Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Leftist Whining

So, uh, leftists... amiright?

(1) Racism, racism, racism. Black people die from coronavirus in greater percentages than whites. It has nothing to do with diabetes from bad diets, not taking care of themselves because the black community is "suspicious" of doctors, or the fact the massive house party that got busted in Chicago this weekend was several hundred blacks packed chest to chest without a single mask. No. That's all irrelevant. It's racism.

(2) Mexicans in California are dying at a higher percentage than whites of coronavirus. It can't be poor diet or prexisting conditions resulting from the putrid healthcare system in Mexico... no, it's racism and "economic conditions." Yup, coronavirus does an income check before it strikes.

(3) Men are more likely to die from coronavirus than women, making coronavirus sexist against women. Uh.

(4) Believe women. Truth. Women never lie. And even when women lie, we should believe their lies because they are women. What's that? Creepy, touchy Joe Biden has allegedly been allegedly accused of alleged sexual assault... allegedly? I don't even have to know the facts to know that didn't happen. Seriously, who are you going to believe? Saint Joe Biden or some woman?

(5) I'm still struggling to understand this one. The ozone hole has vanished... but the left is claiming that the shutdown had nothing to do with it. Apparently, colder than normal temperatures (which don't exist in this world of global warming) create the holes and when it warms up, they go away. No human involvement. Huh. I thought it was CfCs?

(6) If we don't give aid to third world sh*tholes to stop global warming, we'll have more pandemics, as proven by this one... which didn't arise in a third world sh*thole or as a result of global warming. Logic.

(7) Letting parents teach children is "dangerous." No, parents NOT teaching children is dangerous.

(8) Don't you dare go outside, you monster! But don't you dare stop immigration even temporarily, you monster.

Talk about mental Whiplash.



Stacy said...

I don't know if it's true elsewhere, but here in PA over 60% of the deaths from the virus have been residents in nursing homes. In my own county ALL of the deaths have been in nursing homes until today. Now they count 3 in the general population.

Having worked in a nursing home, I think I can safely say that, typically, nursing home residents are over 75 and have at least one underlying condition. Many have more than one. Moreover, many of them have directives spelling out their wishes for no extraordinary measures to continue their lives, which would mean no respirators. To me what that says is that, yes, the virus is dangerous to those who are high risk, but not as dangerous to the general population as they would like us to believe. I mentioned this in a Facebook group and got accused of saying that the elderly don't matter or that they are expendable.

Lord, there are days I just can't take the left and their whining stupidity for one more second. I swear none of them could pass a reading comprehension test...and I might have told them so. I am so over the left and kind of wish we could just give them all one collective throat punch and be done with it.

AndrewPrice said...

Stacy, That's typical of leftists sadly, to attack you rather than listen to a very rational position, and then to attack you for a position you didn't even espouse. They want simple answers they can understand, whether they work or not, and without needing to think about trade offs, and they don't like people who give them doubt.

The left drives me nuts with their stupidity, their hypocrisy, and their hate all balled into one self-righteous package.

In terms of the numbers, I don't know if those numbers are true everywhere -- no one seems to know anything about what is really happening with the numbers (our first three locally where in a nursing home) -- but it is clear that the vast majority of deaths are elderly and sick.

As an aside, I think this will kill the nursing home industry. They are going to get sued into oblivion and I doubt many people will want to put parents into homes where so many died. They are going to need to rebrand somehow.

AndrewPrice said...

P.S. I'd be right there with you on that throat punch.

Terry said...

Hi, Andrew. Been following you for awhile, have commented before as Anonymous. I live in the appropriately named, Corona California. Keep an eye on California our whiner in chief, Governor Newsom is closing all beaches and state parks on May first and extending his stay at home order until June 18.

tryanmax said...

Don't you know, it's lituhrally unpossible for someone to both sponsor the Violence Against Women Act and also commit violence against women. That would be hypocritical!

Speaking of hypocrites, the left can't decide if it wants old people to die or not. I remember when they ran that ugly ad of Paul Ryan pushing granny off a cliff. But then Obama told old people to take a pill, get comfortable, and get out of the way. Now they love old people again. At least rhetorically. Seems the NY Dept. of Health issued an order requiring nursing homes to admit residents who had tested positive for COVID-19 and also prohibited them from administering COVID-19 tests.

I did not believe it when I first heard about it, so here's the memo: LINK

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Unknown! I have to admit that Newsom confuses me. He seems to talk about opening, at times, and then he freaks out when the media shows him photos of people on the beach. I get the sense that California is probably experiencing the most truly locked-down lock down in the country. Colorado's lockdown, by comparison, is entirely fake. For example they put police tape over playground toys, but let people use the rest of the park. Almost every business is open with curbside service. We've gone on in-state trips and the roads are full of cars.

