Thursday, November 17, 2016

Media Smears And The Transition

Wow. The media is in full smear mode with Trump right now. Check this out. In the past week, I have seen the following tactics used to smear Trump:

● They associate Trump with the words (not even acts) of random individuals. "That guy said New Balance is a white supremacist shoe! This is all Trump's fault!" When no random word/act has been done to fit the narrative, they've invented "intent" and held him responsible for the intent of people who may or may not even exist. "You know that's what they're thinking, right? And it's all because of Trump."

● Treat Trump's hyperbole as literal statements and question his judgment based on that. "What does he mean, 'to the moon'? How can you punch someone to the moon? This man must be stupid." Spin gracious tweets into sarcasm and label all responses as attacks and failures to respond as "silence" (i.e admissions). "He thanked Romney for his tweet, what a nasty attack!"

● Treat the attacks of his enemies claiming to have heard hearsay from unidentified sources as if they were true. All the rumors of a transition in chaos and enemies lists are coming from anti-Trumpers who weren't hired. What's more, some of this came from Christie people who got canned when Christie got canned. Disgruntled, anyone? Pence sounds like he's done a great job cleaning that swamp, and the transition looks pretty smooth actually and the names being floated are generally high quality and happy to serve.

● Speaking of swamps. The media went ape shit when they found out there were five possible "lobbyists" being considered. "How dare he break his promise!!" (A promise they were cool with Obama breaking.) Then Pence dumped those people. Now the media has flip-flopped and is whining that he's losing expertise and that not hiring lobbyists is "dangerous."

● Remember when Trump had no idea he needed to hire his own staff! No. That's not what happened. He expressed mild surprise at the number of people who needed to be hired, which apparently no one else knew either... least of all the people using this to attack him. It's supposedly above 4,000 people according to some sources. Clinton took years to finish his staff, btw.

● The media/left have accused Trump of inspiring hate, which is actually their own hate which they are themselves fanning.

● Apparently, there are now "thousands" of women he raped. Twenty+ was overkill... this reeks of casting.

● They accuse him of being intransigent if he doesn't change and then of flip-flopping if he does. Words like "betrayal" are being tossed around in articles as settled facts even when they only think he won't follow through on a promise.

● There are an incredible number of scare tactic articles:
● Trump will take away your healthcare.
● OMG, he will deport millions of immigrants.
● He's going to something something and gays dying of AIDS and end gay marriage.
● He's encouraged white supremacists to take back America, here comes slavery!
● One of his people praised the internment of Japanese! He's going to round up Muslims!
● OMG, the stock market dropped after a week of solid gains!
● OMG, the dollar will crash and destroy America/ OMG, the dollar has risen to a 13 year high and is destroying America!
● He's going to shut down Ford and GM.
● He will destroy Medicare.
● He's going to go to war with Russia! / He's going to knuckle under to Russia!
● He's going to wipe out the EPA! / He betrayed his followers and won't shut down the EPA!
● He's going to prosecute Hillary! / He betrayed his followers and won't prosecute Hillary! / He won't tell us if he'll prosecute Hillary, how dare he not prejudge a legal issue!
● He's going to use the military to round up Mexicans! / He's planning to betray his followers and not get rid of the Mexicans!
● OMG, his "wall" is only going to be a fence in some places!
● He's going to raise the interest on your student loans... and double the amount you have through magic!
● OMG! He wants to have oil independence from Saudi Arabia! The monster! (A democratic plank for a long time.)
● He wants to waste money on infrastructure which will make our debt grow! (A democratic plank for a long time.)
And of course:
● Wahhh! His evil daughter is selling the same jewelry she wore in an interview!!!

● He went to dinner with his family when he should have been working!

● Him taking only $1 in pay is a gimmick!

● Him saying he won't take holidays is evil because... well, because he's evil!
Notice a problem here? This is called a dishonest media. And of course, in the midst of all of this, our "unbiased" media is proclaiming that they "want him to fail spectacularly" and that they "will oppose" him and "will not be silenced"... as if anyone was trying to silence these fools. Sorry, idiots, there is no bravery required to speak liberalism in the US.

Anyways, don't fall for a word they tell you unless you hear the quote directly from the administration.


AndrewPrice said...

The new narrative, btw, is that "unlike Obama, Trump inherits a strong economy." Does any believe this is a strong economy?

Rustbelt said...

Andrew, I'm at a loss for words. I really am. This evening, I caught a promo for Samantha Bee's 'Full Frontal,' in which she complained, "how could so many people be so wrong?!"
I actually responded, "Because, you smug, condescending, looks-ruined-by-excessive-partying s***k, middle class America got pissed off at people like you and used the power of the vote to give people like you a Stone Cold salute."
So, in the spirit of that last phrase, here's a Trump moment that needs to be seen to believed. (It works even better if you imagine Hillary's face on the "millionaire-who-should-be-a-billionaire.")CLOTHESLINE!

