Saturday, April 4, 2020

More Viral Thoughts...

Thoughts aplenty.

● Isn't it interesting that Trump suggested wearing a mask and was crapped all over by the experts. Now the experts want everyone to wear a mask. No apologies to Trump.

● Isn't it interesting that Trump said that this malaria drug hydroxychloroquine was effective against the virus and he was crapped all over by the experts. He was even blamed for some hillbillies taking the wrong drug. Now, a UN survey of doctors says that this very drug is the one they had the most success with. No apologies to Trump.

● The moment that Navy Captain's email went public, he was doomed. That's how the military works. You simply cannot go outside the chain of command. You cannot embarrass the Navy. You cannot declare a military weakness to the world. He may be a nice guy and he may be right, but he blew it.

● I have never seen so many people praying that others get sick as the media outrage that Sweden hasn't enforced social isolation. The media and their fellow travelers are practically begging God to smite those nasty Swedes. And the fact the Swedes aren't dropping in droves just p*sses our enlightened friends off. Why? I think the reason is obvious. If Sweden gets through this no worse than those cowering under their beds, then it will show that cowering under the bed was not the courageous and wise policy the herd wants to believe. That would be upsetting. We burned a lot of witches believing that we were righteous. What if we weren't? Die Swedes, die!

● I was hoping society would return to normal by the end of April. I think people are ready for it. But corporate America keeps pushing the date back, being afraid to be the first to jump right in. So don't look for leadership from them.

● I heard our glorious governor issued some order about everyone needing to wear a mask in public. I won't do it. He can go f* himself. And if I am forced, it's going to be a Guy Fawkes mask.

● It's funny that the media is horrified by a record six million unemployed. NEVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF MAN BEFORE!!! Well, that's technically only 4.4%. Under Obama, unemployment rose as high as 10% in October 2009 and he was credited with gloriously bringing it down to 4.8% by the end of his term. The median rate for him overall was 7.7%. By the way, that worked out to 15.3 million in October 2009 and he rarely got below 6 million. So how is this a record?

● Our grocery store had everything restocked except (1) brown sugar (too many bakers at home), (2) bleach (although we found some bleach pods), and (3) brussel sprouts. Really, people? I thought I was the only one eating those. We even found a trove of Kraft American cheese. Things seemed pretty normal.



AndrewPrice said...

Oh, and in Britain, McDonalds released the recipe for the sausage egg McMuffin. Obviously, there's no problem doing that because you can't buy the same English muffins or American cheese or even the same sausage. So there's no risk to them.

Still, it was interesting to see they used two eggs -- not one. And they kind of poached the eggs rather than just fry them. Who knew?

tryanmax said...

The British McMuffin must be different because I spent five years cracking eggs in the McTrenches and never once put two on one McMuffin.

My grocery store is still out of the microwave burritos my kids like and the house-brand root beer.

Stacy said...

Thanks for doing the math of things for us (math has never been my friend, but if you explain it, I get it). We've got the same face mask order as of yesterday. It's still hard to find toilet paper, though paper towels are slowly coming back. Forget buying any kind of wipes, personal or disinfecting. Can't find gloves or masks. Butter is iffy. While they've lifted the ban on processing conceal carry permits, good luck finding a place to purchase a gun or ammo other than Walmart...who wants to see your driver's license so they can track purchases (which you are not legally required to provide). We're lucky to have an Army/Navy surplus store that is somehow exempt. What I can't figure out is Gov. Wolf's decisions on what businesses are "essential" and which ones are not. Can someone please explain how landscaping businesses are essential?

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax.... my friend!!! Tell me the secret of the Egg McMuffin. Why the heck can I not duplicate that one????

Also, now that you mention it, Kings(Kroger) has been out of house soda since this all began. I wonder if they stopped getting that supplied?

Also, I was told by their butcher that they no longer are getting country ribs because the meat packers are only doing cheaper cuts of meat at the moment.

AndrewPrice said...

You're welcome, Stacy. I'm glad it's helpful.

We're actually almost fully stocked except for bleach itself (and good toiletpaper -- lots of environmentally friendly stuff). People do seem to be rejecting certain things, even in the apocalypse. "I'll find some other way before I use that stuff!" lol

In terms of essential, I have no clue. We're the same way here. Things are randomly open. Gun shops were essential. Chiropractors were not. Restaurants are essential, but as take out only. Dentists were not. They tried closing the liquor stores at first, but got such a backlash they made those essential. Pot shops are essential to keep the addicts from stealing it. Walmart and Target are essential. Sporting good stores are not. Cell phone stores are not (even though my phone is acting funny). Clothing stores are not. Car washes are.

Strange apocalypse, if you ask me.

Stacy said...

Gun shops and sporting goods stores aren't open here, either. The State Stores (liquor) are closed but they've reopened online sales. Restaurants are the same here. Dr's offices and dentists are closed. Phone and video conferencing only. Dentists, I think, can see you for an emergency.

My mom is busy sewing cloth masks today. My hubby went to Lowe's not wearing one and carrying his pistol. The other day he went there and several people were open carrying. Today, nothing.

Strange apocalypse, indeed.

ArgentGale said...

1, 2, snd 6. Because Orange Man Bad of course.

3. Nothing to add there.

4. Not only that they're getting increasingly angry and smug about their favorite new buzz phrase, social distancing. There are even Twits on their namesake site bragging about calling the cops on neighbors who aren't hiding under their beds. This really is a pathology rather than an ideology, isn't it?

