Sunday, March 26, 2017

Good Grief

Tonight is a thought more than anything: when did so many people lose their sense of perspective.

● Some asinine woman (a gun control nut) complains that an airline enforcing a dress code for employees getting free travel, preventing a 10 year old girl from wearing skin-tight leggings, is "sexualizing children." Isn't it sexualizing children to dress the girl like a hoochie in the first place?

● Donald Trump fails in his first pass at repealing Obamacare and now everyone in the political system says that the law is permanent and Trump has failed. Idiots are whining that they lost faith in Trump and that he "betrayed" them. Seriously? What keeps Trump from trying again? Did none of you think of that? And how did he betray anyone by trying and failing? Did he vote against it? How is this betrayal in any way?

● The Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas and suddenly the on-again-off-again puritans in the press are worrying that this will expose the NFL and its players to the manipulation of gamblers. Really? So those same gamblers couldn't find the players in New York or Dallas or Miami, but now that there will be a team in Las Vegas they can suddenly find them? Are we stupid enough to believe that?

● The British police are incapable of figuring out the motive of the "terrorist" who drove the car across the bridge apparently. So let's see... the guy is a Muslim who went to Saudi Arabia where he studied under radical jihadist imams. He comes back to Britain and uses a truck to kill people just as an ISIS manual suggests, and then stabs to death a cop. Yep, no idea what could possibly be his motive.

● Some Nigerian woman offended trannies (and the easily offended) when she said that trans-women do not share the suffering of real women. Whoops. She's now come out and doubled down on that point, but in doing so, she did "admit" that "in no way is a trans-woman not a real woman." Really? No way? How about genetically? How about in musculature? How about in the non-functioning prop-only sex organs? Gee, imagine this... a lot of those men who wanted to "become" (read: look like) women are entering women's sports and blowing away their records. How did that happen?

The world seems to get dumber every day, doesn't it?


AndrewPrice said...

P.S. I survived a party of seven insane 12-13 year old girls. Yep, I did that thing. I didn't go crazy at all. Isn't that right, Mr. Computer?

Critch said...

Funny how when Obama couldn't get purple state Dims to commit sepiku by following him on a variety of gun control bills, the media blamed it on the GOP and the NRA..this is not even a set-back, Trump will regroup and do it better next time. I personally am all for just opening up the insurance markets across the board, let the free market work here..prices would tumble if young healthy people could actually afford insurance..

ArgentGale said...

Lost sense of perspective indeed... That's definitely why we've got such a problem with the whiner class defining isms and phobias to an absurd extent and going berserk so often. Anyway, on to the topics...

1. Yeah, I think that commenter has it backwards as to who's sexualizing the girl, but of course it's not about that. It's about making it the whiner issue of the day.

2. Considering that he pulled back and reworked the travel executive order before issuing it again there's no reason to believe Trump won't do the same thing with health care. Just trying to get the people raging against Trump more worked up.

3. While Vegas might be the main place people associate with gambling it's hardly the only place that has it. It's a non issue, though I wish them luck in dealing with the Raiders fans.

4. That situation sounds familiar... The longer they prioritize not offending people over protecting their citizens the worse it's going to get.

5. Transgender issues do seem to be the next big thing, don't they? I haven't thought out the sports situations in particular yet but it looks like the public has some thorny issues to work out here.

- Daniel

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, Agreed. Trump is just going to try again. And it looks like his next step will be to work with Democrats to circumvent the "Freedom Caucus." And Shumer is apparently jumping on the chance.

What I would do if I were Trump/Ryan is I would start passing pieces. Allow people to sign up concierge care (monthly fee directly to doctor) provided they have catastrophic care coverage as an alternative to the full-on coverage. Then allow insurance to offer across state lines. Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Allow doctors to practice anywhere in the US once they have a license.

All those things open up the free market and will bring down costs for consumers.

AndrewPrice said...


1. Agreed. This is about a pathological need for attention and to feel important. I wonder if the family even wanted this attention... and how long before United fires the family member.