Oh, and a happy belated Life Day to everyone! (dashes away to avoid being Force-strangled.)

tryanmax said...

RE: hiring a staff of 4000—I hate the way everyone in the media suddenly knows and has known as common knowledge, trivial and esoteric things as soon they become a means to mock someone they don't like. "Everybody knows Florida is larger than England, duh!"

AndrewPrice said...

Rustbelt, The problem with the liberal mind, in my experience, is that it is a creature of groupthink and it cannot conceive of people having different opinions. So someone like Bee, who is NOT funny at all, is that she's stumped how this could have happened so she assumes some level of retardation or bad faith in the people who went the other way. It never occurs to her that there can be a difference of opinion or that she's wrong.

There really are two separate human races and we are not them.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, That's part of the phony elitism. They mock someone for not knowing something because it makes them feel better about themselves even though they would never pass the same test.

You see this a lot with white trash. They love to mock educated people (doctors, lawyers, etc.) for not knowing something. They seem to think that another's "failure" brings them down to their level.

Not sure why that works for them, but it does.

And the media loves it, especially with esoteric points as you mention. Mocking someone like Trump lets them act smug by pretending they knew something Trump did not, hence they are smarter and better people than he is... my intellectual wangdoodle is bigger than your intellectual wangdoodle ha ha.

Anonymous said...

The whole point to this entire excercise is that the left never sleeps. Being a leftist is a full time ,not even a job but an occupation. It's all they are. I was never in the service, but friends of mine who were have told me that one of the tricks the DIs used to use was they'd descend on some poor kid and scream "raise your hand" (hand - singular). Whichever hand the kid raised the DI would scream at twice the volume "Not that hand you stupid dipshit, the other one." It was a no win going in.
It's the same with the media. Trump says he'll take a salary of a dollar. It's a gimmick. If he took the regular salary they'd say "Why doesn't he donate his salary, he's already a billionaire." Trump goes out to dinner and it's " Why isn't he working?" If he didn't go out in public it would be "Now that used Joeblow commoner for their votes he's too good to go out among them." The media has been a house organ for the left since Watergate. That's a big reason their candidate lost.

AndrewPrice said...

That's exactly what it is GypsyTyger! Well said. No matter what Trump (or any conservative) does, it's wrong. Do X, it's wrong. Do not-X, it's wrong. Don't act, you're wrong for not acting. Do what the Democrats have been demanding, still wrong. Do something and be proven right... you did it for the wrong reasons.

This is a smear machine, nothing more.

BevfromNYC said...

The only incoming President who would have no excuse for not knowing what to expect would be either Bush. Here's one of favorite "What were they thinking/Obama's staff" incidences (of many, btw) Remember when the brainiacs in the WH PR Dept decided that they really needed a photo of AF1 and the Statue of Liberty? Yeah, the tech savviest admin didn't think of using, without alert any local agency, they had AF1 do a very low pass over the Hudson River...yeah, low flying 747 at the one place on Earth that shouldn't have been done without warning. Buildings evacuated, people running a screaming for their lives having 9/11 flashbacks. The Mayor's Office (Bloomberg) & NYPD were told they didn't rate being warned...

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I absolutely remember that.

And consider this... Obama flew to New York for pizza. Not only was it praised as romantic, liberals wanted to know what he ate so they could eat the same thing. Now they attack Trump for going to New York for a steak dinner.

Liberals were desperate to find out whose clothes Obama/Misses O wore so they could buy they. They obsessed over them as fashion icons. Now they smear Trump's daughter for wearing jewelry she sells.

Obama brought all of his people from Chicago and was praised for it. Now there are attacks on Trump for bringing "only friends of his" even though half the people he's considering were opponents. His likely Defense Secretary was actually a Hillary advisor!

Obama said he would never hire lobbyists and was praised. Then he did... and was praised. Trump said he would never hire any and was dismissed. Then it looked like he would, so they attacked him. Then he didn't so they attacked him.

It just goes on and on like that.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW Kanye West was put in his place last night by a bunch of white liberals. How dare a black man say he would have voted for Trump! He needs to learn to STFU and just sing for us.

Does this sound a tad bit racist? It certainly struck me that way.

AndrewPrice said...

Oh no! Michelle Obama's designer won't dress Melina Trump because they're racists!! LOL! Give me a break. Madame O looks like she shops at KMart. Why in the world would Melina want to look like that?

This is a bit like McDonalds swearing they won't feed world class athletes anymore. Or WalMart announcing they won't even think about carrying Cartier.

BevfromNYC said...

"Now they attack Trump for going to New York for a steak dinner."

