Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How To Prepare For "A Day Without Women" -

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Wednesday, March 8 is the official "A Day Without Women" General Strike in conjunction with the International Women's Day. All of the women of the world who have nothing better to do, will stop doing whatever it is that they do, to not do what they would be doing (or something like that). The DC schools have announced that they will be closing, so the teachers can strike. No word yet about what our female elected officials in Congress will be doing or not doing.

I have read much of the website and it is full of lots of soaring rhetoric about saving the women from the evils of the world. But other than staging a general strike, there really is no list of solid, workable solutions or policies to present. But there is a very clear list of what your womenfolk will and won't be doing...

Copied from the website [I added my own commentary]:
- Women to refrain from paid and unpaid work.
[Unless you do not have the option, then you can go to work, but complain all day about how bad you have it]

- We ask all people to refrain from shopping in stores or online. Exceptions include local small businesses and women-owned businesses that support us. (#GrabYourWallet has a list of corporations we do not support throughout the year.)
[Really, "shopping"? Isn't it kind of sexist to assume women can't go a day without shopping? Also, that GrabYOurWallet "list" is not a list to boycott businesses that treat women badly. It is an exclusive "boycott business related to Trump" list. Hypocritically, many on the list are Ivanka Trump-related...a woman. Therefore, not all women should be supported.]

- Wear red in solidarity with the strike.
[Red will work nicely with that pink hat that they knitted for the Million Women March in January. Just 'cause a woman is striking, doesn't mean her colors should clash!]

- We ask that our male allies lean into care giving on March 8th, and use the day to call out decision-makers at the workplace and in the government to extend equal pay and adequate paid family leave for women.
[Yeah...do something!]
You poor, incompetant men who do nothing and otherwise cannot live without women doing your bidding all day long will just have to suck it up and spend your money all on your own. So what will you need to do to survive?

I am really worried that this is going to devolve into something catastrophic like that Y2K fiasco! Remember when the planes fell out of the sky? No? Well, it could've happened. So just to be on the safe side, let's make a "Honey Do" list for you guys. I will start you off:

1. Wake yourself up!
2. If something falls on the floor, pick it up. This includes yourself.
3. Eat something from that big cold metal box in the food area of your dwelling. WARNING: Do not eat from anything with a picture of a skull and crossbones or a rat on it, or anything that looks weird or fuzzy. You could die! Oh, and just eat over the sink because there will be no woman around to wash that plate for you.
4. Call your boss who is obviously a man and tell him you can't come to work because you don't have a woman around to tell you how.
5. Go back to bed because you can't figure out how to dress yourself.

Okay, what will you be doing to prepare...

Disclaimer: Let me be clear before the real feminists take away my "Woman" card. I am not opposed to women standing up for their rights at all and taking to the streets in solidarity. Women need to stand up for themselves. We are vital to humanity. And some men need to show their appreciation better. But that's not what this "Day" is about. It's just another organized "Rail Against Trump" day.


tryanmax said...

Geez, I wish my (female) boss would take A Day Without A Woman off! (j/k, my boss is totally awesome, and I'm not just saying that.)

Jocelyn said...

Bev, I think you mean *Wednesday* March 8. It's amazing how unorganized these guys (girls?) are. I have several female acquaintances that are so gung ho about this womens movement, yet they can't explain t to me. It really is a sad representation of women in general and sad that these people are spending their time on this when they could be doing something more empowering... like working and becoming more self sufficient. But, what do I know.

AndrewPrice said...

As an aside, in "A Year Without Santa Claus," they had to get the Miser brothers (Heat and Cold) to work together. Are there Miser sister we need to bring together to end this?

AndrewPrice said...

But other than staging a general strike, there really is no list of solid, workable solutions or policies to present.

Welcome to the Coffee Klatsch Party.

AndrewPrice said...


I have to say I laughed all the way through your article. Well said! Bravo! And thank you for being a normal human instead of one of these whinersapiens that seem to make the news so often. :)

I love the "Rail Against Trump" idea... RAT. They can wear tails to go with their pussy hats. Soon enough, they'll have a whole costume!

And is it just me or will red clash with the pink pussy-head hats? Does this strike anyone as an attempt to force these poor dears to have to buy a second hat?

What could possibly be the motive not to shop? This sounds like a protest meant for the trophy-wife set. Hell no, we won't go to Starbucks or get our massage... today at least!

Finally, is it wrong that I want to stage a massive Wet T-Shirt Contest and Beer Chugging Contest across from them on the Mall that day? Maybe get MTV to cover it.

BevfromNYC said...

Thanks Jocelyn. I have now revised to change to Wednesday.

And I am relieved that it's not just me who isn't getting any specific issues to correct. And it's not that it's not organized. I mean they have posters and website! What they don't have is specifics. It is all really broad statement that no one can really disagree with similar to the "We need to educate our children!" statements during the 2008 election cycle. Yes, we agree with that, but the "devil is in the details" as to HOW/WHAT to do to attain that. That is much harder and requires "compromise" and the realization that "it may not be just them...it's me too" kind of self awareness.

BevfromNYC said...

Andrew - I'm glad you find this funny, BUT THIS IS SERIOUS, Y'ALL! Only shopping at small women/minority/grievance group-owned stores that do not sell Trump products will haaaaarrrrddd! And what happens if I have to walk in front of Trump Palace or something?

I didn't notice that "Rail Against Trump" was R.A.T....that makes me laugh. Except the R.A.T. Patrol isn't gonna stop until they get what they want which is the same as OWS. I believe it waent something like this:

"What we want?"
"We don't know!"
"When do we want it?"

I would love it if there was a Wet T=Shirt Contest counter-protest. That would be fun!

BevfromNYC said...

Something that I didn't notice on the FAQs page. One of the big ticket items that they are marching for is mandatory childcare provided by [fill in the blank].

However, this is the answer to that question [Hint: Uh, no...]

Q: Is there a kids tent?
A: We welcome children at the march on their parent’s discretion, but there is not a kids specific tent on site. There is a scavenger hunt for kids on our app - download it here. Sign up for text messages for parents here.

So basically they won't do either...not even to show the world how easy it would be.

tryanmax said...

OT: CIA, media already working to get ahead of Wikileaks dump. In part, the leak details the CIA’s ability to impersonate cyber-attack techniques used by Russia, though it does not explicitly link the CIA to the DNC hacks. The usual suspects are naturally dropping hastily written "nothing to see here" pieces dismissing the mere observation that This does no good for the CIA's credibility. Anything even slightly speculative is a grassy knoll/fake moon landing crackpot theory.

Anthony said...

Yesterday my daughters' school district wound up giving kids today off because so many teachers promised to call out (which goes against what the district had stated would happen the day before). So kids across America are no doubt happy about this latest silly, poorly thought out protest :) .

Critch said...

Hmmm, good morning denizens of the internet,.....well, my lovely wife got up this morning, with me, and we are preparing for a long day of work....she thinks the way to get ahead is to work.....you know, get a J.O.B. However, the left has conditioned people to believe that they should receive 'stuff" by virtue of being alive..,,the young lady across the street from me was going to take off today, however her boss, a woman, warned her that her job was on the line...so she's going into work.....amazing....

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