Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Left Is Back

While the left never really stops being hateful, aggrieved and political, they do at least turn their hate down to a whisper for the initial periods of big enough disasters. Remember 9/11? They were nice and patriotic for almost a week before they turned bitterly partisan. Of course, the cost of all that pent up rage was Bush Derangement Syndrome, which was almost as bad as Trump Derangement Syndrome. This time they've been more quiet too, sort of.

Of course, when I say they've been sort of quiet, I don't mean they haven't poured out their hate at Trump. He's done everything wrong, naturally. Pure evil. Here are just some of the things they screamed about him:
● Waited too long to act, "now he has blood on his hands."

● Idiotically touted wearing masks... idiotically won't wear a mask.

● Idiotically touted a malaria drug... not helping people find same drug.

● Downplayed virus... doesn't want to quarantine people... evilly forcing us to stay home.

● Personally fired a naval hero whose only 'crime' was to violate the chain of command in a way which endangered the Pacific.

● Personally pirated masks from Germany... ok, that's untrue, but still TRUMP! amiright?

● Personally taking masks out of the faces of Canadian doctors

● Cut research funding to stop this very virus

● Personally sent defective equipment from storage from the Obama era to Democratic Governors

● Refuses to send equipment from storage to Democratic Governors

● Told manufacturers not to ship medical supplies to Democratic states

● Caused Obama to fail to build up enough disaster supplies

● Personally causing layoffs of ER staffs

● Refuses to send Navy medical ship to New York... well, lied about it arriving on time... well, won't let people with coronavirus onboard!... stupidly let people with coronavirus on board when it was always meant for other sick people!

● Caused massive unemployment... almost to Obama's lowest levels!!

● Forced media to bravely ignore his news conferences because TRUMP! amiright?

● Personally silenced the brave Dr. Fauci weeks ago, who has not been seen since.

● Sent his son to waste the time of medical professionals who could have cured the virus

● Didn't do anything to help people who lost their jobs... well, didn't do enough... well, didn't do it the way I would have done it... and the checks are going to take like weeks to show up... and bad people will get money too

● Sent stimulus money to his friends like the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.
So yeah, that's been going on. But the left hasn't been up to its usual pet peeves obsessive stuff until this week. This week, they started hitting full stride again. Why now? I suspect they see the curve has flattened and they decided they no longer could be accused of lacking patriotism if they stopped holding their tongues. So away they went:
● The coronavirus is racist... it kills black people in higher numbers. Yup, it's not because they're older, fatter and have more diabetes it's pure racism. There's even a corresponding argument going around that this has renewed black people's "lack of trust in medicine." Apparently, doctors are racist and don't offer quality medicine to blacks. Yawn. Then there are these strange but suggestive headlines like "More than half of Chicago's coronovirus victims are black." Must be racism. No doubt whites are using them as human shields. Or maybe, it's just traveling in their community in Chicago? Nah. Racism!

● The coronavirus "feeds on the poor". Yup, despite the evidence we discussed suggesting that this is a rich person's disease, and without offering even a hint of proof that there is any income disparity in the victims, the left is now foaming that this things "feeds" on the poor because their jobs (if they still have them) requiring traveling (5 out of 4 bus drivers in New York City have the virus), working in Amazon's hellish warehouses where people with the virus are afraid not to come to work, and handing out fast food to rich, white Americans. You monsters. How could you? Universal income would have fixed this... somehow. Unionized strife could be fun now too.

● Trump hates Mexicans because he won't send stimulus checks to illegal aliens. Also, he won't send Mexican prisoners back to safe Mexico from dangerous federal prison.

● OMG! The amount of wife beating is through the roof. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! MEN ARE EVIL! //breaks down crying. Already only 1 in 10 incidents gets reported and now that's 10 times as bad based on the number of calls to hotlines... uh. Anyways, 300 million US women will be victims of domestic abuse this very week! Somebody needs to do something!

● Prisons are an unfair death trap! That one guy died in prison! No one would have died if we let them all out into the perfectly safe streets! Ban prisons. They're racist, dangerous and they don't do anything to reform these people -- they are just as dangerous as before, so um... we should never have locked them up. //scratches head
There's more but that's about all I can take. As an aside, with all this economic activity stopping to the point that (1) scientists say the seismic signature of the Earth is quieter, (2) animals are returning to land we developed, (3) pollution is abating to the point the difference can be seen from space and is off the charts good... why isn't the Earth cooling?



AndrewPrice said...

Feel free to add any hypocrisies I missed or any outrages we're supposed to care about suddenly.

AndrewPrice said...

Here's a new one: air pollution may play role in high death rate in Italy... because Italy has worse pollution that China.

Anonymous said...

Politico is saying the resignation of the guy who fired the navy captain, the guy they've been attacking and saying should be fired, is itself destroying morale. So Trump is bad for not stopping the captain from putting out his letter. He is bad for firing the captain. He is bad for firing the guy who fired the captain. Total hypocrisy. No matter what he does, he's bad.

tryanmax said...

Personally, I like the one about how Trump is pushing hydroxychloriquine because he has minor pharmaceutical holdings in a mutual fund in a trust and all his cronies do too!

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, That's so typical of the left.

AndrewPrice said...

Anon, Everything with Trump is can't win. That's how the left works. When you are the bad guy, whatever you do is evil even if they were advocating it themselves minutes before.

AndrewPrice said...

We now have the Gov. of Michigan, who wants to be Biden's VP jumping into the race issue and demanding something to safe black people.

There are articles that black people are dying in Phili and Detroit too. Can't imagine why.

There are articles pointing out that in racist England, all eight doctors who have been identified as having died from this are immigrants. Why? Racism. White doctors have all the good jobs, leaving poor brown doctors to die.

Huffpo has gone further, claiming that black people are dying because they are poor and medicine is racist.

Slowly, the leftist herd starts to charge into their latest blaxploitation.

AndrewPrice said...

Here's actually a good piece of evidence for why this virus has affected one community or another. This is an article about a "superspreader" in Chicago, who spread covid to at least ten people by visiting various family events while sick. LINK.

It doesn't say what race he was, but I would bet black. With the low number of deaths compared to the size of the population, one or two people like this can change the shape of the victim groups.

Similarly, the Jewish lawyer in NYC spread it between different areas and different groups and likely is the cause NY has been hit so hard compared to other large cities.

Again, one or two people can focus something like this in a group, neighborhood, school, etc. There's no element of racism involved, it's just a natural process.

Unknown said...

equality of immunity

who will step up and infect themselves for their race?

AndrewPrice said...

Right. "Let's snuff a few of the right people to get the numbers even," - the Left 2020, Hitler 1943.

ArgentGale said...

I can't say I'm seeing more than the usual fearmongering in response to people wondering when the shutdowns are going to stop but I'm not surprised by any of that. Interestingly the only non-Atlanta county with a lot of cases, Dougherty, is 70% black but that's hardly an indicator of racism for the reasons you point out. It does look like the number of politicians, celebrities, and media types infected is increasing, though, according to the sidebars here. Either way I'm ready for this crap to be over. Shame our politicians aren't in any hurry.

tryanmax said...

It has now been insinuated that our black Surgeon General is a racist. Against blacks.

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