This is how ridiculous this one was. He didn't fly on AF1 or any gov't funded plane, add any carbon footprint, tie up traffic from NJ to NYC. He actually snuck out through the basement with the secret service in tow/minus the Press gaggle to have dinner at 21 Club 3 BLOCKS AWAY FROM HIS TRUMP TOWER/NYC HOME. Btw, he apparently dines there frequently. (I have been there once. It is really an old school/Mad Men kind of place. Kinda' cool.

The issue is that he left the press gaggle. OMG!!!! I read they were upset because "what if something happens??? We have a responsibility to report his every move immediately even before gathering all the facts? Like if he were assassinated!" Okay I added the "before gathering all of the facts" part, but the other is true.

BevfromNYC said...

I am sure the Mrs. Trump doesn't need Mrs. Obama's fashion designers expertise. Mrs. Trump is/was an international model and hs had the best designers begging her to wear her fashions for many years now.

BTW, I saw a meme with Mrs. Obama holding a sign that said "I am being replaced at my job by an immigrant".

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, She absolutely does not need that person's incompetent help!

But this shows how personal it is for liberals. You defeated my God, so I will deny you my services!!!

The left better produce a new hero fast, or all these little liberal drones will be naked and starving waiting to be told how to dress, what to eat, and what to think.

AndrewPrice said...

BTW, We have a new outrage. Trump's daughter was with him when he met the Japanese Prime Minister (who oddly came away "very impressed" with Trump).


Koshcat said...

Ok, this is where Trump should throw it back in their face. We had up roars and legal trouble for a small bakery who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple. To me the legal fall out meant that as a business you are not allowed to refuse business to anyone for any reason. Trump should force the designer to give his wife advice and show him the law because refusing to do this is racist behavior against an immigrant.

tryanmax said...

Bev, I can't help but read the subtext of the press-gaggle's outrage at being ditched: "We want to be there to watch when Trump gets shot."

tryanmax said...

Andrew, supposedly, having Ivanka at the meeting with the Japanese PM is exactly the same as Hillary selling favors to terror states when she was Sec. of State. So it's one of those "where's the outrage" outrages.

BevfromNYC said...

Who cares if his daughter was there? This wasn't an official visit where diplomatic classified negotiations are taking place. It was a Meet-N-Greet! Do these idiots not realize HE IS NOT PRESIDENT AND HE HAS NO POWER TO DO ANYTHING YET??? Anyway, how many of these Meet-n-Greets have Michelle/Malia/Sasha and Chelsea attended? Geez!

Anthony said...

So the media is smearing Trump with words which he swore he meant at the time but obviously didn't mean!? The bastards!

Hoping an administrations fails before it begins is fine and good but as with Obama taking Trump on isn't going to have a snowball's chance in hell of paying off until the rubber meets the road.

AndrewPrice said...

Koshcat, I had the same impulse you did, but I doubt it would work. The left just dismisses hypocrisy with "that's different."

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, The argument they've been inventing is that she doesn't have a security clearance. Only meetings with foreign leaders don't require one -- especially before Trump takes office.

But never let the facts stop a leftist getting their hate on.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, But Hillary is a good person, Trump is not so that's what matters.

AndrewPrice said...

Anthony, Not really. It's not stuff he said.

AndrewPrice said...

I think it's funny. Trump and Romney met and came away friendly with Trump likely inviting Romney into his cabinet.

In a word of honest opinions, I would think that most people would be impressed with the maturity of both men who put aside a hard-fought, personal campaign to find common ground and respect each other.

Instead, the media is writing how Romney "swallowed his pride" or how Trump is basically wagging his richard in Romney's face.

It was the same thing with his thanking Bush and Romney for their congratulatory tweets. They spun that as snide/sarcastic/mocking responses.

There's not really a point here except to lament the fact that the media (and the looney left) is incapable of reasoned opinion. They are hooked on adrenaline and conflict.

AndrewPrice said...

Speaking of the looney left, I find what the Hamilton cast did to Mike Pence to be disgusting. It's bullying, to use the word of the day. It's Nazi-esque to put it in historical terms. It is an attempt to intimidate and suppress a view point. I guess they learned nothing from the play they are in. But then, what do you expect.... actors are just trained monkeys on a stick anyways.

Anthony said...

Cruz (an insider who in the past liked to position himself as an outsider) kissing Trump's ring was somewhat surprising given Trump's attacks on his family. Romney, not so much.

Don't see why Pence was at the play nor do I see why the cast thought a public appeal would get him to abandon long and strongly held views.

Kit said...

Ivanka is an issue because she and the other kids are supposedly going to be running Trump's empire. I hope I do not need to point out the conflict of interest issues, here.

And don't give me, "But Hillary!"

Kit said...

Also, i've stepped away from panicking over the Transition. I still don't trust Trump as far as I can throw him and, comparing both our heights, I probably can't throw him very far. I'd be lucky if I could toss him a foot. :-)

If he appoints Romney & Mattis I'll be happy. But I equally expect a group of cronies and hangers-on.

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