5. Of course. Whenever the two week apocalypse deadline passes and it doesn't happen it's always two more weeks. What's going to happen when the public reaches its limits but our leaders, business and political, refuse to cooperate I wonder?

6. I really hope that Polis indulging his inner dictator pisses off enough people to where they purge the Colorado GOP of the Santorum clones and give him a well-deserved boot out of office. Not going to happen, I know, but still. If nothing else he, Cuomo, Newsom, Wolf (my sympathies to you and one of my best friends, who lives outside Philly, Stacy), and Murphy in NJ are all fine examples of what happens when Democrats go crazy with power. And on the mask part, with supplies and availabilty so limited how are people supposed to comply? Oh, right...

7. I waited to comment because I wanted to do my own grocery run. I'm posting this from home jail rather than jail jail so that part wasn't a problem. Aldi was doing better than I thought it would with bread and TP making a comeback, but not cat litter annoyingly enough. I didn't even bother going into Walmart once I saw a line outside and one of the two entrances closed off so I went to Family Dollar, found enough acceptable stuff to finish off what I needed, and was treated to a loud argument between a manager and a family, who got kicked out and the cops called on them because apparently they have a "you touch it you buy it" policy. Charming all around. I think I'll be handling my cat litter purchases at an overpriced pet supply store until Aldi restocks.

On essentials, grocery stores, Walmart, and the like are essential and restaurants are for takeout only. Odd that chiropractors aren't essential in CO, Andrew, since they are down here (and they'll even give you a patient note in case you get stopped by the cops). Home improvement stores and their supply chain locations are essential, too, which is how I'm still working. Strange apocalypse indeed...

AndrewPrice said...

Stacy, The choice of what is "essential" is truly bizarre. How can a gun store be more important than a dentist? How can a bike shop (yes, they're open here) be more important than a doctor's office? Why in the world is fast food considered essential?

It's really strange.

AndrewPrice said...


Politics never stops for these people. Remember that.

4. Snitches always arise. Every secret police department in history has relied on them and these people always go willingly.

6. I wish it would, but people are sheep and guys like Polis are great at running to the front of whatever and attacking his old self as if it were someone else. The human race usually gets the leaders is deserves.

7. Things are pretty normal here. I guess it depends on regional conditions.

BevfromNYC said...

Hi all! I have been trying to sign for days! Hope all is well with everyone in Commentarama-World is healthy and coping. Will add more later!

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Bev! Great to hear from you. I hope you are healthy and safe being in NYC?

BevfromNYC said...

Andrew!!! I am healthy and as safe as anyone is here in NYC. No credit to our stupid Mayor or Gov though...don't get me started.
But things are settling in and everyone is getting with the program. It's weird walking around outside (for those of us who venture outside) and everyone is keeping their distance - 6 ft! I have been working from home since 3/17. Actually had time to finally clean out my fridge...scary-but then maybe I just tossed a few potential cures for Corona!

Hope all is well where you are!

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I'm glad you're safe. I have a client in Upstate who is going nuts over this. She despised Cuomo and thinks this is all a conspiracy.

Around here, things are pretty relaxed and almost normal except that traffic is down. You rarely see masks. If so, they are on employees (some of them). Everybody is friendly and talkative. There's no sense of panic.

I'm thinking the cure for Corona is brussel sprouts as no stores seems to have them suddenly. Annoying. I'm on keto and they work really well for me.

tryanmax said...

The secret to a McMuffin is that you can’t buy the frozen sausage patty commercially. Otherwise, it’s an egg, a slice of cheese, and an English muffin. BUT! You can reproduce a classic McMuffin because Canadian bacon is Canadian bacon. However, I suggest skipping both and going for good old bacon bacon.

AndrewPrice said...

I think part of the problem is that I can never get the muffin right. Mine always end up limp whereas theirs end up crispy. I might need a hotter toaster or something.

tryanmax said...

You could try roasting under the oven broiler. The machine they have at McDonald’s, there’s no home equivalent.

TJ said...

I brought one of those McMuffin makers from Walmart a couple of years ago and it works pretty well. They don't taste quite the same, but they're close enough.

I agree, it's strange what they consider essential businesses around here as well. Thankfully both my husband and I have jobs that fall under "essential" and we're still working. He works in construction and I'm a legal assistant.

I can tell you that this hasn't really slowed down the real estate closings we're doing at my office. We've had a few people terminate their contracts, but overall we're staying busy.

We're still having issues getting toilet paper here. We live in an area that's accessed by two bridges and before they closed them off to visitors and non-resident property owners, we had people from Virginia coming down here to buy toilet paper. The only way we seem to be able to get it is to get to the store as soon as they get a shipment in. It's really strange because we've had several hurricanes over the years and I don't remember the stores ever selling out of toilet paper. Go figure!

AndrewPrice said...

Hi TJ!

We actually had toilet paper in the store yesterday. I can't find paper towels at the moment though. It is really strange what is and what isn't in the stores at the moment. No brown sugar the other day, but lots of regular sugar.

I'm glad you both are still working. :)

I am surprised that the real estate market hasn't slowed though because so many of the banks have shut down a lot of their services. I'm thinking of refinancing soon, but no one seems to be open to do it around here.

TJ said...


A lot of the lenders we work with have their closers and processors working from home. Since most of our buyers are from out of state, the biggest challenge for them is finding a notary. They usually have to make an appointment with their local bank to get their documents notarized. We're seeing a lot of refinances as well.

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