2. Yep. That's how businessmen think. "Huh, that didn't work. How do I fix it?" It's only our idiot class that seems to think you get only one shot at something.

Interestingly, Trump is now talking to the Democrats about working a deal. So he's already figured out how to make the fringe caucus pay for their purity. I'll bet not one of them ever saw that coming.

3. The thing is, the mob has always dominated New York and New Jersey and Chicago. That's where most of the point shaving happened in the past. And even then, they could reach athletes anywhere. This idea that somehow the NFL was safe until they inched onto Vegas soil is just stupid.

4. It's idiotic. What's even funnier is that by refusing to mention the words "Islamic terrorism" they are putting it into everyone's minds, making it a bigger fear, and making it harder to solve.

5. I think transgender issues are all the left has left to try to hang onto the gays, but that's a dud. For one thing, you're talking about maybe 200,000 people as compared to 10 million gays. So the numbers are irrelevant. Secondly, the issues here are complex and disputed. There isn't one overriding issue. There are hundreds of minor conflicting issues. Third, as in the example above, what they want conflicts with other leftist agendas. Letting men-as-woman claim all the records and the such from womyn's sports wipes out decades of effort to make womyn's sports matter (which is still doesn't). So look for leftist women to turn against leftist shemales... which is what the Nigerian woman kind of did already.

BevfromNYC said...

Okay, as for #1 - here is a link to an hysterical response - LINK

And it's interesting that no one took a photo to show us how ridiculous and sexist this must be...

AndrewPrice said...

If you check the headlines, they are full of changes Trump is making to make sure that he gets future legislation passed. I'm not surprised. That is how businessmen work.

Ultimately, I will be curious to see if this works. If I had to guess at the ultimate shape of things, Trump is going to form a centrist group of GOP and moderate Democrats to get a softened agenda through, but it will likely be his agenda, rather than a standard left/right agenda.

Interesting times.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, "Dress for the seat you want, not the seat you have." That was pretty funny. :)

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, On the picture, well, you know. That might get in the way of the outrage. This is about Watts after all, not that stupid girl.

As an aside, I always find it funny how the simpletons in the "they shouldn't able to" herd insist that companies, schools, etc. shouldn't be able to tell somehow how they can dress... unless they wear something the simps don't like. If the kids were wearing KKK robes, you can bet Watts would be blaming United for not having a stronger dress code.

AndrewPrice said...

And now the celebrities are running to the front of the outrage herd... confirming just how wrong Watts was.

Chrissy Teigen, Patricia Arquette, and Sarah Silverman

A veritable who's who of um... who? Teigen is famous for being married to someone, Arquette is a neverwas, and Silverman is a bedwetter. All Obama leftists.

So where is Pee Wee Herman? Oh that's right, he doesn't like little girls. So then where is Madonna to tattoo "I won't fly United" on her vagina?

BevfromNYC said...

That is so true, Andrew! If some kid wears a t-shirt with a gun on it, he/she is suspended. If that same kid wears a shorts and a tube top...nothing.

Also, I am kind of liking (with reservations) that Trump is upsetting the apple cart in Congress. We need to get back to working across the aisle to solve problems rather than this constant "Party of No!" crap from both sides. And the insanely ram-it-through again healthcare debacle will finally make both sides see reason (yeah, I know, I was rolling my eyes as I wrote that). I am not so sure that wasn't Trump's plan. That's how deals are struck - asking for the moon, and then being willing to walk away from the table to get what is really wanted or needed. He seems to be able to expose the hard-liners on both sides as intractable, so seek out the middle. And he knows Chuckles Schumer and who knows, he may have dirt to soften poor Chuckles' heart...;-) I am waiting for an announcement shortly that Schumer has either changed his mind abut Gorsuch or to save face, just will stop trying to stop his nomination/vote.

Critch said...

Well Johnny rotten likes Trump and BREXIT so I don't see what the problem is...

tryanmax said...

My cynical reaction is, lost perspective? Don't you have to have something before you can lose it?

