be a leftist.

Critch said...

Hillary's mouth has been running again and she almost sounds like she's calling for violence against the GOP....why can't she just go away?

Rustbelt said...

Critch said, "...why can't she just go away?"

Well, as the saying goes, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.
You fashion the stakes, I'll bring the garlic and holy water.

Critch said...

I'll bring a priest too, we may need backup...

tryanmax said...

OT: I love how the media is adamant today that it's not okay to call leftist mobs "mobs." I recall close to ten years ago, now, the media was reporting that right-wing mobs were disrupting town hall meetings.

So, if I've got this all straight, the appropriate place to confront politicians is at a restaurant, his front yard, or baseball practice, but not at a town hall.

Anthony said...

I saw some video of Antics types 'directing' traffic and attacking drivers. It's past time to start locking those thugs up.

tryanmax said...

Anthony, I saw that, too. I heard something about 400 arrests but that’s all I know. In those numbers, I imagine it’s mostly catch-and-release and the idiots will wear it like a badge. Add to that, they keep using Heather Heyer’s name as justification for their antics—that tells me at least some are out for imaginary revenge.

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