Saturday, April 11, 2020

New Phase

So we've definitely shifted away from the dragging penitents before the camera phase of the herd mentality ("I went on Spring Break because I didn't know VIRUS! Forgive me, VIRUS!") to the exploitation phase.

It started with a few ideological types, encouraged by the Trump Bashing Media and Democrats. They slowly but surely started pointing their poo-stained fingers at various invented virus statistics and misinterpreted them into racism or poorism or whateverism. Then they expanded to add their pet peeves... prisoners are dying in cages, VIRUS is racist, poor people are dying in non-unionized Amazon warehouses, and so on. Indeed, the past week has gone full retard when it comes to ideology. It's like a damn broke and these slimey idiots are slithering through the hole.

Well, now the second wave of idiots have arrived. These are idiots with minor causes that get lost in genuine times of stress. Andrew Zimmer is the proof of that. He's out there complaining that he's worried, harumph, that poor people "don't have access" to nutritious food. This is, of course, total bull. Go to any grocery store in any neighborhood and you will see them packed with fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options. What's missing are the twinkies, the fatty foods, and the frozen foods. There is no lack of access... there is a lack of preference. But Zimmer is a poverty advocate who pushes the invented "15% of Americans go hungry" line which is as fake as the "only 10% of rapes are reported" and "gays are being murdered for being gay." And the fact he's now decided to try to latch his fake cause onto the virus tells us something about what the herd thinks of the state of the virus. In other words, if these people think they can now exploit the virus for a totally unrelated cause (the first group at least tried to exploit virus data directly), then any sort of horror is gone. They see the virus as over... contained. Ironically, they're wrong, but watch for any number of causes suddenly to start filling the papers next to the B-list celebrities trying to get noticed as they all fake some sort of concern related to the VIRUS.

I would say the "men(blech!) are beating their wives in record numbers!" crowd are part of this too. Soon you'll see things about poor kids having nothing to do and no backpacks to do it with, girls are being more stressed out by VIRUS, college athletes need to be paid because of VIRUS, VIRUS brings out transphobia, and so on.

My advice: keep isolating from the news.

I'll talk more about how this all ends a little later and the long term effects. Hint: it won't be the ideologues who cause it to end.


BevfromNYC said...

I keep exacerbating my news "whiplash" with "Xenophobe! Trump shut down the travel to/from China!" to "Trump should have shut down the borders sooner!".

Here in NYC we have the "joy" of Schumer and AOC et al. doing exactly what you say. So Queens (AOC's Congressional district) actually is the Hot Zone in the country because it is densely populated w/a heavy "immigrant" population...she was screaming today that "People aren't going to the hospitals in Queens 'cause they are afraid of being refused! It's Trump's fault!" Of course our mayor (I refuse to capitlize that while he is in office) and his admin where telling people up until March 20 to go out and do what you would normally do! Go to that parade! Go to out to bars and restaurants! Nothing to see here! Trump's just tryin' to scare us all for politics!"

And don't believe Andrew Cuomo is any kind of saint...he was with the liberal program until he realized people in NY were dying and it was actually his job to get the supplies that NY needed.

Anyhow, I hope all is well with everyone! I finally resolved some tech issues...I will never procrastinate about upgrading tech services again...until I do it the next time.

Anybody else experience losing track of what day it is?

AndrewPrice said...

Here's a new one... coronavirus could lead to the extinction of endangered species.

Perhaps the need midnight basketball?

AndrewPrice said...

Hi Bev, Welcome back!

Don't worry, no one is buying the idea that anyone in New York's political establishment is handling this well. Although, I do think the press Cuomo is getting makes Biden look all the more pointless.

But yeah, none of this looks good for New York.

That said, I'm glad you're doing well!! I hope you stay healthy and sane!

As for losing track of days, yeah. That's happened.

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