Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Oh, No, He Didn't Just Take My Preet!

For the last few years I have been regaling you with the exploits of our kick-ass US Attorney in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) Preet Bharara. He took down current convicted criminal/former long-time NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and the State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos. Both are going to jail pending their respective appeals. He was currently investigating and had just interviewed NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio for his own alleged corruption a few weeks ago, and was working his way up to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

But in a sweep to get rid of all Obama US Attorney appointees in the DOJ, Trump and AG Jeff Sessions asked 43 US Attorneys to resign last Friday. Bharara refused to resign, so Trump fired him. I get it, this happens. But not to my Preet! I realize that the pending indictments for Deblasio and maybe Cuomo, may still be in the works, but now they get backburnered and both corrupt politicians get to pop the champagne corks and continue on their merry, corrupt way.

Okay, I wrote that on Saturday, but now I have had time to think about it and here is where I am now...

So, all weekend the news media and pundit class has been going crazy especially about Preet Bharara. At first he refused to resign, so Trump fired him. Interestingly no mention of any other US Attorney that got the ax. And of course there were the many "stepping on the rake" moments where the liberal media slammed Trump and AG Session for daring to fire 43 US Attorneys in one sweep only to reminded over and over that other Presidents have done just this and, moreover, Clinton and AG Reno fired 93 at one time in 1993...oops.

But most of the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth has been over how Trump had specifically sought out Bharara out right after the election to ask him to stay on as US Attorney in the SDNY. They even had very public Trump Tower private meeting to discuss him staying on. Now, I am wondering what they actually discussed in the meeting.

Now stay with me here while I go all "Alex Jones" (but in a good way). It has not escaped anyone's notice here in NY that Bharara has been much more public in the last few years with his crusade to take down unethical politicians in the state of NY. It was apparent that he was trying to get his name out there for a possible political career and his crusade has made him very popular with the NY public. And it just so happens that both Gov. Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio are up for reelection in the next years - the very unpopular Deblasio is going for his 2nd term this November with no apparent challengers so far, and the tepidly-liked Cuomo will be up to bat next year. What if that is one of the issues that Trump and Bharara discussed? What better way to get a kickstart to his political career than to have Trump "fire" him with ALL the publicity that goes with it?

For the record, I would be thrilled to have Bharara as Mayor of New York. He is the Dem's answer to Rudy Giuliani as far as being a crusader for the rule of law and ethical behavior in government. For all of Giuliani's personal issues, he was a great mayor and really cleaned the city up in all of the best ways. And even more deliciously, Hillary Clinton is still making noise about a possible mayoral run herself...

Anyway, I will leave that for discussion.


Anthony said...

I only know what you and Andrew have told me about Bharara so my picture of him is a bit hazy, but I can't see how a secret arrangement/alliance with Trump would benefit him, nor do I see how the public aspect of their relationship benefits either man.

If Bharara wanted a politically beneficial relationship with Trump, he should have A) never kissed his ring and/or B) investigated Trump. Instead it looks like Bharara was focused on NY's Democrats when Trump fired him as part of a cleansing of past political appointees.

That makes Bharara a victim of Trump's capriciousness (since the cleansing went against Trump's personal promise to him) rather than a liberal/Democratic martyr in the vein of Sally Yates.

tryanmax said...

Anthony, I think you answered your own question there.

BevfromNYC said...

That's what I mean, made Bharara a very sympathetic "victim" of bad Trump. And puts Bharara in the perfect position of being able to walk in to any election with popular NY/Trump despising street cred & popular.

And the fact that Bharara's much publicized "interview" with Mayor Deblasio was held just a week could mean that it was timed to take advantage of that. Deblasio isn't out of the hot seat just 'cause Bharara is gone. He has already been temporarily replaced by his able-bodied Ass't US Attorney.

UPDATE: Wow, life comes at ya' fast and hard!
Okay, as I was writing that above, it was announced that no charges will be filed against Bill DeBlasio and/or his pay-to-play extra legal campaign/foundation donors who got special favors for giving huge donations to DeBlasio's fund to help..."people". It all sounds very familiar...what he showed very poor judgment with those election fundraiser laws, but...shame on him..

AndrewPrice said...

First an off topic...

My wife's antiTrump relatives were whining yesterday on Facebook that Trump is using an "insecure Android." She couldn't help but post, "Does it have self-esteem issues?" Idiots.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, I was disappointed when I heard this. Preet struck me as relatively non-partisan and very effective and I liked the idea that Trump might keep him or even promote him. So I'm saddened to see him tossed aside.

As for your theory, it wouldn't surprise me. They could be doing other favors. It would certainly give him a boost with the left to be fired.

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