I've really been taken by the idea that most irrational reactions (not behavior in general) can be explained via cognitive dissonance. There are two ways one can react to having your beliefs about yourself challenged: change your beliefs (yeah, right!) or restructure reality in your own mind in order to preserve your existing beliefs (that seems more like it!)

I think it's most apparent in the London terrorist attack. The incredible lengths taken to avoid obvious conclusions can only be understood as a preservation tactic. If one truly believes that Islam is the religion of peace, it should comes as no surprise that one finds no true Muslims among Allah-praising, Quran-reading, Mecca-praying Islamist terrorists.

Along parallel lines, now that it's been found out that bomb threats to JCC were carried out by an Israeli-American and black liberal journalist, subway swastikas were drawn by an Hispanic senior citizen, black teens bent a menorah into a swastika, and weather and neglect are the culprits behind "vandalism" to Jewish cemeteries, those stories have all been swept aside as if they never raised a frenzy while op-eds condemning white Trump supporters of antisemitism continue to publish.

I see elements of cognitive dissonance in the other stories, too:

I bet most women who wear leggings in public think themselves fashionable and anyone who says different is just "threatened" by their sex appeal. Otherwise, they might have to consider that they don't look hot.

Trump supporters who see him as an undefeatable demigod can only interpret a loss (no matter how minor) as disastrous defeat, but since he can't be beaten, it must be conscious betrayal. Otherwise, they were wrong about Trump's invincibility.

Putting an NFL team in casino country is a reminder that gambling has an effect on pro sports. The easiest way to dismiss what you've been ignoring is to pretend the latest development is wholly new, for some reason. This one also serves as future-padding. By making a few clucks now and nothing more, should some betting scandal blow up in the future the people who might've done something can say they 'warned' everyone when a team moved to Las Vegas.

As far as the trannies go, that issue has gone so far that it's practically a parody of cognitive dissonance in that it is actually awakening some people to the ridiculousness of it all.

AndrewPrice said...

Critch, He's got some interesting views of late.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, That's the problem with these people. They lie. And they do so by claiming to believe in certain principles, but they aren't principle.

"I don't believe they should be able to require a dress code."

Really means, "I don't find this particular violation of the dress code bad enough to that I think they should be able to include it in the dress code."

Now think about that.

That means that they want the power not to enforce a principle ("no dress codes") but to impose their own opinions on this company.

Critch said...

I have a first cousin (her dad must be spinning in his grave) who is a lesbian, says she's ordained in the "Real Catholic Church" and is "married" to two other women, one of whom lives way out west...she's whacko...pure and simple...even some of my other whacko cousins thinks she's nuts...listening to her drone on and on about how terrible life is makes me want to wretch...she was recently mugged while trying to help homeless people,,,late at night, in a bad section of Memphis by herself...she blames Trump.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, So true. They never had perspective in the first place. What's more this is just their desire to control taking shape.

I think you're right about the cognitive dissonance. I'm amazed how often something gets proven wrong and the people who pushed the idea just keep right on pushing. "Well, it wasn't a white supremacist Christian after all, but we need to stop white supremacist Christians to stop this kind of thing from happening again." Huh?

On Oakland, this is exactly about being able to maintain an "I told you so" attitude in the future. The NFL media has become expert at standing on all sides of all issues so they can attack the NFL no matter what happens.

AndrewPrice said...

Oh oh, hard leftist Scarlett Johannson is being accused of white washing, i.e. being white white playing an Asian character, in her latest film.

But but but, she assures us, she would never play an character of another race.

1. It's funny how the whites in Shakespeare can be any race, but characters in foreign films can't be played by whites.

2. It's even funnier that having pushed the above, liberals like Scarlett and Matt Damon think they can get around this to play Asian characters. Racists.

3. The movie's going to suck either way.

BevfromNYC said...

Is that what they mean by "intersectionality" - when two opposite liberal dogwhistle issues intersect into one big hypocrisy??

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, LOL! Perfect!

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