Thursday, November 3, 2016

Takin' A Wikileak

Nothing too heavily researched tonight. But I do want to talk about what the Wikileaks drop has shown in a general sense. Then I have a couple questions for you.

Wikileaks has shown us that:
● Bill followed Hillary around getting paid by foreign countries after she had meetings with their muckity-mucks. In other words, our foreign policy was for sale.

● The Clintons associate happily with child molesters and rapists and insider traders and other criminals. Yet, her idiot followers couldn't care less. So rape only matters if the wrong people rape someone.

● The Democratic primaries were rigged to keep out Bernie Sanders. I guess "disenfranchisement" is cool.

● The media is as biased as we thought they were. Moderators tipped Clinton about debate questions. They coordinated stories with the Clintons. The Clinton people saw them as an arm of their campaign.

● Clinton lied to everyone. She lied to supporters and then told Big Business what they wanted to hear too. Pharrell said, "Hey, who cares if she lies... everybody lies." That's true, but it misses the point. She lied about the reasons he claims to support her, which makes him an idiot.

● Obama suggested tying Trump to the KKK. So much for fixing race relations.

● Clinton is cheering for Obamacare to fail. Good for her.

● Hillary apparently lacks humanity. Gee... who could have guessed?
And don't think it's just Clinton. In fact, let me add just a couple things Democrats have been caught saying:
● Remember Harry Reid and his racist statements about Obama?

● Pelosi telling people they needed to pass the law so we would know what's in it?

● Chris Dodd and Barney Frank working with Big Business to write the rules that regulate Big Business.

● Joe Biden's casual sexism, racism and statements offending everyone.

● Think about the antisemitism of the Democratic Party.

● Think about the Democrats using truly vile anti-woman statements to attack female Republicans, deep racism to attack conservative blacks, using racism and sexism as smears, pushing fake rapes, selling class hatred, selling race hatred, selling gender hatred, selling religious intolerance while screaming about tolerance.
How can any decent person support these people? Seriously, in a more rational world, the Clintons would be jailed, their allies sent home in disgrace and the Democratic Party dumped into the ash bin of history next to the Nazis, the Commies and the Inquisition. Yet, liberals overlook all of this happily.

This tells us that liberals are not honest people... not smart people... not people we should ever trust or honestly care about. It's time to win back the moderates away from this gang of turds and get back to making America the shiny city on the hill it can be.


LL said...

Very well argued, counselor.

ArgentGale said...

Yep, that sums it up nicely, and it also shows how bad things are when they still keep winning the middle even with all of this insanity as clear as it is. I'm with you on needing to retake the moderates and you've provided a lot of good ideas as to how to do it. It's the whole prying the right's and the Republicans' heads out of their asses that feels impossible.

- Daniel

Fredd said...

The Nazis and The Inquisition are currently in the ash bin of history, but the Commies are still alive and kicking. Here in the US, the pinko commies find a good home within the Democrat party.

tryanmax said...

Media personalities are struggling to explain how the media ain't so bad. I think it was regular NPR panelist, Jonah Goldberg, who put it best when he explains that it's the "media" which allows one to go online and watch Trump speeches in full. Talk about missing/ignoring the point!

Anonymous said...

David Horowitz, who was born into Leftism and dug his way out, explained this once. Leftists, the top ones anyway, aren't stupid. They're evil. Granted, while their minions screaming for safe spaces,etc, are brain dead, the string pullers aren't. Why do you think they gravitate towards politics, the media and education? It's not a coincidence. Back in the sixties it was Bill Ayers or Tom Hayden or one of the interchangeable cogs in that machine that said "We'll get you through your children."
Leftism is a religion. It takes the place of spirituality in their lives. They hate any one in the basket of deplorables who won't bend to them. They're not really hypocrites. They're more like 5th columnists. That's why none of them convert when all this dirty laundry comes to light. They don't care about the things they claim to care about. They only care about their agenda, every item of which is aimed at consolidating power and eliminating opposition. For all their talk about individuality they actually hate it. They follow the superficial forms of individuality, with obscene t-shirts and facepainting and things that appear different and nonconformist on the surface,but they're just bricks in the same wall. Express real individuality, individuality of thought or opinion, and they'll banish you if you're one of theirs or scream you down if you're not. That's the real reason behind their seeming hypocrisy.

BevfromNYC said...

Fredd - Actually Nazis and "Inquisition"-types are alive and well and dwelling on college campuses just waiting to scold and worse. They are called something else these days "Social Justice Warriors". The term "hate speech" has been so broadened that it now includes anything the SJWs deem it be so that they can silence dissent of any kind. Hmmmm, sounds so familiar...

Tennessee Jed said...

no argument here although, as a matter of record, I have no idea who Pharrell is. The big targeting of black votes at the big Steve Wonder/Jay Z/Yonce concert in Philly is pathetic attempt to make black voters give a crap about voting

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Stevie Wonder was still alive.

Anthony said...

Trump is the exact same thing.

On a related note, in recent history power has been a poisoned chalice for both parties in part due to compromising. I see no indicator that things will be any different this time around.

I will note that the Democrat's claim Trump will never relinquish power is risible. The public hears that from the likely losers every election cycle.

Kit said...

The 5th of November: the day when left-wing Anarchists around the world honor a right-wing Catholic reactionary.

tryanmax said...

Hillary is doing election eve in Philly. That tells me she does not have Penn.

tryanmax said...

Oh, she's bringing the Obamas along. So she thinks it's that bad.

Meanwhile, Trump is doing Raleigh on election eve. Everyone knows he doesn't have NC, but apparently he thinks he can pick it up. Notably, he's not doing OH or Fla.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Excellent observations.

I wonder whose side God is on... what will the weather be like?

Ugly weather - proTrump
Nice weather - proClinton

Of course, then there's the old sailor's saying... pot smoke on Election Day, Libertarians stay away.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks LL! It seems kind of obvious to me. But apparently, liberals can overlook a lot.

AndrewPrice said...

Fredd, They are like cockroaches. They never quite go away, they just go into hiding.

AndrewPrice said...

GypsyTyger, I concur. I see leftists largely as herd animals following a group of power mad leaders who don't care about right and wrong at any level. They just want power.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Most of the media seems to have gone into "closing argument" mode, so I'm seeing them digging back through all their anti-Trump arguments and trying to explain how all the anti-Clinton arguments were debunked. All while ignoring the email scandal.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Daniel! It's ironic to me that even a slight change in that direction would doom the left forever, yet the right refuses to see it. I'm not sure why they are so opposed to trying to address the needs of average people. Strange.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, He's a modern singer/producer. He gets some good beats now and then, but his lyrics are really weak.

Darski Cut said...

I watch this vid fairly often... keeps me aware:

ArgentGale said...

Me neither, Andrew, but I don't see that changing any time soon. I know I've said this a lot but I can't think of anyone outside this blog who actually gets what needs to be done. It's so frustrating to watch and even more frustrating to know how little can be done about it.

Anthony said...

Sounds like Comey's admirers and detractors will have to switch hats again.

What's important is he gave the emails a prominent place in the news cycle.

tryanmax said...

I think Comey is just trying really hard to do his job. Why else would he keep doing things that apparently piss everyone off?

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