My first thought on Newsom was that he was going to follow Cuomo's lead until Cuomo got more famous, and then he decided to go a different direction to get noticed. But it seems more random than that. It seems like he's just reacting to whatever the media is "outraged" by each day.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Old people used to be a Democratic base. That changed slowly under Reagan and the Democrats decided to go young and hip. Suddenly, "ageism" was no longer an -ism.

I think the most twisted thing I've seen from the left in this regard during this whole affair was an article that met with general humor on the left which said that Trump might lose the 2020 election because the virus was killing old people, which are his biggest supporters. Twisted.

On Biden, Politico had this amazingly Alice-in-Wonderland like article about the allegations. It was full of women who ran various women's groups (me too, domestic violence groups, etc.). They all supported Biden and the mental gymnastics were shocking...

1. They parsed her quotes to an amazing extent. Apparently, her allegations weren't repeated exactly the same way in the past, so she's lying. So much for believe women.

2. The New York Times looked at it and declared it probably didn't happen, so we can ignore it. So much for a right to be heard.

2. Biden just needs to admit that we need to affirm how she feels and then he's good to go. Are we seriously going to stop a good man because of the allegation of some woman? Uh, weren't you saying these men need to be castrated and sent to slave farms for the rest of their lives?

3. I mean, come on? He's a good guy. They didn't allow that defense either. In fact, wives who said that were dupes. Also, Joe has a history they entirely ignore.

4. The Republicans are "amplifying" this in the media, so we need to ignore it. In other words, allegations against Democrats need not apply.

It was amazing hypocrisy and it made it clear that they see allegations of sexual assault entirely as a political weapon and nothing more.

tryanmax said...

A well-known twitterer came up with a good name for this MeToo predicament: Milano's Knot. I hope it catches on.

Tennessee Jed said...

It is wearying. The constant politicization of everything you liberals is shameful. I think regardless of any mistakes Trump has made, a party that spent every waking movement resisting and set him up with a collusion hoax. Probably the most egregious, though was Kavanaugh which was clearly a long time in the planning. Thwarted they are acting now is political hypocrisy 101

Terry said...

Formally unknown, here. Newsom is an empty suit, always had been. He is just milking this for all its worth because he knows he'll never get another chance to be the little tinpot dictator all these leftist are at heart.

I live in Riverside county and for the most part it's just like you described Colorado. I work for a Heavy Duty Truck dealership, so we are considered essential, I go to work every day, go to Target or the Grocery Store. Law Enforcement are leaving everyone pretty much alone unless you actually break the real laws.

I'm going to drive 35 miles to Newport Beach this weekend to get a couple of gallons of Chili to take to my oldest daughter in Kansas in 3 weeks. Don't expect to have any trouble doing it, of course part of it id there are too many people in this area for the authorities to even began to control without resorting to very drastic measures. I'll see how it is in Colorado in three weeks, driving I-70 to Kansas.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, The hypocrisy is absolutely stunning this time.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I am too. I no longer care at all about their opinions. There's no reason whatsoever to be reasonable with people as messed up as that... and you can't believe a word they espouse as their principles.

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Terry,

That's probably a really good description of him, thinking about it. Despite having such a high profile position and a willing legislature, I can't honestly think of a single thing where he has ever led... left or right. He comes across like a puppet, unlike Moonbeam who really seemed to drive the state.

I-70 should be fine. We went up I-25 to get donuts this weekend (Krispy Kreme in Denver) and the roads were pretty normal. The cops were getting speeders, but that's about it. You should have seen the line at Krispy Kreme. We ended up walking inside, which was an option (5 people at a time), because there must have been 50 cars in the drive thru!

Gallons of chili? I like the sound of that!!! :)

AndrewPrice said...

P.S. Terry, I feel sorry for you in California. It's such a beautiful place and the left is just nuts out there. I just finished a project involving the new AB-5 (independent consultants)... that's just crazy. How anybody still has a job California is beyond me.

Terry said...

My youngest daughter married a guy from Ellsworth Kansas she met in San Antonio at Army Combat Medics school. They live in Lawrence and she went to KU on the G.I. Bill and is now a Nurse Practitioner. My oldest daughter and her husband got out of California last year and moved to Lexnexa. Have to go back at least once a year to see the grand kids. My oldest likes the chili from a place at the Newport pier that I have been going to since the early 70's. # weeks from now I should be in Grand Junction for the night and then from there to Lawrence.

I'm just trying to make it another 4 or 5 years, my wife retired last year, she worked for Kaiser Permanente for 41 years and has a real pension, and full medical for us both. Would move to Kansas but the closest Kaiser is in Denver. So I may end up in your area in the long run

AndrewPrice said...

Denver is not great. The rest of Colorado is.

Being a nurse is a great choice of career. High demand and will only grow.

Best of luck with the chili! :)

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